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Painting Flowers with Marks: A Daily Painting Challenge

teacher avatar Farah Bidin, Artist, Founder of paintstobrushes

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools & Materials

    • 3. Day 1 Craspedia

    • 4. Day 2 Goldenrod

    • 5. Day 3 Lavender

    • 6. Day 4 Lupine

    • 7. Day 5 Cornflower

    • 8. Day 6 Pampas Grass

    • 9. Day 7 Daisy with Masking Fluid

    • 10. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


In this class, you'll learn how to paint a new flower everyday using mark making technique. Mark making is a technique that help you get expressive with your brush and create beautiful strokes, textures and patterns. Making marks also helps you to understand your brush better and use it to its full potential when painting. In each day of this Daily Watercolor Challenge, you'll learn 7 flowers and ideal marks needed to paint flowers like Lavenders, Cornflowers, Daisy and more. Through each daily lesson, you will strengthen your brush skills and learn to apply the mark making technique in your own floral paintings.

Daily Watercolor Challenge lessons:-

Day 1: Craspedia

Day 2: Goldenrod

Day 3: Lavender

Day 4: Lupine

Day 5: Cornflowers

Day 6: Pampas Grass

Day 7: Daisy

When painting from pictures, Farah often goes to Pinterest as her source for flower inspirations. Click the link below to go to her board as she will be using the reference photos on it for this class, but feel free to use any inspiration you like.

