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Painting Garden Landscape with Watercolor

teacher avatar Farah Bidin, Artist, Founder of paintstobrushes

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools & Materials

    • 3. Mark Making Exercise

    • 4. Sketching & Laying Masking Fluid

    • 5. Painting Background

    • 6. Painting Trees

    • 7. Painting Grass and Iris Pathway

    • 8. Bonus Video Painting Leaf on Trees

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


In this class, Farah will be sharing how she approach painting Garden Landscapes with simple watercolor and mark making technique. Learn the marks she uses to create grass, leaf on trees and garden flowers this time with the use of masking fluid. As a bonus, Farah will also demonstrate how she paints variety of trees using easy to follow brush strokes and layering technique.

At the end of the class, students will be able to create their own garden landscape with pathway using the technique learnt in class. As an added bonus, students who successfully completes a Garden Landscape painting and posting it on the Class Project will receive one of Farah's Watercolor Garden Landscape Booklet she uses in her workshops here in Malaysia as a token of appreciation. 

This class is suitable for beginners as it explores mark making using simple brush strokes.

Some of the reference you can print in this class:

Garden Landscape with Pathway photo reference

You can find the PDF copy of the Mark Making exercise in the class project

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Farah Bidin

Artist, Founder of paintstobrushes


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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. Welcome to my school shirt class and so excited to teach you one of my favorite subjects to pain garden landscape. Brathwaite. My name is Farrah and I am watercolor artists here in my hometown in Malaysia, and I also teach water Calderwood shops. Some of you might recognize me from my Instagram Page paints a brushes on account of set up to document my progress in watercolor, and I also share simple read of the Terrell's and tips on working with this medium thistle down. I'll be sharing with you my approach in painting Guidant landscapes with simple mark making techniques. Also the sharing with you how I do a simple sketching laying on my skin clip. I swell as the marks I used to create grass, living trees and garden flowers. Thin end of the glass. You will be able to create your own gun in landscape if pathway, using the techniques learned in class. Along with practice, you'll be able to apply the lessons learnt in pitting other garden landscape composition. This'll class is suitable for beginners as it explores smart making techniques isn't simple . Brush strokes 2. Tools & Materials: so, as usual, we need to prepare our painting the zeros before we stop anti. Um, you will need your water color palette. I use most leave and see news, and professional is Willis Cotman to water jars of paper towel. And I also have a few sizes off a round brush here. A big one for my background. Maybe a larger ones, Um, in size eight and a size 10 medium ones in size six and four and a smaller one for my details and size to and so on a razor. I also have this toe for my mask and flipped. Um, I'll be using the tip here. Maskin split from into Newton and because I have a big ajar Buttle Um, usually I'll put it in a small a juror so I don't end up using the whole lot. Also have this bulletproof right from Dr British Martin's, since I Missile used them to pay the white flowers and watercolor paper. I'll be using this cotton paper trended grams from bow home, and it wasn't a reference picture are provided a link to my Pinterest sport for you to take a look at it. That's it 3. Mark Making Exercise: mark making is an important way of how I approach my landscape paintings. I use marks to create shadows. Grass time, a flower leaves on trees, flowers and so on. Knowing how to use your brush will hold your breast skills and strengthen how you express ideas. Story a painting dry, experimenting with different brush types and see the kind of marks taken may wrong brushes and size for and to our what I used to most when making monks because they can create fine details. For example, tiny dots, dashes, risk clicks assumes broader strokes. Um, so let's try and dissemble rush from exercise and make some off the marks, as you can see here thes air some of the strokes that I will be using when, um um painting the garden landscape. Um, and maybe you can also try and see if you can make your own marks. Using the brush is that you already have 4. Sketching & Laying Masking Fluid: for our garden landscape. We need to do some light stretching for placement. Now. I started off with a line about 1/3 across my paper just to get a sense of perspective and where my pathway sides will appear to converge another point on the horizon. I'm also imagining that there is a fence of this picture when there is a lot. So you also want to get some of the dominant things that you can see like things big trunk tree in the front. A swell is the smaller ones at the distance. E. I also want to get some shapes off the irises flower that IHS close, uh, to me, so you can refer to the flower itself just to get a sense of how the shape is generally is where you can just sketch any shapes that gives the feeling that it's a flower petals, Theo for the better off levels or viruses that is at a distance. I just want to paint roughly some flower shapes, sort off like bubbles, and I'm not gonna worry so much about it because I'll be covering enough good masking it later on, so you don't want to worry so much about the shape one way with this color shape to abusing the step here instead off this brush, so masking fluid will help me protect areas that I want to make sure Stace White. So I'll only be covering the flower part way thing services. So since I'm single hard enough, so make sure you don't move the dried bits so that it comes off smugly when you paint with it. Another tip is that if you're using a normal brush to paint with masking fluid, um, rinsing it off with soapy water will help you protect your brush. But you need to do this every now and then when you dip it on masking with. So I decided that my friends will be white, so I'll cover this apus well. 5. Painting Background: now we'll masking. Fluid has tried so we can do our background. Now. Be using my biggest size inside 16. Maybe I'll change it up. Teoh Size aid. Much more easier. So you want to get the colors that you see from your reference picture? I'm just meeting some greens, mixing, mixing it up with some blues yellows to capture the greens of the grass. And you also want to get some of the colors off the lily. So I'm just putting leading some, like lighter blues and violets. Um, on the areas that I painted with masking flute. So this will give me a sense if idea where my irises will be when it strike. - So I want to get this. Um, you know, Iris is here, and I'm just gonna put some yellow, um, colors where I see them on the picture. Wait. So I'm gonna do the other side, um, getting all the greens and alter knitting. It's a blues. Maybe some yellows. E. I also want to get some of this violent magenta squalus, some of the blues on the irises, so you don't really have to get the color. You just want to get the feel of it, and you wanted to blend together with the greens and you want O. Make sure that you keep it light. Not too, too bright. You want to make sure that everything stays wet and soft. Justices Just a background. So in the picture of the background, it's a bit of a doctor, but I want to change it up. I want to paint skies blue skies instead so you can pain skies, or you can pay them according to the picture. So it's up to you. So I'm just mixing up the Browns that I have on my part. I think this is left over some Grant Sienna, so I'm just I'll be painting the pathway this color, and later on I'll be getting some of the shadows using some pains. Great. When painting the background, you want to make sure that the colors are soft and you want to tell you the pain's, um, with a lot of water. So you want to keep on loading your brush with water and making sure that everything's blends well and nicely. 