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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Colors

    • 4. Cotoneaster

    • 5. Rowan berries

    • 6. Climbing rose

    • 7. Skimmia berries

    • 8. Rosehips

    • 9. Hawthorn berries

    • 10. Final project (part 1)

    • 11. Final project (part 2)

    • 12. Project time

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About This Class

Hello everyone and welcome to this new class about painting berries with watercolor!

I started to paint berries at the beginning of fall and became totally obsessed with them. I love this process of getting inspired by nature and adding my own personal feelings to paint something not just as it is but how I interpret it.


Today I’m going to show you how to paint berries with watercolor. You will learn how to mix your colors, paint six different berries using various techniques and I will show you how I use water to my advantage to add some looseness to my paintings.


We will also create together this composition from start to finish and at the end of this class, you will be able to replicate the entire process.


This class is great for everyone who wants to start painting berries with just a few brushstrokes. Each video is in real time so you will be able to observe each step of the process and paint along.

So, grab your brush, your watercolor palette and let’s get started!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sarah Van Der Linden

watercolor artist & nature enthusiast


Hi there, my name is Sarah also known @mirglis on instagram. I’m a watercolor and gouache artist living in the French countryside.


I believe that nature, inspiration and imagination are deeply connected, and for me, creativity is a long road leading to a better observation and understanding of the world. I'm most myself and happier when I'm in a forest or in the middle of nowhere, and that’s why all my inspiration comes from nature. I love painting landscapes with watercolor, playing with water to create textures, and patiently adding one layer after another.


