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Painting Trees with Watercolor | Learn to paint 50+ types of trees

teacher avatar Shanan Subhan, Fine Artist | Art Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (2h 40m)
    • 1. Sneak peek of the class!

    • 2. Understanding basic shapes

    • 3. Light and shadows

    • 4. Art supplies

    • 5. Color mixing and tonal values

    • 6. Watercolor techniques

    • 7. Painting branches

    • 8. Part 1 - Types of trees

    • 9. Part 2 - Types of trees

    • 10. Part 3 - Types of trees

    • 11. Part 4 - Types of trees

    • 12. Part 5 - Types of trees

    • 13. Part 6 - Types of trees

    • 14. Part 7 - Types of trees

    • 15. Part 8 - Types of trees

    • 16. Part 9 - Types of trees

    • 17. Class project #1

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About This Class

Hello, In this class, you will learn to paint more than 50 types of trees. Here is the brief overview, first I will explain the fundamental structure and various shapes of trees, we will be taking a simple approach to produce extravagant results. Light distribution is another important aspect, we will understand how to achieve perfect depth and shadows at different parts of trees. To achieve a natural-looking result, one goes in hunt of perfect but rare colors; Here, we will be using commonly available colors in one's palette in the right proportions.

Throughout the session, we will be learning different watercolor techniques, that are required to paint the foliages and branches. This session will also focus on basic principles like how one can achieve various strokes just by changing the way the brush is held.

This class is packed with all my learnings over my years of experience in painting trees. I will be guiding you with step by step instructions on how to paint a wide range of trees, with more than 50 different trees to learn.

By the end of this class, you will be equipped to confidently paint any kind of tree. This class is suitable for an aspirant at any skill level. Even if you are a beginner you can still attend this class, I have covered everything for you to get started. 


Materials for class project paintings :

100% cotton paper 300gsm 

Artist grade watercolors

Brushes : Mop brush, round brush size 8 size 4, Rigger brush for details

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shanan Subhan

Fine Artist | Art Educator



Hello, I'm Shanan Subhan, an Artist currently residing in Bangalore, and born & brought up in Udupi,India 

I am an Engineer by profession and an Artist by passion and everything.

Nature/landscapes are among my favorite subjects to paint. I thank nature and great photographs for inspiring and challenging me.

I started coloring at an early age, even before school taught me to read and write. Unaware of art and the theory of colors, I loved scribbling on papers, books, and walls! All I felt was colorful walls are merrier than monotonous ones. 

Although I loved painting and coloring, because of studies and the competitiveness of day-to-day life, I somehow got disconnected from art a few years ago, but I always f... See full profile

