Painting a Creative Alphabet in Watercolor | Irina Trzaskos | Skillshare

Painting a Creative Alphabet in Watercolor

Irina Trzaskos, Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

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8 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Colors

    • 4. Alphabet with Branches and Leaves

    • 5. Floral Alphabet

    • 6. Geometric Alphabet

    • 7. Abstract Brushstroke Alphabet

    • 8. Last Thoughts


About This Class


Welcome to "Painting a Creative Alphabet in Watercolor" class.

Alphabets and typography are very popular subjects in the design world.

Creative alphabets will be a great addition to your portfolio.

In this class we will be painting 4 different alphabets in watercolor: 

  • Alphabet with Branches and Leaves
  • Floral Alphabet
  • Geometrical Alphabet
  • Abstract Brushstroke Alphabet

I hope you will have a chance to paint with me. I can't wait to see your beautiful alphabets.

Happy learning!

x Irina.


1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is Idina Trask. Us. I want our system illustrator. No welcome to my new class Painting a creative alphabet in water column in today's class will repaint in alphabets in different stuff. Autumn. It's a very popular topic, an illustration world, and they'll make a great addition to your portfolio. I love teaching online and offline. Think of the one who enrolled in my classes, inspire me so much in next leader, I'll show you the supplies will be using in this cost. Let's get started. 2. Supplies: in today's class will be using following supplies. What you got? Paper water, car paint. If you have a collars you like and tubes, it's better to use for obvious class. Um, paint in tubes. I have only took wise until so amusing both tubes and bands before my project. So you need a paper dollar? Any raising pencil? What? A car. Ballot water into glasses. Um, we'll need a medium round brush on a small round brush as usual that I'll be using Costas Able number for a number two also near the flat brush. Amazing. A small synthetic flying brush. If you're making bigger letters with me, you could use, um, bigger Flynn brush optional will need a white pan and the back one which other one you like or you also can use white Wash We'll need the printed alphabet. One fund. Uh, just a regular haunt. This is Georgia Award, and another fund should be a bold uh, this files will be attached in the project section. Of course, if you don't feel like committed to entire alphabet, you complain just one later and make a mono ground water. Also, you complain just one word or a phrase you like what will have to transfer that often that on watercolor paper and for transferring all season? Um, light box. But you can also use tracing paper over just bright window like we did in painting colorful Sylhet in watercolor class. And that's it in next leader will talk about the colors will be using in this class. 3. Colors: in these glassell abusing only four colors, I suggest you to pick a limited color palette for your alphabet project. Always test their colors before you start such a complex project as an alphabet, so the colors will be using today are fried food. It's so warm. Shade of blue, two replies golden orange. If you want to use the same colors, I do. But you don't have this color in your parent. You can easily mix cadre yellow with common orange event. Oh, you have this color his golden orange and Carmen Brent. - We started the only color. So be using today you can figure on color palette. Make sure your car pull. It works well with all artwork you have. So, um, you can add the off the best year part for 4. Alphabet with Branches and Leaves: first alphabet. All the painting was inspired by branches and leaves, and they want to repeat one more time, depending the colors purchasing for our alphabet. It'll change the character off death. Like here, we can see a rusty full colors. Summer on now here I used green on draft and alphabet instantly. Looks like a Christmas inspired one. So first thing we have to do ISS to transfer our alphabet. An irregular formed, not the Bold one own a water car paper. We have regular pencil. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it's important to be in perfect lines on the next. Much are doing. We are well, the painting branches along the lines off. The letters on will be painting leaps inside off the odd lies off the letters. It's okay if my lives will come out a little bit from outlines Mr Vilifying. So I painted first branch on Turk Waas and now and some a bright blue inside while it's still wet and again, some credible, - you can give as much or as little distance between the leaves as you like, until not for no, I won't go into next letter the same thing you can just in your shape of leaves you like. I'm just a regular shape for my ladies and one more. You don't have to make a line all the time. You can just started, believes and pain relieves first and then, But some dots are aligned in between and the little more rideable here and there. Make sure your paper towel is always next to you. - So this is the first step in our branch and leaves. Alphabet is to a band, branches and deals by the Contour and in outlines. We have to do it for all the letters. After he painted all the branches and leaves on your alphabet, it's important to let it dry after our branches and leaves are totally dry. It's time to remove with pencil marks. After we moved all our pencil marks, we can live our alphabet s cities because it's already beautiful, or we can add a few more little details. We can add little Berries. Um, I'm taking a carbon rent for it. We can add them in between, believes, just like little dots. - Or we can add a little branch. And there is, I say, here I'm here or a week. And even at the branch, which is coming outside the letter like these, this is our alphabet, inspired by branches and leaves. 