You will find here on Skillshare different classes to learn to paint landscapes with waterc... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hello everyone and welcome to this class. Today we are going to bend berries with red Dakota. My name is Sarah and I, we went to kowtow artist even in the French countryside. I started to Ben barriers at the beginning of full and became totally obsessed with them. I love this process of getting inspired by nature and indeed my own best sooner feelings to bend some signal just as it is. But I know I interpret it. Today. I am going to show you how to bend berries with wetter cooler. You will learn how to knit so-called loss. Then six different berries using various techniques. And I will show you our use went out to my advantage to absolutely useless to my benzenes. We will also create to dissolve this composition, start to finish. And at the end of this class, you will be able to replicate our entire process. This glass is great for everyone who wants to suspend in varies with just a shoe brush strokes. Each video is in real time so you will be able to replicate the entire process and bent along. So grabber brush your wetter color pallets. Let's get started. 2. Supplies: I'm going to show you first what supplies you will need. False discuss. You in need of cool, some water color paper. Z Brown does not matter at all, but it needs to be a thick paper, 300 gram per square meter. And issue I have a 100% cotton. It's better, especially for the last projects because we are going to add a lot of water. You can use a bad legacy swine. Or you can use a loose sheet of paper and use some tape to tape it. Took up boards. You will need to Joseph, what are one to clean your brush N1 with clear water. Of course, some paper toward any reservoir. And a pencil we are going to users saw a Q-tip legs is when you will need a few brushes. This one is, I am going to use the most. It's a sliver of black velvet round the tip. It's really staffed and you can see that it's also very scene. So I can spend a lot of sin visits. If you don't feel comfortable using unassertive to pen thin lines, you can also use a smaller brush. I will use this big brush to add water and that sits. So mostly you can use on this one. You will need a water cup color palette to make so-called loss. And we are going to use five corals to read. This one is a canyon red light, and this is a French than median. I'm going to use an upper 0 deep, a submarine and a cobalt violet lights you. It's a pinch. We will mix these colors. I will talk about it more in the next video. But take what you already are at. Ohms do not need to buy any seem to follow this glass so to read when yellow, green, and when pinch. And that's it. 3. Colors: Now I want to talk a bit more about the Kerberos we are going to use because we won't need a lot of them and we are going to make them. As an example, I'm going to use friends, Ramayana, the sap, green, apples, yellow. If I add a bit of red on my palette with a bit of Napper Zillow. Each creates a warm orange. And if I add a bit monopoles yellow, I will obtain a different array. I can use this color as it is, but I can also add more and more water to dilute it and obtain different shades. If I add more water to my mix, again, I'm going to obtain a lighter orange. I can also use my red with a bit of subgroup to create a Brown who will add a tiny bit more of Green. I obtain that Brown. If I want to have a more saturated colors, I will add more green and more read until I am happy with the results. This bone is a bit darker. And again, I will add more green. I'm finishing my brash and I will add a bit more red to obtain a darker groan. And this curve is perfect to bend the branches and the stem. Finally, I want to show you that pink. This is cobalt violet light shoe, because it's also perfect to create an orange. If I add, I will add more pink and cuz it's not pink enough. And I will add a bit more nebulous 0 again. It will create the difference. From range. I will add more yellow to see what makes I can obtain. It's a bit more orange. I will show you my pink again. But this time to create some brown. This is one of my favorite way to create drawn. So if I add a tiny bit of Sap Green, I can obtain this Braun. And if I add more, Sap Green can obtain. And this time I will add more pink. Who I love, love, love this shade, creates that wrong. I will use musty mapping for the final projects and spend all my berries with red vermilion number 0 and sap green. But you will see that the pink is a great cutoff to Penn berries too. 4. Cotoneaster: Let's start our first bury. This one is cool. I believe a katana stir it the same name in English and in French. And you can see it as small orange berries and tiny leaves. And now I'm going to draw on my watercolor paper. But I prepared the sketch and now we just follow it as I appends. Xeon is saying I'm going to draw is the branch in the middle because it will give me an ID on where to place the berries. I will use my brush and my cadmium red light. I'm adding into bits on my palette. And I will also use my Napa Zillow to create an orange. I won't add more cadmium yet because I want to start with some light colors. For this one, I'm going to start at the top end using the tip of my brush. I'm just creating a cycle like this. I'm just going to repeat the same thing to create the bench. I will show you more that is, at the top. Don't be afraid to add too many berries. Because honestly, I don't think you can know that I bet Teton diabetes or barriers at the top, I'm going to append a few berries on the side. So same thing. I'm just creating some circles. Will add some more