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Painting A Winter Mountain Sunset In Watercolor

teacher avatar Eva Nichols, Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Winter Mountain Sunset

    • 3. Painting The Sky

    • 4. Painting The Mountain Shadows

    • 5. Painting The Areas Of Water And Ice

    • 6. Painting The Snowbanks

    • 7. Painting The Large Evergreen Tree

    • 8. Painting The Rocks & Fallen Logs

    • 9. Adjusting Highlights & Shadows

    • 10. Painting The Background Evergreens

    • 11. Adjusting Shapes And Composition

    • 12. Painting The Final Details

    • 13. Wrap Up And Class Project Description

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About This Class

In this class I will show you how to paint a winter sunset in the mountains with lots of snow!

In the process you will learn some traditional watercolor techniques as well as some fun and easy ways to create snow-covered evergreens and rocks, and reflections on water or ice. I also show you how to paint the shadow formations on high mountaintops to give your mountain landscapes more drama.

We will use salt to create a frosty look on distant evergreens, and lift out soft highlights on snowbanks. 

As the painting develops, I will go over compositional issues and show you how I correct areas that are problematic. Who says watercolors are unforgiving? I'll show you there are many ways to correct a watercolor as we go through the painting process.

Whether you are fairly new to watercolors or a more experienced watercolorist this class is sure to teach you new and exciting watercolor techniques to enhance and bring new excitement to your watercolors!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Eva Nichols

Watercolor Artist


Hi, I am Eva Nichols, a Danish born watercolorist residing in Truckee, California where I love being part of the creative community. I show my work at various galleries in California and Nevada, and teach watercolor classes both locally as well as nationally and internationally. 

I love watercolors because the are such a lively, interactive medium. My painting inspiration comes from nature and traveling. Sharing what I have learned about watercolor over the years is my passion.

I like to keep my classes fun and inspiring, letting the watercolors flow and make them paint for me taking advantage of "happy accidents"!

You can watch some of my demos on my YouTube Channel: Eva Nichols Art

For tracings & handouts or to sign up for my Newsletter please go t... See full profile

