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Painting Watercolor – little things. Cherry

teacher avatar Stephanie Endemann, Artist. Illustrator. Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Cherry – Basic Layer 1

    • 3. Cherry – More depth in Layer 2

    • 4. Cherry – Details in Layer 3

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About This Class

"Watercolor little things" –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
will be a series of short videos in which I just paint different objects and you can watch me. I'll tell you some tips and special futures while painting what you can pay attention to.

You can use these painted "little things" for all my larger courses. For example, at the moment the pictures are a good complement to the "Painting Watercolor leaves" course, because you can use the new motifs instead of the leaves to create a pattern.


Episode 1 - CHERRY - is about cherries. :)
We paint simple cherries in watercolor.

I used the painted cherrys for pattern number 10 in my pattern princesses series. You can watch it here.

And here you have a small overview on what you can pay attention to cherries.





Have fun painting.

Meet Your Teacher

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Stephanie Endemann

Artist. Illustrator. Designer


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1. Intro: What color? Little Thanks. Pain with me. Little things off every day last Relax back and watch. Then take the Russian your head create in this little things course, be paying chance. I wish you much fun and expiration. 2. Cherry – Basic Layer 1: first once sketched a sheriff with a pencil, then paint the sherry with a nice erect cover and leave. White areas were light force on it. It's best to always think about where the light comes from, and better shadow is where the shallow is. I paint a cool shade off next to the red. Important to me in the first layer are beautiful, pure color radiance. So do not make colors in the box. Let it run together on the paper except for green, which I always makes in the books. - Now I paid a few more Sherri's and change the colors here. I had a wrench to it and mix in the box and new while blue leatherette for the shadow. Uh huh, No. Seven. But why just crawl a little feeding? Come home. - She is below show like so story beating, meeting leader electricians dry and then we go to paint the next layer layer tooth 3. Cherry – More depth in Layer 2: after the first layer has dried. I had more shadows and details. In a second layer, the dark arrests very watery. I can separate the shares that have come together. NDR drop shadow directly under the sherry again. In addition, shares have hard reflections. So the smooth surface the child pained with slightly changed red bluish Obama shrimp leaves can be painted a little plastic. Then you start one leaf side or leave veins feeding. Come home. - She is glow show like dollies thing. Seoul story A little beating. Come home meeting leader. - That's God. All right. Now we are almost done. I had a few small you tails. 4. Cherry – Details in Layer 3: for the Last details makes a lot of both the color with little water. The consistency off the color should be similar to that off batter, so I paint some very dark areas in detail. It's always remember less. It's more the, uh that that's It's but I guess come home. - She is glow, uh, show dollies. So story crawl it feeding, beating leader Come as a class project, you're welcome to paint and show 100 or more shares. I would be very heavy about that. Or even better, you take now the painted chairs and make as shown in my work shop painting Border collies converted pedal plus a notable cover. A new chain pedal. I hope you had fun and could learn something. See you soon. Bye.