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1. Sneak peek of the class!: Hello, my name is Shannon and I am an artist from India. Most of you know my world where Instagram, random walker codes. I'm mainly in doping thing, nature and landscapes with watercolors and academics will one day you most, I have deionized. Please play an important role when you are bending nature. Painting trees can get tricky at times, especially when you want to, to complement the surrounding. I get a lot of queries on the same pens. I have decided to have a dedicated session on just Greece. I also have glasses day dignity to adults, objects and teams. Feel free to check them OK. As update phase, I'm going to give you an overview of this glass. For list. I will explain the fundamental structure and radius shapes of threes. Light distribution is another important aspect. When we understand how to achieve both light and shadows and different parts of trees. To achieve a natural looking designed one goes in handles both. Same, Madrid, Carlos. He, oh, maybe we'll be using commonly available colors in one spot. In the right proportion. Guang decision, we will be learning different watercolor techniques that are required to paint the folly agents and branches. I'm going to also share some tips on how one can achieve radius strokes by just changing the way the brushes hand. This glass is bagged with all my learnings in painting trees. I will be guiding you with step-by-step instructions on how to paint a wide range of please with more than 50 trees to lone and level up your skills. By the end of this class, you wouldn't be equipped to confidently beamed any kind of tree. This glottis, so day wooden floor, anybody at any skin live in. Even if the auto making known you can still attend the class. I have colored everything for you to get started. So we don't get any further delay. Lets get started. I hope to see you in my class and discussions. 2. Understanding basic shapes : Hello, welcome back. I'm glad you decided to join my class. Before we start building renamed to understand the process of simplifying the shape of the trees so that it will be easier for you to create any kind of shapes. So here I have drawn some trees and I'll be talking about simplifying all the shapes in this chapter. Let's start with our forestry. First shape looks so circle large, so we will draw a so-called first. And then we can add as many details as you want. Right? Just taking this circle as reference. The next tree looks like a triangular or chronically in shape. So we really draw a triangle and then I'll do the shape. I spoke, arctic environment. Next one is an oval-shaped dri. So we'll draw an oval shape. And then I add the details. The next one is an in-order triangular ship. All of these resemble one or the other shape. So you just have to carefully observe the tree that you want to paint so that you can simplify it in your mind. The shape of the next tree is a triangular ship. The height is comparatively less when compared to the previous triangle that we did. Moving on, we have a semicircular shape. So we're going to draw a semicircle and then add on the required details. Next one is a boundary. So we will first draw these lines, all of them intersecting at 1. And taking this as the reference, I will draw the shape of the families, friends, and these tiny lines coming out from this line. Next one is a willow tree. So we will draw a circle first, and then we will only consider the 3 fourth of the area. So whenever you're sketching, you can sketch it with Ben city and have an areas of if do that you can. It is unnecessarily area. Here. I'm drawing with Ben because the pencil marks wouldn't be clearly visible on screen. And then we will add on the needles are required. Next we have an umbrella shaped tree. I know it might sound weird, but don't. You need to find references from the objects that you see in an around you. So that way it will be easier for you to draw and remember the ships. So we have little complex shape of please. The first tree has three settle for lineages. So for this, I will draw three circles and then they all require details. Make sure to add the branches in between these 34 lineages. For the next dream, we really go triangle in that job. And then we will again draw the bottom part of the triangles. So this way you will have overlapping triangles, but the tip will be missing. So I hope you are clear with this. So the next, we will draw a straight line and then extend the branches in upward direction. And last name you can draw a similar tree, branches and me facing downwards. And lastly, when we draw these tiny leaves triangle, and then we will combine these two to form a single ship. So this will be no simplification for Tuscany tree. I can simply say in that grid looks like it looks like a tear drop. 3. Light and shadows: Okay, so here I have drawn some trees beforehand to explain the significance of life and channels. As you can see, the trees look claim and it has known depth dinner. Maybe start with though forestry. So as you can see, I have drawn this son from the left side. So the sunlight when he read falling from the left side. And you have go dot condo, opposite area, we choose the right side. Hence, we really make this ADI DOD and lower right side of the tree and keep the left side AD as it is depicting the lighter Adrian. Just remember that you need to darken the opposite areas. Where does unlike this falling from any supposed night fonts from DOT right side. Then the opposite side is next. And unique to darken the NER, gotten upside. And then they excrete, the light falls from Gulp is going to opposite the idea is Martin Park. Now you've gone to any asymptote. Okay? So far we have seen simplifying the shapes and creating shadows and light in basic shape of trees. Make stop. If suppose the tree has multiple set of foliage this, then how do you begin to light and shadows? We will consider each and every block as a single block. And we will clear the light and shadows in MD block. And now suppose that the light is falling from the right side. Then all these blocks in the left side. We will keep the rights, right, as it is. Similarly for the next three. And the light falls from the left side. So we will dock on the opposite HHS. Dock on the ideas and the right side of the creating darker and lighter areas combined to give a nice contrast and depth in the tree. You can do the same steps, fit lighter and darker green on any other color to achieve the same effect. And lastly, when there is no light, we've been degree completely dark. Light and shadows. I hope this helps you to understand the concept better. 