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1. Introduction: so Hi. Welcome. This is Stephen Nicholls, your watercolorist, and I'm just out for a little walk in the woods behind my house before the next snowstorm comes in. Ah, highly appropriate, I think. Because I would much rather go, uh, snowshoeing than ah, or cross country skiing. Then walking in my big old boots here in the muddy, um on the muddy ground or the Mahdi trails. Um, so I want to paint a snow scene with you that's inspired by the mountains up here. Um, but we're going to imagine a huge snowstorm has moved through. And so there's a beautiful soft snow on the ground and the sky is getting pink and purple and lavender and orange and all sorts of color send it reflects in the snow, and we have the long shadows on the mountainsides. And, um, that's what I'm picturing. So let's see if we can create something like that. I'll go home to a sketch. And why don't you grab your brushes and your art supplies and get yourself set up in your studio and then we'll paint. Ah, Winter Mountain sense it seeing in watercolor. So let's head home. Alright. East of your yacht back in the studio. I've had a little time to sketch and work on my color story. And I'm going to film this video leaving in, um, the struggles that come along a long way because they know they'll be some struggles. There always are. It never goes exactly how you think it's gonna go, especially in watercolor, especially the way I like to pick with into wet and fairly intuitive. So I'm going to share with you how I fix things, and I'm gonna go over kind of my finishing touches, which is where I kind of take a critical look at my composition and shouldn't areas that maybe I don't think they work so well. And I'm gonna show you how I how I work through those times. So grab your brushes and your watercolor supplies and let's get started 2. Materials Winter Mountain Sunset: e have my sketch here on my £140 arches, Cold fest, watercolor paper. And I got my puddles ready for the sky. I'm gonna use cobalt blue. I put out a little bit off Peak up. That's a whole buying color. The others are all winter Newton. I got a tiny bit of transparent yellow, which is P y 1 50 s, a truly transparent yellow call. I love that on. Then my opera pink and those are gonna be the colors in the sky, and they are going to be the basic colors for the whole painting. But I later, when I need Dr Docks, I can't really get real docks with my two blues that I have here. So I will probably step it up with some and blue and I might also go to my indigo and maybe my French Ultra Marine blue. I'm not quite sure what the French ultra Marine blue, but I might probably go with that for my like, really, really dark spending, and I'll mix it with my bird. Shana took really almost a black. So that's my plan. And let's get started with the painting gone, my brushes out here, too, just so you can see what I'm thinking I might use. I have a big, fat round of a 30 mimics squirrel brush, and then I have a number 14 and number eight and number six and number four. And then I have my dad a brush, which is 1/2 inch data brush. I think that'll probably short, man. And you know, when we get to win the the little brand shoes and stuff all most likely I used my rigger brush. I have a number two here now to have a number number four number six from studying efforts . All right, So, um and here's the needed a racial used to wear two way Take off that extra graphite and, you know, probably got too much off. That's what always happens to me because I really don't like seeing that pants allies in my paintings, even though there's nothing wrong with it. If you like that look And if you need the lines, please don't follow my example on that spray bottles. I have my dot bottle and I have a Mr Bottle, and then I have my two containers of water, one for dirty, you know, 112 inch out the brush so that would be dirty water and one with clean water. And when they both get dirty and go get myself some fresh more, I am. I can see when I watch other painters. I guess I'm a need painter, so there can't help myself. I don't like to have a dirty palette most of the time. I mean, I will use the dirt from the palate for certain things, for sure, for sure. But overall, I'd like to have a clean pad. I'd like to have clean water and I can't stand painting with just one. Contain off water so that you know everything as as time goes on, gets stirred your and dirty and duty. This just drives me personally nuts so you can do whatever you like. So let's get started 3. Painting The Sky: So I am going to win Paint this guy first. That said, you know, pretty typical for painting a landscape. We're starting with the sky. You start from the top of your painting and work your way down most of the time. Um, and, uh, I'm gonna get some clean water, and then I'm not gonna worry about, um, that tree that sticking into the sky, believe it or not, the snow is going to be darker than the There's no one to trees gonna be darker than the sky, which is kind of sort of a little bit unusual, but that's what I have decided. That's the mood. I'm going for this painting. So it is late afternoon, I guess. Well, depends on where you are. Beauty. Afternoon. Well, depending on how Northern you are, but, um, the sun is going down and we're getting that lovely glowy sky with all the beautiful colors . They will be more Castelli. I wanted to look like, really, really cold and wintry, And then, um, this whole sides, including the tree and this whole side of that mountain there is gonna be in this in shadow , so that's gonna be dark. I mean relatively dark diver than this guy and show got water on and I'm gonna hold it up show Hopefully you couldn't see got water on the sky and I'm gonna go in and I'm gonna put a little bit more water on now that it has had little chance to sing in. And I tried to be very careful painting around the shapes of my mountains because, you know, that's gonna be hard edge and then everything in this guy itself I want, of course, to be soft edged. That's how that ISS and I might even go in. And, um, can you see how shiny it ISS and I might even spray a little bit with