5. Floral Alphabet: now let's paint a floater off of it. To do that, we need to transfer our bold wand on watercolor paper. And after that, they'll, um, decide where our farce will be situated on the letters. And for that I'll be just putting a circle where I would like to have a flower on the ledger and make sure your circle is not coming out too much from the boundaries of the letters. But it can come out a little bit. So just let's put pulling our intuition, small circles or wherever we want. 23 circles on each letter. They cannot be different sizes, too. It doesn't have to be a floral off that you can paint lemons or oranges or even any vegetables you want, but and this lesson will be painting flowers just random. Don't overthink it. So at this stage, our ultimate of looking like this after we decided where our flowers will be situated on the letters, um, we have to paint a little far in every circle for my flowers. I'll be using golden orange or middle on Carmen Red diluted with a lot of water. What if it presents? You complain? Any flowers you like. - Sam puts a few dots for the middle of the floor, and then I'm painting, uh, loose petals around it. You can paint flowers in your own style. - Painting in their alphabet requires a lot of patients on perseverance. So this way we have to paint all the flowers on our letters. It's important to paint threw flowers on all the letters at the same time, So your alphabet a look consistent after we painted all the flowers on our letters are after better look like this before we start next tab. It's more than to let it dry when our vast are totally drive will be painting leaves and branches inside the layers, leaving some white spaces between them for my limbs and branches. I'll be using a bright blue, - yes , but it's similar to our branch leave off this step, but the difference is we can go just pain. Some leaves, which are not a judge to the branches. Some could be smaller, and some put the finger. It's a it just makes it more interesting, - and then this way will feel the space inside the letters entire This way will not feel often. Others all the letters with branches and leaves and this always before we start next step, we have to let it cry after our lives are dry. We have shown fill the spaces in between, believes inside the letters with some little tiny leaves or dots for these. L used to request just random brushstrokes and we'll do it saying for every letter after I filled all the spaces between believes with tiny strokes leaves on, uh dot and let it Teoh totally dry. We can remove the pencil lines after we removed with Pence Alliance. Let's so carefully at our letters. And if we think something is missing somewhere like here in the E ed another, can you leave to completely shape then Now it's time to add those tiny details which are missing like this. Um oh, I would love to have some details here in the corner, so the shape off the letter will be more clear. Okay, I think other letters look pretty good. And now we got to My favorite part. Will had been details toe our floral. So what? Secondo is on some dark dots in the flowers on a little branches taking out with add more interest to think he's even little needs or branches with leaves. Also, it contained some flower pots coming out or seek bonds or even butterflies. We don't have to do to every flower, but it's nice to add it. Uh, here and there it adds more interest. - Anything give you, like on whatever speaks to your store on the all kind of branches and leaves. - Just make sure it doesn't totally change the shape of them. A letter afterward ended dark details. I like outside. Oh, what details live from my white pants. You can also use the oil wash for this. So in the middle over four add some dogs also can and some wine dogs on the leaves, just a tiny bit So that does this for entire album it. After we added, all the details on flowers are floral alphabet is ready. If you don't feel like a meeting to entire alphabet, you can just make a monogram and next video will be painting a geometrical ultimate 6. Geometric Alphabet: Nextel for bit will be Painting is a geometric alphabet for this album. It we need to transfer our bald fund on the watercolor paper and watch for the next 12. Um, um, take one caller that's a bright blue for me, and you can choose any color from your colors. Kim here picked on which condo will be just painting, uh, Brendan triangles inside off our letters. And again, don't overthink and just randomly situated