Painting Gradient Ombre Skies In Acrylic

Emily Keating Snyder, Colorful LA Artist + Designer

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10 Videos (30m)
    • Introduction

    • Supplies

    • Gradient Intro + Demo

    • Mixing Your Colors

    • Practice time

    • Project Inspo

    • Taping Your Composition

    • Final Painting Fun!

    • Untaping

    • Share Your Art!


About This Class

In this fun class we'll create a colorful gradient skyline on canvas using acrylic paint!

Read on...


If you're used to painting with acrylic you'll pick this technique up in no time! And if you're new to acrylic it will just take a bit of quick practice. But creating gradients is actually a perfect way to get started in acrylic as you'll get a real feel for the paint’s consistency and blendability.

This technique can be used for abstract pieces or for any kind of blending you might need in a more realistic painting. For our project, we'll create a city skyline with a beautiful gradient/ombre sky background. I'll show you my tricks to make it easy as (NYC pizza) pie.

Sunny skies ahead!

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Es facil de seguir. Me gustaría que nos dijera las marcas de sus materiales de arte.
Thanks, that was fun and a great introduction to ombre painting!





Emily Keating Snyder

Colorful LA Artist + Designer

I'm a colorful LA artist who also adores teaching and creating with others in a fun, easy-going way. My favorite mediums are paint, watercolor, collage, and embroidery. I believe in the importance of working with our hands and turning mistakes into art. I'm happiest when working with my hands and love art that hints at the human who made it with little imperfections and variations.

I studied art and art history (and cool things like book making and Zen Buddhism) as part of my custo...

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