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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction To Painting Sweet Treats

    • 2. Painting Donuts

    • 3. Painting Cupcakes

    • 4. Painting Gulab Jamun

    • 5. Painting Jalebi and Modak

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About This Class

If you love watercolors and if you love sweets then this Course is for you. in this course we will be drawing and painting five different Sweet treats using watercolors.

My name is Mandar Marathe and I am a fine artist and sculptor. And this course is the 9th one in my sketchbook everyday series of courses.

I’ll show you how I draw and paint donuts, cupcakes, Gulab Jamuns, Jalebi and Modaks using just a few watercolors. While donuts and cupcakes are famous in the western world, Gulab jamuns, jalebi, and modaks are famous in South Asia.

Even if you have no prior experience of using watercolors, you’ll gain enough confidence to paint your own sweet treats after watching this course.

Isn’t that sweet?

I look forward to seeing you inside the class.

Happy Painting!

Note: Detailed list of materials and colors used is attached to the class project information.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mandar Marathe

Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer


My name is Mandar Marathe and I am a fine artist, illustrator, and sculptor based in Pune, India.

Have a look at the classes that I teach here on Skillshare, see my projects and join me here to learn from me and feel inspired to create your own masterpieces! You do not need any previous knowledge or art experience to benefit from my classes. I'm here to answer any queries you might have.

Join in!

Follow me on Instagram to see my latest work and timelapse videos!

 Happy art making!

