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Painting Blooming Flowers in Gouache

teacher avatar Madonna Guinn, Artist and Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Examples and Inspiration

    • 4. Easy Mixing Color

    • 5. Brush Techniques

    • 6. Line Roses

    • 7. Loose Roses

    • 8. Bunch of Wildflowers

    • 9. Realistic Desert Rose

    • 10. Watery blooms

    • 11. Silhoutte

    • 12. Floral composition

    • 13. Final Thoughts

    • 14. Bonus

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About This Class

Welcome to the class of Painting Blooming Flowers in Gouache. In this 29-minute class, you will learn to paint flowers in different style that any beginner can do. I will walk you through supplies, how to get inspiration, easy color mixing method, brush techniques and understanding how to paint flowers. This class will unlock your creativity and develop your painting skills. I'll show you set of examples of botanical composition or arrangements that you can apply to your illustrations or designs. By the end of this class, you will have your own flower collection that you can give to your love ones, sell or add to your portfolio. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your brush and let's begin!

Music by: Carefree Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Madonna Guinn

Artist and Illustrator


Hello, I'm Madonna! I am a Filipina Artist and Illustrator, a happy full-time Mom of one, and a walking wanderer based in Florida.  My big love for nature helps me to be creative in every way. I love to try to explore different kinds of media like watercolor, gouache, and pen. Most of my work is traditional so don't underestimate the power of your hands.

When I do not paint, you can find me in my garden digging sweet potatoes, or filming for my Youtube drawing channel. I really do believe that being passionate about art takes a lot of patience, effort, time, and allowing yourself to grow in your craft. If you are looking for support and a community that will help you inspired and bring the positive joy of learning, you are in the right place... See full profile

