Painting expressive florals with watercolor: Hydrangeas | Kata Botanical | Skillshare

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Painting expressive florals with watercolor: Hydrangeas

teacher avatar Kata Botanical, flower lover

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. 1. Intro

    • 2. 2. Material list

    • 3. 3. Brief botanical overview

    • 4. 4. Line drawing

    • 5. 5. Hydrangea color palettes

    • 6. 6. Painting the bluish hydrangea

    • 7. 7. Painting the violet hydrangea

    • 8. 8. Painting the white hydrangea

    • 9. 9. Timelapse bouquet painting

    • 10. 10. Final thoughts

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About This Class

I love flowers and one of my favorites is Hydrangea.

You think it can be really difficult to paint, but I'll show you a method of how to paint it loose, saving time and keeping it still expressive. 


What you will discover in this class?

  • You will get a brief botanical overview of this beautiful plant and you get to know which one is the actual flower
  • You will learn how to make a line drawing of this amazing flower and this helps you understand its structure.
  • You will learn what colors to use for creating gorgeous flowers and how to use the wet on wet technique for creating gorgeous color transitions.
  • I will tell you my secret of painting white flowers.

This class is easy to follow and it is for everyone at all SKILL levels.

What we need in this class

  • watercolor paper 300 gsm
  • a round brush
  • a paper tissue
  • 2 jars of water
  • watercolors
    • blue and violet (I use cerulean blue and bright clear violet)
    • 2 different violets (I use bright clear violet and red-violet)
    • yellow-green and permanent yellow light
    • 2 different greens (I use viridian and hooker's green)

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See you in the class!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kata Botanical

flower lover


I’m Kata.

I love drawing and painting flowers, I'm a Natural History Illustrator. I have a Ph.D. degree in botany, therefore I can tell you such things about flowers and plants, maybe you don't know. I'm passionate about the beauty of Nature. 

I'm from Hungary, but I also live with my family in Austria.  In Hungary, I live in a big city and in Austria in a tiny village in the mountains. 

Learning makes me happy and I also think lifelong learning will become play a more and more important role.

I believe in creation, no matter, whether it is painting or making a cake if I can make people happier.

Let’s drive into painting together in a little more scientific way.

