Painting Beautiful French Desserts in Ink and Watercolor | Irina Trzaskos | Skillshare

Painting Beautiful French Desserts in Ink and Watercolor

Irina Trzaskos, Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

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8 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Mixing Colors

    • 4. Savarin Dessert

    • 5. Charlotte Painting

    • 6. Painting Madeleines

    • 7. La Religieuse

    • 8. Last Thoughts


About This Class


Welcome to the Class!

In this class, I will show you step by step how to paint four French Dessert. We will be using modern watercolor techniques combining ink and watercolor.

We will be painting following desserts:

- Savarin

- Charlotte

- Madeleines

- La Religieuse

At the end of the class, you will have a collection of French Dessert illustrations.

Happy Painting!

The class is suitable for beginners. 

If you are new to the watercolor medium and would like to understand it better, I have 2 classes on watercolor basics:

Essential Watercolor Techniques for Beginners

The Basics of Color Mixing in Watercolor

The classes are concise and fun.

This class is geared toward designers, illustrators, bakers, sketchers who use watercolor or are attracted to watercolor media.


1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is sitting address cause I'm in our system. Illustrator, I invite you to my studio to explore the magic of water color in today's class. Our share step by step, how to paint French desserts combining watercolor and ink. I hope my glasses will help you build a successful and beautiful birth polio in next day. There are show the supplies will be using in this course let's get started. 2. Supplies: for our ink and watercolor French deserts will be Jozic following supplies. What color paint, watercolor paper, paper towels, a paint palette. Water, of course, also show you two different techniques, and one will be using fine liner like we did in other classes. On that, just make sure you're fine. Liner is waterproof and in another one, hobie, using black ink. If you don't like using ink, you can use finer for all. Illustrations also will need a white ink or why Japan would wash or white acrylic paint, whichever you feel most comfortable with. Also need an razor Bensel a medium watercolor brush. Mrs. Collins Kiss, Able number four for a detailed work, will need a small weather color brush, Mrs. Collins case Able number two. And for ink, I'll use Cask Assemble number zero. This is an old brush. I'm not worried too much about, so if it gets ruined with England's okay, you can find the least off all supplies in a project section off in next data will be mixing colors for our French desserts. 3. Mixing Colors: No, let's make some colors for our French deserts. So we have class of painting for dessert. And honestly, I chose down Joe's because I like when visually, I'm not a baker, so I don't know how to bake them. But I know that my classes are watched above by Baker's on by French artists. So I apologize if I don't pronounce the names right, because I really Chisholm because I like them visually. So if you wish my previous classes, you may noses that I don't have much. Brown's in my palette and for pastry will need some bones. So I have ill Auker, which is a kind of brownish I have of rent Walker and I have safe here. It's all in Brown's I have, but I am like mixing cars. So that's why I don't have much Brown's on rather have more bright, colorful colors in my palette. So let's start. I have, uh, pastry colors, Hondo. It makes it if we don't have brown and you are welcome to use so Brown's. If you have them in your palate, I'll just show you What do I do when I don't have problems? So for the lightest part off pasty. We can even use a yellow ocher as it is, or if I feel it's too yellow. I can add a little bit of golden orange, too, and to make a darker out at a little bit off purple. If we'll add more purple, we can get a really, really dark brown if we need to example, like if it's some place to live, Kaka in it. So these are three tones will be using In all pastry will be painting today, so I've been golden orange and some purple. So for Savarin, to my Children share more, he'll poker and religious. So we have the same set of colors for a pastry part yellow walker, Bolden orange and a little bit of purple, if you want it darker, just had more purple. So next up, how do we make scholars if we have a wide roasting? We need this a neutral color for a wide, so we'll be mixing three primary colors, which is yellow, scarlet, red aan ultra marine boom. So mixing obvious three colors together in, uh, paint ballot and diluting it with a lot of water. We'll get a neutral color for our white, my quite roasting from mix England here, and depending on the lights in your room, you can add more blue or more yellow. Making it oh, warmer are colder, so the proportion has to the equal off all three colors together. This so perfect, neutral. It's looking great, but averts watch we need