Flower reference pictures

List of supplies & materials

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Farah Bidin

Artist, Founder of paintstobrushes


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1. Introduction: look into my Scotia class. If you had a sneak peek on Day one off this painting, our daily challenge, I hope he got you on board and excited to continue this challenge. My name is Farrah and I watercolor artist and educator here in Malaysia. Some of you might also recognize me from my page paints to brushes over on Instagram In the seven day painting Challenge, I will share with you my love off painting flowers. We've watercolor and using mark making techniques, one of the techniques that I teach McGinnis in my floral paintings Workshop isse, using marks to paying basic flowers. You can also find me teaching this class here on sculpture as the self taught artist. Marks has helped me in my Floro pedal placement composition, and I learned how to combine making marks as well as other painting techniques in my floral paintings interpretation. You'll also learn how to work with watercolor and apply some basic watercolor techniques painting using photo for reference. How do US precious to Mike marks? Use masking fluid in painting flowers and practice them as your daily painting practice. It's day you will learn how to shame a new flower. I have been saying for photos that you can find this grass, although we will be painting from pitches. Challenge yourself to also put your own spin into friends. Even flowers, maybe is in your own marks are taking the colors working alongside with may See home you're daily painting practices. 2. Tools & Materials: so you'll need to prepare your tools and materials before we start painting. You'll need some watercolor papers. I'll be using 100% cotton in 200 jazz. Um, a couple of round brushes. I have says 406 and a size eight. Not sure whether I'll be using all of them, but it's good to have them in hand. Um, you water jars and you water color palette off course. And I'll also be using masking split. These are from Winston Newton. It's for painting one of the flowers in this class, and I'm just gonna be spritzing my paint that have tried here. Um, yeah, and basically, this is your basic set up. You don't have to go out and buy new ones used whatever tools and materials you'll have, um, in hand and let's get started painting office flower 3. Day 1 Craspedia: Hi. Welcome today, one. So I'm gonna start off this flower with my round six brush. I'm going to start off by painting the stands and from the photo. I see some of them are overlapping each other, so I'm gonna get that. So once I'm done with the stems, I'm gonna be painting this round shaped, um, balls on the stands and using some Kim Boje yellow. Not sure that's how you pronounce it, but you can use whatever yellows that you have and just paint this round shape on both on the stunts that you painted early on. So you want to try to pay the round shape balls pretty much the same size for all the flowers. I live this parts of drivers before I start painting the marks on it. And while we wait, we can add some highlights too. I was stunned here. If some of my greens have blood into the yellow, that, um it's OK, um, just grabbed my brush and just pick up some of the greens that have blood onto the yellow. This happens while it's because it's still wet. So it's no big deal. Um, continue to add highlights. So all of the stuns. So the markings on this flower I've loaded my brush with some burnt sienna. And as you can see here, I'm doing this repetitive thoughts painting on the flower. And instead of painting the whole flower, I just paint it, have a fit and letting the first layer show. You can also add in some docker brown's to your markings. This will give your, um, highlights more depth, and that's stay one flower. I hope this flower got you excited to paint more. I'll see you next and a two. 4. Day 2 Goldenrod: welcome to day two, said today will be painting some golden rod. Yes, In my round six brush, I start off painting this time off the golden rod starting from the bottom, applying pressure and a slavish upwards, I apply this pressure and load my brush with water to dilute it. So I get lighter Hughes at a tip off my stem, switching to my size for and pulling up from the sums. I paint this then like branches, and this is where I will be painting the petals off the cold in hot, using the same marks as we did in painting the crispy dia. You want to paint this repetitive shots to paint the pedals off the golden rod to make it look more natural looking. Sometimes I like to re wet the thin branches that I painted early on so that the yellows and greens we'll blend together and this will make it look more natural looking. And you want to continue this the same process off all the branches. I like to mix all the yellows that I have. Come on, my palette. I have lemon yellow, my gamble ge yellow and some yellow joker and to lighten up the yellows I diluted with more water. So I also say some smaller leaves growing on the branches were also want to try to get that just using some basic strokes to create the leaves wouldn't add more perils to Mike. Wouldn't wads to this and this basis. So this will give my flower a muffler look, so I'll just add in more off the markings to create the petals off the flower. That's the end of day two. Painting Golden Rod and in the Tree will be painting some Lebanon's. 5. Day 3 Lavender: So in day one and two, you've used dots to paint the crispy DEA in Golden Rod Flower, who also be using similar marks. The paint Lebanese to start off with less prepare systems. Island will stop halfway and rinse my brush with water and continue painting the rest of the stem in a lighter hue. This way, when I paint 11 pedals later, my lightest amble Sarnoff fade in the background, and you don't really see this them behind the pedals. I also want to pain some of the least that I see at the bottom from my reference picture. Try to paint the leaves in different use, diluting your greens with more water to get the lighter. Hughes and some leaves are more saturated for the pedals. You want to load your brush with more saturated colors, so I'm mixing some violence with some ultra marine blue, adding just enough water so that it moves smooth. Leave. Remember, wish I wanted to be a saturated. It's possible to start up with. Now that I got some of the doctor pedals, I'm gonna rinse my brush completely and just load my brush with water and start making marks pulling out from the docker perils moving upwards This way, some of the colors will blend into the water for a softer looking pedal. Connect some of the pedals to this. Them we had some lines so that it is a look like the pedals are floating. Um, out off this them for the final touches. I'm just gonna add in some highlights to my stem and also add in more DACA leaves to the bottom of my stem. Here. Just gonna pain a couple more and you'll completed day tree off painting. Loved nous. The next will be painting a bunch of Le Pena flowers, and that is in day four. 6. Day 4 Lupine: so welcome today for today we will be painting the flower of the pain acid ate for the 1st 3 flowers. We will start by painting a few stands for this flower looking my flower reference. There are a bunch of them so low Prepare a few stems close to each other For the first time , I'll be planting with the color magenta and with my round six brush A wanna paint similar marks that I used in painting lavenders on each side of my stem. Here, try not to dilute the paint