4. Art supplies: Let us talk about the art supplies that you will need for this class. Starting with fellows, I will use this watercolor tubes by art philosophy go. So I'll show you how to achieve this natural-looking greens, these four colors. For other colors like pink, orange and all that. I will use, conflict is sick. I'm into brushes. I will use for brushes that is broad brush for larger area coverage. Size eight brush. This reading may be used for the projects sanction. Size four round brush. It mostly used this size four round brush for painting trees in this class. So you can use any similar brush with pointed. I have a rash for painting details. Pencil sketches. For the papers. I'm using 25% cotton paper. This is 300 GSM in thickness. Next, I will lead ballots for mixing colors. I have a plastic pellet and that's it. I'm mix also some tissue papers for life being extra page of the brush. And lastly may lead to jugs of water for cleaning brushes and the colors. That's all about the supplies. You can use any similar supplies that is available with you. You need not have the exact same someplace. Unlike we will move on to our next chapter. 5. Color mixing and tonal values: In this chapter, we will be talking about allow mixing and tonal values. So I will be mainly using four colors back as fucose green bond number integral. So let us wise these colors to see the exact shapes. So we have Slashdot colors, mix these the spectral kalos and achieve anneal shared. Firstly, I'll mix a low ion beam in equal proportion. So this will give me a green shader. So that greeted me. Green color I can see next round and then we'll get a brownish green shade. Similarly, if we mix bandanna and indigo, leaving darker brown color. So this will be used to paint the trunk of the trees if we want to create the shadows and moving on, if we mix a low end and the brownish green which we created will get a nice yellowish green with the brown didnt, i can simply say a warm. The envelop. Similarly, when we may get a call. Now through this whole course, Green, We will add darker brown color and we'll get dark Googling column. And lastly, when we mix with the air law, it gives us a light brown or warm moist air local. So you can use any similar sheets that you have and try to achieve radius sheet. Next time we shall get the different values of each color. That way you will understand the colors better and get an idea of how the tonal values work. I have three boxes for each color. The bottom one for highly pigmented or concentrated gallows. Middleman for the midtone. And the first one for diluted Dawn, which means I will be adding more water and less color. Mm-hm. So that was all about missing values. Makes up. 6. Watercolor techniques: This step is focused on learning different watercolor techniques required to paint the trees. First one is wet and dry technique. As the name suggest. Let Andre, I will apply with beams on dry paper. The kalos look vibrant once it dries in this technique. Here, the tree is when they're directly on the dry paper. By using read things were just meet the regime that Doug beams are direct enough to whipping did make sure I'm is red on red technique. In this technique, we will first read the surface with clean water and then we will apply where it pinch. You earned the callow spread really well and uses nice and soft edges. And after drying, it gives us very soft and smooth looking background. Now we will apply clean water in the shape of the trees. And then we will apply with pinch. You can use this technique for any kind of shape on the background washes. Next we're gonna move on and lawn radius brushstrokes use to achieve their friend kind. I'll foliage effect. I'd be load my brush with beams and Jen clean dab on the paper, nucleate this effect. The size of them dabs depends on the pleasure you applied. The more pressure to take good apps, and the less pleasure didn't know. And tiny and apps. You can also leave some spaces as well. So when you're dabbing, you can go with any kind of consistency. Europeans could be dilute or medium countries 20. Maybe. It depends on the pig should you desire to achieve? Next one is a dry brush technique. Makes very little amount of water to the pins and then gently slide the brush or the paper gives us a nice texture, is ideal. So creating Saturn looking trees. I'm finger trees, we seem technique. And then the branches using brown color. Next, I will be talking about brushstrokes and pleasure used to achieve radius trucks. Uglier, we discussed about dabbing and treasurer application. This is different. So you can use any round brush with pointed tip. But anything we log rush. Ok, so I'll paint with more pressure and start being a thing. So you can see I'm bending because strokes. This can be used to create foliage. Leaves. Decode branches are drunk of the trees. Next, let us see how applying less pressure gives us ten strokes of lines and how one can achieve various types of gauges. I'm gently applying the beans with less pressure on the brush. And we're just slight movement of the brush. We can create this delicate and tiny strokes. So now you know, how do we need the pleasure and create such foliage is you can have combination of both and create any kind of shapes you want. All you need is a good control over the brush, which will be achieved by regular practice. We have good control. You can create thin and thick strokes with ease. These were some of the techniques that we use to be in the trees. So let us move on to our next chapter. 