With love,



 ... See full profile

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1. 1. Intro: hi there. And welcome to my very first a shapeless, which is the first batch of us areas making access diplomatic watercolor and this time, painting 100. Just I've gotta I'm hurt your chance antes and I'd be passionately painted for about three years. I love plans. I love Leiber's Onda left to paint, but on the guard paintings are so beautiful, but I don't have much time to create them. Painting Lewis is too loose for me because I would like to capture the beauty off the flavors more accurately. So I think this method off painting combines the previous 10 expressive A this'll s is for you when you are in love with flavors and he would like to create some beauty food for our paintings. But you have NATO time. No pensions for scientific illustrations. You need no previous experience for this class. I show you the flubber in step by step line during to understand its structure. And after that we will paint three different 100 years together. And there's a Bono's you can see. Go and paint a bookie off this lovers At the end of this class, you will be able to paint your 1st 100 job. Okay, In no time let's begin with the materialist 2. 2. Material list: Let's see. But we need in this class disgraces about fourth corner painting. So we need water colors. I used the tubes from the yellow Mission Gold, but feel free to use. But you already have. I would like you to have family bathing. You also need watercolor paper with 300 gs and wait. I was concerned except cause pressed both or colored paper. You will need pressure's off course. We don't need any specific use Breath. You have a round brush it sent to take hair works well. You need to adjust for water. I use one for washing my brushes the order for filling up my precious fit in both worlds. And you also need a paper tissue. Teaching paper is special for us. Then let's go to the next lesson. And I show you that the hydrangea looks like 3. 3. Brief botanical overview: about 75 different blubbering shops shared a botanical name. Offhand Ginger. This job is named from the Greek words for water he draws and Dad Argos. The name comes from the Constant my Child required to keep the lovers happy Policy on blooming. The plant s first discovered and cultivated in Japan, but it's spread across Asia for hundreds of years before coming to Europe and North America . Hanshin, just a very popular forces cat lovers and plans for the garden because off their big, beautiful blooms the flow of our last water versatility, for example, you can use them in your gather, but there are popular in brighter book. It's as well be qianjin jihad. As actually many smaller plumes cluster together. The littler starship lovers go along with those stamps and create a big pompom shape. The plant has lashed, insulated that country lives, and these lives help us create a nice and had miners for Lackland position. In the next video people Maykel entering to illustrate the Flubber Boy 4. 4. Line drawing: come back to the drink section. The first thing I'm going to drop the general shape of the lower, which is aboard. You might as well throw the old line off the boil with a graphite pencil and because it was a guide. So before they begin to feel the light outlined with a motive, there's math lovers. We have to make some observations. First of all, it does, but they look like I think they approach the elliptical and they end in a big. But they have have to say that so many cultivate that you can also find other examples. The protests of the next and across and overlap each other in the middle of the cross is a really fertile I must. On the December flubber, I, you know, stated like that. Let's it up with us in the middle of the ball. We can see some lovers with four batters, so it means because he or the four Butters, but they are not wide open because the flyovers next week prevent is the But I spent a port and overlap each other. I usually throw some flowers in the middle of the boil, such pullovers, but you can see all the port with us. It's important to note the flow. Bears don't look like the same. So don't make a copy off your 1st 1 Mother Nature is beautiful and likes playing. They are all different and so are the lovers. Drink this four part off lovers. I begin to drop overlapping grounds. Let's throw some potatoes. He spent a foot at the edge of the boys. You can throw some three anger but us because the other part is covered and you can see only a nice Rangel off it. You can keep going with filling the white space. We have to know the nature off the flowers. But it was like the paint tobe able to capture it. Right. I would like you to understand the object that foot I made this little botanical light rain for you. Uh, I think about the spirit, but you need to know this before the painting. But when I mean the sun comes from the left. So it means left said off the ball is lighter than the other. And the bottom part of the spirit is also tackling. You only have to imagine it. Breath does delighted. Come from. And where? At the shadow back? No, you can go ahead, change on their own. And you can decorate your vagina or make a Pluskat. What invitation? With it. You can find my land during in the project section. Then you need some inspiration. In the next video, I show you back orders after what has. 5. 5. Hydrangea color palettes: the bottom colors that but really made the hind to understand that they range from pink to blue, including God. Shades of lavender dialect to purple as Vallas green on right corner intensities gente camera from vibrant The best I created a board for, you know, being caressed, but you can find some, um, I think I'm Ginger for tours with color palette. I learned it in the project section. I hope this what is the most state? Your home and the Hughes? A single flow but has not to mention there's no bullshit do in the next video we're going to paint. 6. 6. Painting the bluish hydrangea: next second hit. Publish Mention Jack did your fresh into the Clearwater and type the people fit the proper platter. Try to make it 4 30 and picking painting smart. That does just make marks. Oops, too much pigment. Don't worry. The voter has s to keep the colors in the past. A pilot. Let's begin to us are selected. No and just make marks. Ain't smart battleships and make sure nobody the angle and the size of the battles You don't need to live by three days. Try to bend the colors. It's great. This is the Battle Beth technique, and it gives the lovers of wonderful color variation at the top off. The boy used the color see more voter because the top off the sphere is light. I you can also pink batters in. Later he was in the boy because after overlapping but a demagogue and let the colors planned. Okay, you can see here for the blue and the purple up landed. I love the suffering. You can control it and it just fine and you don't need to control everything. You can go back and that with the blue, the purple patas. As long as they are, bet just by the colors and the water volume. You don't even need the national brush. The bottom and the right part of the world is a bit darker if you flee to use the energy like and just let some plan. - I think it's fine. Then let's begin with the foliage, which is the corrective and rich green. Go from the center out and just use your fresh and makes looks. You compete as many lives. Yes, you want all right from the center out today. Okay, Have in mind that isn't right yet on the purple or blue blend into the green off the leaf. This plumbing effort is just great. This is what I so much love in the model boat Ochola, because at the corners planned and bloom as they don't naturally on the last lead, go from the center out. You can also paint a stamp. The blue one is done. Let's paint the pirate flower 7. 7. Painting the violet hydrangea: Welcome to the bath water paint explosive by your left hand ginger. Try to begin with a few big ones and then smart guys by late fall over has four. But US Vatican Sea World felt the fall at the same time or seldom amusing. Now, my God, but you're not. So you assume that the color and making making marks? No, you said other colors with more pigment. As Nic marks, we have to give the illusion of that. Does they bend? They overlap each other. Therefore fifties to use your color, Bradley and let them blend. Be happy seeing your characterizations for the your colors. Very done with forethought. And I took a crushed, maybe the colors and feel. Three. Don't forget, you cannot watercolor toe still, but areas so here, able to create cover transitions and the idiot the 500 I think you won't be able to create the same you can't write, but you can't attacker. He opened more pigment to the bottom. Just make marks. Maybe the colors. Yeah, - okay . And that's been some foliage makes your cleans if you would like and they understand in the first leave, go from the center and just use airbrush make stocks I'm using on the turkey and mixed with the second leave. It can grow from the middle and we're done Everything by Jurgen connects with here. 8. 8. Painting the white hydrangea: But I can't with the next section by clovers that started. All right. Did Middleton environment. They have blue issues Yellowish, greenish reddish on those. Okay, Hughes, your theory to use But you're like I chose parliament yellow and yellow green And they tell you may secret I'm not using lead water. I'm using my dirty boiled water from the last three years. Try to paint very bordering and begin pay things more. Protais, Just make marks. All right, Get a bit more pigment. It looks bad that and that's appear simply into the upper jest Nic marks enjoy the process . Being happy and just being flour and pain You can't do it wrong. Uh, give more definition decor yellow. Some came too much water and let the colors blend. You know, the illusion of ties Some good deed, uh, much. And they made the colors plan ghetto because I left the effect for the plan. Some green back them, But that corrected quarter uh, what's been the foliage Go from it degree. You're like, oh, study before But I zoomed in and so lost the second If painting never mind the same method . But that foot bay think for their lives. Trump the meter. Six x six sec, six x six sec and then and the last leaf again. From you know, you can bring as many lives as you would like toe and let's go to the next video and see so to combine the flowers. 9. 9. Timelapse bouquet painting: 10. 10. Final thoughts: supervising right now. I hope you injured. You had a chance to baby me. I would like to see a project from man on review. Here. Them if you let you leave a review on the budget is a bit extraction. I hope to see you in my next. That's a basing, my bad.