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Painting Watercolor Landscapes In Easy Way

teacher avatar Jaya Gupta, Watercolor Artist & Calligrapher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Material Required

    • 3. Creating Depth in The Painting

    • 4. Layer 1: Wet-in-wet Painting

    • 5. Layer 2: Painting Misty Mountains

    • 6. Layer 3: Painting Pine trees and Wild flowers

    • 7. Layer 4: Painting Pine trees, Sun and Bird

    • 8. Adding Final Details and Project Explained

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About This Class


Hello guys!!! Have you ever looked at a landscape Painting and wondered how it can be painted in simple and easy manner? We will be exploring this aspect of Painting Landscapes here. Painting Watercolor Landscapes In Easy Way is a class especially designed for watercolor beginners and intermediate levels too. In this class, you will be able to paint Misty Mountains, pine trees, birds and impactful sky. Few of the components will make this painting complete and the overall effect of depth perception will be achieved. 

So grab your paints and brushes, and start painting this Beautiful Landscape with me. This class is made in real time so that you can watch me paint and explain each step in a friendly and easy manner. 

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Jaya Gupta

Watercolor Artist & Calligrapher






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1. Welcome!: Hi, guys. Welcome to men. Use a skill share class. My name Mr Got the AM a watercolor artist and Gary Cooper. I go by the name The Divine Butterfly on Instagram. So in this class, we're going to learn how to paint landscapes in a very simple and easy manner. So this class is going to be all about this painting where I have added a few elements, like buying trees, mountains, butts, Anson and the sky. By making all these elements in our green thing, we're going to be in the landscape, which is very simple and very fun to do the painting. The overall painting looks pay pretty on. It gives a very nice effect of the ice. It's very soothing for the ice to. So what are you waiting for? Lettuce learned how to be in this landscape with simple and easy steps. 2. Material Required: All right, guys, to being this painting, we will require a lot of people off 300 years in thickness, and it should be on reports important. I'm using a rough finish. Mysterious classic watercolor paper. This is now this is nine inches by trail inch. That is 23 centimeter Better too. Said So I have a cut this paper into four parts, and this is one off that, but which I'm using. So on this I have been doing the brush is that I'm going to use our of size six crafter Moody Deal brush. I hope I wait. You're able to see Okay, I think we're able to see Yeah. Size six craft of a brush. It's a detailed rush. Use for small details. And this is size to our secret 15 rt brush. This is a synthetic brush, which I'm going to useful. Like putting water on the people or doing mixed sings on paper. All right, I'm also going to use an absorbing paper in case any mistake happens, or if I want to remove excess off the paint or water from my brush. All right. And this is my small pallet. It has 10 colors. And these are all artists. Great beans, like I mean rent. And the name of these are as follows. This is crimson Leak. Burnt Sienna. Yeah. Loco, cobalt blue, Scarlett league. Every black on a brush in blue. This is very didn't green. And this is gambled Yellow on. This is Seth Green. Don't worry. I'm going to share at the name off the use colors on my projects in the sources. But so you can see what other name of these colors. Okay, that is it. You will definitely require a glass off water. Let us wicked. 3. Creating Depth in The Painting: So, guys, before we begin our painting, I just wanted to let you know few concepts about a painting, but then escape. So the biggest thing is your painting is divided into three pots. One is your background, the back portion, which is the farthest from you, the viewer. Then there is a middle girl which is a bit closer. And then there is a foreground. Foreground is the closest to the viewer. That is what you're seeing. These pine trees and this spoilage. These are the closest to us. Okay, So again, I want to say are being thinking when a picture is divided into three parts background, middle ground and foreground, foreground is what we see in the front part which is closest to us. Middle ground is a little bit behind foreground. On background is the father's for us. All right. So, like place our values, our colors are going to change according to these parts of the painting. So, for the background, the background here is this multi on the equipments that you're seeing in the back portion . So the bag down is going to have the light discovers are they don't is going to have the light like this. Colors like to spell you. Actually, to be honest, we're going to call