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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Stag Painting One

    • 3. Stag Painting Two

    • 4. Stag Painting Three

    • 5. Extra Paintings Part One

    • 6. Extra Paintings Part Two

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About This Class

Painting Stags In Acrylic Class One


Ultramine Blue

Titanium white

Phthalo blue

Scarlet red

Mars Black


Earth Red

Purple Lake

Sap Green

Prussian Blue

Marine Blue

Yellow Ochre

Indian Yellow

Metallic Rich Copper


Flat Round brush size 4

Rigger Detail brush size 2

Cats Tongue brush size 12


Welcome to this Art Class based on the process I use to create Stag paintings. It shows the progressive stages from beginning to end on how to paint these beautiful creatures in an abstracted style but can easily be adapted to implement your creative approach and individual style. It shows one way to getting started with out second guessing yourself. Just create.

This class shows the process it took to create a number of paintings. I am very interested in wildlife of all kinds and am always looking for ways to represent their strengths.

I provide a downloadable template sheets with examples to sketch and draw yourself and assist your drawing skills, or print out onto thick card and practice with acrylic before your final choice of substrates.

You could apply the same process to other creatures you may find interesting. This is an introduction into one approach in painting.

  1. Paper, mixed media paper, thick white card, panel board or canvas is fine for this class.
  2. Elements : After creating the stag paintings you could use the same process for animals you love.  (Note) I will be creating other animal focused classes.
  3. Colour Selection. Is it black and white? greens, blues, pinks? Ask at each completed stage. Think of contrast, Value, organic circular shapes or geometric sharp edges. (General information) It is good to start out with five colours approx and mix within your selection. Feel free to pick your favourites.

***So remember this is based on the process I use myself to create artwork. It shows the progressive stages from beginning to end on how to produce art in my style but can easily be adapted to implement your creative approach and individual style. It shows one way to getting started with out second guessing yourself. Just create