for shadows our puff pastry, and we can add a little more yellow if we feel like making a little warmer. So this is our white. So combining it with white paper on somewhere, I think, Well, they have a beautiful our white shadows that's the colors will be using for a white A frosting. No one showed what we have. Some Berries suffer on Berries will be using, um, Carmen Red, and to make a darker will, mix it with some emerald green. What mean Careful, use you. I'm yellow. Good evening, and they'll mixing Algerian blue for darker parts for purple Berries will be using benty and purple. Her medicines. They have almost all the colors, but I would like us to have some Sprinkles on some Levinger Sprinkles on, um, white chocolate. So we'll be using gold system, daily, light, purple and maybe some purple mixto burgundy for religious. I would like to have means color or turquoise colored frosting. However I don't want. It is bright, so I will neutralize it a little bit with some condoms, orange or main pro stick and also live for a weekend on the top. I would like to use magenta and for survival, and I have a car score pastry, uh, the color for white roasting, and we have a dark, very on top. So we'll be using some burgundy on a purple and for mint leaf will be using again yellow. Okay here and we'll mixing ultramarine blue for darker parts. So this is all the colors will be using for our French and deserts. 4. Savarin Dessert: so the first French dessert will be painting in ink and watercolor or the Savarin. As I understand, it's a small rum cake, like some cream on top on, embellished with a very so always started drawing. It's a pretty simple shape on for Inc will be using a fine line, so it's usually we're starting grave pretty simple illustration. Before we get to more complicated horns, I believe I'm very here. It's best missed. Just here is the top of the pastry language was caught, and they also have a small, um, plate. So after we did our drawing with a pencil Oh, we can just after and everything with a fine line. I don't have toe our line like in a coloring book. We can skip some areas, and they can make sure that your fun dinner is waterproof so it wouldn't get diluted when we'll paint with a motor car over it. So cream I'll be changing more lines away of just water color. I don't want it too dark, so I'm not taking more, Uh, but I climbs. There's a pretty simple about still beautiful desert to draw and paid, suitable for beginners. It's after way outlined a living with my liner. We can start of painting our pastry. So for life, the stairs I'm taking some yellow polka and this you say I'm still living some wide basis Modern other color techniques always well, not always bought allow usually quite areas on paper. Our classic techniques with I have a full paperwork color. So after ended the lightest color on my pastry This is based. I'll make some golden orange to my yellow Oakar and a drop off purple all in the same mix. No, I can start adding some shadows. So the light is coming from this direction. Yes. You sure and my classes. So that said some show here and there. I still a great my work are to be alive and, um transparent Some junk, nacho over work, they say whatever brush you can leave some interesting texture which is very suitable for a pastry, after which in days we can add some more purple. Our Colin makes and always even darker strokes Entire pastry. I like to darken it here next to the cream. - This is enough. But no. Next I'll mix our our yellow, red and blue for a neutral color for our white. The first thing So mixing condom you were Scarlett front and all jury. Next time gelatin did of a lot of water and where I save the lines our shadows. I didn't come in. I'm trying to lose some Paris until 10. A warrant. Well, it's drank. We can paint are very so yes, Burgundy on the lighter area. And they can live a hard life. And for darker area, use purple. Where are meant leave? I'll use a yellow mixed with green. What alive this day is Then I let somebody in and then shut apart. I'll make sense some ultra marine blue. No one, I think, is dry. We can add with the same mix, even zipper shadows glazing to think so well, darkened them just entering the next layer. Also, I feel like I'd like very to be a little darker. So Nixon some football where a drop of Stabia over this part also I would like I showed up from the very on belief until our details here of the small brush, we can make our shades even deeper and here they make some more purple into my place. Your color makes handle Adds fuel. Small details in the pastry? No. So I can make some joy and blue If a purple and and a small shadow here on the very last detail on me, I drink some little dots with white ink or wide gel. - Maybe a few more highlights. I'll say you feel like you're arresting is not white enough. You can add a few white lies here and there on it. So this is our submarine illustration in ink and water car. 5. Charlotte Painting: after we painted the civilian weaken a start painting a more complicated