Painting Watercolor Sunflowers | Victoria Lipford | Skillshare

Painting Watercolor Sunflowers

Victoria Lipford,

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9 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Sunflowers in Watercolor Trailor

    • 2. Sunflowers in Watercolor Introduction

    • 3. Materials 1 Sunflowers in Watercolor

    • 4. Materials 2

    • 5. Starting with a Pencil Sketch

    • 6. Adding the Watercolor 1

    • 7. Painting A Vase

    • 8. Adding the Greens

    • 9. Conclusion of Sunflowers in Watercolor


About This Class

This is a fun class on painting sunflowers in watercolor.  In this class you will learn how to paint beautiful, bright and vibrant watercolor.  You will learn how to paint with only a few colors and a minimal amount of supplies.  I will show how to start with a simple pencil sketch, and work your way to a complete watercolor painting.  I come across people who are intimidated by watercolor and stray away from even trying.  I am here to show you that watercolor can be fun.  





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Victoria Lipford

Hello, I'm Victoria and I love to create!  Art is something I have always loved since I was a child.  I enjoy everything about creating.  I enjoy most phases of art but have a special interest in painting, drawing and collage.  My goal for teaching on Skillshare is to share my love of art to anyone interested in taking my classes.  I share my works of art at festivals and have an online store.  I hope to inspire others to pursue an interest in art.

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