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Beatrice Ajayi

Founder of HyssopArts


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1. Introduction : Hi, everyone. Welcome to this new class painting Stags. In this class, we're gonna be painting some stacks. But I've been doing us a surgeries recently on you're gonna be seen from the beginning on all the processes in between as we add color on, build the layers for the different pieces that will work on in this class. So as we go through the class, I always love to reuse old paintings and we'll go through the class breathing new life over old paintings. So come along and enjoy the class will be using really interesting brush called the cat tongue brush on. We will be working with that to build the background layers and using the rigger brush to use it for details to build the characters in the different poses through the class. So if you've always wanted to draw, uh, animals and have been interested in dears, especially the stags come along and find out why these vulnerable creatures can be made into a very powerful symbolic looking, uh, images. See you there 2. Stag Painting One: so Hi, everybody. Um, for today's class, we're gonna be working on some deers on, um, this year is gonna be the meal, dear The stack, um, which is also known as the buck. Um, and we're gonna start off just, um, playing around with, uh, the background and pitons and color on there. So you can do this in different ways. You can just get in there and just start building atmosphere on dso Gonna be using some different colors here. Scarlet, red. Ah, um black, white. I feel blue and also ultra marine blue. So I'm going to start off by of working on this surface here, and it started to get some of these areas and straight away. So, um yeah, just gonna be working some of these colors in. So this is the feeling blue workingman's just our office is just around on the campus. Now, this is gonna be an extract peace. Um, and what I've been doing recently that my fears and characters have been focused on the meal, dear on, um, looking at how vulnerable beers are also how, um, powerful. They can be as well. So here I am distance and background. I've chosen these blues to start off with because I'm trying to build a moved so this some of the feel of blue and some of the ultramarine blue, and you can mix them back and forth with different colors, toe lighting them up for a bit. I could make some of that ultra marine blue, but some of the scarlet right and get kind of a purple EBrown here. I just work with that. If I added some water, it's sort of like play around. And this brush I have is, um, cat's tongue brush and it's a size seven. It's got t seven, but this is is a cat's tongue brush as you can just work different aspects into your campus . This canvas here I've got, I think it's a 12 by 12. Have this on displaying around with drip pain, letting some of the acrylics rule down there and this painting the top here and some of the sides just floor mats. You can paint your side, does you go or you can leave them. It's entirely up to you, but sometimes I like to do that just to get the colors in around the peace. So you can do this on paper as well. It doesn't have to be like this canvas that I'm using here. Um, so now that I've got some kind of ah fat ground and you can take more time, you can add some light filled in some areas and more atmosphere and things takes a more of this blue at something in here. I like to just play around for the same to some of the other day that the person was kind of saying, you know, the beer scared to be creative, and they're not very good, is it? And I said, Well, we all start off with a stick, Hman. The difference is some of us just keep on going. We don't actually put the brush down or the pencil down once we start with our stick, man, because we we have a vision in our heads and we have to get there. We just were this passionate about. So this isn't some of this drips of Addison more water and just let in some of this pour down the canvas. So this is all this building the background atmosphere on. You can take your time of that on do some more detail into it. I will show segments where we can play around with. This is well, so now that I've done that on, uh, usually, you would let this dry before you would continue, but you can see what that looks like A this moment. And I'm thinking next that we can stuck trying to focus on out of here. So I'm just gonna check that my camera still running? Here it is. So what we're gonna do next is start working on that deer in the background this differently. So you can do this? I'm trying to think right, What waste is there gonna look? So I haven't example here of one of my years have done before. So you can see how this looks the some green and and yeah, so some green in it. And also, it's got the white at the top here, and he's got the character right in the middle so we can try and do something like that where I start playing around at a lot of water and I use my next pressure than he's is the rigger brush on the rigger brush is a size two. I have here so you can have size three size one. And I think I'm gonna place my dear right in the center. You can play exactly to the side or other places, but because I'm trying to get some kind of a dramatic thing going on here, I am going to just put my dear and start playing around with the rigger brush. I'm not caring about how, um exact. This is another thing you should do. It probably for yourself is to look for, you know, pictures of the years that are from, um stock illustrations like Thanks, peck cells and picks obey. There's quite a lot of them that you can use, and all I'm doing here is just kind of going for a rough shape of for this year is gonna look like So I was trying to say with the stocking, because I'm looking at what dears look like. You can start to get an impression off what it is that the years air about, um, my dears, as I said, they're quite vulnerable. But then at the same time, they're very powerful. So with this rigger brush, I'm just gettin some swirls and ideas in here of how this, my dear, could look how my book, my stag on. I'm trying to get the impression here years and just going down on get in the body And so this deer is kind of walking towards us. You can adjust, Adjust this all the time. You can make it smaller, Bigger. We're just really trying to build an atmosphere. So this is the way that I started building them and then also have been trying to put Elizabeth more detail in their actual athletes because these are supposed to be an tlas full of expression. And there is, you know, the detail that they sometimes have in there. Antler. So being added a little bit of that so you can see all of us here with the swirling and swirling. What going to do now is add some of the scarlet read into that, so I'm just gonna stop dragging in some areas and drawing into this. As I said, sometimes you can let this dry. It doesn't have to be that you are doing this one, that's all. Wait and start putting some of that into the clues as well. Um, I've been using a lot of inks as well with my pieces. So the banks are mostly to help with adding color. Get in the drip effect in there as well. So I really like