Painting a Cute Whimsical Face in Artrage 5 | Bridget M. | Skillshare

Painting a Cute Whimsical Face in Artrage 5

Bridget M., Digital Mixed Media Artist

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6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Artrage practice watercolour

    • 2. 1 artrage face

    • 3. 2 artrage adding hair

    • 4. 3 artrage adding the dress

    • 5. 4 artrage finishing off

    • 6. Saving transparent png file artrage


About This Class


Do you have Artrage 5 on your iPad Pro?

Would you like to try painting a cute whimsical face or two using this app?  Use the sketches provided in the student notes, and get started!  Artrage is an amazing program for creating realistic looking artwork, the brush and blending tools make this fantastic for the digital artist.  It’s much simpler to paint digitally and what’s more you always have your canvas and art supplies in your bag ready for when inspiration calls!

This is ideal for someone who is familiar with Artrage, and wanting to expand their knowledge and try painting a cute face.