my Mr Brush far off the top off the paper here, where the sky is there, just do myself a little extra time, and then I think I'll go in my number 14 brush go in and one more little water on here, there and then here, I'm gonna dip just a tip into a very, very watery yellow. That's the transparent yellow. And I'm gonna put that down here and up this side a little bit, and then I'm gonna do the same chip into my pink and more yellow, maybe, and show that those two colors are gonna make, like, a soft yellow pinky color. You know, I'm putting a little bit more off the pink on. Well, you to the science, and I'm not gonna wins out my Well, maybe I am a whole CEO. Pink was going to say it wasn't going to do that. But I am. So now I'm gonna put some off the copal blue one, and I'm gonna get a little bit of that, Um, that, uh, peacock and I want to make sure that I leave plenty off white. Not so much on the chalk. What much? We want to have some white and I'm going in and out of my pink go into my well, fine peacock. And, um, go in and get a little bit more pink with a little bit of a you know, one and do it blue and everything's wedding toe, which so everything is gonna be no mixing and mingling nicely. That's the plan, anyway. And let me get Justin moving that orange color up here also. Hopefully you won't get any running backs. Do you know What? There? Playing with fire as usual. Okay? No, it squeeze. That brush moved up. I have a little bit more below right here. I think it's great, I think. I promise you call it a day. Pretty sure they have to go. It's my sky and now we'll just have to get it dry. People can do anything else, and I'll keep a close eye on it to make sure I don't get any run backs or anything like that, and then I'll get back to you. 4. Painting The Mountain Shadows: So before I go any further, I think there is one little area on a mask out. There's a little rock here, but I kind of like to get in. So just give that a little bit. I'm asking through it. And you could, of course, to a whole bunch more rocks. If you feel like I'm just gonna do this little one here call today And, uh, that's gonna be pretty good Could since I had them asking for without a could mask out a couple of these rocks, he just in case that makes it easier. It's just a couple that's kind of hiding in here. I'm putting it on with the Stansell like this has meddled. It'll stencil point there and then has taken rubber tip there. And this is a wonderful for applying masking fruit. So when I just went my colors again, they had drawing up. And, uh, let's just make so self a nice color that we can use for shadows on the mountains. Sure, you mix, Um, my couple do and my peacock blue and I'm gonna mix it with the opera bows and I don't mind a little bit to go down a little bit off that orange color. And so here I have a whole bunch off different variations. Here's a blue variation. You're some purples. I think she probably get but more that, uh, I think, and then out here myself, a bit off that. Why don't you call her? She'll concluding that down here don't want those month, Mr True, right? Does she ever side, you know, because the waning right and everything smoke on your right? Yeah. No, I think I have what I need. And again, this is You know, when you do this color theory is your friend and let's see here. So the lights coming from here so we'll have some highlighted areas on the lighter side off the mountain. So here's and I do like to very my color when I do this. So that's why I make myself peace. Different Shay's? Yes, and I'm doing it on dry. But if if you think you gotta take a little bit more time doing this, I would suggest you wet the areas where you want to put in. Show that shadow car. What? We don't want any hard edges in the shadows here and now we're moving down. Just kind of fade out down here. It's gonna be not as it was, dark. This area is tonight and finish. But the real dark in here, then this science light in this darkness here what? And, uh, places down there and then here along this edge here, it's gonna be a little bit of a soft shadow channel. Force the issue on the inside here, and it's gonna be bit of a life of shadow here. I'm just gonna drive it down like that. Might even be a bit of china picker. She go down here, John. My brush. I just couldn't open that pink after blue there. I just want to get over that and here. But I have trees and stuff, so it will be fine. It's gonna be a shadow, I think in. I think it will all come together once we once we get all four to begin with. You know, any painting has to go through conference off your stage and where you can like what the heck is going on and just don't stress about it. Just killed trust promises Some share on this side, this mountain again. Just you didn't fade out. It's gonna going behind that tree. Be generous to good effect. I want you to do one this side of the mountain. Just a hint. Yeah, and the same. I'm feeling the same thing could be true up here. I want to put just a hint off that beautiful, you know, from the sitting some please. Which is no shame here. Sprinting in here. Just a hint. So then we have you in front. Think I'm asking. Has dried? Yes. So we need to get those same columns on that we have in the sky that on this war forces reflecting the sky. 5. Painting The Areas Of Water And Ice: I'm going toe wet the areas where it's water or ice that is reflecting the sky. So there's a new area back here around it's lock that's sticking out. And then there's this area here. That's where masked out that rock. There's another box that didn't mask it out because it's so easy to wear. Just paint about that one. I'm trying to put on the water more this in a high Santel matter man. Um um and it goes back here, and I'm just gonna do the whole thing back there. There will be some little dark areas because, you know, soon as shadow one started that, so I don't have to worry about that right now. Right now. Just put that reflection on. Sure. Uh, and what a cute, very light. And what pinky? She reflecting that sky So my pretty pink can put a little benefit cu boulder. A bit of the would you call it? You know that glow. And then here, shame saying, you