Painting a Birch Tree in Watercolor | Wilhelmina Bodine | Skillshare
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5 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials Needed and Let's Begin.

    • It's beginning to look like a birch tree! Adding Values.

    • Finishing details.

    • Closing Remarks and Thank You!


About This Class

This class shows students how to create a single trunk of a birch tree using fascinating, daring colors!  Once tree is completed, students will have the knowledge and skills to create a clump of birch trees and place it in any landscape setting they wish.





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Wilhelmina Bodine

Give yourself the gift of watercolor!

Wilhelmina Thea Bodine was born in the Netherlands and spent five years in Nigeria, West Africa during her childhood.  She came to the United States with her parents and sisters and settled in Hartford, CT for 17 years.  Music, performing and synchronized swimming  were the highlights of her high school and college years.

Willi (‘Villi’) began watercolor classes when she was 42 years old with Seacoast artist, Doris Rice, and continued with various...

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Fine Art Creative
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