Painting a butterfly in watercolor

Irina Trzaskos, Watercolor illustrator / Teacher

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10 Videos (1h 7m)
    • Introduction

    • Supplies

    • Drawing a realistic butterfly

    • Mixing colors

    • Watercolor wash

    • Adding texture and details

    • Finishing touches

    • Transferring the drawing with transfer paper

    • Painting stylized butterflies

    • Last Thoughts


About This Class

This class is suitable for beginners.

In this class, I will explain step by step how to draw and paint a stylized and a realistic looking butterfly. I will also explain how to mix a harmonious color scheme for your illustration, and how to achieve, an ethereal look in watercolor paintings. Also, I will show some ideas of art projects with painted butterflies, such as illustration, collage, nature journaling, craft projects, costume, and event decorating.  


In the class project, students will paint a butterfly of their choice, a realistic or a stylized one, the reference photos will be provided.

This class is geared toward designers, illustrators or nature sketchers who use watercolor or are attracted to watercolor media. The class is suitable for beginners, but also can be interesting for more advanced watercolorists.

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This was a lovely class. Great advice and tips about how to draw the butterfly!
Great class! In this class Irina shares some valuable tips for working with watercolor as she demonstrates how to paint realistic and stylized butterflies. (Loved the pink stylized butterfly—lovely!).
Irina demonstrates all the details of painting a beautiful butterfly in a very understandable manner. Very nice class!





Irina Trzaskos

Watercolor illustrator / Teacher


Hi, I am Irina Trzaskos a licensed artist and illustrator. I was born and grew up in a lovely Eastern European country - Moldova. Now I live and work, in Connecticut, US.

I hope my classes will help you build and grow, a successful and beautiful portfolio. 

Every class is project based, and at the end of the class, you will have a finished artwork. I am trying to stay on top of the trends developing fresh classes and projects. I truly hope you will enjoy painting with me.

My classes are suitable for beginner watercolor illustrators. 

I can't wait to see your beautiful artwork!

x Irina.

If you have any question, ideas or just want to say hello, you can write me: [email protected]

Also, you can find me on social media: