Painting Sweet Treats with Watercolor | Elena Fay | Skillshare

Painting Sweet Treats with Watercolor

Elena Fay, Watercolor Artist & Fashion Illustrator

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13 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Intro

    • Art Supplies

    • Inspiration Board

    • Reference Images for the Class

    • Brush Warmup

    • Cupcake: Pencil Outline

    • Cupcake: Color Palette

    • Cupcake: Applying Color

    • Let's Draw Ice Cream

    • Ice Cream: Applying Color

    • Let's Draw Macarons

    • Macarons: Adding Color

    • Final Thoughts & Class Project


About This Class


Do you love chocolate and other sweet treats as much as I do? I hope the answer is yes, because I prepared a really fun class for you where we'll paint loose and colorful illustrations of the most delicious desserts.

Let’s paint some super fun and easy watercolor sweets together.

In this class you will find easy to follow step by step videos of painting a donut, ice cream and french macarons.

And along the way you will:

  • Learn and practice new techniques
  • Increase your watercolor skills
  • Enjoy working with watercolor   

Get your brushes ready and lets play with watercolors!!!! And don't forget to share your projects!!!!

Check my Pinterest Board for Inspiration or you can use photos of our final illustration as a guide (photos attached) 

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Lots of fun. I really enjoyed this class from Elena.
My favorite lesson was about the ice cream cone. So many techniques rolled into one lesson. Using the tissue to remove colour to create the waffle texture is something I would not of thought of, then building up the shadows and highlights added to the realism of the cone. While some of the sketching was a little overexposed, overall the class gets a well deserved thumbs up from me.
Chris Heath

Writer | Designer | Illustrator





Elena Fay

Watercolor Artist & Fashion Illustrator

Hi everyone, welcome to my creative playground:)

I'm a self-taught fashion illustrator, dreamer and explorer.

I started my blog in March, 2012 to share my passion for art and fashion. Over the years this space evolved and became a creative outlet to share things I love, my inspiration and everything creative.

Creating art for individual clients and big brands is a dream come true because every day I can play with my favorite paints and call it a job!


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