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1. Introduction To Painting Sweet Treats: If you love what colors And if you love sweets, then this course is for you. In this course will be drawing and painting five different sweet treats using watercolors. My name is Mandel Minority on I'm a fine artist and sculptor. This course is the 9th 1 in my sketchbook. Everyday cities, of course, is about painting using watercolors in your sketchbook. In this course, I'll show you how I draw and paint donuts cupcakes. We love Germans, Jollibee and Model X using just a few watercolors. My donuts and cupcakes are famous in the Western world. Will objections jelly bee and model are famous in South Asia. So even if you have no prior experience off using watercolors, you will gain enough confidence to paint your own. Sweet reads After watching this course. Isn't that sweet? I look forward to seeing you inside this class. 2. Painting Donuts: welcome to this lecture. In this electoral will be drawing one or cool doughnuts. So I'm starting with the drawing. This is Ah, B pencil and I'm using it to draw the rough shape off the donor. This is one on this will be the second owner and I'll try to decorate them with two different styles full for the base color and using yellow oaken. Oh, and some burnt sienna on. This will be the first layer off the color. I'm not worried too much about going out off the basing drawing Italian. I'm not acting Praecis about it. This is the second donor. And now I want to show some light and shade. So hence I'm taking are darker mix, which is off you're born Sienna. Andi. I am assuming that the lightest coming in from here. So then we and Dark shared over here, which would be the form shadow off the shape. And then this She will have its own shallow on this side. Similarly, on this, this quickly gives dimension toe the do not. And now I want to show as if some chocolate is spread over it. So I'm mixing burnt sienna and some black me chocolate color and then I'd be drawing it roughly on this doughnut. I have to take care that I formed the I follow the Contour off the donor by contour. I mean, whenever the surface goes in, I have to make the line appear as if the shape is going in. That will give more realistic look to the donor. Instead of blowing buddy straight lines, I'm making the lines follow the contours. To some extent. I want to decorate this. No, not in a different way. So I want to make second thick chocolate color Andi show as if there are some tips. So I'm leaving. Some white areas are light, got areas. So what I'll do is and first mark these areas and paint around those That's an easier way off and faster way of doing things. Andi, I'm also making sure that the shapes which I leave are not off the same shape and size. I want this color to be tick. - I'm going to show as if there is a according off chocolate on this doughnut. And then there are some chips off, maybe rifles. Oh, something like that. And I want the outer edge off this chocolate be smooth. String does look like, uh, that is some chocolate quoting on this donor. Now I want to give some shero efecto this chocolate reason if you want. Oh, call it that. And so I mixed very dark brown, and I'll be using that give shallow efecto this chocolate. So I'm painting only on the underside off this chocolate line. So that completes the cool donuts on DSI when the next lecture. 3. Painting Cupcakes: welcome to this lecture in this video will be drawing and painting two cupcakes so quickly and first draw the cupcakes. This is the paper cup and has lanes like this corrugated. And then there is this. Could he meet up? I'm just doing this very, very lightly. So then I get an idea. But I'm not born by the trying. And the second cupcake will be, Ah, Black Forest cupcake. So again, the cup and then that is this geek inside on this white green. And this one has a jerry on top of it. So half off the cherry will not be seen because it's in dipped in the cream. And then that is this stem of the charity. And then this will have some grated chocolate. I just clean up or lighten the drawing with this needed. Raisa, the way I do it is I just need the laser in Go cylinder, Andi, just roll it over the going so that and uniformly becomes lighter. Now I can come in with colors so again and be using your local and black and some burnt sienna and the first layer for the come I'm deliberately leaving some white 80 years in between. Some of them will be over painted or in layers. It should be coming after this, but I still want to leave some weight gaps. Do that same thing on this. Come on. So you can see that I'm painting very loosely on. Not I'm not very precise about my strokes, and I'm deliberately doing that. I don't want these small paintings toe have very tight look, so I'll allow this layer to dry. Until then, I'll mix uh, cream color yellow car Very 10 mixture on. Just laid this in as the first layer for the cream onda again. By the time I mix the next color, the first lady is almost dry. I've been mixing are very dark color with some black and burnt sienna on again. I'll be overlapping with this on this cup again . I'm assuming that latest coming in from this side. So this side will have some lighter color, then this side. So I'm making the lines. Take are here so that the side looks much more darker following the same logic on this side on, so start from the side because I'm right handed. It's easier to start from left inside off the painting and go towards the right because the weather is very dry here. Right now, the colors are doing very fast, even on the palate. So to keep it moist by adding water. And I'm indicating this jagged line. So then you can are the viewer reads it as the corrugated part off the camp. And since this is black forest cake, the cake inside will also be very dark, so to keep the cream part untouched because I'm showing white cream. So this is the part of the cake which is seen. Okay, Now, again, I'll come to this king. So I want to take very thin mixture off the same color and indicate the swirls again. Since the lightest coming from this side, this side will have slightly in dark color needs to be even more lighter than what I have right now. I'm just merging the color towards the light of side and again trying toe indicate the smalls very carefully. Andi, I want to show some chocolate chips on this button and show them once this color is dry. So by that time, I want toe work on this, but the cream here is one to be white, so I can't paint it. I want to leave that the papers wide. So what I do is I paint around that so that you get a feel off the cream being white. So I news are totally different color, which is of blue. This is cerulean blue on being and around the whole thing on bean the cherry first. So I'm mixing Rezulin crimson and finish entered. And renting the charity on the Chinese bottom will not be seen because it will be buttered in the cream. So I want to show a highlight on the charity. So I'm keeping that white idea. You can see that I made this part lighter and this part darker again because assuming the light is coming in from the left hand side. So that's the chedi on. And I want to indicate now, though. Sim, I'm using a teenage crush. Andi, I wanted to be green, so I'm mixing some green yellow, but some glue and some burnt sienna just toe knock it down a big and are bending the stem. And I think I will not pain the surroundings blue because when I get here to create problem . So instead of that and use some shared who show the right. So you some off this three? No. Which I made by using this brown color and this blue on be using it very, very lightly. - I think this is enough to show that the cream is right. This will look even more white when I put the chocolate chips on it. But you know, till it dries, I'll work on this again. Some burnt sienna on black to me, the chocolate color and I'm I'm making this color very dry. And I'm lay in these specs off. Trying color? No. - And now some chocolate. I want to use more on burn, See, And at this time and not our Blackwood on. I'm making sure that I make these marks really randomly and not follow any specific order because we tend to make it very orderly by nature. But then when we put some or pour some chocolate or something like this on the cream, it never falls in an orderly fashion. So that almost completes the cupcake. I just want o correct some part here, so I'm begin again this chocolate color and then and making this tip off the cup. Really nice. So that we can see that discovering behind the cream. That's it. See you in the next lecture. 