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Painting loose flowers in acrylic (part 2)

teacher avatar Clair Bremner, Professional Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Floral 2 Part 1

    • 3. Floral 2 Part 2

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About This Class

In this class I take the same processes used in my other acrylic floral painting tutorial and create a different, more abstract floral arrangement. (

In order to get the best out of this brief tutorial you will need to watch the other floral painting tutorial first. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Clair Bremner

Professional Artist


Hello, I'm Clair.

I am full time artist based in Melbourne, Australia. I specialize in abstract expressionist landscape paintings. I have been teaching in person workshops to art students for a few years and I am excited to be able to bring some of these techniques and lessons into the online world. 

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1. Intro: using a lot of the same techniques that I did in the previous floral video. Except this time I'm gonna be showing you how to incorporate those techniques to create more of an abstract pace. So even though it painting flowers, not all the flowers always have to be in a bouquet or of ours, that can be quite random. And you'll still like a really nice painting out of that someone to show you. Using the same techniques is the previous one how I put this pointing together and I hope you enjoy saying something a little bit different. 2. Floral 2 Part 1: so that that night is dry. I don't come in. We leave these some cerulean blue published to clean my palette Fists. Let's just put in there. I'm continuing on filming this from the previous, but here, So my palate still look up? The same college in it is what it did a minute ago when I was filming another one. So I was gonna create sort of a lot green. So we get this bully mixing with that. What? Pick up some of them you learn, because what we're gonna do for this painting is instead of having a standard, you know, broke a top of look, we're going to create a bit more of a It's the creatives abstract kind of look t to the composition. So what I'm gonna do is if I can find one. Ah, here these. I've got one of these catalysts, which is now I want to put my brush down for a second. It's this one that was covered in paint still, So peel off all these old paint. You'll be honestly, the label. But it's basically a silicon special that you can use to spread and move paint around. I should probably playing this before I started filming. But you get the idea. The pain comes over quite easily, making a miss. So this is a catalyst. Wish they could see It's like a silicone spatula, and what you can do with these is once you add in sort of splotches of color, you can spread it around to create interesting sort of shapes. Now, a normal special er is going to work the site as this. You can also get just little bits of cardboard. It's cardboard are going to give a similar effect. You don't have a special. I'm just gonna adding insult random shapes, not worrying too much about what it looks like. We've been using my left hand to sort of put these damn just want to create this passions in that color. And now that we've done that one color, I'm going to come in another color. So maybe you want to kind of keep these tones in that balloon grain spectrum because this is gonna be the foliage background that was starting leave. So you don't really wanna gari to any other. You know, you don't go into pinks and purples and reds just yet. many with my tiny little be this This is a really nice color. This one is our nickel hazel yellow from golden. So let's see what happens when we add that into here. Yeah, that's a nice color. So that's so really in blue. Nikolai's a yellow and watch some of these lovely long green color It's again coming. And just add some patches of of different colors. We're making this up as we go along. So where you put it so unimportant? You just want to build up this sort of texture till this corner up a little, Peyton, bring it down. They got some of this color as well. I'm just mixing all the different colors in my palette at the moment, going to be crazy. Cool. Right. So now that we've got these sorts of green colors Damn, we can start putting in some other colors to indicate flowers and things. So I'm gonna come back to the some Australian seven Peak that I used in the first video. Mr. Move offices. Okay. Is it? Use that watch. I'm gonna come in and just start randomly. Aim groups. That was something that just fell into my room um, stop randomly adding in some areas of peat, it looks a little bit like, you know, an army ken my print, but wait pink in it. You look a bit Yeah, I'm gonna coming me. It's, um, Hillary getting running out of room in my power. So I'm just going to start using my table because I'm crazy. I know. I'm gonna need a little bit of washing that because this yellow is quite transparent, so we don't have watching to it. A kind of disappears. I'm gonna add some. I want to make a lemony, creamy lemon yellow. Gonna add some some of the same chase. I'm gonna have some yellow flowers in this one. And some people, I was one. There may be a slightly smaller one here. Maybe one up there could see by adding inlays. Blobs of the colors where your flowers are gonna guard you consult a kind of start to work out a bit of a random composition. So what? We're not trying to paint a brok this time, so we kind of want the the flowers to be a little bit more random in their placement. So I think that will do for me and maybe a few little yellow ones in around here right now . Before we go too far with this, I think I might actually dry it just so we can see what's going on with the colors once they drive because it will drive with DACA and then we'll start adding in some day tiles into these other areas. Sorry, I think we'll get this into the dry fist. I shall be back in any moment. 