Paint with Oil Pastels! Color mix while creating a simple landscape | Jennifer Moorhead | Skillshare

Paint with Oil Pastels! Color mix while creating a simple landscape

Jennifer Moorhead, Artist, Art Professor, Entrepreneur

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9 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • Basic Color Mixing

    • Color Resources

    • Color Composition

    • Layering Oil Pastels

    • Color Mixing

    • Landscape Painting (part one)

    • Landscape Painting (part two)

    • Final thoughts


About This Class

This class is designed for a beginner to learn the basics of color mixing while working with the medium oil pastels. The easy class project is to create an intriguing landscape with dramatic skies. Not only will you be learning color theory but how to layer colors for intense visual effects. Oil pastels lends itself to blending and making intense colored areas. Oil colors have been mainly used as a dry crayon but, adding a turpenoid to the crayon softens it to be pliable to paint. It a great process that you can easily create a painting to look like oils without the drying time. This is a quick and rewarding class with a beautiful outcome!

Art skills you will learn:

  • Color mixing with oil pastels
  • Layering color
  • Landscape painting 
  • Composition
  • Color Theory
  • Basic landscape photography





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Jennifer Moorhead

Artist, Art Professor, Entrepreneur

 My Unique Art Teaching Method:

I have incorporated the same art concepts that I taught in college for over 34 years but modified exercises that are fast-paced, easy to understand and simple to make. The exercises are all hands-on. This allows you to really explore and experiment with the art concepts...while having fun!

I teach the fundamental art elements… that are the building blocks of visual expression. I teach the principles of&nb...

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