7. Painting branches: In this chapter, we will learn some basics of spinning branches and trunk of the trees. So first of all, I will start with trunk. Whenever you are drunk, you should be entered in this way. The more of them should be taken and the upper bar should be thinner comparatively. And also make sure to create a Jacobi and something like this. A straight drunk is also fine, but having a goal drunk at the ground level will make it look natural. To conform the upper end of the tree and create as many branches as you want. Next, remember you've been branches from the tree term. This point should meet ticker as it goes outwards. And the point when the branch starts, it should be decode and read. It goes outwards, which would make dinner. So it shouldn't be a gradual transition from doc Morten to the upward part. Then you can extend as many branches as you want. So you can have a combination of straight and curved lines when you bring the branches. Practice for a few times on a rough paper and then you will understand the shapes and no brushstrokes better. Now, if you still don't want to pain these complex branches and tree trunks, then you can simply stick to this tiny by just building these tiny lines and drinks on the straight line. So you can paint it either in the upper stroke, on the downward stroke. It is totally up to, you know, imagine we have this tree foliage. Then how do we add a drunk to this? So you can simply draw violet lines and then focused in the area where it needs to foliage. Next, suppose we have a double layered foliage, then we can draw some branches in between that Berlioz. So you just have to do this in the reshape or wherever you want. Next for painting the drunk of the coconut trees, you can just draw these landlines and Mandla horizontal lines in between. Next, I will practice fuel bare trees. You can observe the strokes that I take that term and then draw the branches in upward direction. As I mentioned earlier, it's good to have a combination of both straight and cold night. So I will use both your next, I will be in a drum and show you how to bend the light and dark Guinea has in their trees. First-time will apply bond number inside this battle, India. Now imagine sunlight is falling from the left side. So this left idea is remade as that idea is not OK because there's no sunlight. So this way you create a nice by mentioned entertaining miss on light and darkness. Similarly, then we will apply for the brand does as well. Next, we will talk about different ways of holding the brush. Nor does that a free holder brush. And this point on displays, they will get fined and controlling lights. So you see we can create any kind of shapes. On the contrary, if we hold up brush and the top area on the handle area, then we get many lose and unpredictable strokes. But this is usually referred for low style of paintings. You can practice both of them and decide which works best for you. Alright, so I have the USDA round size for branch for all these brushstrokes. With this single brush, we can create various size of brushstrokes. Applying more pressure gives us tick lines and wandering pressure gives us medium lanes. Unless we measured. People's though, brush news is ten lines. And notice that how I'm trying to create the trunk of the tree by transitioning though among dust measure. So initially I apply more pressure and then as I go outwards, I will reduce the pressure and create of rain lame. And similarly, I will start with less pleasure and gradually increase it as I go downwards due at you deconstruct. If you do a bigger brush, you will get larger strokes. I will use a size eight round brush and then my brush to show you the size of the restaurant that I add to my meeting among us pleasure. For bigger size of paper, you can switch to Miguel Russia's. It's up for your convenience. Right? So dike, was it about the brand does and the trunk of the trees? And it does. Move on to our next chapter. 8. Part 1 - Types of trees: So guys, here is the glands of all the trees that we will learn to paint. There are more than 50 types of trees that you would love to paint and create them on your own. I'll be guiding you with step-by-step instructions on how to paint these. So you can follow along with me. First, I will start off with a circular shape dream. And to paint the base layer and we're playing in color. Imagine that the light is falling from left side, so we will be in the shadows in the right side. Amusing Andre deep need to pin this tree. Next, I will take some mint green color and apply it on the right side. And lastly, I will apply Docker's been colored. Adding different greens gives us a nice contrast dimension to the subject. Next, we're going to paint an oval shaped tree with the same techniques. So we will first spin though. I'm basically, we'd light green color and then darker colors. Once we have the base layer, we will then add the details using dabbing technique. May show on the base layer is wet enough so that it does not create any sharp edges. If you absorb adding some tiny dots on the light green area. This will give you an illusion of a little bit of shadows and depth. In the next we will paint a semicircular shape dream with the same dignity. Okay, so as usual, I will apply the lighter green fellow first. And then the really apply if I apply more colors. So this is one of the technique that you can use in your beam. So the next thing is a triangular shape. Using the same techniques we really banditry zooming down, the light is falling from left side. Here for Aldi, for trees, I have considered the light from the left side and the darker areas on the right side. The trunk of the forgeries using and a little bit of indigo. Darker brown color makes L repainting an inverted triangle. So these are not exactly triangles on goods on what do I see? A basic structure? So we are done building this tree. Now, let us move on and double layered multilayer dream. So those are the same technique that does things and then gone with darker green. So I will lead this layer dry and then come back to this branches. Simplifying those shapes. Then you can go to the second chapter and learn how I simplify the shape of the trees. In the next type of tree, I'll be first windowing Lynn darker color. So as you can see, I'm doubling the beams and leaving some white spaces in between. This is a really good technique to make the tree look scattered. And naturally. As you will add the lighter colors for looping, sunlight falling on mitre. Okay. So we will go back to the police that we've been dead. And I had some branches, acquired ideas. So there's a separate chapter on building the branches. So if you're not confident enough in building them, you can go back to that chapter and practice it again. 