Painting A Stunning Watercolor In Seven Easy Steps | Jean Lurssen | Skillshare

Painting A Stunning Watercolor In Seven Easy Steps

Jean Lurssen, Jean Lurssen Watercolors

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9 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Drawing and masking out the tree trunks

    • 4. The Background Wash

    • 5. Mixing your colors and adding the first stage of the leaf impressions

    • 6. Adding more leaf impressions to areas that need fixing

    • 7. Mixing and adding th dark values to your painting

    • 8. Mixing Greys and painting the aspen bark

    • 9. Painting th dark markings on the aspen bark


About This Class

I will show you, in seven easy-to-follw steps, how to create this stunning Fall watercolor.

If you want to learn how to simplify your painting style in watercolors - whether a beginner or an experienced painter wishing to learn new techniques. In seven easy step-by-step lessons I will show you how to create a stunning fall landscape painting in watercolors. We won't be painting individual leaves - rather, I will show you an easy techniques to paint the impression of leaves that in my opinion, makes for a more interesting landscape that leaves things for the eye to interpret.






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Jean Lurssen

Jean Lurssen Watercolors

Welcome to my Skillshare channel. I hope this is where you will find inspiration to explore your inner creativity to create unique watercolor paintings.

I like to paint atmospheric watercolors and continually try to stretch the boundaries of watercolor, sometimes using other media to create interesting textures in my watercolors. I look forward to sharing my techniques with you here on Skillshare.

For more tutorials, tips and techniques visit me at:

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