wherever you want. And if you don't want to do, try and go see one unwto any other shapes? Geometrical shapes. You contrive them, too, Uh, circles or rectangles. Whatever speaks to you, I'm doing my drang. Gal's approximately the same size, but it's up to you. You can make them smaller or bigger or different sizes that so and told that it optional. - Don't get a random. Just follow your God. Try not to overthink it, so we'll do this for all the letters off the first step, our government will be looking like these. No, I have to let it dry when our first layer is totally drawing will be doing the same thing we did at first step, but with a different call. So I will take some turquoise and who have been drawing again random triangles. Um, on our letters, some of the triangles will be touching the blue triangles painting before someone like this one. - You can do the same thing with your tango, squares or circles. Have circles any geometrical. Our shapes you want on the same way will do all the letters. After this step our alphabet overlooking, like these and again we have to. That is dry, mixed, watchful dough will be edging bird and last color. I think the contra stink golden orange with the third caller will be it coloring all the wide spaces which are left on our letters. Some of them are not triangle and it still still okay because I picked the contrast in color. His step requires patience and precision. - And will it be big? This step on? All the letters after this step are after better look like these and again, we have to let it after heart. Alphabet is totally drive. I removed the pencil lines with a razor. Andi know we can add the last details with white pants. I'll be agent dots. A lot of the borders that state Pingan, son, these little details will make are off a bit more interesting and cheerful. - Would it be this? But all the letters are after we added white dots along the borders of the letters our geometrical alphabet is creating. 7. Abstract Brushstroke Alphabet: the last alphabet will be. Painting is an abstract, a brushstroke alphabet on this style is so playful and farm on a really easy. I think even Children could does this abusing a flood synthetic brush a small one on the blue need again to transfer our bold phoned alphabet on watercolor paper and what we'll do Just one color you like with a friend brush out with putting a random strokes would be in the borders of the letters anyway. I like just for your condition. And don't overthink it on, uh, have fun. There are no Ordell's just any way you like. It's just important in to try to have it inside inside the leather. But if you miss it a little bit, it's a totally just anywhere you feel like on the direction is a sauce so optional however you want. - No , let's let it totally dry while our first layer is trying on a separate sheet of paper. Um, try watch brush marks your process can do, and you can use a contrast in color. So let's say medium gosh dio just regular brush marks, please, like these simple thought a little too big for our weather. So let's drive with a small brush. Just say Think our bedroom on the threat brush Rickon tojust something like these. I believe the lines also round brush we can do. It leaves. We're something like Camille's more like these anything. Which brings you joy. Now let's try to, Oh, at some brush strokes toe our letters. Just, uh, I didn't brush strokes. Just Teoh inside the boundaries of the letters. And I'll be using a bright blue for it because I don't want to go to Congress today, but you can use any color you like. You can use a contrast color or right caller anything like So let's just add some brush strokes in the Bondra's. So far, letters on some kind of cover this pain today, a song don't have to some thoughts that's look dark. No, but when they'll drive will be away later. Maybe. Let's do some lines. Just pressing barrage on paper and some dots. Or you can just go with one kind of breast stroke on an entire letter like this and again, some lines. Some dogs just have fun. Don't get a random, don't over think it and the same way entire alphabet. After we painted our brush throws on all the letters, I want to outline the contour with a contrast in color. So what? L don't I'll just take golden orange. You can do the same with the color you used on the letters. Or you can go with contrast in color, too, and I'll put of the little dots off color just along the outlines of the letters. This will help to make the shape of a letter more clear before we do this. It's important to that our letters to doted drive here. We have something with Jackie. Amount off borders and we'll just go over it with same dance. They don't just make it more interesting. - So my thoughts are not on the outline there, just close now, but still outside. I'm the same way inside. - Trump's under the same thing for all the letters, and again, it's important to let it dry. After our outline that are totally dry, we can raise our pencil lines and are abstract. Alphabet s ready 8. Last Thoughts: thank you for watching because I hope it was useful and interesting. He's a blood your project, your project section of because I can't wait to see your beautiful letters.