it, like to spend you. That means we're going to have very less amount off pigment and more amount of water, like 20% of pregnant and 80% of water. So this is the lightest. Tell you no major ground is, uh, here these two month things that you can see. These two mountains is a middle ground. So it is going toe. Be a little bit darker than the background one. It's going to be a little bit darker. You can compare these colors. It started in the background color, but it is going to be later than the foreground. Okay, So middle ground is going to be darker than the bag down. Long day. This is a foregone mounting. This is the closest to us. So it's going to be a more doctor value. And this is going to be the darkest in value. Okay, Like this value, middle value and the darkest value. This because of the placement off these mountains for the viewer. Just a minute, guys. No. These are the values that I was trying to tell you by gun will have the lightest value. Middle ground is going to have the median value on full ground is going to have the darkest value. It is going to be off the darkest color that you want. Okay, so, um, I have already talked about my grown these two mountains, a middle ground, ones on the's stupefying trees. And this for religion. This mountain is our four grown. It is closes to us. All right. And this son is farther, so you can call it. It is in the middle ground portion. Okay, that is it. And the bird. But IHS, sort off in a middle ground, or it depends. It could be more, Doctor. It's all going to be your choice. It could be the darkest as well. Sir, It's like betting here to us. Okay, that is it for understanding. We're going to paint one weapon. This is the bad girl. This system will grow. Monty, this is the full grown long team on the buying trees. These are going to be in the foreground. So are the forages. Okay, flowers and everything. The moon is going to be in the Sorry the sun is going to be in the middle on boot. Our bird, The bird is going to take the shape off leave. I can just see like that. This is a little bit like this leaf. Until they leave upside down leave. Then some part off it is going to be, you know? So they're like this and the other partners What's going to be like this? And we will keep on adding feathers little bit like that. And we kind off, We'll try to give it shape like this. Okay? And this is going to be a ahead, okay? And we're going to make a beak. It's is extended and just issued. Look, Laker, but that is it. Okay, so some group. So now let this begin up. Anything. 4. Layer 1: Wet-in-wet Painting: So before we begin our painting, I just wanted to show you the three painting sided. There are three versions off this painting. This one is in the light tone in a light, will you? Um this is the 2nd 1 The name are about to show you is a little bit darker. Okay, you can see darker colors here. And the 3rd 1 is like a mixture of both of these, so you can see the pine trees here, there, doc. Go. So I'm just going to keep these on this right part off me so that I can refer to them. All right, so now I'm going to read the paper. 3/4 of the paper using ah, bigger size brush. All right, we're going to do wet in wet painting for this spot. So we have to be very careful viol applying water on the paper because we don't want extra amount off water on the paper because it will form veils. And we don't born less amount off water because less amount of water will not allow the pain toe flow or toe. Make some paper easily. So just make sure you're applying water on the people in right amount. This will definitely take practice. But there is a little trick to it. What I usually do is, as you can see, I'm applying water on the 3/4 part of the paper. Now I am going to still this people so you can see the paper is listening because of the water. It doesn't have too much water and too less water. It should look like this. Little bit listening is required. So now I'm going toe pick Khobar. Blue color. It's a good blue color and I will start making this guy just a spread the beaned on people with the field brush. Then I'm going to pick up a little bit of Prussian blue. So basically, I'm creating a make sure off global flu in Prussian blue for the sky. And I'm going to leave a little bit gap between ah, these colors. So there's another girl again. We applied. Don't read if you make any mistakes because this is going to be the first layer off our painting. So usually first layers, they are quite forgive. Forgive, able for watercolors. Okay, so this is what we're doing. We're making the sky part off the painting again. I'm e adding cobalt blue, and I'm going to rinse my brush and water. Then I'm going to take yellow polka. And if you don't have a local, you can also take game Bob Gallo, where basically it's going to be a yellow color. And now I'm going to apply it at some of the places on this guy at the center or at the corner wherever it is. Reside Herbal for you. You can pick that part. It's just a beautiful a streak off line in the sky. When it dries, you can see that part easily. Now I have again started fretting another part of the paper I have completed up apart. So now I'm going to of eight fun food, part of the paper. 