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Painting Watercolor Roses - 2 Types

teacher avatar Meenakshi Muthuraman, Artist and Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Requirements

    • 3. Loose Roses-Practice

    • 4. Loose Roses-Painting

    • 5. Glazing

    • 6. Advance Roses Part 1

    • 7. Advanced Roses Part 2

    • 8. Advanced Roses Part 3

    • 9. Leaves

    • 10. Class Project

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About This Class

In this class, I will show you how to paint Roses using watercolors. I've explained two different ways of painting roses. This class is perfect for anyone who likes to begin his/her journey in watercolor and also for those who know the basics but want to experiment more. 

In the class,

  1. I start with the supplies you'll need and I'll explain what kind of paper and paints are good for beginners.
  2. Then I'll be teaching you some basics and we will paint some loose roses.
  3. After that, we will move on to paint a few advanced roses using the glazing technique.

Happy Painting!


  • 100% cotton Watercolor Paper¬†
  • Paints [Mijello Mission Gold Watercolor set of 24]
  • Watercolor Brushes
  • Waste cloth¬†
  • Water Jar
  • Palette (ceramic palette)

Paint Brushes

  • Round Brush (6,8)


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meenakshi Muthuraman

Artist and Illustrator


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1. Introduction : Hello, I welcome you all to my class. My name is mean OK, she, Emma naught, dist and illustrate that. I love to draw and paint flowers. In today's class, I'll teach you to paint beautiful gnosis using what? Carlos. You will see my palate all throughout the class. You'll be learning all about pigment to other ratios and all of that. I have designed this loss will big nurse. So I'll teach you all about the brush strokes in the glazing techniques. You will be learning from start to finish. Then we will move on to paint lose roses. Anyone can paint these cute little doses, Yes, so plus infinite loop. A week. After that, we will move one step, paul, both to faint advanced Joseph's eight is not as complicated as it looks. I've broken down the clauses into centers depth, so that didn't see before you to follow. So you few thing this glass is full you we will meet in the next one is in the bi. 2. Requirements : Let us take a look on the requirements for the class. First, you need few watercolor brushes. I'll be using year-round synthetic brushes. Then you need water color paints of good quality. Are they using Mission Gold watercolors? Feel free to use any brand of your choice. There are so many affordable paints available in the market. After that you need few watercolour papers. I would suggest you to use 100 boson caught and watercolor sheets. Make sure your papers take enough. It should be at least 300 GSM. Then you lead a tissue or a waste clade. Also you need to jazz of clean water. Finally, you need a pilot to mix your pains. I'll be using a ceramic one. Grab all this applies and let's get started. 3. Loose Roses-Practice : In this lesson, we will go through some basics for experimenting. I suggest you try and find some scraps of paper that is left out. I use a medium sized synthetic round brush, which abrasion that clean jar of water. Also I have a tissue on the side. You can use any choice of color. As we'll go with peacock blue. I'm mixing the paint with water. Let us see how to paint a better crest the pointed tip on one end and drag the brush and suppress it. As simple as that. One more time. Present, drag it and release it. Tried to paint these petals on a slope like she embracing it, dragging it and releasing it, but in a different shape. So dry painting this petals in different angles. Now let us see how to paint a center over rules. This can be quite tricky for a beginner. I start by drawing a deal shape on the center and around TO shape eye pain coupled sees. I'm not doing this with any expectations. I'm just going with the flow audio shape in the center. And it ended at Bain curves. But TO shape around it, painful curves. As you move farther and farther, this cheapest gotta get bigger and bigger. 4. Loose Roses-Painting : Having learned the basics, let us move onto the painting. I'm using the same color as the US in the previous lesson. But does your painting, so it's your choice. Choose any color. I did my dropna clean jar of water. I'm using synthetic medium sized town brush. We will start with the center, and the center will be the dot as sheet. So I used less water. Start by drawing a TO shape and draw curves set out it. I do these simple strokes again and again in different angles and also different shapes. Rubella don't do it with an expectations. Just go with the flow. Once you Rose gets to a particular size, devalued the big mint by adding more what I paint or whether previous jokes. As they do this, you can see the pain leads and it creates a beautiful effect. As you move out. Create larger Goes. Keep adding the cost until you're satisfied with the outcome. Again, I'm telling you don't do this with any only then you can enjoy the process of painting those roses. I go back to my body, didn't take a lot of pigment and gently touch the children that leads. This