Painting Crashing Waves In Watercolor | Eva Nichols | Skillshare

Painting Crashing Waves In Watercolor

Eva Nichols, Watercolor Artist

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8 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Painting The Sky

    • 4. Painting The Rocks

    • 5. Painting The Rocks & Crashing Waves

    • 6. Final Details

    • 7. Class Project Description & Samples

    • 8. Wrap Up


About This Class

Class Description


In this class I will show you how to paint ocean spray and waves crashing against rocks.

In the process you will learn some basic watercolor techniques such as wet-into-wet, dry brushing, creating soft and "lacy" edges, as well as some fun and easy ways to create crashing water and waves in an ocean or large body of water.  You can use these techniques to create wonderful, dynamic seascapes.

Whether you are a beginner, or a more experienced watercolorist this class is sure to teach you new and exciting watercolor techniques to enhance and bring new excitement to your watercolors!

  1. Introduction and sample of a finished painting created with the watercolor techniques we will use for this project.
  2. Discussion of materials used in this painting demo. Light sketching as needed.
  3. Painting the background sky using wet-into-wet and dry-brushing techniques, as well as creating the beginning of spray and crashing water.
  4. Painting the rocks and ocean water and spray using wet-into-wet technique, as well some dry brushing techniques to create the crashing waves and ocean spray.
  5. Evaluating and completing the painting.
  6. For your class project you will paint along using the watercolor techniques demonstrated to create your own seascape with crashing waves and ocean spray.

Please make sure to post your painting to the project gallery!

This class is great for both beginners as well as more experienced watercolor enthusiasts. No previous painting or drawing skills necessary – just an open mind and a playful spirit!