1/4 of the revealing paper and again, just you have to make sure that we're not applying little water or extra order. Okay, I picked side green color because this party is going to contain foreign legion buying trees and a little bit of burnt sienna because this is present on the earthly site. Off painting, there are trees, Savini, a little bit of brownish color, burnt sienna If you don't have burnt sienna, you can take bomb CPR. This is a present in the early part of our painting. OK, good dating trees four lives in all. So make sure it has more off brownish tone in it, more of the brown color and less of the same green color. That's them again, applying bun sienna again and again because our aim is to give the Savaii little Britain off sap green and just make sure that you apply. You blamed the sky and the earth colors will. Okay, so you can see the dried portions of these green things. The Borden part has particulars are right. So now I'm going to apply a few colors, including scholar Klay, which is a beautiful red color. So the places where there is going to be mounting. So basically this color and another career is going to actually act as a base for a mountain. It's going to give a beautiful layer toe the mountains. Another is crimson dick, which is a pink color. So I'm just mixing these colors here. They will act as, ah, first year for the mountains or a Beasley, and if when we'll apply another little mountain on and it will look very gorgeous 5. Layer 2: Painting Misty Mountains: now that are firstly has dried. I'm going to paint mountains the mountains of the background off the middle ground and the foreground. As you can see, I have painted in all of the paintings, the three mountains, the three kind of long chains. So this is what we're aiming for in our fainting toe. First of all, I'm going to start with the, um, background mounting, which is going to have the light just value. It would have the lightest gonna off the pigment. So for there, for the lightest value, I'm going to first awful bake a little bit off burn sienna. Now the rule is going to be They will be 20% pigment and 80% Fourtou. So you can see there is. This is a very diluted form off one sienna, and I'm just adding a layer off the paint. And I'm also much mixing scarred it leg, which is a red color on some part off this wanting. All right, So this was our background. Mountie. No, I'm going to paint for middle ground. So, as you can see, I have already mentioned in the previous lesson that I have applied these bees layers off pink and red color. And now I'm applying another layer off a little bit off burnt sienna and a little bit off Scarlett leak on these pinkish reddish base colors. So basically, I'm applying another color on a previously dried color. This is onus layering technique. We're playing another layer off the color on a previously apply like colored, which is right, an arm just adding water to the bees of these valentines. And I'm trying to mix it with a ground area to the Oakley part off the painting to give a misty effect toe these monk days. So it's very simple to give misty effect to the mountains or to give misty effect anywhere in your painting or visit Mom Burges apply water beneath it that does it to supply a little bit of photo. Now I'm going to make mountain for the foreground. Therefore, it will have the darkest value. I have just used burnt Sienna and scholar click, and I have used 70% pigment on 30% water. So you're going to use much off the paint here, okay, and again, we're going to add a little bit of water to the base of the mountains, so this will give an effect off. Missed. Just make sure your edges off the painting, all of the painting off the is like a covered in print. Okay, Now you can see these effects. It looks very gorgeous. And we have going to between eating, buying trees over these areas, and we're going to let you try now, okay? 6. Layer 3: Painting Pine trees and Wild flowers: So our middle ground mountain in Spain Ting has completely right. So now we're going toe paint pine trees. I have painted two versions off pine trees. Fun version is with the help of glazing technique and this version this one is directly applied, you know, have taken a very opaque pigment or brick color like 80% pregnant, 20% water. But here I'm going to do blazing technique because it gives a very beautiful three d effect the painting. So let's pick up detail brush, rinse it in water and we're going to make a color combination off burnt sienna. Andi Scarlett Leak hopes the beaned. Okay, no issues. So we'll have more of one Sienna like 60 70 person and 30% off scholar league, which is a red color. And with the help of thes the sculler combination, I'm going to paint