Painting Teacups in Gouache: Exploring Shape, Colour and Pattern | Alanna Cartier | Skillshare

Painting Teacups in Gouache: Exploring Shape, Colour and Pattern

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Alanna Cartier, Artist, illustrator

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10 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. Inspiration

    • 5. Sketching

    • 6. Colour

    • 7. Painting

    • 8. Pattern

    • 9. Collection

    • 10. Thank You

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About This Class


In this class, you will learn to paint colourful teacups in Gouache. Although gouache is similar to watercolor, it dries opaque, with bold graphic style. This class is suitable for all skill levels.

Teacups offer a simple canvas to try a new medium like gouache and explore the principles of colour, shape, and pattern. In this class, I will take you through my process, including finding reference photos (and interpreting them to make them my own), using colour to tie my collections together, and simplifying complex patterns. Together we'll explore how I use gouache to create flat blocks of colour, dry brushing effects, and fabulous texture. You can use this process with any collection of items. I can't wait to see what you'll create with teacups (and beyond!).

Your final project may include: 

Moodboard or inspiration photos
Finished paintings
Notes on your process and what inspired you!





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Alanna Cartier

Artist, illustrator

I'm Alanna, artist and illustrator, collector of cookbooks, mother to one fat cat, and cultivator of genius hair. I spend a fair amount of time scrubbing gouache off of my upper arms, even though I have absolutely no idea how it got there. I have been painting every day this year. I believe that talent is a myth that stops us from pursuing the creative endeavours we are passionate about. I believe practice makes progress, and that perfection is imaginary (and boring to boot!). I ...

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