Painting Portraits w/ Acrylics - Step 1 Creating Your Face Sketch | Ania Bula | Skillshare

Painting Portraits w/ Acrylics - Step 1 Creating Your Face Sketch

Ania Bula, From Fine Arts, to Fine Writing, to Fine Dining

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9 Videos (28m)
    • Introduction

    • Finding a Model

    • Facial Position and Proportions

    • Drawing Eyes

    • Drawing Noses

    • Drawing Lips

    • Putting Everything Together Quick Sketch

    • Putting Everything Together Final Sketch

    • Thank you


About This Class


Painting Portraits with Acrylics  

Learn how to portraits by starting from sketch, to background, to the final figure and finishing touches. Follow along with Ania as she shows you how to develop the skills to paint portraits: whether realistic, fantasy, or otherwise. Let her walk you through the process in a series of classes. 

Get tips, tricks, and work along with her while she works on a commission piece: A Portrait of an Autumn Fairy  

Step 1 Creating your Face Sketch

Often times, the main focus of the portrait is the person's face. Follow along with Ania as she explains the basics in understanding how to create your starting sketch, beginning with the face. Learn how face proportions work, explore different facial structure shapes and tricks, and learn to understand the face enough to paint what you see. 

Included Resources: 

  • Facial proportions guide: face on and profile
  • Sample Eyes,
  • Sample Noses
  • Sample Lips

to use as frames of reference when project. 





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Ania Bula

From Fine Arts, to Fine Writing, to Fine Dining

ANIA ONION BULA is the owner and main creator at AniaOnion Creations: An Etsy shop where she sells her assorted paintings and other creations.Her work can also be found on Redbubble where her various paintings are available on a variety of interesting products like stickers, phone cases, clothing, pillow cases, and notebooks!

Her work includes portrains often done in a fantasy style, as well as paintings of dancing figures, movement pieces, and the occasional political statement. ...

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