will create with the Shinzen, add depth to your painting. And it is move on and create more flowers like these, but indifferent tangles. I'm painting the center the same way we painted the previous flower. I start with the TOO shape and coupled curves around it. For the Santa, you need a doc sheets, so use a lot of pigment. Lunch your Dana particular size died you the pigment in seawater. Continue painting the petals. You can also use a natural Had brush for this, but I made it difficult to control. So I stick with my synthetic brushes. As you move out, think widen larger betas. It is okay If you find some whites in the green, it makes your painting look even more politeia. I have even know, diluted the pain for doubt vetoes. It has turned out so beautiful, allowed us than the previous one. Create as many rows as you want. It's your time to its lower. Again, pain the same day using a dark pigment. I'm doing this shows in the After your rows comes to a particular size value, the pigment using water and add moped does. I'm trading more and multidose downwards. There are no rules when you do lose flowers. That's why it is called as loose painting. Linear brushed loose and just go with the flow. Just keep in mind that technique. That's it. Once you get it right, you cannot control yourself and painting the sources that are so addictive is also one of the fastest and also the easiest way of painting roses. Keep painting as many rows as you want. It is your rage because as you're painting, I'm painting one more rows on the side. Use the same technique. Have painted well-known roles on the side. So I totally have fibrosis or Spain. The green, I start with a bright pigment of SAP. Is start with a point and then pull it out to create a nice leaf. It is the same. We painted the petals, paint them in different sizes and angles for variations. I'm using glucose dream. I fill the gaps using the leaves. One mole for data flower. You can make them wide or ten or small, your wish. Discrete different shapes for variations can also add some blues to them. Come up with their own ideas that are no rules for this. I want a fully packed painting with roses and leaves. You will not believe this, but I've painted this within 15 minutes. It is one of the fastest and a beginner friendly technique. In the next lesson, we will discuss some more techniques to paint doses. 5. Glazing : We will be using a technique called glazing to paint that wants ptosis. In this lesson that is take a look on that. I start with a mentor it into arche. Awash is a watercolour paint diluted with water. You can control the tour of the wash by controlling the ratio of pain to the mode water, the lighter, the value v. So I start with this Berlin toil and to arche. I'm just painting the two boxes I've drawn before. This method uses the transparency of the watercolor by overlaying washes. In this method, you allow the paint to dry and then add successive layers of the same color. So once you finish the first later, force weight for the paint to dry completely and then adds have sublayers of this Dima BY adding a darker shade. So I makes a lot of paint on water. It is important to note that they just going to be hard or soft. Ahad H shows a distinct and even line between Carlos, a soft edges lot bob blended as I do love. As they move down, I know what to blend. So that is how glazing works. Now let us experiment with different Carlos. I'm using a light shade of monopoly dawn rules. Now paying this on the previous color. Remember my dream scholar has already been dried at Bain The second column starting from the DAW. And as they move down, I blended with the previous Scala by using what? If you pay the second column and the previous scholars didn't wait, you will end up blending the two sheets. So make sure you are grievously as completely dry. I say move Dao Liao had a lot of water to blend it with the previous sheet. Dry painting, a petal using the same technique. I stopped with a wash. I paint a nice bell shape. I'm making the first layer led to more data by adding more pigment. Now wait for this layer to dry completely. And for the second layer using dark shade of palm mentor. I'm adding the dark shade on the tip of the petal and slowly blended as you move down by adding a logo for data. Regarding the brush whenever you do glazing, I would suggest you to use in the dig brushes because they easy to control is going to be great for big nose. So this is how we'll be painting advanced ptosis. I would suggest you to practice this terribly before moving to the next listen. It can also try doing this with some other color. And that is how it'll be painting double shaded flowers. 