Painting Whimsical Flowers with Watercolor + Inks

Lisa Hetrick, Watercolor Artist . Designer . Maker

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11 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • Basic Supplies

    • Class Handout + Reference

    • Selecting Your Color Palette

    • Painting Leaves + Foliage

    • Painting Loose Floral Rosettes

    • Painting Graphic Daisies + Buds

    • Painting the Whimsical Flower

    • Adding Details + Texture

    • Painting Whimsical Flowers Project

    • Thank YOU + Final Thoughts


About This Class


Welcome to the Painting Whimsical Flowers with Watercolor + Inks Class

I'm so grateful you are here!

In this class, you will learn how to paint whimsical flowers with watercolor and inks that are bold and graphic and super fun to create.  I’ll walk you through each watercolor painting and illustration technique, demystifying the how to’s along the way. Each video lesson breaks down the watercolor painting techniques into smaller chunks giving you the ability to follow along using the practice handout. Then, we'll put it all together and create a whimsical flower painting.

Together, we will walk through all of the techniques that build up to creating the final project. 

In the class you will learn how to:

  1. Choosing Your Color Palette
  2. Basic Supplies + Suggestions
  3. How to Use the Practice Handout 
  4. Painting Leaves + Foliage
  5. Painting Rosettes (Loose Filler Flowers)
  6. Painting Graphic Daisies and Buds
  7. Painting a Graphic Flower Bloom (Layering Color)
  8. Adding Details with Acrylic Inks and Pen
  9. Adding Splatter Detail for Texture + Dimension
  10. Putting it all Together to Create a Whimsical Flower Painting

This class is perfect for beginners and/or seasoned watercolor artists. It is my intention for you to have FUN and enjoy painting. 

May you find pause from the hustle, pure joy and inspiration here! 


You can find me in all the places here: 





YouTube (I share video tutorials weekly)


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fun and easy techniques to make flowers
Love this class, now I feel like I could paint flowers in my own watercolor journal! I love the fact that Lisa broke down each step for the leaves and each flower before we started the final project plus she included a downloadable handout that we can keep and refer back to for the flowers, leaves and stems. I loved each step of the process and everything was very well explained and each step was shown to us. Had so much fun!! I cannot draw, but now I feel like i can add these flowers to my art journal and have some beautiful pages! Thanks Lisa for a great class!
I love the big loose nature of the flowers





Lisa Hetrick

Watercolor Artist . Designer . Maker

Hi, my name is Lisa Hetrick, the owner of Indigojade Art. I'm so grateful you've stopped by.

I paint. I teach. I make things with my hands. I use my creative spirit to bring more joy and positivity into life. 

I am a watercolor, mixed media artist, product designer and maker focused on creating “Art that Makes you Feel Good.”  I believe we all need a bit of light, love and encouragement in our daily lives. My art brings word and image together ...

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