that, right? I'm gonna make some of that red with some white and introduce that. Possibly so I'm sure you got to think very much. I've picked can a warm the red is a warm cover And then the blues. But you can see I've worked with them separately. Um, I did the blue and then I have done the red, and you kind of balanced them as they're going along. You don't blend them together, you will get month. So I'm kind of playing around with this Also, I know that I'm gonna be layering quite a lot of things on top of this, so I don't mind, um, just going on and on like this so you can see the piece or any light, but I am going Teoh. See what? I can do it by cat's tongue. Brush again. Sometimes you want your brushes to drip. Sometimes you don't want to be too drippy. So I'm going to come in and mix a little bit of Bela blue with white and started Teoh. Um really Outline what? This, dear? This still look what kind? The outside just deliberately have been into some areas of the tailor blues in there Some of the black It's now become a great still pulling it along trying to make everywhere as I go kind of similar top Also, another thing you can do is I've got a little spritz a year and you can spritz water and make it drink. So I got them there. And so you've got another effects to play with again, and he just going over and over building your layers and as you are so I really like the cat's tongue brush the way this love. So this is just one that I've got here. You can see what that looks like and, uh, compressions and add some more on this being a little blue down here. It's really love for me that you can dio this different effects. Gonna add a bit, move Reagan here and get a purple of some sort grave. So you just keep added an addendum, um, getting for effect. So you want to get a little bit small white in here. I love it. Working wet on wet. You just get such an amazing results. And it's just knowing when to stop. Really. You could keep going forever. And I just love that. So you can see the result there. How quickly about looks to get this deer and once it dries, you can come in and actually work even better on this with more detail in different areas. And I'm just gonna use the tip of the cat's tongue here to just the kind of extra dramatic twirls and where I was there. So that's how we created this one on dumb. So we can work in the next piece in a similar manner and get another result, so we'll move on to the next example. 3. Stag Painting Two: so Hi, everybody. And welcome to number two example. And here I am, uh, beginning again with another, uh, piece. And this is on actually art board. And this was a piece that I had done before, but I didn't really like the result. So I'm just kind of painting over this with once again, that was a paler blue first. And then I'm using some of the ocean Marine, and I'm gonna use some of the white. Just get some color in there as well to distract from the background one, some more pale blue. So this is slightly different with an art board. You're not really going to be getting the drips in the way that we got the last trips. But we can still do the same with the sprint, So basically, it's not that we can. Well, we could try a scrape over it, but it might fall over. I could have put my restrain er on this, uh, on this stand to hold it back foot. I didn't want to do that because it causes a shadow. So here we got some of the background that we're gonna have for off character. What? You see, is some of the white August good roughly did an area that I think we can have our character appearance, so it's a bit lighter. So the whole point, like I said in this class is too. Get to yourself just in a relaxed state and not stress over this. We're just going to be created. Pieces didn't make this one slightly to decide. Not quite central is the other one was Onda. Start working on a little character and once again to say, my dear, it could be coming towards us. I like to show their legs. So just using this rigger brush very loosely get it in the year area so you can just do a line across like that. So the face of summer, the emergent with neck. As I said as well, he could let layers dry. But because I am currently working this way to show you examples, I'm doing it a lot quicker than I normally would. So for this piece, I could have done some that will be kind of going, um, slightly out off the image. But I decided to do the kind of antlers to go up. Um so wherever those that lieser that go up. That's what this one is. So I'm just And I love the way Sometimes when the colors are emerging through the back of the peace Uh, that is at the front of the color of the front and just really gives it something extra. So yeah, I'm just building Well, I think this atlas look like they don't always have to be the same on either side. So that's just something Teoh you era. Yeah. So yeah, this guy coming straight at us again. So forget to get his on girls, right? And that's what I'm saying that it's good to have a look at, you know, actual pictures of years and see what they look like. So this environment of the back is kind of simplicity in atmospheric background, the blues a kind of midi. You could use dark greens as well. I'm using blues here, but you could use, like the Persian greens and Taylor greens and, um, the 78 dark greens chromium green. You could use a lot of other greens in the background to get a really atmospheric like the Moors, because this I could add star Edinson greens to I could do that with some of my thanks. Which I might do in a minute just to show you so you can do a lot of different things when you're creating your pieces. Basically. So yeah. So what I'm gonna do next is just to add some red you hear on a similar again to last one. But I deliberately made it a lot redder than the last one. I think I didn't move the side at the red last time. I think I put on that side. I'm going to just drag it done beside. And there's some in the actual ankles as well. So they sometimes take time. Teoh get a result from. So I'm gonna get Sprinkle some of us in here to get the separate. So conceive the effect you get when that's dripping and I love, but if it on specifically around the antlers, it's not anywhere else. It's to kind of get that area a bit more. Um, some more atmosphere. So I'm going to use some of my this her police think with my cat's tongue brush and start playing around with some stuff. So here's me added some of the purple late to this. Drag it into the white. It's got to change this color Obviously gonna add some a white up here, So I'm gonna be coming into all those areas and started to blind some stuff, use the tip and break into some of this. If I don't want to carry the color around anymore, I can basically wash it off so that some of the the blue just at some more on because of taking some off. I'm just working it back and forth, seeing what you like, what you don't like. And then some of that drink and I could do some more again, basically some of the ultra marine blue mixing it in and just building layers. And Samora office blue, the fabled glue in here. This just to get darker under here. I do have some black that I used to paint this guy so I could use some of that just dark in some other areas. The books him again. So I