varies. Now on the right. Again. And just painting. Some workers. To be more comfortable. You can turn your sheet of paper and trying to to make sure that you can see what I do. But feel free if it's easier for you. Now, we're going to clean my brush and we'll add more cadmium and I will use it to spend a few more. There is, it's okay if these darker very touches another one, it will make the pen spread and it will be beautiful. When law let say at the top. And one on that side. Now, I'm going to clean my brush and I will use my submarine. Make an Young to create some RON. I want a darker wrong, so I will add a bit more, a bit more cadmium Mosaddegh green again. Okay. Now I'm just going to add a dash, one line at the top of my berries. Legacies. Again, I'm just using the tip of my brush, but you can also use a smoother brush. If it feels easier for you. Add that tiny dash. Every berry is at Brown. And now I'm going to bend the line in the middle, the wrench again with the tip of my brush. And I'm going to connect my berries to that main. So some fine lines to connect the varies to the refresh. Just like deserts. And finally, I'm going to bend some leaves. So I'm going to use my Sap Green with a detailed orange. And I will just spend some small leave legacies. So first, use only the tip of your brush and then press the body, the brush to create the wrong shape. And we'll add another one. On that side. Let's say a smaller 11 on the left side. Nexus. Again here. And to finish, I will use pure sap green to add two more leaves and add just a drop at the beginning of each leaf to create a bit more color. That's it for this one, I will let it dry. And stats and other Barry. 5. Rowan berries: The secondary, we are going to bend son Rowan berries. Again. I'm not going to draw every detail on my paper, but I am going to draw just an outline that will help me plays the berries. So with my pencil. And just creating such shape, NL we'd use makes you tip to Benzer berries. But before that, I need to prepare my red. This is my French vermilion and just adding water to zealot sheets because it will be easier to use a cutie. So using one tip, unjust, adding some legacies. And I will use my 2T to create some that. If I press a bit more, it will create a larger dots. And if I just spreads a bit, each will create some smaller dots. To add some contrasts. The goal is to alternate between small and Digger varies. So take your time to do this step by step. You can also use some water. It will create a lighter red. This time, we'll use my red nm, creating some bigger berries on that side. Now, a few small dots. And we'll also use a bit more. Oops, saturated bends. Because it will add some contrasts to have different values of red on your berries. Next is, I'm going to use now the other side, this time. Using some clean water, enter will do exactly the same thing. To create some lighter berries. Again, I'm pressing to create my varies. And the goal is at the paints from my previous red there is spread a bit in the water. This is a really easy way to create some Ron berries because this one as the others to paint. I'm just following the shape I created. And I will add a bit more. Read various summarizing the other side of my Q-Tip and adding some less varies. Like this. I will use my brush in some wrong. I think I have some brutality exists. An ongoing to bend the branch, ends the stem, um, using the tip of my brush again. But feel free to use your small brush. The goal is to bend a lie. And then to connect two men branch. And just looking at the joining a man because it's easier to follow. And I'm trying to connect maybe weeds on that side first and connect the wrenches a2. But I won't do it everywhere because this will be a bit too much. I think I'm pretty happy with the result Azure soon to earn Maybe one more stamp on that side. So I will use my Q-Tip again to add a few more berries. Maybe at the top two. And that's, it's, this one is really a pretty easy one. And I hope you have fun painting with a Q-Tip. 6. Climbing rose: This next Very comes from a climbing rose. Mine is a bit Wizard because I picked it amongst ago, but it's still a beautiful burrito pens. So I will use this time. The dark orange somebody to clean my pellet, Lovett, x's. And then we'll add a bit of fringe Romanian to my palette with some Napa 0 again, to create an orange end because I want it to be a bit less saturated. I will add a bit of mice and bring to the mix. And this is a pretty beautiful shade to pansies berries. I'm going to start by painting a round shape, and I add a few details after that. So first, I'm creating the outline like this. I'm just going to fill it. If you're not happy with the shade 5.3.2 rotates you favor. I think it's easier for Barrett's. Don't add too much water for this one. Because I want to show you a trick and your pants needs to be not to wait. So I painted a second there is with the same technique and I will add a third. On the side. Firsts, I bend CEO Klein, and then I'm thinning that shape completely. To Panzer details. I will use a brown sum, adding a bit more Sandrine to my mix. And I will add, you can see, I hope you can see the details on top of this. So I'm going to use just a few tiny dots like this and add a few lines to connect them. And doing the same thing on all my babies. Nexus. And I will add to finish a few more lines. So using the tip of your brush first, then pressing a bit more to create a line. You can bend some different shapes and other Schumer shots at zn. I'm doing the same thing. So against the TPP first, then pressing a bit more. And you can see it. Don't have this detail, so I won't add any Xiang going to add maybe one