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Paint with Me Abstract Florals in Gouache: Roses

teacher avatar Brenda Knoll, Life is short, cram as much in as u can!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Composition

    • 4. Final

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About This Class


Hi there!  This is class no. 2 in my Paint with Me Abstract Florals in Gouache series of classes. Most of my classes I speed up the painting portion of my demonstrations as not to bore you but in this Paint with Me Series, I film the paintings in real time so you can see EVERYTHING from start to finish in my process. 

I developed the concept for these classes because I have been going down an abstract floral tangent recently in my artwork and I wanted to explore some specific color schemes that I find VERY attractive in a style that I am currently obsessing over so I thought I would do a series of Paint with Me classes in Gouache because of several reasons = 1. I love the vibrancy of gouache and I remember being really intimidated when I first found out about gouache and wanted to try it so I thought: hey, maybe someone else wants to try gouache and I can make a follow along with me paint class so they can try it too. 2. I love watercolor but this particular abstract floral style doesn't translate as well in watercolor mostly because it is more intuitive and less technical ability, more expressive than exact. 3. Perfect for beginners or those really needing or wanting to 'loosen up' in their artwork, no real rules, just follow along, enjoy the process and because of the colors and subject matter, you are going to end up with a positive result. I think!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this class, as always, if you enjoy yourself or learn anything of value I hope you will provide feedback by posting your painting in the project section and leaving a positive review, means a lot on the internet. 





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Brenda Knoll

Life is short, cram as much in as u can!