9. Part 2 - Types of trees : Okay, so now we will again bend or double layer three. This time, I will paint loosely scattered leaves by leaning some white spaces in between. The upper boundaries where all bushy matured, we will leave some whitespaces, urine there to create nice scattered look. I'll paint with light and darker greens in order to achieve nice contrast. And lastly, I'll paint no branches. I am drunk of the drain using bond dharma or dream it slowly edges. And the direction of the sun nitrate we've run our bar direction. So depending on the sunlight, though, he asked me, me and Martin part falsetto for lineages, red light toggling. And then gradually I learned the darker colors required areas. So I use three colors. When green, dark green, the direction of the sunlight. I'm not being as such. So I'm just simply dabbing the beams in order to create this light and shadows. Run stuff. All the edges are Darren. We're going to go with bending the branches of the trees. Next, a conical shape. I first dabbing technique. And then the darker areas. I'm adding. Darker colours are random media's. X3 will be another tree, which is more like a semicircular dream. This is similar to a tree. That is a little difference in the trunk of the tree. Here, I will apply the pins, concentrating the sunlight to be falling from the top part. And finally creating some darker colored shadows. As you can see, I'm painting Lord branches for this tree. Because I want to make it in chip. Next element beam din, the base layers for t differently in one goal. The first tree is almost circular in shape. So I'll paint with very diluted bone of light green. The next tree will be conical in chip aisle repainting the leaves in upper direction. To simplify this, you can go with upper brushstroke motion. The last one is zigzagging motion. I have been doing all three of these with diluted light green color. And the next meal is going to be when the darker colors. Here are the sketches of all these trees. We will leave this for some time as it is, until it is semi rate. Then we will add some details, window darker colors. For the first thing, I will be applying the dots by dabbing motion. So here the data is not under damping is with less pressure so that we get tiny dots. And we will be in the left side with slightly darker color, assuming that the satellite is from right side. For the Secondly, we will be building straight lines in upward direction so that we have nice spiky effect in the tree. Now we will repeat the same step, miss slightly darker color. Font. The last tree, we will randomly add some details. Once you have been did the trees, you can be in the ground level are simply been dwindling color that will be depicted as the grasses. Applied these tiny lines to be depicted as the trunk of the trees. Let us move on to our next chapter. 10. Part 3 - Types of trees: That makes three, will have a bunch of foliage is one. The bottom one will be gone and got one will be smaller in size. So first I really paint color. And then the darker greens in the bottom area to create some depth and shadows. Next we will paint some coconut trees. So this is the skeleton for the tree. I'll paint some diagonal lines which are intersecting at 1. And then taking that as reference, I will paint the leaves. Ok, so let's paint. So first I will paint the trunk of the tree and then I will add the leaves, Light toggling. I'm applying pressure to get tin strokes. Then remedy, grab some Dhaka. Dam. The details on the tree. I've really been Galileo's one-by-one. Chinese bikes on leaves. Now grab some details on the leaves of the tree when I'm applying some dots in the center of the depth. Here I'm applying two. And then building the Lille one-by-one. Next we will paint or draw the Ticket Restaurant. Next time we'll add some details using thin brushstrokes with darker color. Because we have lighter color background. And adding darker color will give a nice contrast. And shadows. Now for the drug. Now add these teeny tiny details so that it looks naturally in chip. Makes sure that the beams are not duet nor too dry or else you wouldn't get the right consistency to create the spiky lines and the details that you want. In order to have the right consistency, you need to have medium or TIBCO consistency beans in your brush. Let us paint some more coconut trees. This group of coconut trees are originating from single point. And that is the iron from same and different upward direction. So usually when we add coconut trees in our landscape painting, it gives a nice white, beautiful effort to the beam day. Especially when it is grouped together into what, three trees. Let us now add some lead. The coconut trees. As we all know, it is divided in dual. Quad is underlined solely really draw these lines using a good color. I really paint one woke O'Connor tree, which will be mod offering all study three. There is no uniformity in the Leo said I'm building a strong them. Our laws are scattered. Painting, really them backup alert to get some depth in D20. So this was a practice session for painting coconut trees. Let us move on to our next step. Don't know. 11. Part 4 - Types of trees: That makes tree will look something like round and gone nickel into the base layer with dilute or green. I'll swipe my brush gently now upward motion to create some attributes and depth in the painting. And I will lead this Dre. Meanwhile, I will been done next dream. So I repainting the trunk and the branches of the tree, which will look like a burglary initially. And then I'll bring the leaves in a scattered manner. He earned the leaves are not grouped together. So you have to make sure that there are spaces in between. And you go back to the previous three days using Docker. I'm on the green area using these dynein. You can use on any one of these I create some diamonds are being built. The next tree as Jaggard, serrated edges. So your rough sketch of the dream. I'm making this stupid industry. So diluted washing of the dark painting the leaves next on the leaves. And also using brown color. I have left some gaps and spaces in between the foliage is going to give us a nice sense of natural light. And then I will add the trunk of the tree. Is a tree which looks like I don't know what it is. Garlic, fine banana tree. All the leaves your are placed in semicircular shape. I pinned up or bite with light green color first and then being the details with when green. So if you absorb initially, I have applied more pressure than when I was coming towards the board them by a blade less pleasure. So this way you will get a combination of ticket thin lines. And then for painting that details, I'm adding these tiny length. So near the bottom. One is a boundary with drunk. So I like this. Let me add some details when Dr. Brown on beliefs using Coughlin, apply that coat colors in the same area to create a dimension in the tree. And also apply them darker colors on the leaves. And next week when we will add the or being the lines on the trunk of the tree using darker brown color. So there are various types of palm trees. This is one of them with a trunk. Next I will paint a doll and bushy tree. I will first begin the trunk of the