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1. Intro : Hi Madonna minorities since rare base in Florida. Welcome to the class of baiting blooming flowers and wash. In this class, you will learn to paint flowers and different styles that any beginner complaint I'll walk you her supplies. How to get inspiration. You see color mixing method of brush techniques in understanding and how to paint flowers using line they early lose in life reference. This class will locker creativity and develop your painting skills. I'll show you some examples off botanical composition or arrangements, but you can apply to your illustrations for designs. But an of this class, you will have your own lower collections that you can give your loved ones. Sao are out to your portfolio. So what are you waiting for? Because your brush, let's begin. 2. Supplies: Hello and welcome again. Thank you for your rolling in my class here, the tools and materials that I will be using today. Let's start for a sweet paper, just like in water Caller. Since squash is a water based mitre, you can use watercolor paper. There are many available paper in the market today, and here are some the affordable paper that you can try. Johnson called Press. It's right more you can use also because, and makes me Joe. If you have a sketchbook, that's great, too. But my favorite broadened is Fibria, No hot pressed paper. This is a eight by 10 inch newspaper. It has 12 pages already, and you can purchase it online for less than $7. I personally love the smooth surface off this paper and feel free to use whatever paper that's available to you for gosh paint. I will be using whole bine artist squash caller mixing set. It has five colors already in. It consists of primary black, wide yellow, cyan and magenta. I highly recommend this brand specially for beginners because of through things it's affordable, and it will make you uncomfortable for just a short period of time. I will explain it to you later in our color mixing time. It has bright colors. Also, it's perfect for painting flowers. Let's move on to paint brushes. I really enjoy painting Wash with aqua brush or water brush, maybe because it reminds me so much our water collar. But I will still be using traditional a brush to for the class, and my favorite one is the number to brush. Even though Gua sh doesn't need so much water, I encourage you to have at least two glasses. Oh, water, would you? While painting to prevent from being muddy color palette for color palette, I like to use ceramic blade. I'm messy when I'm painting. I like this type of ballot because I feel like I have more freedom in mixing the colors in flat surface. You can use plastic pallet also or even paper to assure mixing palette. Last but not elitist. Make sure you have your peg, your trouble of Jew, and that's set in the next video. I'm going to show you some examples off floors that I painted in gouache 3. Examples and Inspiration: Here are some examples of blooming flowers. Then I painted in quash. It has vibrant color and dissipate property there. Paint dries quickly than watercolor, and you can layer the color very well to you can painted. Wash directly onto the paper, or you can use pencil first for sketching. Either way, it's OK. This type of pain is great for any painting style. You can paint and lose or even try to paint realistic flowers. One of the advantage of gosh is that you can pay them mostly in any surface, like wood can less for paper. If you're looking for inspirations, there are many ways to find him, so the spring time they are everywhere may go to when I want to feed my eyes for flowers. ISP interest. I'm a bookish also, so I like to collect botanical books to get to know more about flowers. If my time permits, Going to a botanical garden or even visiting Lowe's or Home Depot is one of the things you can do to spend your days 4. Easy Mixing Color: in this video, I'm going to show you how simple it is to make scholar wig wash when I'm distorting to painting, watercolor and gosh color mixing is what I'm debating. Process that air feel intimidated and uncomfortable. But today, before we paint flowers, I just want you to have fine and relax. Well, you're mixing color furs. So here's the fun park. Now I will diss. Use three primary colors cyan, magenta and yellow, and I'm going to use an empty water caller or a blank watercolor paper as my pull it on the spot. I will disgrace the color right from the tube in to the paper. So all this yellow science in magenta and I'm going to use equal amount off the primary colors to makes to secondary colors. So let's start first with the yellow going to mix yellow and science so we will have queen next magenta and yellow for our age, sighing and magenta to make purple. Were you dining with the first part? Let's go now to there brochure E collars. So in this part I'm going to use different amounts of the primary colors to makes the door sherry callers. So I'm going to start with rad violet. So to make this collar dis add magenta and a little bit of science. For blue violet, just add sion and a little bit of magenta for blue green disk. Add Syrian in a little bit of yellow and then yellow, green and yellow, and a little bit of science bill or age. You are the yellow and a little bit of magenta. And for red orrange, you had magenta in a little bit of yellow and you did it. This starts are great for our friends and especially you mix it on your own. And by doing this you are learning. Colors are mixing colors along the way, too. Now that you know how to make sure collars and quash already, I'll see you the next video for the brush practice. 5. Brush Techniques: this time I'm going to show you how to explore. You're brushing Wash if you already painted in watercolor before, this technique will refresh you. But if is your first time to practice or despite a new brush, this is her way to excite you. I want you to get her at least one brush. You can follow me or watch me while I do this practice. I'm going to make a different kinds of lung vibration, then safe in line. So the more pain to have on your brush, the bolder and brighter to color, the last water and dryer your brush. We'll give you fading. Texture are dry texture, the more moderate diluted in the more water puddle to this make and the size of blind you think or like to draw. You can draw shades to get to know your brush. This brush techniques are essentials in painting in wash and water Caller A swell. This exercise is perfect in practicing your brush strokes. Just relax and don't break out to have fun. We're all warm up. I'll see you in an X video and we're going to paint flowers 6. Line Roses: for the first exercise, I'm going to show you how to paint simple blooming flower with test using lying on Lee. Think about a rose flower. Yes, you can imagine a Rose Flower police doing to try to Google yet for this flower, because we're going to use our imagination using the table beer barrage, you can great symbol line art this. Hold your brush to 90 degrees angle to make the line thinner and the more pressure you put to the brush. The secret. The line. This is simplified, an easy project that you can practice and enjoy. Gua shit. Same time line painting in Guangzhou is great because the color is vibrant in a fake already that any background color will do. Don't be afraid to experiment. In short, your style. You can use dry brush or a wet brush to add texture to it. This player on good colors and you can vary your roses indifference. Isis. This has been official for your hand, too, especially if you're just practicing our getting to know your brushes. Controlling the line will help you also to make swirls and patterns. I like to feel the whole paper or page to make it more fun. - There you are. You have your first living roses and simple line art 7. Loose Roses: I will ago. We painted a row, says We just lie. No, I'm going to show you how to pay neurosis and Louis style. That means that the flowers will that be so detailed or realistic. I want you again to pick any kind or any size of brush that you want, and you have the freedom to choose whatever color up paying. You want a law, all the colors, actually, but I'm going to pick this May favorite the magenta and the favorite brush is the water brushed? I really use it very often, and they fell in love with him already. I use it se was what I've been a word color and also dig wash. If you find it hard to paint, you can use reference, but it's possible. Try to paint you seeing your imagination. This is an important scale, too, because you don't have to always rely on your reference photo. And this type of painting is very unique because you can because they happen, even though