know, my bush that pink in and right now I'm doing my strokes kind of voice. Not whole a bit more. That what she called just get a little bit of warm in here. Something else is gonna be so cool called wise and show no proof of that one pink and should be called. And then over here you were with the eyes show. And again, I don't want to to dark here. You just She doesn't pull too much. Yeah, Looks pretty good for now. And then to most off a small brush. I was doing that with that number eight. Go to my number six rush, and then sure, it's clean. And then I'm dabbing over on my towel and then I before it dries on me, I am going to pull down a little bit off. Do No, It's true. Which, underneath the rocks. Let that and great down do it there. And, uh, here be dark areas put down here. You can getting a little dark. Got underneath here. The shadow area pulled down More people. Not so much water that work. And then do you want to take our data? Bush. She was just damp and before things drying honest this pro self reflection Do some little reflection lines across here. Just like that. Pretty good. And they would all should be strike down just a bit underneath that thing. Thank you so much reflection. You can see. Yeah. Okay, so now got that established. And again, I think this is a station is painting where everything is looking like a mess, But we'll get through it, just carry on and this'll here. There's I think I want to have this one where there was trees on stuff. Let's sir. Gotta be careful. Of course, that I don't get into their self Start out here with that area. And I want that to have a little bit off a pinky gold and blow, because it's cashing the last off the light there, do their night and put a little bit of the luminous would go down down here it should call about and sheer. Put that down there, That's where. One of those trees that have fallen has she wanted and stuff. So that's gonna be darker and cooler. She'll want to make sure here, that little bit of contrast. Yeah, that's pretty good, My son Night there. Out there. Okay. Should I got? And then we have to try, and, uh, I'm gonna have to take a look at it and see where I'm at and then we'll continue. But I need my areas to dry before I go in, because otherwise I'm gonna create a huge mess. So there's one other little area I could give that wrong tome. And that's right underneath in between the true fallen locks. So I'm just gonna do that. And again, I don't have to worry about painting around little branches and stuff because they're gonna be so much darker. Just put it in water inside there and then get a little bit of that pinky call in there just like that. And then the rest is snowbanks that Dakar more blue. Do you think about that In a good way, That area there. 6. Painting The Snowbanks : So there's a whole area here. There's gonna be some ever going to stuff and I'm not crazy about. I didn't get some very good shapes there, but I'm going to try and deal with it. So what I'm about to do is I'm gonna put some water on here on that whole area, and then I'm gonna put some color, John, keep them fairly night. And you know what? I suppose from salt on and see what happens. Trip out there and then later we'll go in and put some doctor paint on and bring up some evergreen. Some stuff you said my plan. And I can almost fix that by deepening the shadows down of C. You know, you really have to take it one step at a time. And don't get panicking when you have an area. I mean, painting to go through stages, and they're not always the prettiest stages. So I'm gonna go in and put a little bit of like a purple color on here. Do you think that would be good? And, um, you should get no beautiful contrast. Yeah, and then with the winch up my brush and then it's put a very light pinky. Cholera on. Of course again, that's gonna reflect some of the sky and a little bit that pinky color on here. And I also want to get some of that or she and, you know, some places got be more. We turned the best. Fine, the pink. And then I'm gonna throw somewhere Children here, There he was. My finds. Yeah, it's about good. Okay. Should and then what we have. Yes, we have everything that is now more you. Except there was actually and a little bit of that warranty. No, you can see underneath here from up there, it's gonna be just a little bit off a piece. Peeks room could do with that color, and then the rest is going to be that dark pollution car. Just see through that. Okay, so now we have to let that dry. So I took your soft off, and you can see it get a little texture that so that'll come in handy. Now, I'm gonna get the snow call on the whole area. That's in the in this show, including that big tree. So I've been hearing and humming and, uh, clean. My palette got myself king water, all sorts of things, and there's no getting around it. I I'm gonna just have to dive in and do it, right. So the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to food. Water she'll do. Went into which And we're not gonna worry about the tree right now paying forward, and we're gonna paint up into it. I would be with a smaller brush with Weisser, man. And then afterwards we gonna find all the branches. You know, that I got the super dark that's gonna be that real docks in this painting is gonna be the branches underneath this bigotry. So what I'm putting water on right now is basically, there's no clumps, and they're gonna be the same value Pretty much pretty much s, um, this snow and continue down here a bit of snow on here that little time stuck that sticking up and then here a couple of trees. That fellow over here and the other side is also going to be a fairly dark snow because it's also in the shadow in this. Yeah, it's also shuttle area show. I think how much we get this arm and we can kind of see from there what the painting needs Show here Goche from using a brush and see this areas also in the shadow that did peekaboo . Remember, we have a lot of people went through here, that second phone tree You can see a little bit off that snowbank on the other side That slider catching the last of the light And here show I got my collar shop my kobo do my peacock blue And then some