more here. Will bend. Now the wrench, connect my berries. So take your time to Penn some thin lines. Nexus. You can add a bit more. And then I will add the sugar when she is. Because I think it adds some character to my babies. So I will remove a bit of bent because I want them to be a bit drier. And I will use my fan brush. Actually, I won't choose the tip, but I will use the tip of the end URL. And I'm going to use it to create a line. And while it will be draining, this line will be darker. And it should create some texture. On these berries. Eat won't walk if you bend, is too wet. That's why are removed a bit of the bends. But it's a beautiful trick to add some texture on your berries. But I, I have to warn you, when you use your end l, you create a mock on the bed and you won't be able to remove it as 2-SAT. So you need to be sure of what you are doing. That this is a trick I like using. Now I will let it dry and you will see that this lines will become darker with time. 7. Skimmia berries: This next barrier is called as Kenya. And I really love how the berries and the leaves are two geyser. We will use two different layers to concede. To begin, I'm going to draw a line. For the wrench like this. I will start by painting that branch enzyme leaves. So I will use some sap green again. But this time I'm going to add a bit of my yellow to create a warmer green. I'm going to pend first the leaves that are at the top and then the ones that are at the bottom. To paint my leaves. I will rotate my paper because it will be easier. I'm going to carry it. Brushstrokes. A brushstroke sets is center at the bottom and wider at the top with a sharp point at the top. I will show you again some starting to use the tip Zen pressing more. My brush, Zen 3D things a pressure to create a sharp tip. And we'll append another when adjusts. And one more on that side. So I will rotate my paper again. Legacies. No, I will spend a few more leaves. So first, on that side, I'm pressing the brush and then really seeing the pressure. You can see that it's already slow movements and will add on more here. So again, I'm releasing slowly the pressure. I would bend some thieves and zeros aside. So firsts on it say once more here. Next is enter will bend some bigger ones. And so baton as seeing a, we'll add just a bit more green on that side. Lexus. And finally, and we'd bend the men stems. So I'm going to add some red to green to create some room. And then we just draw my main line. Thanks, is maybe a bit wider. And the button, let's, it's now I'm going to let everything dry and I will Benzer berries after that. So my first layer may leaves in my stem dry, so I'm going to Penzu berries. I will use my cadmium red light again. So I'm adding it to my pilot wizard liter of water. And I will start by painting at the top. Some berries. So these ones are wrong. I'm starting by eventing zeroed Klein like this and then just thinning it. So they don't need to be perfect. But take your time because wrong barrier is not so easy to bend and will create a venture that is larger, ads overtone. So I am adding more. Elmo varies towards the bottom. And of course, the goal is to bend some varies on top of main leaves and my stem. That's why, that's why I painted this when in two layers because I wanted to use the power of transparency. Transparency of water cooled off. So I am adding more and more berries towards the term n or so. And trying to exam. Ponzi leaves to say, no, I will use a bit more of my cadmium red, but this time are really saturated bends to finish. To add also a bit more contrast. A bit more. At x2 gluten. Just like that. To finish, I will just add some stems to connect my varies to my main stems. So I'm using a brown again and using the tip of my brush. Just spending some fine lines to connect may be raised to the stem. Simply. Just like that. I think I'm going to add a few more. Mary's just and so the term because it's not enough. Just like that. This one is finished. 8. Rosehips: This next Berry is the world's heap. This is a really fun Barry to bend. This time. I'm not going to draw anything at all. I'm just going to paint my diary is so with my friends Ramayana again, but this time I want a read that is pure saturated. Just going to pen first CIO Klein of my berry like this. And then feed it. But not completely. It's great issue leave some tiny bit of whitespace because it will add some contrast and sunlight to you. Barry, Samsung again, I'm paintings yellow outline and then thinning it will add another baby, let's say on that side. And one last. Maybe. Yes, one last on the right. Very, very, very simple shape. Now I will add again as we did before, some green to my red to create a brown. I will penned a dash like this with just a few more wide lines. Same thing for all my there is of course, and venting firsts, Kadesh, then adding some wild lines like this. And now I'm going to pen. Stay with my bronze. So I'm painting a line using my tip. I'm going to connect that branch to my Barry. I will do of course, the same thing for each and every Mary Metz's. Let me rotate my paper because it's easier. So again, here, my line over there. To finish, I will just spend a few more details to add more character to my various. Just like that. This one is really an easy one and it's great because you will see when it will dry the red and the brown will combine and create some beautiful texture. 