6. Advance Roses Part 1 : Let us first see how to draw it rules. I started the joyless though goof without line from the center, hydraulic up love, Coase, et al. Did I start by drawing tiny pixels? Start by drawing radii, smaller beta, so the sin theta and as you move out Increase the size. Now typicals are large animal ydA. I finished the design by drawing pixels along the outline. You can draw an outline on the watercolor paper if you want to. But I'll skip the drawing process. Good to see you always should feel comfortably without line can go with it. Let us move on to the painting. Choose any colloquial choice I'm using dried opera. The first step, as we discussed in the previous lesson, is going to be a wash. undoing a nice pink wash away what the faintest loca. Now when the center, I'm going to make the sun taking a lot of paint and adding it to the center. Moving on to the next color. This time cobalt blue dot on the Santa. And I use water to dilute that paid for without faintest clue. I add some more paint or the center. Get total takes this pigment you sing at the shoe for the Coulomb using red-brown. And give it a read. Don't wash with light sheet. Added load of pigment on the center. Slowly blend it out using water. Get rid of the excess pigment is in a tissue and slowly bend it out. 7. Advanced Roses Part 2 : Let us add the details for the roses. I start with the bright opera rose. I load my brush with a lot of paint, take less water and a lot of pigment. Start by painting studio shapes opposite to each other. I made one more regular code around it. The brush I'm using is medium sized round synthetic brush. Synthetic brushes. I use it to control. So I go with that. As you move out, Joe wider goes. Now from this point on, we are going to draw individual betas. For the fourth layer, I'm going to draw three tiny potatoes. So the first step is to draw the outline of these petals. After doing the outline, I just do the first layer of leaving. For this, I went left voice better. Then I take a lot of pigment on my brush and paint it on the end. As you move out, diffuse the same via the next better. I first read my surface and then add the pigment. As you move out, diffuse it. I leave some gap on the dot with the highlights. Similarly, let us do the next layer of petals. Start by drawing the petals. Drop. It dealt in an alternate manner. This time I do the pedals are little bit bigger than the previous layer. Before moving on to the painting part, make sure your first layer of petals are completely dry in order to avoid unwanted leading. Just like I did in the previous layer and written the first petal. Then add concentrated pigment on the inner part of the bitter blended Using a clean brush. The basic idea behind this technique is that they not part of the paddle should be dark. So we give a lot of pigment on the NEP part and the other part of the Bodenheim's highlights. So it has Lisbeth mint. I bled dry brush. Once you complete the second layer of petals, let us move on to the next layer. And this layer, the betas, I gotta be super-large and super wide. As you move out, the sides of the pedals will also increase. If you find it challenging to draw the outlines of the airbrushing go with colored pencils. Watercolour pencils will also work. I wet my ploys petal and add a concentrated pigment on the inner side of the capitol. Now I clean my brush to remove the excess pigment and come back again to diffuse the base. Do the same to that The Beatles started by weighting the surface. Instead of choosing Red Dawn radically altered dry, wet or dry. In such cases you don't read your pedal at first. You directly laid out in your paint and infuse it with water. And slowly using it to doubt that, but then draw the outline for the next layer. This is gonna be the final petal. Such joy in such a way that the petals for that outlines the wash. Now follow the same steps as we did in the previous. Let us first read the battle. That concentrated, augmented the end up bought and diffuse it. Follow the same steps and complete that is stopping the laid-off plays. But if you want the painting to be super big men did and go on for the second glaze. Just repeat the same steps, that's it. In the next lesson, we will complete the rest of the flowers by. 8. Advanced Roses Part 3 : That is due at the roses. I start with a cobalt blue one. Debate, dissent died, dig a lot of pigment on a brush with less water. I used the scenes in the DIC drawn rash of medium size. Start by painting studio shapes opposite to each other. Keep adding more and more curves at undisciplined. From this point on, start drawing the pedals for the first layout, dad, with three to four petals. Now start to add more depth to your pedals by taking one bit deleted dime, as we did in the previous roles. I start by getting a wash, add more pigment to the NOPAT of the petal and slowly diffuse the pigment. Does he move out? And move on to the next pedal? I start by giving a wash. And then I take a lot of pigment and added to the NOPAT. It's loaded, diffuses out. Likewise do that. The two pedals. For this beta layout, a very little amount of pigment. I do this to create more mediations. Since that the two pedals adapt, making it less violin makes it more nice and realistic. Now the center of the rows is perfect. Like wise move on to the next layer. I have already given the outline for this layer. So I keep painting the pedals one by one. I have no they deemed at all that lives for these two doses. It is the same way we did the previous roles. We start by painting the outline for the layer, and then we do the petals. That's it. I have completed the second latest videos also. So I'm doing the outline for the third layer. Do the outline very lightly. It is sufficient if you alone can see that in this layer the petals are going to be a little bit larger and also