Painting a Cute Whimsical Face in Artrage 5 | Bridget M. | Skillshare

Painting a Cute Whimsical Face in Artrage 5

Bridget M., Digital Mixed Media Artist

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6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Artrage practice watercolour

    • 2. 1 artrage face

    • 3. 2 artrage adding hair

    • 4. 3 artrage adding the dress

    • 5. 4 artrage finishing off

    • 6. Saving transparent png file artrage


About This Class


Do you have Artrage 5 on your iPad Pro?

Would you like to try painting a cute whimsical face or two using this app?  Use the sketches provided in the student notes, and get started!  Artrage is an amazing program for creating realistic looking artwork, the brush and blending tools make this fantastic for the digital artist.  It’s much simpler to paint digitally and what’s more you always have your canvas and art supplies in your bag ready for when inspiration calls!

This is ideal for someone who is familiar with Artrage, and wanting to expand their knowledge and try painting a cute face.


1. Artrage practice watercolour: - okay ? 2. 1 artrage face: Hi and welcome to this. Listen, using our courage to create a whimsical face in the student download notes, there are two whimsical faces that you can choose from to follow this tutorial. Ah, highly recommend that as she proceed using the layers that you use a color layer and blame one layer down, I'm using the water kind of brush and I'm creating my best Blair for my face. So I'm just going to go around with my brush and just full my face and and manic and then I'll be creating and you less So this is the skin turn color. You don't have to use the skin turn color. Your whimsical face can be any color you like. So I just created a new there, and I'm just good with shape, Dark her, and I'm going around the age of my face on down my neck. This is where the shadow is. I'm just gonna do the hair because around you here there is a shadow as well. This is just gonna create a little bit of dick to the face. We're not looking for riel. We're not looking for perfection. We're just creating a pleasant one. tickle face something that you know if you create cards or scrapbook. If you said this file is a ping, it would work perfectly fine in either of those formats. So it's a really good idea if you're just starting out and you're thinking about creating your own little digital business, learning matches our courage and creator and clay pot is a great way to make a few. You know, if you pounds, I'm here in the UK but it could be dollars if you're somewhere else. Andi, start creating a little, you know, a little bit of pocket money for yourself. So I've just got a hit on that same there. And I've painted in the cheeks on the eyes and just created a little bit of a highlight for the, uh, cheekbones. Sorry, I forgot there for a second when I was actually trying the word I was trying. She's Andi will just carry on to blamed. I'm using the blending till which looks like a palette knife in our Trajan and I am using operates five sets, the latest version of our trades on the actual iPad pro, and I have got my trusty apple pencil that I'm using. So I'm just going to go now and keep blending. Or may I be adding another layer just to bring out a little more depth to the face. So I just finished blending the sof well, shading it in, depending on how you want to use the wording, just carry on with that. It's a lovely program I enjoy enjoy how the I enjoy the texture, how the texture and the paint actually reacts together. And when you consider that this is digital, I think it's really quite amazing. It's amazing how far technology has come. So I'm just digging the eyes and this is also on a knee layer and I'm gonna be making them , doc. It was a set of making the cheek store camp, and I'll go a shade or two darker on the on the ice. I just manage those together again with a palette knife or the blending, knife bending tool. I'm just gonna bring these in again. As we've done before. We want to just get rid of any harsh lines. Really. What we're trying to do is trying to create it more so that the colors blend in and using art Ridge. There's no reason why we can't get the colors to blend in. So just carry on with that. Create a new lab. And as I said, we're gonna make the ice go dark, huh? So just choosing a dark hair cutter of brown. I'm just gonna deep bath of those. I still didn't think that stock enough may just get a little dark, and then I'll just police city pending knife, and I'll just plain that and just carefully blending it in. And once it's all blamed it in, I'll be ready for the next listen. 3. 2 artrage adding hair: Hi and welcome to the second. Listen, in our courage, we were going to be painting the here of our whimsical face. You need to create a new layer above the face layer that we did in the previous lesson. And we're going to use the watercolor brush again. She's a color that you might like you here. I've chosen mind to be orange as my base and I'm just gonna full listen in the same way I did the face. So gbf sides and I'll have a new layer. And miles are I'm painting this. I'll just carry on chatting to you. The here can be any color you like to be. It's always best to start with the darker shade of the bottom and as she gonna be blamed ing and adding layers to go light I still recommend while I do recommend that you use a layer per color so that if you looking at your picture and you decide this one there that you don't really like, you've got their option of actually going back and actually fixing it on. It's much easier to fix errors when it on one there. It's almost impossible when you're layers all bunched together and all sorts of flattened to to really go back successfully and fix something and especially if it's something that you've spent hours and hours and I was working on. So I'm gonna create I've created a new while I've been chatting on Bond I'm going with the yellow so I'm just gonna put just streaks. I'm still using the watercolor brush on I'm just streaking at And then I will grip that dog with my my previous there and create new now and a new a new color. First, I'll just blame this in a little bit just so that I can get a bit of title effect going on over there so they get it is blending in with the orange. But I'm not. I'm just going very likely with my pin, too. Well, with my pin for my pencil, should I say and I'm just blending. I'm not trying to rub it all in and create a new color. I want the colors to still be defined. So there are beings create man, you know, and a new color. You know, if you decided you didn't like this hairstyle, it's so easy cause you're just getting rid of one there. You know, you could have who having any kind of Hey you liked. And a few, you know, faces on something that you don't, you know, colored in before or familiar with. Then you may just want to stick to this here, start. But if you're a little bit of interest, you might want