Painting Flowers with Acrylic | Kristy Lankford | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. My Paint Colors

    • 3. Value Scales One

    • 4. Value Scales Two

    • 5. New Technique: Etching

    • 6. Flower Brainstorming

    • 7. Flowers Project


About This Class

In this beginner's acrylic painting class, you will learn about painting flowers. Artist and art teacher, Kristy Lankford discusses NEW techniques that will help you learn about acrylic painting. You will learn about mixing different color values, engraving into your paint, and, finally, putting your acrylic painting techniques into a final, fantastical flower artwork. This class is fun and approachable. All artist levels are welcome and encouraged to join the class. 


This class can be taken on its own or after taking my other introductory class called Acrylic Painting. It is not necessary to take them in order, however, some techniques discussed in Acrylic Painting may come in handy when working on your project in this class. 

Acrylic is a versatile paint medium that can be applied to many different surfaces including illustration board, drawing paper, wood, glass, mirror, leather, and more. Learning some of the basic techniques for painting with acrylic can open up a new world of painting and crafting options that require acrylic paint. 

Kristy Lankford is an artist and art teacher who has be making and teaching art for over 10 years. She always has at least one sketchbook with her at all times and she is sure to make something in her sketchbook every single day. Acrylic paint is her favorite medium. Her hand painted custom artworks are sold online through the shop mokoandco and her Etsy shop kristyorrillu.


Join us for a quick and easy class that will give you the basics to get started painting with acrylic.