Painting Spring Wildflowers with Watercolors | Sushma Hegde | Skillshare

Painting Spring Wildflowers with Watercolors

Sushma Hegde, Watercolor Artist

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12 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials needed

    • 3. Practice Lesson

    • 4. Flower 1 - Chelidonium

    • 5. Flower 2 - Spanish broom

    • 6. Flower 3 - Dandelions

    • 7. Flower 4 - Fireweed

    • 8. Flower 5 - Cornflower

    • 9. Flower 6 - Forget-me-not

    • 10. Bonus Lesson - Wild Parsnip

    • 11. Class project

    • 12. Final touches and Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class I'll be teaching you how to paint Spring Wildflowers in a loose style with watercolors.
I've picked seven different kinds of wildflowers, that are colourful, simple yet have unique features.The class is simple and suitable for all levels of artists, beginners to advanced.

I start by taking you through all the materials that I'll be using in the class. I'll add the names of the main supplies here again.

1. Hahnemühle Cezzane Watercolor Paper, Matt, 300 gsm, 100% Cotton

2. Watercolours from Daniel Smith and Nevskaya Palitra (St. Petersburg White Nights)

3. Silver Black Velvet 3000S Round brushes from Silver Brush Limited

Then we learn some basic techniques, slowly diving into the classes and start practicing the techniques to paint different gorgeous wildflowers.





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Sushma Hegde

Watercolor Artist

Hi! My name is Sushma Hegde. I'm a self taught artist and watercolor lover from India, and am currently living in Germany.I mostly paint with watercolors, and try to immortalise what I feel about the beauty of nature. Painting creates a sense of calm in me and I wish to create the same sensation in my paintings.

I've loved creating and had a great interest for art since childhood, but somehow my creative side took a back seat while growing up. A few years ago, out of shee...

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