always leave the bottom area or lower down a lot darker just until they will blow back and forth and ultra Marines. And then I'm gonna wash my brush If you let things dry they get, you know, you get more layers to work with, so I'm gonna add a little bit more white in here. It's a more of my purple if you just move it quickly around depending. How what the era is. I always like to highlight around the dear. So this with the tip of might tongue the cat's tongue brush, that is, there's like some blend these going on in here. It just looks so yummy. I love acrylic paint. Um, so the more layers that you're added, you're going to get more of this character standing out something. Can I want this character to stand up? Could use a bit more white, So just from playing around with it, you can see what kind of effects. If I want to break this antler up a little bit, you can have used a tick on Dr back in. So this is the second piece, and it feels very quick. It's very what's the word? Spontaneous, but it gets a really good effect, and he could come in again. I work some more details, like on the actual dear I mean stag, but some black you can start still fine tune and areas that you want, um or quit. You can make some areas not as dark I can hear so that you can see the legs a bit better. So just playing around here on, just let in the wackiness off the reader brush be free. Um, you can add a bit more detail around here cause make it with some old white. He wanted things to be more pronounced. And you can wait till lives, Dr. But I think this is the second piece, and we'll go on to the third piece and see how that works out as well. 4. Stag Painting Three: So this is the third part. Third piece we're gonna work on on what I wanted to show you was just the the board again that I'm gonna be using, which is a bold artwork. I'm always reusing pieces that I work going from years ago and always reusing the boards for classes because I don't like to waste anything, and at some point, I probably like whatever I paint on them. Um, also, that's what happens. That's part of the process of being an artist. You're always working ideas. Sometimes you like something sometimes you don't on you have campuses and art boards line around for years, and you still will work on them at some point. So I've still got quite a bit of paint left on this. Still the same colors. The red, the black white on the paler blue ends, the ultra marine blue. So we'll see if we can hopefully finish this off. Um, with this plum, the last piece, I am, as always, still using my cat's tongue brush. Um, this is a size 12. Ah, on this was from an awesome friend of mind. She actually it started producing her old ought brushes um I will put her details and the link in the actual description. Uh, but she's awesome, and she's based in India and she creates, um, really nice brushes. So I got a whole bunch of that. So I mixed some of the black with the veil of blue, and I'm just going over this right now. Now, this piece here that I had before had, um, Let's have mixed me. They're glued papers down. So some of my artworks are actually like that. You can glue bits of papers down, and then you can start working on an actual board, and it just adds to the texture. So I just used enough money a little blue here and add in some white of the rest of it. It's pulling some of this back. Seven. It's on making sure I'm covering this little guy's face. I'm so sorry. Little blurry, but you gotta go. So just add an atmosphere. Seen how you failed with peace and just mixing up. You can always paint and change things so you don't have to be precious about anything. And I love this cat's tongue brush because you have the option of the big sweeping marks as well as the tip of it where you can use for whatever detail, you know, like that if you want to just add things to it. So I have been working a lot with quite a six strikes left right diagonally, whichever way you want to make it. But you can use, you know, kind of scratches into areas and events have been using this cat town on the rigger brush size too. So what I'm gonna do with this piece is straw this character this dear with the red first. So I'm just gonna go in and start site and where I want this dear to be looking and just building it with the red. So the regular brushes not very controllable. And I like that because it gives you room for maneuver and to kind of adjust yourself. So when I'm drawing these deers and remembering that this part, you know, the front part of the deal is quite bulky and it's lend its limbs off of the back, and then its legs and its legs usually have a kind of a kick back. But that's just using the basics in my head and trying to give those lines That kind of suggest over. I've been going up in here and, uh, nothing to specific. Even if it's shaped like this, I can cut into it with other colors. And then there's going in tow the antlerless with the same color. And all this can be under, um, can be used as an under layer. So just going trying to give suggestions off the different horn areas that you find endears . And from this angle, which is like a profile, um, usually the deer's will have something similar on the other side. So, uh, you don't really have to fill that in because you've got all this going on. So I haven't done that. I could not add some of, um actually, who I'm going to do is get it to drip first. So I'm gonna spritz that right a little bit. Look who is actually running out. Mm. And then so you can see it. Some of the drip in there and then then going with some of the black and you could decimate things. It can make it almost tribal, tribal. It was also remembering as part of this Siri's have been doing that. They reminded me a little bit off caveman joins, which was interesting to think about because, um, just the idea that, you know, cave guys they were hunting their prey on, um, Then they now with ever street in caves, the animals that they were hunting, it was just really interested to have the idea that they made them so majestic looking, Um, that these were great hunters, that there were fighting Andi overcoming. So, uh, yeah, just reminded me a little bit of that. Who, um, roll approach to painting. And it's just pretty cool, which I didn't think about when I originally started trying to create the characters. So leave that alone now. It's probably gonna do something. I'm gonna go back and try and play around with the rest of the peace. I think, um, I can see if I could bring I've got what they call Marine blue. It's, um it's an ink, but I'm gonna be using just going to squeeze some of the island to my palette, start using that and with my tongue brush capstan brush going to take some of the water off my tissue and just start trying to put some of that in years, so you can see the difference is kind of like a turquoise color because the credit could dry so quickly sometimes. So I was trying to give that some space to drive. I've got some of the red in here just fine. I can rubber end of it and get different kinds of results because, you know, the reds and the greens kind of make Brown's. So I want to put something in here just drew and the colors a little bit. I could make areas darker again as well. So catching up on this so you