dessert. Charlotte and this illustration will be using Bob Eyeliner and ink for income. Be using my project because I don't know how to use. I think so. Let's start with joy shall until based ending or the small. OK, extend. Well, let's drove a pastry. So I'm starting from the needle I lived out even on top. We have some who had posting leaves and there is and the stage heads cage is no. The arrest took an ad with our INC so he had a heart of strawberry, Some more roasting another believe some cranberries in white roasting again. And the Lord leaf? No, I would like to outline some off the Berries with kind diner, but there is on the leaves because I have more control with fine liner and few lines on the posting. The rest I would like Teoh paint. I think so. I have black ink right here, and I'm taking my brush number zero and then dip it. Anything. Just outline it with, um not perfect lies. So he could be diluted just like water cooled with water. If you don't want it so dark I'm avoiding the deep in snow and the extent just Vic, careful of the ink is not drying as fast as final. I heard. So just don't try not just Margit. - Let me as low says you want it. Don't just bring more character into drawing and leaving the people from now. And if you are, if your ink is dry, you can start coloring. So again we'll start with about some You Oakar needs to have some golden orange. Miss Part is still wet, some starting from second. Oh, pastry. And just like in Sabirin the little bit of purple, I'm leaving some word spaces. - Next I think some yellow, red and blue for our room. What a roasting. And then just a few shadows here and there. Optimal color. The fruits won't understand if we need a more shadow or not. After what does Tom shadows on a roasting? We can start coloring, believes and with fruits. So for lives that mixing some yellow with green. And then for darker part I'm putting just more green and for dark rest a little bit off ultramarine blue. - Next caller various. I think I use a smaller brush over them. American Dear Purple and again, some burgundy with an event Highlights were working. What color are strawberry inside with light red, leaving some areas totally wide and let it dry. Meanwhile, we can color this parents next to the green, a few more shadows on the leaves and maybe some texture. After our throats are colored, we can see that we need a little more shadows on our white posting on edge off a strawberry , where aiding a few lines off darker red. Also, for your insight, I feel like we need to one with you right here behind this Paris he'll play to improvise a Super Bowl. You can add more Berries or leaves or branches. Javari feel like Now that's humor shows to our pasting, so it will have more depth. So makes some golden orange with purple. Make sure you have your paper tell next to you. Now I'm trying to avoid me. Even so, going around it and the little more purple and we can add of a darkest accents. Already there is need darker shades, so you have more of all him mix in some rather green business little branch into court to no government red color ribbon. This illustration doesn't look as realistic as previous one, but I think it got more character and it's interesting. At some of purple on ultramarine blue, I would like to have some and shadows on our glass cake stand, and there's always the last detail. So add with white you too wife in. Then we're just put them off you and dots some white inside of a strawberry. And I feel like God even needs fuel highlights, too. So this is our Charlotte. 6. Painting Madeleines: Nextel Station with painting are Madeleine cookies and First will make a quick drawing with pencil and General outline it with Ariel Inc So for this type of illustration, if you do it in this way, just make sure that the ink is totally drive before you start coloring the illustration. So many quickest are shaped like going seashells pretty easier shave to draw and paint. So we're starting with the basic shape on, Well, this, uh, detailed shape. I'm care. It'll be like wave, so we'll have in our illustrations to I think a kiss on one will be dipped in a white chocolate with some 11 there Sprinkles. - And here we have a dipped in a watch. Chocolate. Let's tell us my brush number zero and outlined everything with black ink. Brush allows us to make the line look more alive because it changes in with somewhere. It's whiter and somewhere it's really fine line. Just really beautiful. The second Madeleine cookie. So here I wouldn't make this lines. Oh, thank one for Boyd Chocolate, and I'll add the lines on the bottom in this after you are planned, a living with about think we have to let it dry, so make sure you're think is not shiny and that will start painting again using with based colors. You know, Coker seven golden orange or the lighter parts and mental. Add some purple for dark Report. - I'm eating a little bit off purple Mrs Change. Just one drop is in them. So here, don't be darker. - This medicine was still wet and you could see it