of the upper ruse and media pink I want use. All right, so let's get ourselves a blue and will purple it down a little bit and we don't want it. I mean, Sugar Dark, Doc. And if you want to have a little variation on this in this No, it's round brush from that. This bank is gonna go down like this. I really can't be a dilly dallying too much. Mind if I get a little bit of a greenish tape to shop for snow? Nice and cool. This is a show on chopped off. True. And it goes into here. It's got a purple e. It's a little bit show on stuck. Um, you don't have to worry so much because, you know, here, whatever is getting painted later, take some of the truth yet that's see, that's a nice color. I like to get you to come. To course you call him that goes down here, and that's going a little bit more break down. Hint that here. And they said little people Boo. Here. You shouldn't dark behind there behind there, then. Good call here. Action running. So I'm trying not to get any hard lines in this area. My preference other than here, snow you can be. You know what? The bottom. That's fine. It's good. Yeah. Here and then there. That area we don't know. Definitely away from the much shot. And then you see if I can and then that she gift out these places when we have my English here. Yeah, this will be you, okay. And you might be a little lighter right here. Just try to get in what we can. Yeah, shopping that I know of it. She in there? Go. I think I'm gonna have to leave it like that, and then we're dry and then go in and, um, find those dark, dark areas off the shoreline. underneath here, there and underneath a tree. When you bring that out, I think we could maybe made me just I'm still dance. I saw these areas here. Yeah. All right, let's leave it. Because, you know, if you feel with too much session, not a good thing. 7. Painting The Large Evergreen Tree: Okay, So everything was tried, and I just realized that after did make a mistake, I had met for this mountain here to be further behind and lighter, then the tree in the foreground. But I'm not gonna worry about that. I'm just gonna go with what I got here. And I took my masking off, and I kind of like what I have so far. So here, I have to do a little fixing. Um, I thought again, as he said, you know, I'm just gonna go with what I have. I'm not gonna start trying toe make all sorts of changes. And what I'm gonna do right now is I'm going to a draw in where I wanna have that tree and so kind of disappears behind this and I'll use the life. You know what I already have? That's always a good idea. You know, I lived it out a little bit, and I have some highlights. So that's what I'm gonna do. And, um and then I'm gonna show I'm gonna put the dark underneath the tree, and there would be some rocks at the bottoms and I was masking off down here, and I'll deal with that. And then I have those tree Trump's here, this stump, whatever sticking out. So I'm going to get my docks on. No. And here I think I might just soften a little bit. And I can fix a lot with my darks, and you know, there's gonna be Twix and stuff like that. So I decided to just, you know, go ahead and show you because that's gonna happen to you, too, sometimes that, you know, you had one plan and then, you know, you get about it and do something else. And when you in the middle of a painting, don't worry about what you originally plans. Just go with what you have and make that work. So that's what I've gotta do. Follow my own advice. So the columns I'm going to use for my darks for the Twix and the tree trucks that's gonna be French, ultra marine, blue. And, you know, we needed fairly sick. So not too much water in there have a lot of water right now, But trying to get your painting, I'm sure that will be fine and then show good Tiana Really dark brown is what I want for their for the tree trunks that are sticking out underneath them got very dark. Also gonna be see my wet and Nelson, you know, shadow and stuff you don't want to brown. And then for the Twix sticking out underneath the snow Um, I use my indigo super rich, dark And then I'm gonna put a little bit off bird Shin. I am to give it a little bit green job. Push on that. And over here, when I'm mixing two colors, I try not to go in and just makes the whole Bachop. Of course you know who knows? If it's exactly the shape you want and then you end up with this accuse puddle off color. That was not really what you were after. So I like to put them next to each other and then kind of slowly kind of mix them and you could see it did not have enough off with Shana before she didn't do much of a dent in that skin to go. So let's get some more on. And then again, same principle. Don't put a smack dab in the middle of your puddle. There off the integral course. Sooner or later, you gotta have too much over sons. A little goes a long way. So we'll do the same thing here. And I love to have, you know, a couple of different variations off that color anyway, So don't want one. Probably All the same, what I'm going to do, ISS. So there's a very rich, dark green Just get out. And I'm gonna go with my small brush, and I'm just going to dip the chip, and then I'm gonna go in and just kind of go underneath that snow and make it look like little Twix are sticking out underneath. So like that And, uh, I I'm gonna do that on the whole tree. And it's not, you know, once you have seen it and I'll try and sure men in just a minute and you can see once you've got a couple of them on and then you can see what it looks like. And then I'm going to speed it up because that's kind of a warning for you. You should know that couple want you. So you really get the picture and good. Remember that their branches in front too show and I do have a YouTube video that's called It's one of my old ones, but I think it's still very useful. I mean, maybe, you know, my filming and all that stuff was maybe not quite as good s it yesterday the stable, but made some progress. But it's caution on Emma Queens, and it is really detailed on how to do this. They are using masking your mascot of snow, which I didn't do here. But it's the same principle. So let me assume in so you can see this is what it