can take your time and really go along and do what you want to do with your pieces. I'm just going to bring some of that white in here just really playing around, not being scared. I don't care from catching bits of the red. That's fine, cause it's old gonna mix in to become something else and you're building. You start figuring out what that something else is. I'm going to bring in some office. They look like the books of here. It is not as dark Er's what I've seen, what some of these eyes like trying to make it like its foliage. That's no longer is dark is it was just put some black in here and so you can see it's kind of I'm gonna use this rigger brush to discrete some kind of stems of grass is pillow that through twisted it to get it to be as refined as possible. And then I'm just so let it down really quickly. So you have different sizes of brushes you could do this with If I don't like it. Oh, try and blend it quite a bit so that it doesn't look so much of a way that I don't like, So just crisscross and play a round of it. This piece here, you take your time and you do what you got to do. I really like the look of that could use some more off the but blue, the marine blue. And here make is a bit dark. I was the black, um, not sure if this one is that the way I would have wanted it. But add some old blues and here use some of the tip of the cat's tongue and do some stuff to kind of tie in some of the areas, so it looks almost like it's looking at to see what this one. Uh, because if I could have some, all right, up in the clouds. So, uh, it's just about playing around and see what you get with this and having pulled areas that you just I don't care what they look like this one to have. You know, Um, an impression. Usually I would paint around so this little and blow dry a little bit, it's probably not very dry, but I'm gonna use a more black on, and he can outline areas with the black as well. I'm just gonna just this more twirly were lease and you could go over with the lines with the deer, which I do as well just to get some areas more pronounced. Sometimes this year is quite dark here. McCleave use some of the light. You can mix the reds to make them a little bit more of a deep red, sometimes to get the it not to be so Scarlett. So this meat highlighting it so that you can see it a bit better. So it's a quick class on painting stags, and I definitely want to do some more of these. So there will be probably a number two version of this because there's just so many examples of different colors that you can get on how to do these and also the fact that I have been using Ah, lots of different paints. I've been using bronzes, Silvers, Uh, so I think that it's just really good to try a lot of different colors and and yeah, yeah, so, yeah, that's probably going to be the class now if used most of my paint up. Um and I hope you enjoyed that. And definitely. Please, uh, get back to me on what you think you would like to know a little bit more about on, uh, as I said before, Uh, you can use different colors. So, like this one here is a lot off like this. Gold on it, and it's browns. And the still rates some of the reds, um, extend with other colors, and so you can see the antler here is quite different to turquoise colors. And then this blue on just mainly blues, and it's got some silver on it as well. Still, and it's got the black so there's just a lot of ideas working with this, and I'd like to see you what you could do. So use your favorite color and get a result that you really love. And I will probably just put some snapshots off examples of what you can do to create these pieces, and I'll see you in the next class. So by 5. Extra Paintings Part One : so Hi, everybody. Welcome to this section off the class. I noticed that I have been saying that, you know, that this was number one number two, number three off this class to do with painting these stags. And I thought, no, I think I want to add some more to the class. So, um, this is gonna be kind of more detailed taking our time, painting on some more substrate on the last one. As I said before, you could use the campus if you wanted, or you could use actually, like a campus, like a board art board. So I've got different things here. This is these are little magnets, Canvases s. So they got the magnet on the back, and, um then they go the campus of the front. So I've got these little characters which I'm not sure about. I want to add something to again. So I think I'm gonna work on these guys a little bit more, But basically, this color here is the Marine. Um, I think that I used before the marine blue and I just kind of sketch these little stacks using the detail brushes that use before in the class So then I got these canvases that I want to work on a swell, Always trying to work over canvas work that I didn't like very much before for old work. Um, So I'm gonna be working on some of pills, and then also, I have some of these guys that I started on. I thought, Yeah, I should try and have a look at them again just to give you some examples off, like the use of different color. So this one here is, like some of the greens on it, So yeah, I just I'll show you this example here of this background, and I might work from these later on. These were just kind of shadows with views in the brown. Brent, I think this is Sienna, um, in the background and some of this brown as well. So might work of this. So this is my brother number. Um, this is one of the Browns. Anyways, I'm trying to think it's a red or brown. Come back to me. What? One that is. So I thought we should work on this and add some other colors toe, So I didn't start this self fresh. I'm gonna make this look completely different because I don't want it to be that you start to the class. And basically, I haven't started from the beginning, so this is going to be changed completely. So just go with the colors I'm about if it's on it. But you could do a wash of ground on your, Um, it's just like a wood board panel. Eso you could do kind of a wash with your colors. I want to use more angst today. I know I have here what I had in the first part of the class, which is some black, some fellow blues and ultra marine blue and scarlet, red and some white. But I want to use, um thinks today as well. Um, of this part of the class. So I will stock with seen this. I have the green there. I'm gonna add this green, which is a sap green. Um, and this is an ink acrylic ink. Um, by deal around me. So just gonna actually just start working with this straight on three. What happens? So I'm gonna add using my cat tongue brush again. Gonna add some whites to that so that you can see this almost straight away. Um, put quite a loving this. So I couldn't see that color there who loved a lot. Gonna throwing some of the blue and start doing some things over here. So let's take that excess off. Um, maybe some old white and like in the first part of the class when I did the three different ringtones, It's the same idea again. It's just extended and just having way too much fun as usual. So the green you can see what that looks like it I want to make this low apart, darker, so just added some black. And it's going to bet gray, gray green. Just have some blue. And I'm changing that back