to try something of your own. It is only a sketch, so you can change it. You can have Abdus and Long here in Platts in all sorts of things. The other sketch that I have that you can also try, which is Dynamo student notes, um, is a completely different picture. So if you're feeling brave, you can try that. But you can do. But it would be great to see them uploaded. So I've God now and I'm creative. I've created in, you know, I just realized that it's in the wrong place. I'm just moving it above the here that I have grouped together. And I'm just going to cheese my next color, still using the water could brush. I'm just going along. But swear, I think that it might be slightly dark, so, you know around the face might be a doctor. We the hair parting is just ever so slightly so. We'll just carry on adding the turn and then merge them together. And then we'll just use the blame tool just to blame lines in if you just, you know, if you're starting out with your paintings, trying to get the blending right might really, really help your picture or your little little bit of artwork start to take form. So don't worry. In the beginning, the first few times it may not look great, but with a bit of practice giving the blending and the shading right, your little pictures should start come to a start coming to life. I hope you've enjoyed this part and we'll meet up in the next Listen, thank you. 4. 3 artrage adding the dress: hi. Peace creating you layer and choose a color. And don't forget to use your water kind of brush. Andi, let's start painting Could hits up. So I've just chosen agreeing and I'm just painting with the screen. I'm just going to be painting over the whole off her hurt up the but that I can see. So I'm just gonna go across with that quite quickly. I quite like that green. I think it's a lovely, probably green on the watercolor effect. Really, you know, lends itself to this What's really good? So I'm just gonna finish doing that, and then I'm not gonna put too much detail on there. Doesn't really need to have too much detail and just credited but moved on me under around her neck, second around her neck, they just filling in the little watch area. And then I'm gonna choose a darker shade of this color and creating you. Now, I'm just gonna go underneath who little Connor and along his shoulders. Because I think that's where that it would be dark in a little down. Don't talk, and I'm gonna use the night. Kinda unlike to kind of this. And I'm just going? I'm still on that same nuclear I created and just going to Marla under slur using that blamed blending tool. I'm just going to blend these colors in. I don't want this to be perfect. It's just going to create a little bit of a contrast. You don't just want to have one color on there. I really do. You like this little blending parents? I'm gonna merge those, Andi I'm going to create immune. I'm just gonna add a few more highlights to that. Just here and there. Not too much. And again, once I'm happy, are merging. Blend these letters together. And then, as I say, just blamed it on a bigger It's looking great. Herbal. Finish off the finer details in the next listen. 5. 4 artrage finishing off: hi and welcome to this final lesson on critical, whimsical face emerging. There's together and still creating. There's and I'm going to be using my pencil tool. Or I could be using my fine liner tool just to create some of the facial features, like the eyebrows and the nose and the eyes. So just choose a gray sort of a dark grey camera, and we'll start to just go around the face and just color that all in school, where on do the hair to the neck and do the clothing Don't be too much. You don't want it black, black, black you wanted to look at, though it's part of the sketch. So what we're doing is we're just redefining our sketch now that we've done our face, and that's quite nice. That gives of sort of a water a watercolor, charcoal, graphite pencil kind of a look. Two. Your Final two, your final artwork and also ss it earlier on in one of the previously Since this is really great. If you're just starting out on bond, you wanting to create some artwork for yourself, using art rage and just doodling, you know, just create little doodle and don't be scared to paint. Just painted. Try the different tools that are created has try the different blending modes and just find your style. Fine. But you really liked You know what, you really like to use an outrage. I've been using our courage on a North for many years to create my own pieces about I used to be makes me dear artist. So I was using traditional pains like critics and clues and paper and collages, and I have gone over digitally because I find it's a lot more forgiving. I can create more less. I could be sitting in the car in the car park and have him inspired. I can put my iPad and I can paint away. I'm not tied down by a lot the the bulk off paint and all of that sort of stuff. So it's given me a lot of freedom to be able to create my art my way, and you may have to just find if you know if you need to. This you may have to find your own way and your own style. But our courage in digital painting has come such a long way from when I first started, it was it was hard. It was really hard to start off what I think many people and they did it very successfully . But you know what people painted in fresher shop. But our courage and other amazing programs like these have just revolutionized the way artists create the rot. So my little pictures really looking good? I just need to at a few more details to I just finished a roof, and she's really I think she would look great on the card in a perhaps for a friend or for a young girl, or even, you know, just to stick in the little frame and hang up on your wall now. Really, Keat? So I'm just gonna blend those highlighted his You know, the great thing about the final layer. Once you've done everything is you can go over things. You can brighten things up. You could make things dark. This is really your final chance to actually, you know, at the little bit of bling that you put you may be needing then, as you can see and I've put a who the tip of your nose is the part of your body that sticks up most, so that's always going a little highlight on it again. You know, the cheekbones there protrude quite a bit. I'm just going to merge these all together. Andi, I'm ready to save the snow. You've got different formats. Such conservatives. You can say that as a ping, an outrage file or a J pig opinions Really nice. Because it's then a transparent background. That means that you can drop it onto to anything. You know, you may have created a wall to cover picture or a kind of card stuck on This looks really great. So Kinji is really great if you want to add it to other things, J because great. If you happy just to have the white background that you see there now and, uh, there you go. Thank you very much for joining me. And I hope you had fun 6. Saving transparent png file artrage: