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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Painting Hydrangea: Introduction

    • 2. Painting Hydrangea: Tools & Materials

    • 3. Painting Hydrangea: Sketching the Flower

    • 4. Painting Hydrangea: Painting Flower Petals

    • 5. Painting Hydrangea: Painting Leaves & Final touch

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About This Class

This time, Farah will be sharing how she paints the Mophead Hydrangeas with watercolor using a Mop brush. Through hours of practice and experiments, she finds that painting Hydrangeas with a Mop brush is the best! So in this class, students will explore ideal brush strokes needed to paint the petals of the Hydrangeas and applying fundamental watercolor techniques such as blending and layering. Students will also discover beautiful color combinations that are apparent in Hydrangeas. 

At the end of the class, students will be able to paint the flower using the techniques Farah shares in this class. Suitable for beginners as well as a refresher class for those who have been practicing painting with watercolor and wants to sharpen their brush control using the Mop brush.

Hydrangea Photo for reference (source: pinterest)

Meet Your Teacher

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Farah Bidin

Artist, Founder of paintstobrushes


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Illustration Creative

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1. Painting Hydrangea: Introduction: Hello again. Welcome to my skill share class. In this class, I will be sharing with you how I paying hydrangea simply by using my five petal flower method that I also teach here on skill shares. Where I love about painting hydrangea is that I'm always discovering my own color combination that it's really apparent in the flower if you have new disco share. My name is Farrah and I am an artist here in my hometown, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, where I also takes watercolor workshops for the Guinness. Some of your emails and low me for my instagram page paints to brushes your Osama artwork and my creative journey in painting hydrangea. It's all about capturing the shape and the beautiful colors off this bloom. This class is suitable for beginners, a swallows intimate family assault vehicle. Each step in painting the hydrangea with you also be shown with your my shortcut in jaws in the shape of a flower, as well as painting the pedals off the flower. That may look complicated, but it's easy to paint. By applying the techniques and true practice, you'll be able to paint a flower and complice your own hydrogel printing and include them in your dilly Slava paintings. 2. Painting Hydrangea: Tools & Materials: as usual here, some of the basic watercolor materials that you will need to prepare before we stop. Until now, I want you to feel that it's okay to use whatever waterfowl tools that you already own the sovereign papers. For this class, I'll be using a single sheet causing papers. I find that printing with cough in people's works the bus to in painting a drink is because I'll be using a lot of blood on the technique, and Coquelin papers can absorb water. Very work. And I love using this run from back home. They are trained programs, and it comes in a block that is shape on the sites, and I've cut it into manageable size that I take onto Michael Book. You want to make sure that you tape all the four edges off your paper so that your people stay strapped. You'll also need some water color gains. I like using Bronx from Mr Newton Sin Aaliyah as well asshole being, and I'll just buy them into can screen some onto my pollack. Here, you can use whatever you wanna call it public that you have, um, like using this, particularly one that has round wells to hold off pains as well as a flat area for the mixing. You also need to jars to separate your warmer colors and your cover colors and have this water spray bottle comes in handy when you want to let you pains and to paint the head rangers. I'll be using a mop brush from consonant. And the reason why I using a mop brush to paint the flower symbol. Because this brush can hold a good amount of water, especially when using what on that technique. Another alternative for the mob rushes that you can use this brush from the Princeton Siri's section. Siri's I have here a size eight in a size six, which I use a lot for reference. I have this to pictures that I'll be referencing for the size Thomas Wallace the shape of the flower and also for color reference. You also need a paper towel. Teoh. A remove excess border from your brush. Now that we have all of our tools and the jewels ready, ask out into painting 3. Painting Hydrangea: Sketching the Flower : Now I'm gonna show you how I sketch the shape off my mop head hydrangea before start meeting. Um, you can use your own reference procure. And for this, you also need a tracing