9. Hawthorn berries: I want to show you the berries from z are formed three. So sorry, it's a bit result again because I picked it earlier. But you can see that the leaves have a really amazing shape and they're really fun to draw. So like I did before, I'm going to pen to draw, sorry, the men. Stay with my pencil, it with alchemy. Place my berries. For this one. I'm going to use my French vermilion again. I'm going to start by appending the berries. You will see that it looks like the condo CO2 Nestor runs the first one we painted. So its ambit the same. I'm painting like an oval and thinning the shape and doing the same thing again and again. And again. You can see that I'm following this drawing because it's easier to place the various just simply collegues that. Now I'm adding some sap green to my red to create some wrong. We'll add again just a dash. Datasets on top of every buried. That's it. I'm painting with my wrong the main stem until the top. And first I'm going to connect may be RES, that stem. So I'm painting some fine lines in here and give me my brush. And this time I will use my sap green just as it is to paint my leaves to this leaves. And we'll have, you start by creating one brush stroke risk when curvy brush stroke on the side, then another cozy brush stroke on the other side. And finally, one more in the middle. Since this is a big leaf, I'm just going to add one more brush stroke. On the right. I will then a second cliffs just beside it. So TSMC when girls is stroke, when a XHR and one in the middle, the exiles, let's spend a few leaves on the right side. So TSMC, when curvy stroke like that one. And then finally, one last small. In the middle, I will spend a smaller leaves his time surmise brushstroke X are the same. Just sat and one more. Again. One curve is stroke on this side. One last in the middle. I'm going to connect. This leaves, these leaves a R3 to the main stain. And I will add a few more tiny leaves on that size. So really, it's the same thing. Some small brush strokes. To begin. I'm turning my paper again in a way to add really small leaf and to finish and just connecting may leaves to the main stem. To add a bit more contrast, I will add a drop of my set green leaves. And that's it for this one. Very loose, very simple. This is one of my favorite burrito pens. 10. Final project (part 1): Now let's start our finite projects. Until now, I've showed you berries inspired by visor reality for me, it's the first step. What I want to append something first, I observe it, then create a painting that it's really simple. And it helped me get acquainted with the shape and the Colorado blueberries. But now I want to append something a bit more abstract to bit more loose. And I will step away from the reality. So i will bend. As you can imagine, some rose hips. Again. This time I will add more and more water. So you will need to take your paper on a cardboard or something, all use a bad. And you will also need some very, very clean water. So make sure that you have two different jazz. And we'll use some gain. M magnesium brush. So first, I'm going to add my pinch, my bass clefs and add a bit of wetter, too diluted. This time, I will spend a lot of berries and a lot of berries that are very similar to start with. So I'm starting on the left side, since I'm right indeed. And we'll create the shape of my words, hips, just as we did earlier. So this time I'm using pink. Instead. Our Fred. I will add, like I said, a lot of berries. So take your time and try to Penzu berries in different direction, but also some small berries and some bigger ones. This will be great to add some contrast to your painting. So I'm focusing now. On the left side. I'm painting bigger varies towards the bottom. Some bigger ones. Just like that. I will add more detail using my neighbor Zillow, as we did previously. I'm going to repent the tip of my berries with a dash. Bit moons details. Some starting to pen first the berries at the top. Because there we start draining first and then adding some details towards the bottom. Don't spend too much time because we will add some water and we will denote the bands so the details won't show at all. At the end, I will use may never 0 again to pent one big curvy stem towards the top. And now I'm going to connect each rebury. Tod's US, TIM. Same Seeing. I'm connecting my varies to the stem again and not VB carefully. As you can see. I'm going to take another brush, a big one, some clean water. And I'm going to start by weighting the paper around my varies, like x_hat. And now carefully, I will be adding some water around my varies. And the goal is that the parent is going to spread. Take your time to do this step. Because the goal is to wet the paper. But you don't want to make disappear all you berries. And waiting my paper this time at the top. And I'm going to do exactly the same thing to my other various. That's why I told you not to spend too much time on details. Because honesty is water is going to add them a bit. And we're seeing now the button but lysis and I'm still using my clean water. I will do that until I'm happy with the results. I'm going to add a bit more what? This is, the first layer. So you can ask some really blur there is. We will add more layers after that. So it's totally okay to add a lot of water at this stage. Just like so. I will do the same thing, but this time, the right sized still using my pink. We repeat the entire process. So first AND painting my varies and untrained to pen them with different sizes. I can also append them where the paper is wet. The append will spread. It will be beautiful. Just sees. I'm adding more and more berries towards the top, some lighter ones and also some smaller ones a bit more. On that side. You can see that I'm not too precise because we will add again somewhat. So my berries will spread. Just like that. I'm cleaning my brush, enter, we'll use again some neighbors yellow to bend the parts. So not to carefully. When my paper is wet, the append it, spreading a bit. Just next adds, I'm adding these details everywhere. And as we did earlier. And will bend Zimmerman's Tim and I, we connect. All May raise. So this is not a realistic painting at all. This is a fun painting. I will add, as I did a year somewhat. So I'm watching my favorite first maybe is with my clean water and my second brash. And then I'm going to add water really close to so there is LP it everywhere. I really want to lose background. So I'm adding lots of water some time. I'm even adding water on top of my berries to lose effects. And that's it for this first layer, nor are we led to dry completely. And then I will add a few more berries. 