4. Painting Gulab Jamun: we'll come through this lecture in this lecture will be drawing glove German, which is an Indian sweet. It's in Normandy, a ball shape on sometimes it's also made in. He longer did shapes like these. It's actually made off milk solids. They had already indo these bald shapes on. Then they're deep fried in clarified butter. And then there lived in sugar syrup and said So they taste very nice and they're really soft. Andi, this is their groin on. Now I'm going to proceed and being these speed dudes so as a color in this ville off the pallet was already brown. I'm okay to carry on with it. So I'm mixing, are taking some burnt sienna And this the thing which I have shown at the top, which is I'm giving that as White Stadium because that's going to be the he's often Allman again. Here I am, assuming the light is coming from here. So I pick up some color from this side, just cleared some highlight, and then as the color is already started to dry up, I'm gonna do have some darker color, might make some blue in it just to make it a bit more dark. Some red also. No, this is the shadow idea. Off the alone. German. Yeah, home. I'm telling that color now on using a cruel could you under Leo here it has a rough picture like this. And now I'd be painting the other. We love German, which I've shown as it's been according to home. So this is star exterior shell which has become brown because it was deep fried. Now be using a smaller for us Onda yoga Really and tried to create the texture in between. So there are these smaller holes just like what we have inbred. And this is where the sugar syrup goes in and makes the beloved German very sweet. My okay, yes. And me? Some of these holes been doctoring color because that would be no shadow media. I want I wanted much more killer on the color to be very light and just to complete or to indicate more three Venus off this board shape sweet and external color here to give it the third Dimension year old and use this green cover left over very king. You show this Maybe these open Holloman all start you e have to make decide much, even more darker again. Thanks these girls. And he's the darkness on the Shero centrists on the shadow. The media and I want to get in the picture. Just playing the brushing. That oppression. I mean, the brush dry? No. Well, then do I can apply the color? I don't want it to leave Mary uniform so that I get the necessary picture on. And now go ahead and the and start with this. In this case, I'm not going to show, though. Compulsion, just being the X TV in Yes. To show that these are also made in this shape on. So this I didn't have any taste. Very nice and clean the addiction. Why? The color is still waiting. It will be done here. We're I'm wiping the brush. Extra border is gone. I can three year peak shipping the color in the brush. Oh, no. I had some black who make the wrong even dark. So then So this is the love, John. Andi. See, even the next lecture, when we paid another sweetly from India 5. Painting Jalebi and Modak: we'll come back after painting the glove German. I painted these toe Indian speeds. This one is called off. Paid up on this one is a current Gee, this is the top You off current G and the sister side view. I'm not including the video off me painting that because both of these weeds have simple shapes. Andi. So you can paint it on your own on. And now I'm going toe paint. Another sweet on it's called Julie be the reason why I'm not drawing anything, at least because it doesn't have any definite shape. So now what I do is and just me trying to make those shapes and there is no right or wrong answer right or wrong shape in this case because Anjali me is expected to have our random shape. The way it is made is that you make the batter and then, uh or it through Ah, hole in a piece of cloth or maybe a squeezy bottle in tow. Boiling oil on that deep fries it and then you get just like a Brazil, but much more complicated shape. And then you dip it in sugar syrup for some time, and then it's ready to eat, and you actually get them out of the boiling oil where they are deep fried. That all connected. And then the book separates them out into more manageable sizes. I would pick up some of this color and wait for the store dry so that I can apply the darker side. And by the time wouldn't do is I go ahead and gained another sweet riches, very famous, which is called Murdoch. It looks like our dumpling, but it's typically made as an offering to the gods. And there do what I do, isn't it? One is deep fried on another one is steam book. It's actually a skill to make these in tow these kind of shapes. The outer covering is made off large, and then the inside when it is made sweet and contains jaggery on cocoa, underrated and so on, and it's steam big on. That's the reason it remains white and color, so it is difficult to paint. Still use already like blue color, too, show you the shape and make it slightly more gree. What I'm doing is I've taken some civilian blue and add some CPR colorant way to get this Agree? Andi again, assuming the lightest coming in from here on, start bending it like this, and this shape will have shadow on this side and then be shallow inside the Ford's. It looks like dumplings at this month, almost like dumplings also, but they're called Murdoch in India. Onda. When you eat it, you should eat them hot out off the cooking part. And then you bought some clarified butter on key. And then it tastes heavenly. If I want to paint this again. Azaz Ah, deep fried when I did it would look very similar to this. Only that Jane, you will be in the shape hence. I wanted to paint it as, ah, steam cooked variety. That's it. It's nothing complicated to make them in the life. It's ah, skill. But then, to paint them is not a big thing. - No , the color for the Joe Levy has dried. If I can come in with dot could a shade and give it some dimensionality. So I'm using You are burnt sienna. I mean, this is shadow it here because the light is shining from decide. So I am darkening the idea opposite to that I try something to make this pop. And for that one, go take some pure white got up and use it. Okay, Create some highlights. These highlights are because off the sugar syrup in which this is dipped, I think that's you know, So just as a recap, I just write down their names. Their This is called Glove German. Okay, this is called a feeling. This is called a grungy. This is called jelly me. And this is chord mode, ACC. I hope you enjoyed, uh, spending these sweet treats. Andi will try toe, paint them yourself on. Also, try to make them yourself if you want to eat them. Thanks.