looks like. And I feel that from afar and really does look like no one ever wings do the rest and we're gonna speed it up. And I'm gonna put a little music on for you. So there I think that looks pretty good and we'll, we'll make it look better by putting on a little bit more shadow. And we can also lift up some more highlights to get their snowdrifts a little bit more defined 8. Painting The Rocks & Fallen Logs: all right. So, so far, I'm pretty happy with that tree. That looks fine for now. And we're gonna get that very dark colored dry first before we do anything else to it. But in the meantime, we have our other dark puddle that we created from the boat Chinna and the French Ultra Marine do. So I'm going to use my little number for Russia. I think I could get away with that one. And then I'm gonna put the doctor on There was this little tree stop a Knauss Jupiter. Maybe I just wanted dark. There's this little things sticking out here, and I'm gonna just put in a couple of little dots to indicate that, you know, there's a few little areas where sticking out still, Um, and then here, Shame thing. We have a tree that's fallen over. And then here it has a branch on it. Sures Nice and dark Chartered. And then that disappears in here. And then his show make the top. Not so straight. Be nice. If we have a few little wiggles on it, Can you see that? And then here will do some little, you know, um, no show branch instead of broken off like that, See like that and then again here. I also want to say that there's some little areas where we can we get a little peek in like that. You know, it's and then here I just no way out, all right? And then it's really not that hard if you just take it one little thing at a time. And actually, I think I want to get a couple of other branches down. Don't look good, just my fat like that. And we have one more branch here, not a branch, but tree that fell down during a storm, I'm presuming, and we'll do the same thing. So little peek a boos. And also here some of those branches on this ditch tree and it's going in behind their shot . Go like that. So that begins to give a little bit more life through the whole thing. And, um, I want to also start putting in. There's some little, you know, pieces off the shoreline. Rocks were not that are peeking through here at all the shore, so we want to get some of those and and remember, water is flat, so the bottoms should be flat Hope You can see how beginning to get that I feel And this rock that I had massed out I want to be some of it showing up and I have to get the snow there on the same on this one over here has has to be a lot Dr. We'll do that later. And they also put in some more reflections, wants to see what we have. So the top part of these can be a little wiggly wobbly and the bottom has to be flats. That's how goes no shame here. Some little same over here will be some areas a little bit bigger. Course they're closer to us. It's got a little bit of darkness in Hammond and then I want to pitch over here, not super duper happy with what I have going on. I wanted to have some evergreens, but they will be nearly a stock as the ones as this one here. So that's see what we could do first. Maybe I just here on this edge here it's a lot further away. You're gonna do what you stark, but we do want to get a little bit of so darkness in here. That also has to be from that. Sure. I'm going let out and then I'm gonna lose the edge. Here. Go. Okay, get out. Just a little bit of darkness. There, There. Much better now, I think. And we can can make also a caller for that snow. So that means a little bit off the time bit off people. And then we wanted time bitch off the op arose on. Then that's put all these traps. It's put some snow one here, since all the others others know we have is you know that, Sheriff do We don't want this almost certain to be white snow. That would not look right. And we'll still be able to see the differentiation because And we have the white underneath used him asking. So so. And if in the end we need to put and do you have a white back on, we can do it, and I don't know if we're gonna need that Time will tell. And then this one here also needs and it here. And that would be a little lighter right there, like maybe hits it. That and then what I'm going to do ISS, so I'm going to see here. So I wanna create a little differentiation there where I messed up. And so it is true line. So no. And then what I do is I am going to with a damp brush. Just gonna gently gently try to win, lift out a little bit of color here. Yeah, and sure that I do get that feeling and I'm gonna go down here can also stop just a little bit. Sure, I get a feeling off that there's difference and once it's dry. But I raised my line and then I can go in on that back mountain there and docking that a little bit, and I woke away now and stop darkening. 9. Adjusting Highlights & Shadows: I'm gonna lift up some places and in other places, I'm pinnacle in and dark and she finished Lift up. You know what? I want a deal. Bumpiness. No, they're so light friends forward and, uh, pushes back. Remember that? And then here I have a little bit bank in front of here. That tree disappears behind there deep snow, and they always scrub out some more with Bill scrub brush later on if we need to. But right now, just a little bit off quality differentiation is gonna make a big difference. And snow was kind of like clouds that there is very soft looking. So you don't want to have, like, super super like hard lines. Most places won't have it nice and soft and, uh, show here Just looking at where I feel. I need to just a little bit. Yeah, Look down there. And then some places will have a little bit darker. So, for instance, sister make ourself some snow shadow. So that's cool. Blue. No better off the people and a little bit off. So let's get cobalt, Get some of the peacock. Yeah. Then let's get a little bit off. Oh, removes and I'm gonna put that separate one, because with the same mindset that you know, you don't want to go in and get a whole bottle of something. It was not exactly the right color show here. That's pretty OK, my just a bit of that, dude kind. Just