capping off her reverence photo is great way to enhance her. Drawing this by simple sketching or Goodling loose style will help you show up your artistic style I will call this painting as catch a lose a, Levrault says. But it feels awkward to pain. Timid first because the time I only wanted them to pay an irrelevance $6. So I started playing in the loose way. Don't think of the time of how long will it take you to paint a straight and flower because you will never be able to paint it. If you will just think. Right. So you need Teoh trust and during a new way and have courage to hold a brush and let it do the painting, if you can paid it and three D painted first in loose, and so you will be able to pay it in realistic style by connecting lines. You were able to make shapes and would shapes. You can make form, which is very essential in making three dimensional paintings are subjects you can paint as many as you want and banana This exercise. You will have manning roses that you can make a bouquet out of it, and there you are, already done 8. Bunch of Wildflowers: person in a way to use the tape of your brush for making lines and marks or strokes in this video. I'm going to use a bench off. Wolf lowers for my reference, but I wasn't paying it exactly the same week. Some part of it. I will just use it as my guide to get an idea off to Florida that I wanted to include into painting as, well us the stents. I'll paint the stems first, give your hand freedom to paint. Just relax. It doesn't have to be of various trade stems. I love to paint the stamps in different direction because it gives flow and movement to the illustration. Imagine if it's all straight. Maybe the web look like a laugh, less flour or stones. So let's go to the live ones. This time, I'm not so particular about the color. I'm into the movement and feel off the flowers you see again the two of your barrage. Pick the colors you desire for your flowers and try to touch or paying the tip of the brush in different directions. Discovered or your flowers. - Don't forget to add more green color for the leads are all your stamps and your by the flower to have the feel to it. And so if you get it, I feel that the flower is connected to the status toe. It is like painterly and loose combination style. Make small Merrick sense stroke prayer flower. If you find it very light, the color tried to you layer. It would more darker color What flowers can be blooming. Also, even though they are small, they can be time consuming to paint. And this process is is here because you don't have to paint them one by one unless if you what is going to things only one stands flowers on it. You will have ample of time for that. So, like in a watercolor, I will use Kipling method by adding a little bit more water to the pains to make it watery , and I'm going to scatter it around. Flowers are paper to give it a casual in texture to, but also though this tile is really convenient, especially if you're painting Bunches are group of tiny flowers, and this will give you I start time to maybe drink her coffee are paid another flower. One thing that I realized along the way. Well, I'm painting this kind of flowers that you can express the beauty of wallflowers in any way . You want it because they are tiny. But it's simple. Teoh do it right Way to and Villa and we're done with our while. Flowers. I actually love this flowers that I painted them into a different ways. 9. Realistic Desert Rose: it's time to paint Blue Marie or Desert Crows in Rail is six style. I'm going to show you how to paint this blooming flower English. First, I'm going to sketch first shape off this flower after you're done sketching shape. Let's paint the darkest scholar. Ah, plumeria battles. Don't be afraid to you start toning watercolor. We go paint the lightest first, but in wash, it's very flexible. You can bathe the dark tone first. Orga light ones either way will do on that. So worry about the shape, because wash is easy to fix. Also, in this style, you can use the layering technique layering. It means that I'm going to use more than one layer being. I encourage you also to use limited color palette because sometimes when you're starting to paint in realistic color, you can get overwhelmed by lots of colors that's available in your palate, so minimising the color is one off the way. Also, to make it easier for you to paint and before was more on the value off the painting. When you master the layering technique, it will be easier for you to paint any flower in realistic styling wash. I decided to pick this type of flour because it has only five petals, and it's easier to pay realistic flower if you start first with simple ones. If you want your painting to be three dimensional, value is very important while you is the lightness or gardist of a color. Imagine if I painted this flower all in the same color. There's no dimension, so value is beneficial in your paintings. In this flower, practice makes perfect. Don't worry about two collar. If you're a beginner, the more you practice painting realistic flowers, the more you will be good at it. All included some lives around the flowers, too, so that it won't be boring. Take note also that details play a bigger role, too, in your painting, capturing the details from your reference maids, your painting more alive and eye catching. So the last details you put in your painting the loser the flower in this type of style in painting is one of the most time consuming and challenging because it does need a lot of patients in practice. Even though you're a beginner, it doesn't mean you can't paint realistic flowers. You absolutely can. This remember to sketch him first for a proportion and add value, horrifying your details and have courage. And after that you can paint any flower you wanted to paint, and you will be amazed over what you can paint. For the last part. I use primary white for defining the highlights off the flour, and I will just put summer final details to it. And there you go. It's finally done. 10. Watery blooms : in this video, I'm going to show you a simple way to pain. Wash like water color washes Sorey workable, and when you mix it with enough water, you can create a flat wash or a gray agent puts and highlighted a flower. You can achieve this by that you see in the primary white, but instead made the collar watery so you can come up with the lighter caller or use. You're baited part off the flowers and Rencher brush, and while it's so wet, pulled a color or puddle two covered. Arrest off the flower. If you're going to make large washes or area and that needs washes, make sure that you're using bigger brush so that you will have even wash. 11. Silhoutte : since having painting colorful blooming flowers. This time, let's try to use just two colors. Black and white. Mostly you will call this a silhouette or having being colorful blooming flowers. And this time, let's try to use just two colors, black and white. Mostly you can call this as silhouette, so black is may back her own, and I just use the flat wash for that. And I decided to use primary wide form a paint white Willis stand out with black background and it's vice person. I'll be banning floor again, but I'll make it. Hello, playful wash is so great for syllable to It's hard to beat opaque property of this color because it's so bold and bright. If you are tired of colorful paint, try this one for a change that you can paint studying monochrome or black and white paintings. And there is a great way also to Explorer limited ballot 12. Floral composition: So what is floral composition or arrangement, floral composition or arrangement? It's important to your painting because that's the center off interests that you want to portray to your painting. Our viewer. I notice that when you see a painting that the back home is slightly out of focus and it gets sharper as the approach. Imagine if there's a lot of scattered flowers in your painting, the viewer agains concentrate you're painting will be the same flowers in just one area. That's why composition is critical to your painting, even though, for example, your painting will be the same. Flowers or positioning them in different direction gives movement and more interest to it. 13. Final Thoughts : Hey, guys, I hope you enjoy watching the class about painting blooming flowers and wash and learn new skills. I encourage you to paint morph lowers to enhance your style and observation skills. Just believe in yourself that you confine any floors you want, and it's very possible as long as you don't stop and keep feeding your three themselves. I hope to see you again in the next class. Have a blooming day and happy painting. 14. Bonus :