wider. By did add more paint and paint all the pedals in the similar manner. While diffusing. Don't use the brush as such. Your brushes the war dead tissue and then go back. When you don't clean your brush, you will end up adding more pigment to the unwanted areas also. So always clean your brush before blending. Pain that the petals Nissim lemma. And one more point to notice is that the bottom part of the battle is dark, and that is because of the shadows. And the lighter part of the pedal represents the highlights. Even though there are so many steps involved in painting these roses, it is super-easy and any big knot and do these doses. The only thing is it is a little bit time consuming, but it's worth it. I guess. I'm moving onto the next laid off. I first do the outline. And these petals are going to be super Dodge and super wide. Don't use doc alla forte outline. It is efficient if it is visible to you. Don't use dark colors. When you do that, the petals will need the same desk gotta be dark and as you move out, it's going to be lighter and lighter. It can also dry painting double shaded flowers. For example, if you want to paint a little bit blue color Drew's, Then I go with a local load wash and Breukelen Laos. So for the double shaded law was just one Caliph awash in one color for the first layer of liaising. So you can either stop with this or you can move onto the second lease. For the second list, do the same steps again. This is to make good rules, even little vibrant. For the second laser, I'm using red dawn dry technique. Why you lay down your paint on GI surface and put the blending part, clean your brush and use water to blend it. However, I do the second glaze, one for the patterns that are the center. I won't outer pedals to be light. I'll just give you more highlights and that's it. Let us move on to the next lava. The collab chosen for this red brown, but instead of using red-brown, can choose some other sheets if you want a double shaded rows. Start by making some TO shapes in girls. Do this to a certain point. And then build the Laos. For the layers. Draw the outline first and then take one catalytic tie and paint it. Follow the same steps that we did for the previous doses. You can either stop with one glaze. Oig wanted the next, please also if you want, you can also give some highlights in order to make the pedals even more distinct. So that's how you'll pay in these beautiful roses in such simple steps. Let us pay the green to the next lesson. Bye bye. 9. Leaves: Welcome back. In this lesson, we will paint greens. Have just taken out all the greens or have any ways I'll be starting with who goes. I'm not going to make it do lived. I've added a considerable amount of 4A. Use a medium-sized John rash with an ice point. I'd first do a stem, start painting the leaf with the nice point and then treads it, drag it and believes it. Do the three times, one on the center and two on either side. Let me show you one more time via Leona rough paper. I start with a nice boy. I press it, drag it and release it. And I do this three times. You can do some variations by changing the vibrancy of the color. You can either add more big mentor, more water to do some variations. Food, a stem with leaves. I do some more leaves, sides of the roses. You need not stick with the same design. Di Guo De Du gave this as an example. I'm just filling the page with leaves. You can also experiment painting different ways or to these, I loved this leaves. It's amazing, I guess. Families for the blue rows do some variations by creating some leaves, do dog and some do light. And modes of filling the middle part with leaves. This time amusing, Sap Green. It can also dry adding some blues and greens. I fill the left bought by the angle stem. Use only the tip of the brush to do this damn cowboy, this dam that leaves. This time I paint a normal leave sheep and dozens jokes on the sides. Similarly pay more leaves. Now let us do the veins. For this, I'll be using highly concentrated who goes dream. I used the depose midrash to plead the weights. Just a gendered bullies outpatient. I also do decide beings. If you find a Tod to control the Goldwater small-sized rush. Similarly do the veins forward the leaves. That's all for this class, but I'll be talking about the class project and it makes it. So I'll see you then. Bye-bye. 10. Class Project : I'm happy you didn't like lots and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any doubts in any part of the class, feel free to contact me. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Let us now talk about the class project. Your first project is to practice the techniques we discussed in the class, which includes a brush strokes for the lose ruses and the glazing technique. Then your second project will be to paint lose roses. You can use a reference for too if you want to, or just painted roses as such. The third part of your project is to paint advanced cruises, but with a small variation, try painting a double shaded rules. To paint a double shaded rows. Choose a color for the wash and a different color for the layers. Do Shi'a projects I would love to see then. Also shy of feedback, helped me create better clauses. Thanks again for taking my class. Buh-bye, have a nice day.