Painting Tropical Flowers in Watercolor | Irina Trzaskos | Skillshare

Painting Tropical Flowers in Watercolor

Irina Trzaskos, Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

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9 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Colors

    • 4. Painting a Plumeria

    • 5. Painting a Hibiscus

    • 6. Painting a Protea Flower

    • 7. Painting a Lotus

    • 8. Painting an Alpinia Flower

    • 9. Last Thoughts

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About This Class


Welcome to the class!

Tropical flora is a very trendy topic in design world and it will make a great addition to your creative portfolio.

In this class I will explain step by step how to draw and paint 5 different tropical flowers:

This class is geared toward designers, illustrators or nature sketchers who use watercolor or are attracted to watercolor media.


1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is he did not trust us. I have an artist and illustrator. Today I will show you how to draw and paint different types of tropical flowers. The ethical flora isn't another train to topic in design world and it'll make a great addition to your portfolio. The flowers will be painting today will complement beautifully traffic of college. We painted in another class. I hope my glasses will help you build a fresh, beautiful and successful birth for in next day. There are show you the supplies will be using in this quest. Let's get started. 2. Supplies: and these glass will be using following supplies. Mother color paint. What a colored paper. I'll be using a concept called press, but you should use paper you like most, um, a paint palette, a paper towel. Spend so it is there a bigger watercolor brush abusing the squirrel. Brush number six and medium barrage. This is a glass case. Able number four, a small branch. This is number two houses Collins disable, and if you want to make a small details, then you'll need a leader. Small brushes is zero consequences. I fail. Be using some white wash on if you don't like his in wash, or why Chopin. You can use masking food for the areas you want to be a glider. I also need water in next. Data are so over color, so be using in this class. The list of full supplies is in the project section of the class 3. Colors: for our topic of ours will be using bright, vibrant colors such as cadmium yellow. Can we have an orange Carmen, Red Magenta Joe Marin Boo and the yellow green, which will be mixing with you for a lighter tones? And, if we needed darker, will mix it with ultramarine blue like, which is another crosses, too some mixed of yellow. It'll look like this. We'll be mixing colors a lot on the paper today. Such a son only mixing, huh? Can you orange with Carmen Grand on the drop of magenta? I don't make a local color so resident and alive. Also mixing magenta, where ultra Marine boot is in some purple tones and more bill at your bottom. I'll still be mixing. Got some Yellow with Carmen. Brad Purvis. Unusual, beautiful, Great. And in next video, we'll be painting a plume area. 4. Painting a Plumeria: Let's start our tropical collection. We have a very simple but still lovely floor called bloom area, so it's a five petaled flower. I will start but growing a circle and then deciding where the middle over the flower will go and say here and then just on drawing five. And you thought it point to Fattal's, and usually they have this some the girl inside a little bit, so this. It's curling inside. You don't have to press the pencil so hard. So it's to say that all curl in one direction. Let's say I left when ever pattern. Now I have to raise the pencil line off our circle and we can start adding the color which makes this vote will be okay, So I it is unnecessary pencil. And now we can start painting the salaries. It's sad, will be mixing because right on the paper and precisely will just let watercolor until this job. So what? We'll do well, Uh oh, take some magenta. I haven't will start from the top of the mental. This is to that. And, um well, at some college, for now, we'll of wood was bending your ear of your mental just a drop of magenta and a lot of water . And we'll start drinking the pain to stop when we get to this point. Well, Dr Rush and will take Juan a little drop off guard Romeo. I know. Edit our right here at the bottom will take a tiny drop off orange. I mean orange no better here until ended with a number tiny and drove off magenta. We're smoking bread and it's a little bit of water on the edge here, in the same way will do with all the petals. Walker. A drop off magenta. You couldn't do it. A slight or s bright issue like could be really delicate wide What could be a vibrant bright? I'm having my paper tone next to me all the time. You know, no orange and then another job of midget Technical Fars, unlike other flowers, are sometimes a lighter closer to the middle over flower and darker edge yellow orange gente. - You can see how beautifully worker aiming is mixing on the paper. Just don't try to control it. They don't I didn't do it magic on its own. - Now on those pedals which are dry or take a dealer vied pink, mixing my gentle with a lot of water, and we'll just call her his air lighter. Been this indeed, ideally applied. I will take a little more