3. Floral 2 Part 2: Okay, so now this is not some dry. We didn't come back to these yellow flowers. I'm gonna turn these yellow flowers into roses. So to do that, I'm gonna go back in with the water that I had. Sorry, the yellow that I had a near the guard gonna had somewhat into that. Just a lot it up. And the same is in the previous few diet video. I'm just gonna come in and add Cem some highlights to these yellow shapes at some extra pistols and things. Some of the buds could have some. The other was some washiness on them is, well, a little bit more water. It's getting a little bit drag. It's one sort of coming up off the page as well. If you've lost too much of that yellow, you can come back in again with some yellow just to bring back that you find that you put too much likeness in. But, you know, sometimes you can you can do get a little bit carried away with you dubbing rockets. Now, I'm gonna leave the pink ones for now because I'm gonna bring in some more sort of leaves and things in amongst these rises first. So I'm gonna come back in with this oppression balloon. The slightly small actually not gonna stick with wanted the smaller brush it. I'll stick with this slightly bigger brush and bring a little bit of yellow into dash. Nobody coming in at end Some of these lee shapes on top of that. So wherever I'm gonna rose or a little group of rises, I'm gonna adding some of these Dhaka leads because you know, Rose bushes, they do have these DACA leaves and foliage that's coming in on them. Someone I'm not being. I don't want to. What's the wedge? Realistic, I guess. Like I'm not trying. Teoh make this look like a real sort of worries Bush. But I do want to get that feeling of foliage in, amongst and in around these flowers. Want some sort of larger leaves as well. A small Alaves. We went my brush a little bit, dragging a little bit. Maybe put some Okay, right. So now they have added in the darkness. I want adding some lots to balance it out. Someone coming leads a real pale color. It's a Mexican, plenty of watch and you see the areas of blue that be added in last time. I can enhance those areas to appear a starry that's light shining through these things. Rose Bush Sudden coming with the's, har lots here and there, even a few stems of things. You just work your way around the painting, adding, in this lushness it's making it up as you go along. It's really, um, therapeutic, and I find it quite relaxing. Just pick up, you know, beats and paces for that. Any riel pressure for perfection, some more stem. Something's in here. There's little, like even just putting. But some Dan he putting some light lines like these. The negative space is left behind, ends up looking like like leaves and stems. Okay, that's coming along. So now I think I'm gonna bring in, um, maybe some balloon. Let's get some of this. What is happening again? Just coming. Someone's we do without appointing just coming in every now and then with a slightly different color. In this case, it's the same Prussian blue we have before. It's just a lighter version. Every now and then, where you think it's sort of needs a bit of a lift. Okay, so Now that we've done that, we're gonna come back into these pink flowers now because I want them to solicit more on top. Someone keeps stick the stick with the smaller brush and can washing up that lovely pink. This time I'm just gonna come in with this scattering of little square shapes over the people. So what I'm trying to show you here with this particular example is the the variety that you can get using the same technique. So this is it. Still, a floral painting using the same technique is the 1st 1 However, it's not so much of a structured bouquet of flowers. It's more of a random, almost like a pattern, like a wallpaper pattern style. And you can use this technique to, of course, create wallpapers and repeat patterns and things like that. I'm just gonna bring in a slightly different pink on top of that, just to break it up a little bit, just working my way around, picking up a little bit of a stronger baby peaks, adding, getting where there isn't much peak. Just some balance it out a little bit, and then this yellow has drawn. I'm gonna come in leave a slightly Watch a vision again to bring in a bit of a hard watch. Should always wait until it dries a little bit because acrylic paint dries, Doc. So when you think that you've lightened it up enough often, it still needs another little little highlight in there. It's gonna coming and washing up just some of those shapes. A little beach, Yeah, is I'm sorry about the noise that's happening in the background. There is, um, some building work going on in the block opposite last year. So it's a little bit a little bit noisy sometimes, but I kind of have to work around that. So I similarly, to what I did in the first video, I'm gonna bring in a slightly mawr right off sort of green into these composition. It's actually gonna adage a little bit of this cerulean blue directly to this yelling and this watch, and I'm gonna in some of this nickel eyes are yellow. It's trying to not too much of a miss. I'm just gonna give little touches here in the of this brush a green just to freshen it up a little bit, add a little bit more interest in texture. Now, another cool trick. The beacon Jerry is used these paint pins. I've got a couple of different types here. This is a Posca thistles. Liquid text paint. Marco. Essentially, they all do the same thing. It's a it started. It's it's a pain that has paint in it. So it's acrylic kind, and you could end days sort of day. Childs and things in with these these pins. This one's not working particularly well. This is the pasta pain the pasta pain can adding, Um, it's find a spot that's dry, smaller details because it's a fine a point. But I like using these pins to just adding these little tiny areas of interest, usually just dots. It's amazing how much. Just a couple little tiny dot textures can create a different look in the painting. Um, this is my drawing. If you can also use it, actually drawing details every now and then on these paintings as like a whole new element to your designs and to your artworks. Some of these pants a little bit wet, stable, so it's not gonna work as well as it would if it was completely your baby. You get the idea. You can go a little bit overboard with these details. Even our tend to sometimes get a little bit carried away because it's quite, um, it's quite a satisfying versus just adding in every now name some linear elements break up the texture, especially in at work like this, where it's old, very sort of similar brush strikes it can consider be enough to just right cop that break up these areas of solid color in a few little seem a little dots here and there because this is looking quite cute. What? Watch this. How much is coming with this? Strike pink Every now and then, just add a few buds. Oh, more sort of vibrant color. We must look like Berries so you can see this particular painting used. The same technique is in the first video of just gone for a much more patterned, abstract kind of composition. Sorry, You can come in they quite free with Stalin panting. You don't have to just plain bouquets. You can play around with it. Sorry. You can even SS is drawing some of these areas in here getting little bit, Doc, so I can come back in again and adding some mole almost strike walks, really, just to create a bit of a highlight every now and then. Que tal like that. So, yes. So this is just another little quick tutorial just to show you the variety that you couldn't that you can create different paintings with this technique. So I hope you enjoy that. I hope you found that informer teas and feel free to leave comments. And if you got any questions, I'll answer the common questions in the comments as well and happy pointing.