tree by drawing a straight line using bond Dumbo. So I'll bend up bushes with mint green color. And later applied the darker colors are of different sizes. That top one is going because ice and the rest of them are in smaller sizes. Now, I will apply the darker colors on these foliage. The idea is to create a darker tree here. And then I'm bending the branches. I loved the shape of this tree because many cute connect all these branches to they're drunk. And we are done with this. Next, I will paint some dusk in Idris. I'd been degrees and mechanically or triangular shape. The easier way is to apply more load on your brush strokes. Or you can first being the outline and then fill in the area media YOU method, you're comfortable, you can go with that. Now. I indigo colors in the corners. I assuming that the light is falling from the right side. So we are not getting the left side. And then I've been ground-level when bond Dumbo. The next one is similar to the about read, but it just very scattered and use just using our darker green below. I'm also leaving some spaces in between. So as to give it that door look tiny. Let us have real sector foliage is bigger and smaller in size. If you're seeing the band is already lost. Next chapter, anyons are more trees. 12. Part 5 - Types of trees: For the next tree that we will be painting, I really first step lay water on the paper in circular shape. By dabbing a brush. I load my brush with laid limb followed an applied on the paper that is on the red surface. So this is basically we are done with technique. We have play plain water and then applying the wet colors. So next one, this red surface I will apply. I've got a green and random ideas do. Next. I would've been good drunk off the ground ADR when bond Akbar. Moving forward, I will apply the beams to create new tree which will be fluffy in empirics. Then I will add a layer of slightly darker green color oranges. I will let this grey and come back to this later. So let's paint or find dream. Now. First I will be in the trunk of the tree and then apply the cobras probes on both the sides. So if you observe, I'm not painting them in a uniform manner. Irregular in shape. To this will be depicted as the leaves and branches of the tree. Next, I will beamed Amanda binary, which will have minimum in the US. So I drank first and the branches, branches, the leaves one by one, by using many less pressure on the brush tip. The next minimum is circular in shape and irregular righteous. So adding these branches gives a nice, does practice some more. So something like this. So when you go back to forestry and the branches on the beam Dent's office. Being these branches very loosely. The shape of the next query will look something like this. So I started applying the direction, went upward strokes. And then apply darker colors. I mentioned in the same area. So that it looks like all the leaves are originating from this point. And then I will paint trunk of the tree when bond down both. Once it dries, I will add the details. Meanwhile, I'll paint another tree. This is a willow tree. So I didn't know the details. Slightly down. And then another tree, which is simply to spin the branches, the leaves. The next is similar to that in the previous chapter. But you are the branches slightly different. Drunk using bandanna. And now I'm going to be in these lines and then make it as leave these details to create depth. Now I add these horizontal lines on the trunk of the tree. The next tree is like an umbrella shaped tree. The leaves and branches are spread horizontally. So I'll bend it with lighter green color. By dabbing on paper the trunk of the tree starting from the middle ADR. Just like an introductory. 13. Part 6 - Types of trees : The next day that we've really been ties leaves. And low on the paper by dabbing. I'm Jen, cleaned out and create the impression of leaves. And then I will apply orange color at random AVS. Lastly, I will apply 1c or nine some places. In the bottom right side, I will apply mode of burned Tiana to depict the shadows and keep the left side brighter in color. For the next tree, I will paint with two colors, yellow and pink. So it's okay if you blend these two colors in between. No rule as such that you need to distinguish these two colors. Then I will add the branches and the trunk of the tree. These are simple types of trees. You can go with any colour combination and it will still turn out really beautiful. Makes Tim left lying, green, brown, red enable the shape is circular. And applying the pins, It's okay if that blends together. Looks pretty right. Next I will paint a conical shape with a low range and brown are dimension to that tree. This is similar to the previous. Just flows. Alright, so next we will paint or cherry blossom tree in different studies. I've been did when diluted being alert, you can use any pink color that I'm using, an rhos coulomb from art philosophy. First, I will paint the foliage is in stepwise manner. Now what a one being obeyed God and size and the gulp one smaller in size. And then the branches, I'm drunk. After this, I apply Docker or concentrated rose color to create depth. Next, spring, the branches, the trunk of the tree. Now being gently. As you can see, I'm building these trees with simple techniques. There's no difficult one next ledge. If you've real difficulty in nice tips, you can back this up door three times. I'm shorter, do we easier? And Student, If you have any doubts, you can reach out to me in the discussion section regarding any health burned out. Next, please. So you have spikes on the branches. So this dream looks, I need this easy as been painting blossom tree. Already bushy tree as a base layer. Gradually. Going back. Umbrella shaped tree, written brown color, machine, render kalos maybe here. So here I'm using technique. So the excess brainstorm don't brush using artificial grouper. So we are done with this. Let us we have been dried completely. So this is a nice time. You can use a brush. 