equate down a little bit. Yeah. Yeah, that's a good one. That's a good call, I think. And now this just tried out. See, um, So, for instance, here, I want to get a little bump in the snow, like, right here. And I need brush. Kind of loose the edge. So can you see? Got a little bump conditional there, emphasised a little bit more. And then then here, do the same thing. And don't do like a big area and have it dry on. You want to go in with a damp, not dripping wet rush and just loose the edge there. Can you see how now, all of a sudden with getting somewhere with snow and I want to go in, do a little bit much here, that and yeah, and indefinitely they want to do some and then right away with damp, not wet, damp wash and just you know, just kind of going in with two in a very light touch. See how that stands out now. And I really want that same thing over here, there. And we can. And then once that strides, actually, when I want to do is I wanna go and lift out a little bit on this card to say that that's in front. Off that. Do that there, Can you see? And then here I'm sinking. I couldn't go in and create a little bit of a dent in the snow there. But this in August, you know, debt. And maybe in here detonation. Yeah. Yeah, that go. And then I want to go in and create the edge off that trees. You know, there was all the same color. You know what match there? No, there's a differentiation. Can you see that now? Pulled tree Outsource. Speak. So that was successful, Sonam. I mean, emboldened. I guess you could say so. Now. I'm gonna go in and creates the bottom here off the tree. Just like that. Bleed out. Can you see? No. Created the bottom of the tree on that side. Now go on other side and do the same thing there. I don't work. There we go. Can you see that? So, getting more confidence now? So I'm gonna go in and Doc. And here and here are top off to bring that out. And then yes, I can. I've got a cold and lose the edge. Yeah, we go. So now the tree is actually standing up, and I want to go in and do it just really deadly at the bottom here. Yeah, I think that helped him up. No. Patraeus separated. And there's another place here that I really feel like I wanted to do dimpled dip here. Yeah, you see that? And then, you know, I left it like that. Doesn't look very good, does it? Go in, sharpen their line? Yeah. I want to go into death. Do you? Yeah. Going to sit down here to Not too much. Just a little bit. And here. Okay. All right. And then So there will be a little back and forth because now I can see some things where I want to lift out a little bit. So I'm gonna get a clean brush and not too big of a bus. And it's just my regular changing brush. Of course, I want to go in and put a little bit of highlight on the chop off here with its snow on top of this thing, you gotta be careful that you don't illusion you're very dark. Are a force that could be a mess. Potentially. Okay, Who is the top of the snow? I want to just lighten it a little bit, and it's easily done. Because that's why there's one of the reasons I'd like to put the cobalt in because it lives so easily and so does the upper road alternatives. Easily. Um, the peacock is sustaining car. Can you see how you know that helps a little bit to lighten like that. And we also want to lighten a little bit here. No, by the tree, because remember, just stopping that. But here this part night No, she was just a soft transition. Yeah. Go. You good lighting a little bit here. And then we need to get these trees here, have some trees and stuff, and then you also want to get some Twix 10. Painting The Background Evergreens: So I'm mixing up some colors to deal with this area that I don't like over here. So I'm using my people peacock. My op arose and my cobalt to make some light mixes. And I think I want to put a hit. Let's see how that would work. A hint off the bone China into here? Yeah, as expected, I can ask you steal from over here. It's gonna make a little bit of a greenish but muted. I mean, over here that I think we'll work very well. So then I have those colors. Yeah. You want cool? Yeah. Okay. I think I'm good. Okay. So what I'm thinking, um, and maybe I would even take take a piece off masking tape and just put it over. Yeah, just to make sure the street gets here. I don't want anything down. And I'm going to take my Mr Bottle, not my vegetable like dot. And you can do if you don't have a bottle of that, use a brush to splatter. All they want is they want splatter of water on here, and, um Then I'm gonna go in, probably gonna use my line of brush. And I'm also gonna use probably with my dad. Rush. Okay. And then let's go in here with you. Bluish purple here first. And I want to get something that's gonna look like tops off evergreens that are coming from down here and shown on giving it to one of the different colors. And can you see how just kind of dabbling in like this to begin with So, uh, vertical shapes and just get on? And I'm not winching up by washing between proportional. Want college to mix and mingle green through. So I'm gonna go in. I'm gonna do some this. No contribution, boy. Sandra branches. My idea is I wanted to look like some distant trees here. Hi there. And very important that everything is not same old, same old there. And I want itches to look night trees, you hear, And you won't be a proceed like, you know, because that's how it doesn't if you can't see, like, where 13 years and you know so it's not individual trees, is what I'm trying to say here. What? I'm trying to paint be created. It's very hard to, you know, when you're trying, you're in the middle off something like this. And then you have to with they realize what you're doing. But that's what you have to do as a teacher, right? What? I'm just saying, You know, sometimes my my right brain so busy it does not let the left brain get a word inside, please. So I want to sell these to stick up into their this area. Really, really don't like that much. So that's the whole point of this is to give some balance. And, uh, I want just be doctor at the bottom. That's why you know. So now let's get some get something that was for social and with with war that issue no shot of