um, the drunk off the tree. OK, we're going to paint door drunks. Make sure that your drugs are not, like just a straight line kind of make them a little bit slander or like going left right, make them take, then tenor, then trigger so that it looks more natural now that we have rendered these drunks. We are going to paint the pine trees of vine leaves. One of them is going to be made using sybrina that the one is going to be used with Viridian Green. Okay, so the left fund, I'm going to make a diluted version off sub green, and we're going to start by making tiny, thin lines from the top and just joining thin, thin lines towards stone. Well, maybe we're going to make a side bronze side a stem on board the sites and on the upper part off it and on the water part off it, we're going to make them lines much like Christmas tree that you must have seen. Okay, Keep on adding these, um, stems and instead, make them longer as we go down, we're going to increase the size of these branches, OK? They're going to be longer and longer. Okay? They will increase their sides to give the conical shape off a pine tree. So again, just make a line like this and start dating leaves. Now can you see? Ah, the middle ground mountain snow on the left side. It gives such a beautiful effect to the pine trees, you know? And when were you can see the beauty off pine trees is increasing or you can see the beauty off mountains is enhanced because of the pine trees. So this is a very beautiful effect. And that is it. Just adding these lines up and down makes the pine trees leaves. Okay. No, um, as you can see, this is very much Fred. So I'm going to make second find tree, but I'm just going to put in the right side. Right? Part offered. Okay. So I'm just going to take the lead in green color. I'm taking reading green, just toe. Bring the writing are printing so that the viewers attention goes the world sports off the trees, the trees are painted on right part. The leaves have painted on the right part because, as you can see, the left reader still bed. So we're going toe, wait for it to dry. At least 90% of the left tree should be dry. So it's a warning from me from your teacher that lead that left tree dry completely. Then you're going to start with this right tree so you can use a hair dryer for that. Um Also guys, can you see? You know, as I'm painting the sleeve, can you just see behind her the Vitus Pardon? A painting that does not think that is the mist and how it was achieved. But I just adding by just applying layer off water. So simple is painting missed in our painting. Okay, so just keep on adding really didn't green. And who fully the left murders? Dre, I will again do the same thing. I will make a small brunch, then add leaves up and don't and those up and down the strokes are going to be very thin lines. Make sure that you just don't, uh, and the existence off the left side green tree. Just make a diluted version off. Diluted pigment off. Sorry, um lighted, lighter value off. Very lingering for the left part because we don't want toe just Oh, you know, affect the left tree. The submarine, Frito. We want a lot of them to be visible, so make sure that you just don't overdo here. This is a very delicate part of the painting. Okay, apply dilutive layer off. Really being being on left side. That does it. We're going to let it dry. And when this will dry can you see the moment dreams off the middle ground They look so pretty So I'm just going to let it dry that I'm going to apply another layer off leaf on it to give it really effect. But at this moment, we have to be in the vial flowers, owner, landscape. So these vile flowers are again in the foreground, which is closest to the viewer. But they're also going towards the middle ground. So I'm going toe pick 80% pigment off SAB green and just little amount of 20% amount of water. And I'm going to make these kind of Russia strokes. These are kind of free brush strokes where you go from the bottom part of the paper towards up towards the top part. You can hold the bridge at the end off it, or you can come closer and just make these movement off your hand. Just move your hand. You can see it again. Just move your hand up and down and you will be able to make these kind of the strokes thin and beautiful, delicate kind of the strokes. I just want to see This is the potential off a brush. You know, this is these are the ways you can know the potential off your brush. This is one single Russian. I can make so many strokes with it. So all of this experiment with your brushes, try different kind off pressures. Release it. Apply a lot of pressure on it and see what kind off strokes are formed because off the pressure of applied by you. Okay, you will know the potential off your brush. Okay, so now I'm going to wash my brush and you can see I'm going to pick Scarlett Lee, which is a red color, because regulars, they're not painting already. That's why breaks color. And I'm going to add