6. Painting Trees: So for my trees, I'm gonna be mixing something like Brahms on my treat drunk here. And I'll stop by painting this tree furs. So this tree has a bigger tree trunk, and I'm also good going to pay some of the branches that IHS picking through the lease the shape of the tree trunk. It's okay if you beans it on the masking fluid or your grass. You can cover them up later and didn't start with the smaller one for their up. Also siding with tree trunk and for the leaves of the trees. I'll be mixing samalin greens and some topic greens, and you can see here I'm not painting actually leaves and just pulling some lines and doing this marks to create the trees. And that is how I approach my landscape paintings. I use Mark Mark making Teoh great the leaves on the trees, and I'm not really pleating photo realistic off the trees. So I'm just giving you this'll marking set looks or give the feel like this is a tree and the end of this class. As a bonus, I'll be taking you how to pain tree types of trees. So let's do this one first. You also want to get some off the branches days sort off picking through the leaves on the trees. So you want to do this. Ultimately, when beans in the leaves, you also want to get some of the branches, prepare some of the branches, and one of the thing I do while I pain trees is that I want to make sure that my branches are wet enough so that when I paint the leaves on the branches, the brown sort off blends into the greens, and this will give my trees from a natural look. When the two colors Glenn's together E , I can see some leaves growing outside. Just gonna get some of that. Sometimes you want to take a step back and just look at the shape of the trees that see whether it needs a couple more. So you decide on how you want to shape your treats. - Some more leaves for this street here consists kind of look empty, and I'll be shaping it, using some docket greens on bond and also loading my brush wit some water so that the Doctor green's sort of blends into the water to create softer leaves and just gonna be painting some of the markings. Just a shape. This tree here 7. Painting Grass and Iris Pathway: now that the background has tried because starting to the grasses for our gun in painting most of the time I was thought my grasses from the bottom, using more king messages, um, lines or curves to create the blades off the tall grasses and also for the FLOTUS stuns. So you want to imagine tall grasses swing and being alone with win, and you want to create this feeling for your painting? You also want to use the colors that you painted for on your first layer as a guide for the colors off your grass is you don't want to use just one type of greens. So you wanna create, um, other types of screens, maybe yellow greens, maybe darker greens, and you want a variety and look at the picture for colored reference. Um, a smell. A spaceman for your grasses. You still want to leave? Um, some of the background color showing through. So don't be the grasses markings too close to each other. So I'm just going to start painting the grasses that is further away from the eye. Now, when you want to pain classes, step is, um, at the distant. You don't want to create long. What's all grass is almost the same height as the grasses that you pain closer to the I. You want to create the illusion that oh, that grass is at a distance and you can only see the top off the grass. So you want to paint smaller markings almost like thoughts s continue building the markings for the grass. Now, this is the part where everything is building up and falls into place so you can really see the composition of your landscape painting. About 60% can say so. You don't want to overwork this now that all grass is drying because removed the masking flip that we painted earlier on. So I'm using this tool, um called rubber picker that you can use to remove them, asking Flip. You can also use your fingertips to remove the masking fluid, but you want to make sure that your fingers are clean enough. Um, it's much more easier using the rubber picker because you need to put some pressure when removing the masking fluid, but not too hard because you might end up tearing the paper, so do it gently but put enough pressure to remove it way have removed the masking fluid with stop printing on areas that I left white for our services. So, as you can see, I started off painting the pedals on the inside of the white areas, following the shape that I painted early on with the masking fluid. So I painted the pedals with the lights of wash and then, using a smaller size and smaller brush in size two, I did a darker shade of color on the pedals. Um, I also painted the center details with some yellows so you can do the same step for the other irises. Want to keep on referencing your picture for some of the irises that has different colors for the pedals? Use the technique to paint all of the other viruses, and for flowers that is at the distance you don't want to worry so much about. I'm getting the petal shapes, as they did for the irises status at the bottom. You just want to fill up the white areas and starting with lighter wash and then tipping it with the docker um, color and using the battle bad technique. - You also don't have to cover all the white areas. You want to leave some unpainted to give the illusion off. White flowers 8. Bonus Video Painting Leaf on Trees: 9. Final Thoughts: So the ice That's the end off harder pain garden landscapes with simple mark making techniques. I want to share with you some of my, um, garden landscape paintings that I created using the mark making technique. And if you completed your garden landscape and uploaded it onto the Class four, check ascended added bonus. You will see if this what a cultural shop booklet that I used in my classes here in Malaysia so you can refer to some of the techniques inside while you do your landscape painting. So I hope you enjoyed the class, and you're able to take away some of the techniques that you learned and apply it on your daily watercolor painting breakfast. Do check out my other school share classes how to paint, Puniet says. Well, last the five better flowers and yeah, follow me on instagram beings the rushes to connect with me. So thank you for watching