Painting a Basic Face With Acrylics In Under an Hour | Cherie Burbach | Skillshare

Painting a Basic Face With Acrylics In Under an Hour

Cherie Burbach, Artist, Writer, Poet

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9 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Painting a Face Intro

    • 2. Supplies to Paint a Face

    • 3. Creating the Base of the Face

    • 4. Building the Eyes, Nose, & Eyebrows

    • 5. Painting the Mouth

    • 6. Creating the Hair

    • 7. Finishing the Eyebrows and Cheeks

    • 8. Finishing the Eyes & Completing the Face

    • 9. Painting a Face Conclusion


About This Class

Join artist Cherie Burbach as she shows you how to quickly paint a face with inexpensive acrylic paint. She uses just five colors to create a face in under an hour. 

Quick drying acrylics are perfect for creating paintings when you're short on time, or when you want to add layers and mixed media elements. She also covers the basics of face drawing and simple proportions that you can keep in mind as you learn (and break!) the rules to create art in your own individual style.

You'll see the step-by-step progress from start to finish. 

No painting experience is needed for this class, however you might find it helpful to take my "Sketching a Face" class ( first.