until the darker shade when to his bark, too. On its OK, Okay, Now that makes the guards for our word chocolate a little bit more. Boom. You go there on shape, heading some shadows just a little mid. So it'll give a little bit darker for the paper and in the middle here I'm leaving once. Polat what next? To can take a darker shade for our pastry and had some shades just to bring more depth. Make it look more delicious too. I'm trying not to overwork it. I still wanted to look what a gorgeous, transparent light next week, An ad Howard, I'll have under Sprinkles. So make some purple with a little bit of burgundy and he'll diluted with a lot of water. I m bourbons. It's a purple so this shade will be whatever. And then with the tip off our brush, we can make some. It's Sprinkles. Amazing. More bourbon too. So have a few Sprinkles off different shade, I says. Blame too, from leaving too much. Next. What you have to do is just some shadow. Next hour Medicines. I mixed some purple with ultramarine blue. - They missed exempt more purple Unwto history shade. She took more shows Just any damn it. And you looked on with water on the last step, as always, is right Well, I just fuel more details. The confection Schober It may be a little bit of white on white chocolate. My illustrations are incident on a race for a salon, but it's very rigid that and did look nicer. So this is our medicine. Cook is 7. La Religieuse: the next dessert will be drawing and painting is no religious. So another way off painting on illustration in ink and watercolor used to have some elements on the in. Think while other will be Onley in water car and it looks really start ish and beautiful. And then this illustration shows how. So we'll start with a basic drawing, um on which is gorgeous. Review. Easy to draw a little bit. Looks like a snowman when you can find this desert a different kind of roasting. But I picked, uh, cheerful. My scholars say life. It's a trying to make her doing a slight us. It's possible it's only you can see it. I'm making Get darker, Say can save in the camera body in your life. Make it way like her. I don't have that bright, candid on top, so we'll show where frosting and his parts of the first thing are wide. This old bitter because this is some pastry onda bride candy, so the desert itself will be a painting in watercolors and for the bottom part or abusing on the ink our cakes tent. So let's start with a white promised Inc of a centric guest makes. And remember, we're mixing three primary colors yellow, blue and white in the same proportion. So I get this new control. Yellow is gray, and we deal with a lot of water. Mrs. I know at some shadows on our posting, sometimes this first in governments and go straight. But then I wanted to make them to go more interesting. So this is enough. Next makes a color for our pastry. We'll make some yellow poker. Or will the orange and gown kind of purple and separately, mixing on the euro locker on golden orange for the lighter parts. - And here we're going to see some based, too. Our best trick is trying with not paint our roasting. So for roasting gold makes in my truck was a little bit off a Cardinal Jorge. So once look chill bride and look more natural because Kanye Orange is complementary color or blue or turquoise eyes when the little bit of person blue to the darker part of frosting on this side, some pro stink on the bottom part of desert. I'm keeping my watercolor pretty water because I want this what color effect? Even some imperfections and denies. If I can say Oh, lead on this side because the pastry car was still I think we're gonna fix that next to compete our candy and now using magenta. And that's and it don't write to myself at a drop off yellow, which is complimentary caller and they wanted even highlight here, I think my wife for a Signet's feel more waas shut ups next of the small brush. Oh, dark on my history, especially here. Next chilled, wide crossed in. Also, I would like to dark in here. It depends more texture to paste your to. It's just too much purple. Also, I think another layer on the frosting to bring more deaf to illustration next to campaigned. Our extent we have A Inc. I like the style where some elements are only in ink and others are only in water guard. I think it's so Standish. Combining to stars a graphic aren't a painterly together, and again, if you prefer oh, my liner better feel free to use it. After what color started a dry Um, I didn't move all the pencil eyes. Let's have fewer shadows next to the white. Maybe a little bit more on our Cantor. And this? Yes, it is. The last step will be. I think some are dots. Andi highlights with white ink. Be careful not to smart your black ink and some highlights on our white posted. So this is our little villages. 8. Last Thoughts: Thank you for watching my glasses. I hope you have the chance to painted me If you like to cross, please living If you employ the project Your project section Armacost I can't wait to see your beautiful desert seeing my next class.