gentle with border, and they get on those battles which are oh, didn't dry. And what? Maybe transparent for a little bit of show next to this aware of them, petal is bending and this is our problem area for 5. Painting a Hibiscus: next, let's spend a high business well, stepped again, a live circle, and then we'll decide where the middle off the flour is. I discussed also has on the five petals, but they're more currently and unpredictable than the prime area battles. You don't have to follow exactly reference picture. You can improvise and make your own shapes. It's totally fine. Well, the great that's a characteristic for this beautiful far is this long pistol in the middle of a flawed Let's draw it like a trumpet. Then it has this stigmas, the line with a circle, no less serious. All the ones we don't need on start painting are That's the way it is all helpful lines. Well, we can start painting are high, viscous, and the project section of across there is a link to an inspiration Pinterest board, and you can see there is a big variety of colors, for it is beautiful flowers. Or you can just follow the color plate. I just for mine. So start again painting battle back battle and I decided my discuss to be Connor Orange on the top, and then I start getting some and gentle getting closer to the middle. So we start with really watery God knew orange and once and get to the middle of the battle for a little lower. I'll take some magenta no ad July battle the same way the next battle. I will just try to avoid a painting because some pistol, but I want to use a wash. It bad would wash. So don't worry too much if you are of instrument. Got somethingto um, pistol got orange again. I think this color combination is really vibrant and so suitable for tropical flowers again , orange and magenta. After we covered all the petals, I'll take a smaller brush and, uh, some water. Magenta and I had some texture. Good life from a gentleman shadow under Mr and again more lines or texture now makes some canyon orange with a little bit of magenta. And I have this alive peach color, which are will apply on a pistol. No, I have to let our hibiscus dry a little bit after our high discusses totally drive will. At some word, Doctor tells for a while. Make some and gentle with lawn job off ultramarine blue and the little bit of orange. This dark tone will draw like a small flower in the middle. And you told darker are so dark and a little bit our pistol and the stigma this little circles I know at some more texture off the battles. Just here in there, a few lines now , using a whitewash. I have it here in the lead and I let you more lines. With what? - Also a bread and a horse, a pistol and the stigma just feel white dots in the middle of a bottle. Add why dogs, which are stamens outside. I think when you a little bit of orange on our pistol, just jump right on top of it. And now our high viscous is created. 6. Painting a Protea Flower: next topical far will be painting Is Brody a flower? So we'll start up bite doing a cop shape like elongated half of circle. And here will boots like an acre shave and it means all. And then we'll start drawing the battles. - It's a very interesting flower. Here. We'll have stem. No, I have to raise some extra lives, explain on the top and maybe a little bit with battles, and we can start painting. First Watch will do well at some cars. Children, metal off flower and it'll be a Delia lied ultramarine blue. It has to be dealing watery, and while it's still what it will take some Carmen red handle. Add some lines. This part is Dr Later will have some Decorah lies in this area and bamboo at somewhere details. But now I can start working on our paddles. So we'll take some Carmen grand and they'll start painting every, uh, petal on the top, and then you will dilute it with water so it gets lighter. You think I give a bottom so it's bright and being come on top. And then away, uh, was our brush and dried on a paper towel and just make it lighter to bottom off the petal. - And for now, we leave this really in bottom off the Patil white and later will add some green in there. That's a moment. We're working on the tops of the battles, - and again, you can make it as my Britain Breuder's you like or pail and a gentle as you wish in the same way all the patents extents makes some, you know, being with you and the little bit off ultramarine boo and add a little bit off a green on the bottom off every pattern, and again, I will do it it, So it'll be a reader soft ingredient and this bottom are term weaken all car in green, so a little bit of being on every pattern. Now that's makes a darker shade off Carmen Red so makes carbon red with a little bit off ultra marine blue Under. Add a little bit of darker shade to each battle on the top and the gamble softer, a little bit of edges, so I'm floor got some deaths. Also, the same color will add. Some lines to the middle off are far. Next he'll make some yellow green with ultramarine boo for a darker shade of being and add a little bit between the paddles. Also at some shadow on our staff on the self, them of experience. Here in the next, let's take some ultramarine boo and and some more lines to middle. I have a little bit more shadows on the battles. No, I have to write the dry on a bamboo at some details with whitewash. When our flotus don't set a drive. The last step is so with whitewash to adjust some more lines to the middle of a flower. Just a few lies, then some frosting on the top of the petals. Just a few dots. This stuff, any optional on you can use so or just band where anyone being to my So this is our protect floor. 