11. Final project (part 2): So my first layer is fully dry, so I'm going to bend more berries on top of the first one. This time, I'm going to add some, can learn red lights and mix it with my being to create a different shade. And then we'll also add a bit of water to dilute. This color. Can be more wetter, again like that. So the goal is to add more berries to create something a bit crazy. I'm going to start on the left again. Paintings the same shape of berries, leaving of curves, a tiny bit of whitespace to add some light. Don't be afraid to overlap. So berries is great. If you're new ones are venting on top of the old ones. So I am trained to bend my berries in different direction. And of course I am also varying sizes. The berries that are at the bottom are a bit bigger. The goal is just to add more. Contrast to this painting. I am been adding some smaller berries at the top. Just like that. I will use my pink again, my yellow again, sorry, my Napper Zillow. And I will add, as we did a year, some details. At the top of my berry is so unjust, adding yellow on all my babies. And now I'm going to pend the stem, turf, these new vary ys. And finally am connecting. All my berries too, that stem everywhere. This one here. That's it. Now I am going to add some more Cadmium to this mix to create again a different shade. And I will bend some more babies this time in the middle area. So I'm starting by painting bigger berries, absorbent term sets. And I will add some more and more towards it. So I'm not seeking too much. That's why I append that fast. And just want to create something a bit crazy. My berries, again are smaller. But the top. I will use men apples, you know, again, to add a bit of details to this varies. So you can see that it's not a realistic painting at all. I'm just having fun, quizzes, berries, and create something that I like to do. If you want to append some sink more realistic, you will have to add the less berries on each branch and then more of them. So it will be a bit longer. And I will add one last branch, right, using the same color. This time I want something that it's that is a bit bigger. So I'm going to start by painting the varies. At the top. It's exactly the same thing again, and some small varies at the top. And then we'll be bigger towards sir, but just Knight deserts. And using mostly the tip of my brush to upends the shape of this varies. A lot of them when they're asleep. I can't, I don't think it's possible to add too many berries. In nature. There are always a lot of them, especially at the beginning of the season. So we had shown the worries on that side. Here. N one more at the bottom. Again, I will add this time some Napa Zillow, starting with miter berries. And just adding a bit of detail. Since we already bent it is we resolve here. I'm pretty sure by now you feel comfortable painting the shape and adding the details. Thirds and not forgetting the one that are overlapping with my previous batteries. Now, i will bend to again the stem. This time. I'm starting at the top. And then I'm connecting these berries to my stem cells. And I get to finish, I will add a bit of water just as we did for the first layer. So I'm changing my brush. Nm musings is dying. My clean water. I want add as much water as earlier because I want something that is a bit foods, but not too much. It's great to keep some details on the top layer. So just a bit of water to make, to make the append smudge edits. And we'll add a Peter wetter on the baton back. But I will try to keep the top of my berries in it so that we can see the tears Iran there. So I'm adding some not served. And the term tiny bit more may be. So it's not too much wetter chests to see the bend squared. Just like that. And as much water as you want and feel free to experiment around because this is a really fun way of painting. And then let you open dry completely before removing the masking tape. My painting is no fully dry, so I'm going to remove the masking tape to show you how it looks. Is our finite painting I love to see hours earlier are combining and it adds a lot of depths. I hope you enjoyed paintings is varies with me. And create your own are fun. 12. Project time: And that's it for this class. I hope you enjoyed benzenes is berries, and now feel more confident to create your own. You will see that the more you practice, the amount you will feel at ease with creating these loose brush strokes. And don't be shy. I know it can feel intimidating to add some water or ZN over benzene. But it's really a beautiful process. Feel free to shadow benzenes with means and projects they showed us this class. I would love to see what your creates. If you're interested in learning more about painting, lose flowers, you can check my proof. T's about benton. You're not struck by latch and the snuck record. And if you want to be notified when I condition your class, these kids are fed up with done. Ddos is revealed. And now we see you soon.