Painting Wild Places with Watercolors: Learn To Paint Winter's Light | Gary Spetz NWS | Skillshare

Painting Wild Places with Watercolors: Learn To Paint Winter's Light

Gary Spetz NWS, Gary Spetz Watercolor Studio

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17 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Step 1: Composition

    • 2. Step 2: Masking

    • 3. Step 3: Sunlight Colors

    • 4. Step 4: Second Masking

    • 5. Step 5: Sunlight Colors II

    • 6. Step 6: Third Masking

    • 7. Step 7: Tree Shadows

    • 8. Step 8: Distant Tree Trunks

    • 9. Step 9: Prominent Tree Trunks

    • 10. Step 10: Branches

    • 11. Step 11: Evergreen Trees

    • 12. Step 12: Peel Masking & Add A Tree Trunk

    • 13. Step 13: Snow Shading

    • 14. Step 14: Shadow Scrubbing

    • 15. Step 15: Sunshine Scrubbing & Tree Details

    • 16. Step 16: More Snow Shading & Tree Trunk Details

    • 17. Step 17: Wrapping Things Up

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About This Class


Forged from the creation of his 111 Public Television "How to Paint" episodes, Gary has perfected his popular step-by-step teaching method for watercolor . Rather than progress from an "easy" painting to a more difficult painting, Gary starts his students on "any given painting." Choose "the subject" (the painting) that you prefer, and Gary will walk you through its creation from start to finish.

It has been his experience that by breaking the watercolor painting process down into easy-to-follow steps, students can take on any of his painting compositions—thus progressing more rapidly. Gary’s proven teaching method will make you a better watercolor painter!


In many ways, novices are at an advantage as they have not yet pre-learned any watercolor painting approaches. But more advanced painters usually benefit from Gary's many unique watercolor techniques as well.

Watercolor is considered the most versatile and challenging painting medium. It can seem, at times, to have a life of its own. Gary demonstrates how to take control of this dynamic medium by breaking it down into easy-to-follow steps.

Painting Image Size: 19" x 13" (on a 21" x 15" half sheet of watercolor paper)

This course has 65 minutes of video content AND, to help you achieve success, it includes numerous very helpful “Downloadable / Printable” Reference Materials:

19” x 13” Drawing Guide (in 4 parts to be taped together)
Masking Drawing Guide
COLOR Painting Printout
Palette Guide
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Gary Spetz NWS

Gary Spetz Watercolor Studio

Through his award winning art, Gary Spetz attempts to enhance the viewer's appreciation of the colors, shapes and designs that surround us. Gary travels extensively in his quest to both collect painting materials and find new paths to explore. In truth, he enjoys the "going to" as much as the painting process, itself. As an avid outdoors enthusiast, he hikes, skis, sails, and kayaks through the landscapes that he films and paints.

Gary is a "Signature Member" of the National Waterco...

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