it, it's not. It's not Even so, some places I hit wet and other places say dry. And that's the whole point. Of course, that's gonna give me that. Um, wonderful. Um, I'm even texture there. I think I'm pretty okay with this. Might just spray on just a little bit, like, right there. And now I might also want a little bit assault Already had salt in this area. Can you tell? But salt is such a lovely saying to put on when you want? Try getting a text John things. So let's see. You can't hurt. Worst that can happen is nothing happens. That's really how it is with salt and I into this one off. It was just because I wanted to protect the shore nine over there on your side. 11. Adjusting Shapes And Composition : he's trying, and I think that was a good move. I like it better now. However, there are some composition issues that I wanted Go over with you and one of them is here. Can you see how it feels like my Linus following the mountain too much? I don't like that. So I'm gonna have to break that up. Um, and then I have another issue. This little stump here is kind of ending right on this one. So I want to extend it so that it crosses over and overlaps. So let assume out again. So you couldn't see the whole picture, but more there. So those are the two things are gonna fix right now, and, uh, I'm looking for here. So I'm going to go in and extend a couple. This one probably and different calm. So would you like that? Little bit better. Gonna do a couple more. There's another one. She don't want that to go up like this. That's better, in my view, anyway. Okay. And then they were set. A little did lock here. I understand that like that. And then once it's once, it's dry. But there's no one talk that way it's and not looking so weird. And then this whole area here is just true boring, in my opinion. So let's see what we can do. Liven it up a little bit. Gonna break it up. She hot. I separated it out a little bit. This area here, and, uh, you two fix the trap. Your love it. That's not the edges, just like that. Yeah, I like that. Hope to see it. And then it's time she ticket that. Sure, on that thing there. That's better. At least I think it's better. Yeah, I like that. Just no tangent lines. And, um then we're going to go in and put some little Twix some new things, you know, different places in the snow where they will be. I didn't push you some stuff sticking up. That could be a little scary using my big wash menace. Just help try everything together. No character to shouldn't areas see like that. So using sick paint and rolling my line of brush units so they have a nice tip on it, and, um then I go in and I do some of these little squiggly lines indicating some of these bushes and trees and little Twix and weeds And what not that are sticking up through the snow. And I just live and shop everything a little bit. Those who want to do it and make sure that you bury your direction and all this good stuff on the minds. I should have some of those over here. So once in the bush, you haven't quite a shock. And, let's see, get a little bit down here. So I'm just gonna put them in here would also be a good idea to have some, I think, getting pretty close to don just a few little details. 12. Painting The Final Details: what I want to do. ISS I want to pull down and a little bit off reflections. These You said dark rocks and stuff. Scary should start here, I think my dad Damn. Just kind of when it's, you know, your central certificates, some more sinful shapes also. And underneath here I don't really want it to be dry brushing. And do you like to get a little bit of that? You know enough cash money. Okay, you will live with over here. I shall use here, make up a little bit shopping. You can also use a flat brush for this. Mr. It's not so pronounced Mr. And another thing that we could do some of them. I do like to put a deal better. And office. No dimple here on some of these. Yeah, yes. Where we have no, that's coming up. Sure, they're coming up from for behind. But a little bit of darkness right there, Indentation. Where we have some of these Twix and stuff coming up. And now I think I want to just maybe lift up a little bit more. I'm sure the snow probably should just leave along The only other thing I feel like doing years going in in a little bit of a dark off caller, mention water. And so that's, you know, cool and peacock and a bit of a pink to start my bottom a little bit. I would like to do that just so you don't fall out of the picture. That's what I like to say and nothing too dramatic down here on the bottom because I'm going to take away from that actual painting. And then one other thing I do feel I want a dock and saw these shadows. He about it just up here and then just kind of faded out. And then I wanted light here, and I think we're at that point where I should probably get the heck out of there. Oh, do it. But there you have and didn't win. I feel much of atmosphere, lots of snow for sure. And, um, I hope you try this out. And I hope I showed you that even though things don't always go as planned, don't fret about it. Don't give up just to go with what you got. And I just noticed you one out there. Okay? I call this done. So I wish you happy painting and hope you have a lot of fun with 13. Wrap Up And Class Project Description: So I hope you were enjoyed my demo, and I certainly hope that you will try it yourself. If you are a little bit more of a beginner, please feel free to simplify things because there's a lot of lessons in this particular video. But I would suggest that you work out your color story, so have a little fun with colors and try and find the moved and feel you want for your painting and do a little sketch or use this one here that I have posted for you. Um and, uh, make sure you would post you are paintings and your sketches whatever you want to post and share with the rest of us on the Project Gallery page here on skill share, and I hope to see you in another class. I have several classes here on skill share, and I plan on posting quite a few more this year. I'm I'm pledging to will be even more productive than last year. I put it on my calendar and hope to see you and happy painting