Painting Pet Portraits in Watercolor | Sohan Khalsa | Skillshare

Painting Pet Portraits in Watercolor

Sohan Khalsa, Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

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14 Videos (2h 22m)
    • Watercolor Pet Portraits, How to Choose a Source Photo

    • Taping and Prepping Paper

    • Making a Sketch

    • Transfering the Drawing

    • Mixing Colors

    • Undertones of Color

    • Shapes and Shadows

    • Fur n features

    • Deepening the shadows

    • Background Step 1

    • Background step 2

    • Fur and Fabric Details

    • Whiskers and Finishing Touches

    • Final Thoughts and Trim


About This Class

Pet portraits are a fun way to remember loved pets. They can be a great gift for someone and make them happy. We'll take a look at some techniques for drawing the portrait to get a better sense of proportion and volume. Then we explore mixing colors for animals. We paint undertones and add volume through shape and shadow. Finally, we add details and explore finishing touches.

There are many techniques in this video such as wet-into-wet, dry brush and detail painting. We also take a look at how to mix colors, determine shadows and work a little with complimentary colors.The course is more intermediate in style. If you are looking for information on basic materials, I suggest you check out my course on understanding and choosing watercolor materials first. Then you should be ready to jump in.

Take a look at the introduction video on how to choose a good photo for the work and then we'll get started!

Create an artistic, easy, floral archway and practice your faux marble skills!


  • Watercolor Paints (such as Windsor & Newton)
  • Watercolor Paper (such as Arches)
  • Brushes (such as Princeton or Utrecht)
  • Hard and Soft Pencils (Ebony or 4B or 6B and a #2 pencil)
  • Eraser (Mars Plastic Eraser)

Check out the Class Project tab for more info!

Just a little about me if you're curious, my name is Sohan Kaur Khalsa, I have a BFA in fine arts and about 20 years working with watercolor! I share watercolor classes on my Skillshare channel.





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Sohan Khalsa

Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Hey there!

I'm Sohan, graphic designer, illustrator, calligrapher, artist, and yogini.

I've made art since I was able to pick up a pencil (in the 80s) and it's been a winding road since. I also have a BFA in Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. I've always loved watercolor, but I work happily in different painting mediums, oil, acrylic, gouache and so on.

My design career started officially in 2008 with logo, web and graphic design projects. So...

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