to so you can see what this looks like here and all the time. If you mix and normal colors, it just changed completely. And you can see have changed that quite a bit more right here because I said I wanted to get rid of some of that brown, but I had before so that you can see that it's completely something else. It's gonna put this down and get using my my rigger brush. Here, add some more water and start working with some black on this and get some of these antlers going. And the years that I like to add in here. So this is quite a mysterious looking dear here stag. So some of easy to slip them dry, and he can player under them to add some of the red and add in warms and warm colors and the colors in here. So I really like that impression there just seen an area here that I like the White Album. Just put that in. It's kind of built. So that was that very quickly together. Just make sure that some focus on that so very quickly put together. And, um, I couldn't see that there. So I'm gonna work in another one and up with this one aside Just a minute. So again, this is one that I've been working on before, and I'm gonna change completely, and I'm thinking what color I could use on this full time. But here, trying to use the purple, it's, um, another acrylic ink and it's Purple Lake. It's cold. So whatever purples you have, you can use that. I'm just gonna do the same thing again It's been a big dollop of that down and wash up my brush. So and this start again like I did with the other one, which was to add some of the white to that purple. And then you can see the color better, right? Really? Is changing and just look so awesome. So wet. Um, I hadn't skipped in a way. So this is a landscape form. Mm. With China, actually, because change it completely at some of they will blue in here. Quite some black, this bottom birth. I'm not thinking too much. As it said, just throwing her own. You saw me trying to be a bit more controlled in the earlier part of the class. But you can see how wild you can go with this. And I always want to keep the top a little bit lighter to keep, uh, some kind of like a cloud effect up here. So done this and this would be considered, like, the background this blue in here. It's a lot chop here. Then I'm gonna go in with some of the black to start trying to get my little dramatic character. I can't wait to Like I said, till it dries. But I'm not doing that. Gonna use this dark. And they're here to build part of my dear I really like experimental differently outs. So I'm gonna This one's gonna be this week. It's a more black And here, and it's just to let the colors make up their own thing. Really cool to do that, because then you are really playing around with mixing. I'm really bad at mixing my colors before I used them, actually, So this kind of procedure works wet, and I'm doing all of this is actually helping me mix my colors a little bit better in this more variety on it. Because usually if I am, though, I do usually isn't as much for right. Yes, it could be. So you can see how I've kind of dug that, um, dear, after this, and what I can do is make it a little bit, uh, light around the deer trying to think if I should use this brush here, golden people. So I'm not sure. I think it's, um it's a kind of a round brush a size for so I'm gonna use that to fit some other colors. And these have not done dripping with because their flesh. If I did that, that would be a whole other conversation. But I'm just gonna a little light on that and start trying to outline this little guy. So trying to work out which directions I should go with, what colors on my brush. So I'm learning that if there's oldest blues and pinks as you can, tickle toe war systems have make this little lighter, so you can see that they're a little better. I'm just gonna come a bit closer so you can see at the bit more white going over this again . Come back down. It is The gray complained into the grail of it causes all wet. But I'm trying to kind of cut into this this area of making this little character a little bit more pronounced so you can see a drag that down here into this injury here. So put more white, then under here is well, so you can see the leg a bit clearer mixing in with some of the blue, very wet. Some of those back mixing in with the blue here again and this control in the space around my little character. Yeah, this has gotten darker, but I can work with. I'm gonna wash my dress up again because this area and now I'm gonna make this better but lighter around the head here a bit more white. And this company you can mix the end so it's light, airy and blending it with their brush. Makinen but lighter. Um so I really like the way this character looks. It's very It was very nice and my lucky colors and purple basically So I love that you can scratch into, Let's see if just dropped it. I've got this look took the cure. You can scratch into areas like in the antler areas you can scratching. That's a little bit closer and scratching with some kind of scraping tools. I get the different effects that's quite cool, or even into the face seeking straight spill over into the body part here. So it's just issuing a bit more of the detail that you can go into. And creating your pieces doesn't have to be the leader. It was on the easel. It's a lot harder to, um, be able to do some of these things so you can live your canvas and your boards around to get a bit more texture and things. And I think I feel like I'm gonna ruin this if I keep playing around of it. So I'm just going to take this off, put it to the side and starting another one. So now I have another one here that I said it started before. But as he can see and making the most completely different and an experimental love different colors, I'm just going to use that puts on this brush on this character, right? And then I might add another Inc Some train, defend court, incumbent use. Um, so I know vaguely what that character looks like. Me. I want to try out another one. Maybe the yellow. We'll see what this looks like. Well, I'm gonna do it anyway. So this is a yellow, and then I'm gonna add some white to this. No, just go straight in there with the white and see what that looks like. Mix in the end. And this is more up here in the area that I say is this guy. Add some of this red in Europe. Read Scarlett. Small wife, Strongest playing around with some of the black down here. You can see it's turning about brown there. Then try to decide what I'm doing with this Dear stag for color my gonna introduce in here So the paler blue and kind of the way that I saw the character before. So I'm just going straight in. And so the colors are mixed, saying holsters of things that coming out of this, you can see that design have done. They're just like it's amusing, the feel of blue, and it's blended in with other colors. This is like the green, handsome black. This is a scene it from the back. So trying to show that detail of its bottom here, going up, just plain plea with the pain and the rigger brush is a really great to, you know, not using too much control. You can see how delicious that looks, how wet is, um, and just really taking your time and enjoying mixing the colors. You get so many different effects. You can use some