14. Part 7 - Types of trees : Alright, so let us spend another three by applying logs of themes randomly next to each other. So this tree has multiple colleges. I have painted it with a mixture of a low and a bit of green and brown. So I can call it as a lowish dream, are brownish green. Now I'm gonna pin the branches and from constantly. And I mentioned in previous chapters. So you can see in green, it looks like. On lake water droplet and the bottom part of the tree edges. And find the Lee. I'll be in the lower part of the tree. Next. Cascaded type three. This has spiky leaves in upward direction. So I'm building the initial layers with diluted pillars. Apply more pressure on your brush to airlines. And then the darker colors to create dimension are shadows. Finally, I drunk and some branches went von Dumbo. Next run is, which is really dial and the shape is combi. So I'll bender drunk, forced us light coli chip. And then I'll paint the branches one-by-one. So as you can see, the shapes are not straight, are uniform. It does many irregular. The leaves. And each branch, tiny leaves. Spain did an audit facing upward direction this Milan, but then next week, I'll be a slightly Kobe trunk and the branches will be facing downwards. And like the previous one, which has Upward Facing branches and leaves. This tree will have downward facing badges. So it is quite similar to the previous one, except for the fact that the branches and leaves are facing downwards. Next I will paint some trees with viridian hue color. Okay, so first trunk of the trees and the leaves are, the foliage is in two different states. So the first one, with Docker, you can choose any color that you want. So. A bushy tree. In order to create some diamond gems in painting. We're back to this and adopt OK, either using a fine brush on broad makes three. So first I read diluted. So this basically this semi, semi and drive, I'm going to apply on this. Create someone dimensions. Okay? 15. Part 8 - Types of trees: The next type of tree is really interesting one. And it is not just single tree, but a group of trees that you can easily think. So I'll paint three of them. First, I will apply the beans in this shape, like a group of trees. For covering larger areas, I'm using a more brush. You can use a new colors of your choice. I'll be using green and yellow and orange. Now. I'm going to apply another beam so you can use my diluted. And so he thought I'm going with green and audience. I will apply some darker colors in order to achieve some depth. Some lines below this. Thanks to add some slightly darker color on the foliage is some dimension but the leaves. And so I'll do my own editor and save that out what works best. So one thing that I would like to say is narrow stopped the offset. Some experiment. In order to meet You should not stop expanding, renting and loyalty. So here what I'm painting several trunk of the trees and then extend the branches, creating several fourths. So you can create as many as you want, believing some little space in between. So after all these experiments, I have created these beautiful trees. Moving on, I will paint some woman will the entries. First. I'll start off with the branches. So I'll bend them. In. Irregular is create as many folk as you want. The trunk, the bottom part should be ticker and upper branches should we pin out in space? There is no fixed rule. Two painters, It just depends on the pleasure you apply on your brush. I mostly been in the upward direction with less visual. Next, I would like to create these springs. So I'm bobbing gently with less pressure so that I get really tiny Dodge applied darker green leaves. We seem strips to bending debentures. The flies and the leaves. And the flowers are loosely scattered. So as you know, does it not applying blobs of themes, right? So we are done with Bowen. Next time we'll beam or different styles, pine tree. So I'm sure you like this style. First try really being drawn and then the branches, the Autobahn, she really looked like a chronically into the bottom branch, little b or little byte. And as in goal upwards, it becomes thinner metal. Then once you have this, we go with the same thing goes for the edges of the tree. So I left my light green, leaving the brand just as it is. I'm not overlapping it. Dream pins are in this green color. So this is my sketchbook and I have some trees. Spammed it one more time. Conical shape. Then leaves with different values. Right? So we're done with this next chapter. 16. Part 9 - Types of trees: In this chapter, I will start off by being willing to bare trees. So I'll first being down branches using fine of the brush. You can apply less pressure to get thin strokes. Then I will paint the leaves in different styles. So carefully, observe this. I mean green color. So I'm using diluted very been heal and started playing the leaves in upward direction. Each set will have three to four liters. So you're going to be in some scattered leaves in this tree. Moving on to the next tree, I will gently brush in upward direction. So this will create nice thin strokes. Make sure that you're using dry brush technique. Otherwise you won't get these nice spiky length. So these two random baseline using lighter colors. Next, I really use darker colored to create some sense of depth and up trees. So let us first tree branches. The first shape is a little slack, and then next one will be straight. Then we've been scarred by slightly dabbing. Here's how we created these four trees. So if you try and practice, so drunk with your venues, really diluted. Then we will add some darker colors, fonts to make it look like birch tree, because Bush trees usually have dark spots on their trunk. Now we will add some branches using darker colored. And lastly, the leaves with light and outlook, unless I'm using gurgling to create a nice contrast between the two. The next one is a red alert tree. Branches first, then the upper part of the tree. So that is first one is lighter color. No. Now that you're familiar with all these shapes, let us being some silhouettes of the trees. So I use black color to paint those elements. May Bain silhouettes when there is absence of late. So there is no light and shadows who just painted with dark color. So I'll let you observe the shapes carefully. Wildlife. Mm-hm. So these basketballs, you can pin them individually on, you can even incorporate them in your landscape paintings. In the coming days, I will be uploading few class projects. Till then, you can practice these trees and then we can paint the projects together. Happy learning, take care, bye bye. 17. Class project #1: In this class project, we will learn to paint this gorgeous spin with trees and a leaked. So I have aimed at people using masking tape. So I take a pencil and start sketching the elements of our being. First, we'll draw the outline for this mountain here, and we will have one mountain in the frame. Next, we will draw this horizon line till half of the page. And rest half will be for the trees. Using our code line. The middle area that you see here will be