four or three dots together given effect off a flower. It could be a prophet flow. We're just giving an illusion by making a small dots 34 doors and just into each other. And they will do are complete book off, giving an illusion that there is a flower there. But as you come towards bottom, please be careful. Make Don't make 34 dot flowers here, but just make one dork flowers towards the bottom because these are basically the bottom ones that actually the background ones. Okay, but they could be the small flowers in the foreground toe. So we're going to make with the bottom part. We're just going to apply one dot You can see I'm a playing very tiny dots at the bottom. Okay. And that is it. We're going to allow this painting to dry. Or you can use a hair dryer to dry it. That does it. 7. Layer 4: Painting Pine trees, Sun and Bird: So guys now are painting his right. We're going toe do blazing or layering technique on buying trees. For this I bring left left tree We're going to again apply side green pigment. And this time we're going to have a ratio 60% off the pigment and 40 person is going to be voto. So I've picked up the pigment of my brush and I'm just going to trace the parts off the the branches and the leaves. But I'm not going to cover each and every leaf offered because I've warned the previously so sort off, you know, see through the up earlier. I own both of the layers, Toby. Ah, visible. So this kind of effect is going to give depth to the tree? Not only I warned my previously Toby. Seen that yet? There is something. There is another layer off site green, but I also want my upper side, my top layer Toby visible. So, for the top layer to be visible. What I'm doing is I'm taking, uh, darker value offset greed. All right, So the darker value village ashore that there is ah, don't flee as you can see. And I'm not making each and every leave here, not easy in every tiny thin line. I'm making few off them so that the importance of free will is there is no diminished by the doctor. So you should be careful with this part while doing lazing. Just make the branches for don't make each and every leaf leave leave like leave. Some of them leave and leaves. So now we're going to being the right inside tree, which is read in green trees, the brunch. Then make few of the leaves on the boards. Sates? No, because left side is not going to be very much affected. Because is Ah, big pain, Caesar, like, you know. Ah, higher pigment and lesser amount of water. So there is a very less for sorority off euro merging or color mixing. Okay, so there is a huge difference because of doing glazing, layering in a painting, the trees arm or well defined there more beautiful. And they give a three d effect again. Don't trees. All of the leafs trays, few of them. And that is it. We have faded. Are buying trees. This is it. No, you can see this is the only time that we have at this point where if we have made any mistakes or if you want a moan teens Toby more doctor, or, you know, to be more lighter Weekend. Look at this point. So again for the mountain. Now I'm going to take Scarlett Leak, burnt Sienna and Ivory Black. Okay, A very, very tiny amount off Ivory Black. And I'm going to paint on the made in the ground. Monty, just because I wanted to, All right. And I'm going to air a little bit amount of water beneath it so that I don't have a sharp edge because I'm What I'm doing is I'm doing ah, veteran drive. People know, right? So again, this is already docket. Also family going to pray. Another layer off paint on it. It is again going to become more darker than the middle ground. So takes a little bit Oban Sienna and just apply there at the top. This is your background one. It was looking very, very laters. Compared toa both of these mountains. Therefore, I picked a little bit off burnt sienna. Okay. Don't cover all the part of the mountain. See, I've left some off the part offered like the top part of the boredom part, since don't cover each and every part of the Monte. And look how there is a color their friends because of the color difference because of the difference in their tonal values. Darko Velu. Lighter value. Median value. They are giving the perception off depth, so it's very give. It's very important how you're placing your mountains. It's very important how you're giving them colors. So this part is empty. As you can see, I thought, Why not make a son? So I'm about drooping too, son. For that, I'm going to just evade the paper with water. Very small circle, Just very small. So circle and I'm going to take Yeah, Loker. And I'm going to apply a local here and have to be very. You have to be very careful here. You don't want to make a very big son or very small sent, so be very careful. Then you're going to pick Scarlett League, which is a red color, and apply on the sun on some parts off it. So it's going to look like a you know, it could be a morning sun, or it could be a Sunset one. Ah, it could be a