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Painting Loose Florals with Watercolor

teacher avatar Farah Bidin, Artist, Founder of paintstobrushes

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools & Material

    • 3. Cherry Blossom

    • 4. Rose

    • 5. Hydrangea

    • 6. Pansy

    • 7. Sunflower

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


If you love to paint loose florals but always struggle to get the petals of your flowers looking like one, you have come to the right place. Through this class, you will master the art of replicating petals with simple step by step techniques that will help you create beautiful botanical paintings of your own. 

In this class, learn to paint Cherry Blossom, Rose, Hydrangea, Pansy and Sunflower. Apply basic painting techniques such as wet on dry, wet on wet as well as discovering color blending when painting the flowers.

This class is suitable for beginners as well as those who already paint to hone your brush skills or maybe learn to paint a new subject.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Farah Bidin

Artist, Founder of paintstobrushes


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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, welcome to my skill share class. I hope you're excited to learn how to pain loose florals with watercolor with me today. My name is Farrah, and I am watercolor artists and educator here in Malaysia. Some of you might also recognize me for my page paints, brushes over on instagram. In this grass, I will share with you my techniques in painting some of my favorite florals to paint. With watercolors, you learn how to work with border color and apply some basic painting techniques, such as wet on dry, where don't met and apply the techniques in painting cherry blossom roses, hydrangeas, sunflower fancies. In each lesson, you will learn how to paint a new flower, referencing for photos that you can find in the glass resources and working alongside with me. You'll also learn tricks and tips along the way to help you with your daily painting practices. 2. Tools & Material : 3. Cherry Blossom: make sure you take all the four I just off your paper, and for this flower, I'll be using my room brush in sized. Then it start by painting the flower branch here and make spend at brown with a little black to make the big hman darker, trying to make sure the branches really wet with pigments so you can use water to pull some off the thinner branches. By doing so, you create some branches bit softer, huge. - Now you can start painting the flower petals off the cherry blossoms. You can apply the basic five petal flower to paint the pedals off the flower. Start by mixing colors deluded with a good amount of water. For lighter color pedals, - you can add different colors like yellows. Like I did hear this word Chief and ice plan off the colors when they touch each other. Keep adding more flowers with different colors. Let some of the flowers with more Brigman touch those bottles that are still wet to chief color bleeds and blends Here. You can also apply wet on my technique by dipping more pigment into those pedals that are still wet. - Connect the entire branch to the flowers. Pay attention to the directions to where you want them to actually connect to the flower. You can also add some buds at the tip of the branch. - Finish off your chair, blossom by adding some little details like tiny leaves to the branches, and now you're cherry blossom is complete. 4. Rose: usually aval pain flowers from the center and work the pedals. After before this particular flower, I was thought the opposite way. This is because I tend to overwork my perils, and this way I make sure my flower stay in shape. You can also explore painting from the center and see which way around books best for you. It's all about experimenting. Raise that you find most comfortable and easy for you. So don't be afraid to try. Paint swirls for the sense of flour using the pointed tip off your brush. To make it easier for you, try placing your risk on your painting surface an angle, your brush 90 degrees or paint. In this world, Gradually build the outer petals around using the same process, and step one very the shapes off the curves. For your flower composition, apply darker pigments and pedals while the area is still wet to finish of your roast, you can now add stems to it. I make some sap green and some yellows to make the color olive green. I also added in some leaf detail the bottom off the flower. You can add in some, but that have not open yet or big leaves to complete euros. Painting 5. Hydrangea: sketch lightly with pencil the shape of the hydrangea flower. This is to make sure you paint the petals inside the shape. This is optional. You can free hand. Paint the pedals right away. Just make sure you think about the shape. While painting the pedals. Mix a lighter green to pay in the stems off the flower. I like to dip some brown's onto the wet understands to add some interests, load your Pickman off choice and start painting or four pento off a flower shape side by side in a group of cluster on dry paper. Paying a couple of this here and there. I usually start from the bottom or a sensor and work my way around well, you Flower petals are still wet loaded. Brush with water and try to paint the battles next to it. Try to paint it really closer to flowers. You painted olia so that some of the big hman rushes into the water. - Then look you wear around their eye and alternate different colors. Or use just water to get a blend off two or tree colors together to finish off. You can add some bigger leaves of the site, and your hydrangea painting is complete 6. Pansy: that's is so one of my favorites flower to painted watercolor, cause I can experiment and apply different techniques on one flower. It also helps that this why was there too cute? Paint. So load your brush with Pickman of your choice. Make sure you makes the Pickman red and dark paint to pedals as seen here before the pedals dry, rinse and loaded brush with just water to paint the lower pedal. Paint the water slightly close to the 1st 2 perils that you painted earlier. Let the Pickman bleed into the water. - Act details through the center of the flower. You can do this after the area has tried or while it's still wet. Typically every you squash to paint the flower details. You can use a small round brush a size two or four to paint the details at some dark lines on the pedals for more details and interests. - Thank you 7. Sunflower: start by loading your brush with some burnt sienna pain. Thought like marks for the center off the flower. Stop painting the pedals off the flower by loading your brush with some lemon yellow. Try painting the pedals from the mark so that some of the brown Pickman that is still wet blends with the yellows. Then a couple of the pedals around the sensor, verifying the length and stroke size. Try painting the pedals apart from each other. Now loaded brush with attacker yellow. Here, I'm using cadmium yellow and paint more pedals in the remaining white spaces. In the composition. - Leave the pedals to dry, and while waiting for the pedals to dry, you can paint the stems and leaves off the flower. - Now that the pedals have dried, can go back to it and create DACA dot like marks for the father center. Here I makes Van Dyke brown with a little black to add more interest to the details to 8. Final Thoughts: so that's the end off. 20 loose florals with order color With me, I hope you are able to take some of the techniques learn in this class, and I encourage you to continue painting them in your daily Floro painting practices. Step by step. Is it a follow instructions on the flowers? Talk in this class is also available for download in pdf format. If you're interested to get the able, please drop me an email being said Russia's at gmail dot com or visit my instagram page to find out more. I hope to see you again in my next class. Until then, happy painting.