with too much water yet as we want the markings to be dark once you're done painting half of Philippine Renzi rush in water and now painted just water, using the same marks replacing it near the Dhaka mocks so that the paint touches the water , giving it some color. But yet creating software Hughes is that for the second time I'm mixing some magenta and I'm picking up some more violent together, so the color blends one. I paint the marks. Continue the same process, painting the darkened marks first, then pull. Some of the DACA mocks with just water, who put the same steps for all of the other Le Pene and trying to experiment with more colors, - switching to around four brush. Want to create lines to connect the flower petals to my stones? You can also layer more of the markings with DACA pains to shape a flower and to make it more fuller. What a finish off this flower painting by adding in some green fully edges that I see from my photo reference and the done with Clinton Lucquin next year will be painting some cornflowers I'll see in Day five. 7. Day 5 Cornflower: you made it into day five K. I hope you're having fun painting the flowers. By now. You should be seeing some progress with your mark making technique. So today we will be painting some confidence to start up with this stems. I've make some lemon yellow into myself. Green and I paid a few curve looking lines for the Sims off this power. So from the photo reference, I can see some of the flowers have light of loose at the background and more DACA ones in the foreground. So let's start replacing lighter blue marks at the center off the flowers and continue to pain a few lighter ones at the top of the sense painting marks going around and at more to the outer again, the same marks and light. Eaton's try imagining the size of the flower that you'll be painting, so it plays the markings slightly above this them, so you'll have room to paint the outer pedals. Once we have made it. A couple of the lighter Hughes, you know, start painting the duck a blues using the same marks and starting from the center off the flowers on top of distance for the doctor pedals Renzi brush and pull out some of the markings out with just water. This is the same technique that we did with the Loop teens in Day four. You can also paint the marks with some greens and dip some blues into it for some blending effect. This will add in some interests your con flower painting. Paint a couple more off the dark markings near the lighter colored flowers and repeat the same process and techniques as we did for the earlier flowers. Now paints a more sims and highlight the lighter ones that we painted early on to complete this flower. I want to paint some smaller ones. We just little blue dots and lighter lines for the Sims and, speaking of lines, will be using them as workings for Day six. Just painting pampas grass. 8. Day 6 Pampas Grass: Welcome today, six. Today we're painting some pampa scraps. I recently discovered this flower on Pinterest and thought it'd be cool to paint them using marks as they did for the other flowers. Prepare since since we're just gonna be painting them from the corner, left side movement to us, the center off the paper and also prepare a few straight ones but still painting cough lifelines for them. Switching to my round eight, I'll be princes and lions growing out from systems as my markings for the pedals off this flower, I'm painting quit marks, pulling out from the some, also making sure I curve the lines out to make it more natural looking. I'll repeat the same step for the other side of the storm. You want to finish off H stems before going to the next. Also play with colors using different but harmonies. Kahlo's will give her flowers a fresher look and at some interest to each individual stems continue to repeat the same steps for all of the other stunts. Don't forget to also use the techniques that we learned earlier in this class, such as pulling the pigment with just water to create softer hues as well. A splendid with two or three colors for the pedals. I also like to add in some doctor colors to add some pop to my flower painting amusing some scarlet lake here, and I'm also gonna be dipping. Some of the areas that I see are so well, finish off by adding doctor highlights to your stems. Maybe add in a couple more to make your pampas grass more full of looking, - and we're done with painting our pampas grass in our next to last class will be using masking food to paint some daisies. 9. Day 7 Daisy with Masking Fluid: Yea, today's the last day of the challenge. I'm so far on a view to make it all the way to Day seven. On today will be playing with mascots lit to paint a white daisies. But before doing anything that massive fluid, I'm just gonna be painting this little yellow dots here and there. And this will be the markings of the sensors off ill thought flowers. Now muscles late, Issa resist, so they can actually ruin the bristle off your brush. But if you have a two like this, you can use the sun instead so that you don't ruin your brush. If you don't have this tool, it's fine. You can use whatever should brush that you have that you can just stroll way. They're ruined by the mass influence. Another tip I use in protecting my brushes when I use my sinful. It is that to have soapy water to rinse the brush with so painting mask athlete. It's like painting within normal watercolor pain. It's just that there are sometimes colorless or has this milky, creamy white color so that you can actually see that you're painting. You want to paint some pedal marks off the daisies with the mass into it paint as if you're actually painting the pedals off the daisies. Then once you're them, you want to leave them to try. Once they have tried, you cannot start painting on them. We'll be painting a wash for the background, using some wet on wet technique. Make sure you cover all of the areas that has mask influence. Otherwise, you'll not see the markings off your flower pedals that you place on earlier leaves to dry again using muskets late. It's another technique I use in painting white flowers or my gun and landscape that you can also find me teaching here on skills here. After the background has drive, you can peel off the mask, include using your fingers or a rubber picker. Now all of the mass complete has been removed. You can now see the pedals off your white daisies that you painted with masking fluid. Early on. Let's Spain some stem for our flowers. By now you will be comfortable painting crew like lions for the stems. - I want to add highlights to the yellow senses, so I'm mixing some yellow poker and just painting half of the yellow senses as highlights. This is also exactly what we did in Day one off painting Crispy Dia. You can also do the same for your pedals. Here I make some Payne's gray diluted with a lot of water to the pedals off the flour. For some highlights, finish your daisy flowers by adding some greens. Mixing a duck a green for your lives will add contrast to your paintings. 10. Final Thoughts: so that's the end of the class. I hope you enjoy painting the flowers, and I encourage you to continue painting them in your daily painting practices. Be sure to share your paintings in because Project Gallery and you can also post them over on instagram, using using the hash site daily Painting Challenge for two dozen 19 and stay tuned for more painting flowery challenges with me here over on skill share, I'll be sharing. Do more techniques on how the pain that's in the meantime, um, happy painting and take care. I'll see you soon.