fought the lake. And we learned this area well, we don't like. Alright, so let us start with our painting process. So I will start writing a paper about this horizon line. Now, I load my brush with cobalt blue in medium consistency and apply it on the upper part of the paper. So this will be depicted as clear blue sky. Next I will mix burnt umber and Coval blue in equal amount to achieve a greenish brown sheet. So if you have a my degree in Cologne, you can go with that. So I'll apply this on the mountain area. The mountain is far from the view point. So it IPOs and very mighty in nature. So we don't have to worry about the detailing party are just swipe your brush on the area. And that will be enough. Next, I will read the area below the horizon line to paint the water and the land. So first I will take diluted Coval blue and apply in the middle alien to depict water. And using very light washing of CVD blue here. I will paint the base layers for the land area that we have monk, I'll be using a yellowish green color for typical grasses on blank. So I'll mix the green color for painting the faraway trees. Sap Green and small amount of bone Tom to achieve brownish green. Connor and I'd been bingo trees in Nova income. You need not create these trees individually. Just WO branch and create the shape of the fleas. That will be enough. These faraway trees are covered with mist. We will only be in those top part. You just have to be in the upper outlines and blender lower part with the background. So I'm not worrying about creating the water barn. Well, in the upper part you have to paint and then blend it with the background. Now, add some more sap green on top part so that it blends him really well. You can use different types of greens. So if you have observed the color palette, when I'm mixed, I mixed combined Lou Brown dream. So it does not seem green colored trawl the pimping. So after this base layer of painting, we will let the paper dry. So now the paper is try. Let us add another layer of beams in the lake area so that we have nice ripple effect in the lake. I'll read the paper. I'm mixing little red dots black with combined to create a darker shade in this color in at least emphasize found brush and gently IRA does phi. So that you get nice smooth lines, which will be depicted as in the water. Makes me paint this group of trees JAR file painted with Sap Green and little bit of bond downward to create a brownish green color. I'm applying the opinions in the shape of trees. You just WO brush in circular and all cheap. Apply different shades of green in order to create depth concertos. And also to avoid having uniformity. I'm mixing the darker green colours to paint the shadows for the trees. As you all know, the importance of shadows and while pimping dri. So I'll be adding those shadows known. This way. It will look more dimensional. And gives it the natural look. We will keep this light green area as it is to depict the axes like this than me on this island are forest area. I think some motors darker colors to create shadows. I will also paint some trees on the right side of the beam in an adult tiny forest area which is away from new point. So these two are like small island in the middle of the lake. So now I'm mixing Sap Green along with little bit of black color to create darker green color. Makes several takes some darker green followed and apply it on these trees to create shadows so that it appears like there are many trees or you're, I'm painting trees in various abstract ships. Most of them are like task need trees and all chip. You can dry palm trees are circular, triangular trees as well. It's totally up to you. Never restrict your imagination while you're printing. Feel free to experiment and try the trees that we have learned when the practice chapters. Alright, let us be in the reflection of trees in the world. So we will use diluted in color on water area only. Okay, but so I don't want this sharp edges on the water. So I will go in where don't wait technique here. So I will first step L1 and then apply diluted green color. So as you can see, I'm following where done with technique, since that paper is red. So you can observe that the spread really well. But it doesn't happen when wet and dry. And wet and dry your good sharp edges will apply darker colors in the corner area to create some depth. I will want to paint the foreground area. So first I will read this area with clean water. Then I will apply light green randomly. Doing this will give us some depth and highlights in the ground. Next, I will take slightly darker green color and apply it on the foreground area. I'm trying to give them the shape of loose grasses. Here the foreground will have loose grasses. I'm applying a combination of light and Nakagin cannulas so that it gives us a nice contrast in the image. Now, apply sap green on the forestry area to make it a little right. I'm going to extend this island area little bit using diluted Sam dream in time, go back and correct the elements of European things. Just make sure that the color doesn't spread with other elements. Next, I'm going to add details in the grasses, in the form of dogs. The head, we will brighten the line in the middle area by applying a yellowish green color. So you can apply multiple layers of same color if you feel that your colors are looking dull. And once it dries, we will let the paper drying. And once embrace, we may add some details. Andre people. Are these tiny details to bring in some contrast in doping. And building these tiny lines to depict their trunk of the trees and the branches. So we have been derived for registries, lie and water area. Let us now being a tree in the foreground, I will be been in bed with darker color. So you can use Spain's gonna black color, darker brown. Any darker color that you have. The trunk of the tree first and then the branches in radius gyration. Skip it irregular and and don't restrict the brush strokes in singled direction. You can paint it with Lou style or with finding deals. It's totally up to your comfort level. I have covered the techniques in the previous chapters, so you can go back and have a look at that. So I have been gender branches in this direction. And it looks really natural. Alright, so we are done with this class project. Let us remove the masking tape and reveal the final look. So here it is. Okay, so we're done. I hope you enjoyed this painting session. I'm really looking forward to see or class projects. No stamen Project Gallery. I would love to share my reviews.