morning. Certainly. If you leave it like that. Like this way, it could be a morning. So? So this completes our one off the part of the painting. Visuals important. Okay, because we're seeing light darkness, light shadows, enough painting. So definitely we would require the light source, which is, son, Now you're seeing birds here in the painting. In these wind things. A few of them are doctor, and don't few of them are lighter in tone. This is going to be your own choice. If you make a darker tone and darkest owner is going to be towards the viewer towards you. If you make it a lighter tone, it's going to be towards the background. All right, So I have taken darker tone years. This means this is the darkest, own dark, its value So discloses stormy closes to the viewer observer I have taken. I reflect pigment and I have a started with the leave shape, as I've mentioned earlier. And I started making swirls around it, joining these parts of the main body part of the word. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to start making tiny, tiny thinness lines towards a wingspan off the bird. You can do it towards supporting part as well. And I'm going to again make the head of the bird. I'm going to give it a good shape and then I will just make the beak so simple. Be very careful when you're making thes tiny feathers leg thes. This gives a very beautiful effect of the bird. The ring is Spain looks very, very defined, very beautiful. And it looks like a real bird. So, as you can see, I'm showing it in a closer view. This is it. Now I felt I don't want to do this as the morning sun, so I ate it. Very tiny amount off water to the bottom off the sun. So as you can see, the being just started bleeding. The world support, um, as they played what, like Mr Mundane Straight Misty thing. I entered water water years of the brain to started flowing downwards off the sun. So this is going to given effect off the more evening sun sense it, the sun is setting, so you must have seen these kind of fuels. So this completes a painting, and we're going to let it dry 8. Adding Final Details and Project Explained: So, guys, I forget to apply a diluted layer off Ah, save green on the trunk of the pine trees, so this is not a necessary step. But this addition off diluted layer off submarine is going to give ah, natural texture. Look off drunk. So that's why I did this. I'm going to give you two examples here and this one I haven't added any layer, but here I regretted the layer. So this one looks far better. That's what I insist. You add a layer of cyp cream and no, we're going to remove the masking deep. I, ah, play masking tape for the reason that we get a crisp. Uh, EDS so the painting. So we have to be careful by removing these state. You got to remove the tape at an angle of 45 degrees so that your paper doesn't get damaged like I am doing at an angle of 45 prickly. Now I'm going to show you the close up off this painting, and after this, we're going to compare the other three paintings with it. And this is also going to be a project to paint the painting in one of the series. All right, um, you can see I have done blazing and leering technique. But among these four, I haven't been blazing in leading technique in one of the printing. But these two I have been pleasing off mountains and trees, so there's not much difference. Only the difference in the colors a little bit. And this one has the top right. One has been done directly. There was no layering in blazing. There was a lot of pigment, like 80% pigment and 20% water, so there was no leering auf Monte answer trees. But the other tree, they have all the grazing and leering, and you can look at the mountains off each of them. The only commenting among all of these is that they have foreground middle ground and background in right tonal values, so that there is a perception off depth. There is a difference between the sun rays and son, son said. So not a big differences. It's all your choice. Whether you can paint a sun rays, you can be into sunset. Look at the birds. Also, it all depends on new where they want a dark don't word, so it's going to be closest to you if you are going to paint the word in light when it's going to be fired away from the moment. Deems they're in different colors at some places because of the colors. Arrive use Okay, It's not a big deal if you just. If you know if you will just apply a little bit more amount, a little bit less amount, you will see the differences. And this is yellow ocher. Some. It's off the places like this. A local is not visible, not very clearly visible, but in our mean painting it's visible. So if you want toe, make it like a biggest statement, apply a good amount off your local. Okay, if you don't want, apply a light value off your local. So this is it. This is your project to paint the trees between this landscape in the way that presents you . But make sure you have all the tones for the grounds. Innovate free. What is it