of those colors in other areas, so let's go out of it so you can see what I did with this. I just want to be really quick with us or not think too much. You could do so much blending in and mixing and on really changing what it looks like can add more white needs a bigger brush. My bigger brush here, this user up on another campus here that could be dropped trying. I like to use waste my pain, but I like the way that looks. Actually, it's very beautiful. Touch it, and I'm not gonna touch and didn't leave it like that and go into the next one. So it's showing examples of how quickly you can create something you can look back and come back again. These are Samore backgrounds again that doesn't have a deer on it. So we are free to start off with another color Teoh but brown with some metallic building a metallic under the brown coursed. So this is hoops just filling everywhere. This more ink acrylic think and this is Let's see what color. This is an expression this everywhere. This is this. Clean up the mess. This is red birth. How cool is that? As a name? Uh, so it's acrylic ink and it's red. All right. Name. I think I picked these colors mainly for the names, which is not necessarily a good idea. But I might use the red in here first. So yeah, red Earth. And then I'm adding some more red, and then it's in the white up here, so this is quite handsome black into this. But here, so trying to cannot adjust what colors were going on for a little bit that they used to do this used to kind of jump in there and just start that it's a failed. 6. Extra Paintings Part Two: area trying to leave some parts without touching them too much. This system ultra marine blue. And here now, So this is very dramatic and dark. Yeah, I'm gonna wash my brush again. I never use so much of my brush this much. I'm just starting to see that I really want starting colors only. And I'm willing to do what I gotta do to get it. So I'm going to draw a character in here. I'm trying to bank which one to do. I really love living the paint around. I think that's one thing from this with these paintings, deers that I've realized is the way the paint looks with your playing around with it. So I want to use my Ryker infamous rigger brush again to create something in this piece, and it's going to be quite dramatic. So let's see if I can move some of the pain around, get an idea of what I'm trying to do. So because it's so wet chicken to start playing around with it and I can see that the athletes could be around here somewhere. His face could be here right in here. I'm gonna go out a bit with this? Andi? Yeah. So small. What? This character. So it's always that had left the pools. I think of them coming towards me. So I would just look so cool. So it's got all this going on, not use, um, black in here and start trying toe had to his background, really seen how the brush works when you're swirling around, get in the different patterns on it, so can see what this character looks like. Let's see. Just get some of the edges so that it's a little bit more obvious, and then they use some of the white, and it's very wet. So let's see what starts to happen when I mess around with, and you can use a thinner brush to do things are the vicar brush. I love the sound effects of as well. And then you can try and blend a little bit, but I like that silent. So yeah, very wet. I really like the weight loads. This is so much you could do. You could display around so much, um, moving around really seen how the paint was working. Um, in some areas that you're mixing, the colors were to change it and just too much fun. So this one's a lot darker, but you can see it's adding the colors. I think I used the red art for the time. I think I over superimpose the blue on this, but I think I'll try another one with the red earth. So if I clean off my brush this brush here, this next one, I'm gonna use the fucking you know what? I'm gonna use the red birth and hopefully get it to be what it's supposed to be Festival. There's a little brown are supposed to be them back. So I think some of white under just getting with this one. So some more white I know that I like to get blue sky color at the top, So just living this around a little bit of red this white bear already maybe some yellow Well, something's gonna go in the top here. I will see you got another yellow that can go in there once I do the bottom. I don't really want to put the lighter colors of the ball too. That stepper there so mix and then the paint like this is just so cool because you can see the color variation. Another yellow was just, you know, cold yellow car. So let's see what this does at the took, um, trying to go for a skies so bitter, like a mustard yellow I find with the yellow looker. So it might not be as bright as I wanted to be, so let's see a bit similar white and then just go in there that could see what that looks like. There. Let's go back. Cool. Sir, this is quite wear all around my fingers. Um, and it's gonna come down into that dissidents blacking out here with Global of this yellow who, if you don't play around with it. I'm trying not to be too precious with my paints recently because then I won't actually end up creating the textures. I want some things he can use quite a lot of pain and get the type of texture you want. So now I'm gonna go in and think What way do I want this dear to look, um, I've done that way that way. It's just trying a bit more. This site so started to play around with this again. I'm gonna use some of the fatal blue. My black is actually running out of used that much black. So some blue Some of the ultra marine blue in here is, well, skits and colors And look in this mix, um, about you love it, then pulling that down and here and a little blue. Um, let's see. Yes. And I wasn't to use some of this, um oh, showing a minute. I wanted to use some of this Inc. Which is liquid ticks, and it's rich corporate. So I'm gonna use this in a minute, but I just want to draw the legs in. Let's just draw some legs trying to put the back and out a little bit. So this is our character of the sun's gonna add some red in here. Moved around too much on detector. This have a block of bread. That's okay. Um, and then I want to put some of this in. We'll see how this looks. Let's go close. Actually gonna trip some of this in here. I'm gonna get my brush in a minute and mixed up. No one said my rigger brush and see what I can do. This that can see how. Just show you this you can see how that looks. Is this a lump on it right now is moving. And I'm going to use some in the face. You some in this area here, some in the ant loosed. Then just try and blame the send here. Somehow it's just cause I've been splashing this. I'm just gonna try this, See what this looks like. So this is my character with this I see here. So I think it's quite okay. This is fine. I'm going to no, go on to the next piece because I don't want to work to longer anything, because I will probably ruin it. So, yeah, we'll leave this one alone. It could be dry. And we'll see if we come back to the atoll because he how quickly I'm going through this. It's because, right, I want to use up this little guy here, Um, another piece that I've had before school in on. So it's buttons and discover