Painting a Creative Alphabet in Watercolor

Irina Trzaskos, Watercolor illustrator / Teacher

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8 Videos (1h 16m)
    • Introduction

    • Supplies

    • Colors

    • Alphabet with Branches and Leaves

    • Floral Alphabet

    • Geometric Alphabet

    • Abstract Brushstroke Alphabet

    • Last Thoughts


About This Class


Welcome to "Painting a Creative Alphabet in Watercolor" class.

Alphabets and typography are very popular subjects in the design world.

Creative alphabets will be a great addition to your portfolio.

In this class we will be painting 4 different alphabets in watercolor: 

  • Alphabet with Branches and Leaves
  • Floral Alphabet
  • Geometrical Alphabet
  • Abstract Brushstroke Alphabet

I hope you will have a chance to paint with me. I can't wait to see your beautiful alphabets.

Happy learning!

x Irina.

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This class is a joy to watch and a pleasure to follow along! I'm almost done with my letters and already thinking of the next theme!
Mira Metzler

Beauty. Illustration

This is a wonderful class if you would like to learn how to create beautiful lettering. I found it easy to create an alphabet from the fonts and Irina shows us how to decorate them so they look fantastic!
Beautiful projects. I enjoyed being able to see the brushstrokes used by Irina. I'm off to create some projects of my own!





Irina Trzaskos

Watercolor illustrator / Teacher

Hello Friends,

I hope you are having a wonderful October)

I am happy to announce that my brand new class "Watercolor Sunflowers: Painting Sunflowers in 3 styles" is Live, thank you so much, everyone, who already enrolled!

Also, Skillshare team generously offered 1 year of premium membership to one student of the class, to participate follow few easy steps:

Watch all the videos of the class, link to the class: Paint a Sunflower, or more ...

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