7. Painting a Lotus : no, let's know and faint a lot slower and again well stocked with the circle, and we'll drop a beautiful middle off the flower. It is a smaller circle. The petals are appointed. So first will Joe 56 battles and then we'll draw some more behind them. And then if you more in between this is enough. Then we have Teoh show another circle, which will be of a distance for our stamens. No, I have to raise the extra lies with circle and clean this circle, and we can start painting after the way it is extra lines with constant painting. I want my lot of start to the pink purple, so I'll be using Magenta and Audra Marie in the for the petals from this flower will use a really watery water car because of the pedals are translucent and we'll start with the petals, which are a situated far vest from us. So at the bottom off flower. So it was 30. Magenta and van will add some ultra marine blue tit, and instead of a battle situated and maybe bottom off flower and some have more pink and some they have more blue, which will make it even more interesting. You can see when color mix. We have this beautiful, gentle purple, so we painted all the petals which are situated a harvest from us at the bottom of a flower. Now I have to let it dry after our first battles are totally Dr will paint the petals, which are second with the far west from us and, well, makes the car a little bit picker. Just a tiny bit. And I'll go over previous pedals right to the middle of the floor. Doldrum Arrendel I think this battles to think so that a little more little in it and they're gonna have to let it dry after our second layer off. Better is totally drive. We're finding it campaign our top battles, and I will take my paint again a little bit bigger than previous time, but still tried to keep some trance parents in it, so the pedals will be see through anyway. We use transparency off watercolors to show this see through pictures, often pantos and I think it's beautiful now. I had a little a few more darker strokes on the second layer off petals and just a few lives on that a bottom layer. Next, let's paint the middle over four and will use yellow on a bright green. Just going yellow green for his part of middle will just make lines with the same color with a small brush. And then I'll make some so cadmium orange to the same color and then get some darker yellow orange. I don't put some more lies in between. Our media is drying. We can add some more texture on our paddles, mixing, uh, gentle, where ultra marine blue of a small brush with lines are more delicate and beautiful. Also at some purple lines right to me, and the last step is always is. I didn't details, so we'll take a little more green peel an orange, you know, make small circles from the needle off flower while they join. With what, Gosh, well, at some more lines and dot it may be few lies on the pedals. We're really watery white. Wash a lot of signs. I can find some dots, maybe some dots in the middle. When our grand circles are totally dry. With Sylvia, we'll add dark dots in the middle off to a dance circle, and this is our largest flour 8. Painting an Alpinia Flower: another tropical flowers with painting today is called opinion. It may have other names, too, and we don't have to do a lot of drawing for this flower. We'll just like come, but then leave, save and also where the middle over power is. And then with my medium brush, I'll take some. Carbon bread was quite a bit of color in it. I don't I just start from the top of the flower with brush strokes showing with battles, so we'll start with them a middle, which is like a stamp cover to have beautiful paddles. Let's make someone old Germany in blue, too, to give different shades off Carmen. So I see Sam not so precise and just pressing the brush on paper on bringing it down to this town. So once we got to the border, they can fix some off shapes with Don Tree Oh, like and then mixing different trends like Magenta and Carmen Rad will add more petals to feel the space right to the boundaries. What's her smaller other our bigger, some recurring down and summer curling up? Thank please, on some are coming out of boundaries, which is many beautiful like that other flowers painted today this far is totally pain, really free and fun to paint. I think we need a few more detail. The hell's just told it unpredictably going here and there. Now we can have some green. I'm here, maybe even a leaf. That said some ultramarine blue mixto Carmen Grand closer to the middle over far too, added some tip. Not just a little bit. And with went Wash, I lived some light to the top off the pedals, and they had still wet. It's totally fine until minks and beautiful and a few more strokes here Thio more so. This is our opinions are it's fun and easy. 9. Last Thoughts: Thank you for watching my classes. I hope you like this class. Please leave a review and upload the project Project section of the cost. I can't wait to see tropical flowers Sea of my next class.