him up straight away. Basically, some of the steel blues I'm going to squeeze out some of my pain light is truly going. This is gonna squeeze out some more. The white way too much fun colors could I add in here more of this trying to practice with both my colors. Is this the marine blue? Yes, it is. I'm going back into this one, Madden. Credible to adults. I know. That's why the pain. Let's use it. So I really love Marine blue. Oh, my word. So young. Yummy. So this is where sometimes I really wish I had a bigger brush Because some of the brushstrokes are awesome than others. I'd want more to be happening. No. So gonna just add more white up here? I love it. So you can't even remember that little boy on this animal. It's not there anymore. Um, so that looks pretty cool. I love that, actually, not trying to think where two police may stack. So this is how you just go out that you just keep on using the covers blended and having fun. And the whole point of this section I thought I should add, was just to show you how we can start to use the colors, the paints, how you can get different effects on, Uh, that's why I thought I should prolong this and have another bonus. Ive kind of section on a plane with the paint a bit more relaxed, Uh, not trying to Russia on an easel cause I don't usually use easels, but is to give you a specific kind of Ah, and go when I'm painting on that so that you can see in a certain way. But really, I think I prefer a painting this way. Top down. Um, so I might focus on this in the future with more of the classes. So you can see my my couples here really, really mixed up now. So I know don't want this to be fully right. So I've done this, but I think I will use other colors once it dries. But I don't think you'll drive by the time this class is over. But you can see how I'm just sketch in the whole point, has just seen the process, and you can cover things you don't like, can see him putting the bare bones off this character down and then build up what we want afterwards. So some areas you cover and you think right at me to do that That and then you can look back and go away. Now, I don't like that and um I did do the dripping on the other ones, and I can do that with this Can do drip in. So just kind of being very lists of what I'm doing, not thinking too much about it. Getting some texture. I think I'm playing with that quite a bit. Um, I am going to No, that will mess up background crystal blue into red. So that's that one. They're not sure if I'm happy with this, one will probably still need to work on a little bit more. But I like some of the way that that blue and the Marine, this area here, like that law. So this is probably once it dries. I would go over it with some black so outlying it on and maybe add some purples or something. Figure out build on this character here and see what happens with that. So one more working on this one here, I've got this right on my brush. I'm gonna finish it off. Um, and then I will probably give me the end there off the actual class, but, um, how put some kind of a sketch template that you can use to just look at how the DS could be posed. What my basics. Viol ized, um, layout template is off. A lot of these fears seem to be in the middle. Looking directly at me, I seem to like that kind of oppose. Andi also tried to do equal levels off face into the lefts and face into the right. There's probably more that could be done, but it's still a blue moody one. Hopefully, for my camera runs up, uh, so school closer of this one so you can see them Arena blue from Marine Blue lends in in there and then I have steel of flu. I have again another bank, which is approved in blue. Yeah, that's what it is. Suppression blue. Just put some of that right, so just wrap this and get feel for the ball. Some of this it's painted in some of the sides, offering some of the color up. You can kind of put some something to hold it down like some kind of sticky tape or something, and I use it. So the ultra Marine blue here, a little blues ultramarine blue building the blues, some white going into the sky so it looks almost like a C, you know? Well, sure seen or something, but you should take more time than I'm taken with this because I'm kind of speeding up these in some black and your some more white. So this 1000 agree in this sky on trying to get even tones. There are very, um it's like they're fluid. There's movement in them, but also they are You need to work together as well. So it's a lot of going back and forth and experiment and what's going on. So, like all these areas here, Well, what? So I'm gonna try and grow, Have any probably used the KRouge in that little my palette here and drill with this one because I think my black and I don't really want to use my black acrylic. I just want to be liked on. But so and then, yes. Again, I'm going to just end this glass with one of my main approaches, which is straight down the middle. So here I'm just kind of but in my little characters, both the outline here. So it's just learning what your brush with doing paint, enjoying the actual results just from putting your brush on the campus Because if you start to be annoyed with everything that you create this way, be just allowing a kind of a freedom for experiment An accident, Uh, then it helps. That's the whole point of expression. Basically. So says body, my dear little spritz. So see, maybe our voice spritz and this time around, But I will have another class where will work on some other pieces, and we'll take our time, just one piece and just build on it, though the points where it probably won't like it and just keep working on it till there is a result. So you can see here of this little hard shiny that Stella's. It's very still very wet, Um, and what that looks like. So thank you for joining me for the class. Um, I will, as I said, put some templates for used to use to kind of sketch and is good for you to look up also, like, you know, stock illustrations or pictures of stags just about their magnificence, their power, their nobleness and also just the mystery that's around them. Um, just so that we can enjoy creating these pieces and understanding what we're trying to get across. And I like the whole way that it looks so naive. Andi Also, that it is reminded me off kind of the cave paintings a little bit for some of them. So, as I said from some of the examples that I had before my cover this bigger piece, I see this little the space is a bit smaller. So, like this bigger piece where you could see the color, um, is like grounds. I will show some of these in the actual class. You get some of those, I'll post them occasionally. Boylan painting basically through the quest. So you will have seen these already. So yeah, awesome things you can do with them, not just take that out of the way, but, um, just bring some of the ones we've done already, just to remind you what they look like. So this was one of the first ones in this session, so you can still you can see that there. What? That little character looks like Beautiful. Uh, this the purple one that we also painted. It's good back out of it. Um, so, yeah, lefties alone. Let the dry and thank you very much for being part of the class. I will see you in the next one. So by