paper. So before that, um, I just want to tape the paper on my keyboard. You want to make sure that you get half of the tape on the paper and half on the board, So this is to make sure your papers stays flat and you paint, so I'll be using my own hydrangea painting year to trace the shape off the mophead hydrangeas just because my reference picture was too small for you guys to see. So what you need to do is really tracing paper. Um, you'll just need to trace along the outline off the head ranger shape and your outline. Um, you look like the shape off a broccoli or a human brain, so you want to keep this shape in mind if you don't want to do tracing and you just want to do freehand sketching Once you have done tracing the shape off your arm had hydrangea. You want a place on your tracing paper on watercolor people and make sure that you placed a flower shape on top and leave half off the papers and space for the Stanleys. Now get it. Prefer paper and place it under the tracing paper. And now you will start transferring the image onto your watercolor paper simply distressing back the outline that you've drawn. You don't want to put a lot of pressure when tracing the applying on. Sometimes graphite paper can leave us wrong, doc pencil marks on your people, so I just want a lightly trace it as long as as long as you can see the outlines on the watercolor paper, it's why no , that we've done, um, sketching and tracing the shape off the mop head Hydrangea flower. Just gonna lightly sketch the stem off this flower and also leaving some space for my leaves to pay later on. Now this tracing part is totally optional. You can, um, sketch lightly freehand without doing any tracing. Just keep in mind the shape off the a mop head hydrangea 4. Painting Hydrangea: Painting Flower Petals: I'm just gonna wet my brush and prepare my palate. Gonna be referencing the colors that I see from my picture here, and it's important to prepare your color before and test it out just to see that you have the color is that you want so you can do some color swatches on scrap papers. You can experiment with color hues and blending it with water and maybe doing some mixing to explore some color combinations. First, we're gonna be painting this them off the head ranger with some green tones amusing green gray from whole being for my stem here. And although for my reference picture, this demonstrate mine here is a bit crooked. So it's up new creativity, sometimes what? Use some imagination and not follow the picture reference completely. I'm also adding some darker greens on the side of my stem for the pedals. You want a load your brush with the talk of color here and mixing in some of my pencil violet and adding some things create darkening to paint the pedals. I'll be painting some dots, a smart kings for my pedal placement, and from here I'll be pulling inside out from the markings to create the federals off the hectoring Jeb. You want to add a little bit of pressure so that you'll get the shape off the pedals. E. I also like to pull some lines out from the pedals that are still wet. To create more pedals. Keep on creating the lines and painting the barrels. You can also make some blues to your violet makes just to give the hydrangeas some interest with harmonies colors. Make sure that you paint the hydrangea perils inside the outline that you have drawn earlier. This will ensure that your flower rule stayed in shape. Continue painting the pedals. Play around with the Hughes using pains or just water to create the pedals and work your way around and within the outline off this lower and usually for the top part of the hydrangea. I only paying two barrels and Sarah off for this is a gift delusion that you can only see the top part of the battles way 5. Painting Hydrangea: Painting Leaves & Final touch: now that I needed to head during jack paddles, I'm gonna be painting the leaves and some final touches to the pedals off the hydrangea. And I'm going to be referenced saying the leaves from my 100 your picture here and I'm gonna be painting Bigley's. I'm going to stop with the middle part off the leaf. So Pena line that grows from the same thing. Then I'll be painting the body or still leaves simply by cooling from the middle part, um, outgrowths, adding pressure and lifting pressures slowly when I reached the tip, repeat the same process that the Secondly, you can also keep some darker greens on areas off the leaves that are still for the third, please, because it is hidden behind the barrels and just gonna pain having to leave um, painting, the Al Klein says, and then just filling it with paint way. I'm also dipping some off a darker greens on the areas that are still wept. To get that shadow tones you see and belief as a final touch to the hydrangea pedals. I'm just gonna gonna add some dark markings on the pedals. You can also do this while the petals are still lead, which will give you a very interesting blending effect