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Painting Leaves in Gouache

teacher avatar Madonna Guinn, Artist and Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools and Materials

    • 3. First Leaf

    • 4. Second leaf

    • 5. Third Leaf

    • 6. Final details and Highlights

    • 7. Project and Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to the class of Painting Leaves in Gouache. In this 14-minute class, I am going to show you how to paint different kinds of leaves in different style. What you can expect in this class:

  • Tools and Materials
  • Sketching
  • Using live reference
  • Painting Gouache like watercolors
  • Layering techniques
  • Build confidence
  • stylize your painting
  • Show your own style
  • sketchbook practice

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Madonna Guinn

Artist and Illustrator


Hello, I'm Madonna! I am a Filipina Artist and Illustrator, a happy full-time Mom of one, and a walking wanderer based in Florida.  My big love for nature helps me to be creative in every way. I love to try to explore different kinds of media like watercolor, gouache, and pen. Most of my work is traditional so don't underestimate the power of your hands.

When I do not paint, you can find me in my garden digging sweet potatoes, or filming for my Youtube drawing channel. I really do believe that being passionate about art takes a lot of patience, effort, time, and allowing yourself to grow in your craft. If you are looking for support and a community that will help you inspired and bring the positive joy of learning, you are in the right place... See full profile

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1. Intro : Hi, everyone. I'm Madonna, Energis illustrator while comes in a glass of painting leaves in Quash. In this class, you will learn to paint before you guys and Leah's and different styles. I'll walk you through a simple tools materials how to paint wash like ordered color. We're going to use live preference in her own style. I'm going to show you how to layer your colors and had highlights to them, using pens to make the color this class for cares and anyone who likes to experiment and have fun with quashed. By the end of this class, we're going to make a project that you can fill up yours. Such book. Hunt to your wall, enhance your observational skills in under sitting about corn. So what are you waiting for? Grab your brushes, Let's get started. 2. Tools and Materials: hi again and thank you for your role in my class here, tools and materials that I will be using today. Let's start first with paper. I'll be using fiery a new hot breasts nine by 12 In newspaper. I love the soft extra or surface off this paper. Aside from this hot pressed paper, I'm going to use ex all watercolor councilman cold pressed paper. I like this a raft extra two off the paper and it's great for beginners, and it's very affordable for the price. A school to wash pains l Abusing Hall Buying Wash. I'll be using science primary science wide, yellow and sinkings of you know, MiGs with some magenta you can use it to. But let's try to avoid some black because we want to have a fresh green to it, so to prevent it to become muddy. All right, let's go. No. Two pellet. I will be using this palette. It has three divisions, and I normally don't play my palate so much. So this is what it looks like. It can be really more monsieur than that you can use, played or blessed equals if you have, so let's go to brush us, I'll be using rebel position, Travel said. Since I'm here in Philippines and I hope to use this small versus as possible, so this is a little bit expensive, but it's worth 40. Money and quality for her depends. I'm going to use some green collars for depend in all your Sharpie fine point pans for the highlights. I'll be using uni ball signal white Ben, and if you don't have it, you can use general penicillin, alternative mechanical pan and the razor giss ISS handy If you prefer to sketch leaves first before baiting and wash, it's no real necessary. But it's nice to have it. Glass of water, for instance. Your brushes haven't list two bottles already, and you can use baby tubal or rag to drive your versus last, but not the least leaves. You can get her some leaves. At least 3 to 5 leaves and lives will do for your reference, and it's all our tools materialists, and we'll see you in the next few, and we're going to pain leaves 3. First Leaf: for the first leave. I'm going to join the outline and believe first. If you're not comfortable and sketching and with your brush, it's OK. You can use your pencil, this exercise script for your gun control and, um, you think will brush that. It's great because you can pain to area faster and bigger. The barrage bigger two strokes such could make to, and I'm already makes up some a lighter color that I'm going to put for the next layer with no really pure white will make some allied cool color off green with a little bit of bluish to know, really cheating for a realistic painting just relaxed one. So wash is great for layering and form a second color I find really lied, so I still need to add more. So did the color we're going toe. Be mindful also, if you do leave the color with more water, it's one of the factory that can make her pain lighter, too. So that's one thing that you should given. My wash can really be tricky when you mix it without her collars. That's why sometimes is good to let the pain try first before you pain the next layer unless if you want to achieve a wet and what they think like in water color, see you in the nice video and we're going to paint the next leaves. For this time, we're going to paint only the based color for us, not to detail. 4. Second leaf: for the second leave. I'm going to sketch the Adlan off the leaf. All sword is shaved. And for the reference, I'm going to use a big leave. So I just put it on my sides. You will never feed on the table. And I'm going toe pain. The first space, it's Waterson lied. Green color started to add this second days. But this time I'll make it a little darker. House makes on this works by using the point par the tape on Michael brush notice. Make some painting a little faster so you can see how I used table by brush or how I put some pressure to it to make some gold. Dexter. I'm going to put some Mulvane to it, the scattering around the leaves. And if you have smaller bars, she can use it for domains. Also, this is just gonna have a guide to where I'm going to put the highlights later. So I'm going to see you and the next video for the third leave that we're going to pain. And this time, if you're gonna be a little different 5. Third Leaf: 43 live that we're going to paint. I am going to still use a reference photo and this wine. It's a little bit complicated to look at, but I'm going to show you did. When you see something that is a little complicated, too pained, it's better if we should break down first. The shapes so I'll be is here and just relax and doesn't have to be very perfect. Believes can be really irregular and shape. So it's okay to make mistakes and for the base colors. I'll may the sleeves a little darker, and those sick knicks reminds me of a water color. It's just a water downed wash, and I chose squash because colors are vibrant already, and it's great for painting. Leave, especially sometimes the collar. They really get very dark, and we can add some vain to it. This settled like caller and I'm going to see you in an X video, and I'm excited to put details and highlights to all the leaves that we painted 6. Final details and Highlights: noted where don painting duh based colors are the primary layers off the leaves. No work I'm going to use still Unipol Senior wide ban toward some additional details to the leaves, and you can use Primary White Wash that it's washed down or pure way to achieve dad style that you want. We can really use different kind of pens If you want to watch here of your style. It's really up to you for the last leaves. I'm thinking to add some word extra to it because I find kind of plain looking. So I'm going to use a light green collar, all the Sharpie pen and, um, got in draws some more very fine. Smaller vein to the Leafs says brighter baiting realist $6 leaves. You have the freedom to stylized your leaves, whatever you want, and I find this gonna call cause you can go buried a part that I already drone or layered by pen to the one that's I just painted with Go Wash. So yes, bring some life to it. So that said, we're done with the lives that were painted and washing pen and next video. I'm going to show you what kind of project that we're going to make for the class 7. Project and Final Thoughts: for the glass project. I want you to paint leaves using Wash you can being to split leave or different guys believes you can pay this many as you want. You can are incorporate squash with what? Color pens, whatever you like, does it? Don't be shy. Go show up your style And don't forget also to, ah, blow to your project in the gallery so everybody can see it. And I can't wait what to come up with. And if you want to post your project on Instagram, you can tummy or Skela share Hush dog skull Cheryle of style. Just remember to always great and dis enjoy painting. If you're interested in painting flowers in Guaje, he can check out my other wash classes on and hope you will like it. I'll see you in the next are the future classes and have a great day and happy painting