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1. Introduction: Hello there. This is Brendon all and this class is called pain with me abstract florals and quash roses . This cost is the second of three classes in the paint with me abstract florals and wash collection. The first class was the EPA nations, and that their class will be these Deasy's washes, like water color with white or chalk added to it. The result is that the water color is mostly opaque, with larger and denser pigments. And the binder with a slightly different um, binder formula results in a more vibrant color payoff with the matte finish rather than a watercolor like transparent finish. I like washed because for me it bridges the gap between watercolor and acrylic. I painted into curling for 20 years, so when I discovered watercolor, I was in love with water colors. I love it while this it's translucent qualities, but I found it challenging because I had to approach my art a specific manner, uh, specifically preserving highlights from the beginning and working light to dark. I have a very induced and see where it goes flow, so having to think that through at the beginning of a painting is a challenge for me, waiting for things to dry completely, etcetera. The challenges air Definitely worth it with watercolor and love watercolor, but with acrylic painting approach was composition Midtown's highlights. Shadows details. If I needed to change color background or Brighton highlight, you know no problem. Not so with water colors, but entirely possible with wash with wash techniques. Techniques that I used in acrylic transfer pretty well. So with these specific abstract floral paintings I had in mind that are based upon specific color combinations, um, and multiple layers upon layers of colors, giving the painting dimension and excitement. I felt that wash would be great choice to explore some pain with the classes. Why not use acrylic? You might ask. Well, one benefit. Think Wash has ever krilic for me is an open blend time with washer under layers, air easily activated, which does pose some challenges, but those air easily overcome, then a bit. Other benefit to me, a painting you wash or them and Krilic is the set up and clean up involved. When I paint in the car like I use a stay wet palette with her like, because it's the least wasteful, my pain so that takes quite a bit of time to set up. Also, if I don't get back to my painting for weeks, might think it's moldy. Iran brushes because I don't have time to thoroughly clean them after each use. Or I'm too lazy or I'm tired of sleeping in the water with watercolor paints dry. They're good to go over the next time, the paints never going to room my brushes. I still painted crawling, but it's never the Grab your palate, your skin's book and run out the door that I enjoy with watercolor washes harder on your brushes, the watercolor. But it's never going to ruin your brush like acrylic, which is basically glue after a drive. Most importantly, wash retains a wildness that I enjoy about water color. In the end, it is a water medium. Hydrology is a science about the study of how water flows and I love water. There's just something about watercolor that rather needs joy in my soul. I just love it. If you would like to explore, wash and paint this abstract floral roses composition with me, then I would be super excited to have you in the next module, and I thank you for taking my class 2. Materials: Hello there. Welcome to the smarter about materials and supplies and movie with me abstract florals in wash scent of three classes. If you have taken any of these classes in the Siri's, then you may want to consider skipping this module as it is the same. Otherwise, these are my thoughts and recommendations based upon my experience. You, however, are the artists. So Phil empowered to take my advice or use whatever you like. As always, Thanks for taking my class his traditional gua. Shall I have the following brands of Quash whole bine, Winder Newton and, uh, I just picked up the Korean dash brand and others do brand that I've tried. My thing right by far is the ones you're needing designer goulash for a right of with reasons. When I was preparing for this class, it was going to recommend the ones urinating primary color set, which I had picked up on Amazon for less than 22 dollars. But when I want to scream jump my favorite for you, I realized that it's now $40 that may be more expensive than you desire to invest in a new medium. So with that in mind. I recommend the grand EHSH palette that I just bought as a more flexible, on affordable option because it has a lot of colors and it's only $32 it comes with the nice um, brush. And that's the brand that I'll be using in this class. So I have used less expensive um, wash brands like the royal playing field. I think it is or not sure how it goes, but I'll say that it wasn't a good experience. In my opinion. If you want a relatively, you want to make sure using relatively professional brand for the best results. The whole buying brand was real nice to work with fresh, but I didn't wasn't crazy about the colors, but then also, I like to reactivate my painting, use it from a palette, and it really doesn't perform very well that way. You really want to use it fresh from the tube if you're going to use the whole bind. But one thing about the whole bine is that that 18 color set that I had picked up was all light fast, and that's great. If you plan to sell your original paintings or display your artwork outside of a sketchbook for longevity of your work, You wanna make sure that you know light Fastness of your paints. The Windsor and Newton primary set, which I love, comes with the read That's Not Life asked. And so I am in the process of replacing that my palate with a permanent red. Our permanent rose, which is like Fast and Windsor Newton being a proposed professional brand, will list lists of their pigment information and light Fastness information on their tube, so that's really helpful as well. I'm uncharted of it. So if you your budget allows for it, I would recommend purchasing the Windsor needing primary sent replacing the red, which is not light fast with the chief of permanent rose to uses your primary red. Other than that, if you have some quash, go ahead and use what you have. If your results are not as satisfactory as you would like, you might consider your brand and upgrade is your budget allows. Also, another tip that I have is that if you have achieved of titanium, white or zinc, Wake Wash. You can add any of the those either of those two your watercolors and use them. A squash. I know, right? You're welcome. That's my hot tip. You have a favorite watercolor and you have a tube of titanium white Wash. Exam together and use it a squash. And I think it worked just fine for you. Okay, so for brushes, I'm going to be using my granddaughters and expensive large round brush. I think it's like a size 12. I'm going to be using the brush that came with this Karan dash palette, which is a size eight and then a smaller, probably Pimentel aqua brush for detail because washes made with chalk and it's gritty and has those larger pigments. Uh, it's really rough on your brushes, so you don't want to use your sense of watercolor brushes When painting with wash, I recommend using acrylic and or synthetic brushes or kids and expensive brushes thes air abstract floor arrangements that we're gonna be doing so the roughness of your strokes will be a benefit. As long as you have a small, medium and large round brush, you should be able to complete these part paintings without any issues at all. So I'm gonna be using a nine by 12 inch camps and Excel watercolor paper. I find it inexpensive and satisfactory for the job. I pick it up pad of 39 by 12 inch watercolor sheets, £140 watercolor sheets for less than $5 at Wal Mart, and I just think it's a bargain. The other thing is a micro fiber towel or water color. No sorry microfiber tell or paper towels to control the water on your brush and water container to use water continues are less than $10 on Amazon, and it's a real nice system. You could have your clean water on one side and your dirty water on the other side, and then it's got ridges on the bottom that you can clean your brush off real nice, and you're never gonna mistake this for your coffee cup and accidentally drink your paint water. So this is the system I recommend to my students, and like I said, you could pick these up for less than $10. All right, all right. So it's my hope that you enjoy this class and you create a painting that you could be proud of if you appreciate the class and you have a positive experience. I ask that you would be a positive review and or consider following the on social media. It costs you nothing, but it makes a big difference on the Internet. Also, if you would please post a copy of your finished painting in the final project section that would insist me in developing content as well, because I try to make these classes as beginner friendly as possible and without the feedback, it's difficult to assess if I teaching is effective or not. Okay, so I will see you in next module. Where we will be sketching are composition and blocking in our color. 3. Composition: Hello, class. And welcome back. This is bringing on this class is called AB start. No payment. He so I don't know what name across is Now paint with me abstract florals and wash roses. This is the second and the three part series Paint with me abstract florals and brush. The 1st 1 was the activation. Plus, if you didn't check that, I hope you will check that one out as well. And in that class we focused on some break purples and turquoise says, And pinks and oranges and yellows and whites. And it was very colorful. Yeah, hopefully we're able to produce, uh, satisfactory in Asia. And this is an example of one of those that I did I developed in class, and that's paint with me Abstract florals in quash econ Asia. And this is a second class, which is paint with me abstract florals, Nick wash roses. And so I've got a few examples of, uh, some that I did while I was developing this class. And the reason I want to show them to you is because I want you to understand yours. We're gonna be different. So this was my original concept. These air kind of the color sort of going with, uh, the syriza three classes are really the painting is pretty easy to do. I'm hoping that you will not have a hard time following along, but it's really about the color composition in these two classes. So this is I just enjoy it. I don't know. I love the yellow background about the way the orange is going to the yellows, the letter g ellos and so this is basically the color palette will be using is yellow's a little bit of orange paints and, um, cool reds, some baby blues, um, ultramarine blues and some white. And here's another one I did while I was preparing for this class. I do like this one that I did. Actually, there's one under here to know, not noticing that I like that one. So there's one that I did for this while preparing for this class. Here's a large one that I did and here's going to similar, but it's got a different face more along the base. It's in that explanation class, um, you know, go ahead, go along with me and then expand your self too. Produce your own abstract florals and blush. So there's a large one that here's another, smaller one. But I didn't really kind of like the way the paint shading worked out there. And then the last class of the Siri's. It's gonna be the daisies here, and there's a little film now for that. So that's what you could look forward to did just recently actually last night, finish on gastric floral Hang wash. And I love it so much that I was thinking of Oh, possibly doing the class for it. I don't know. Let me know if you're interested, then maybe I'll do a bonus class. Include this one. I just like the way the colors came out. I like the way it all came together. Anyway, that's not the painting will be doing today. ISS sketch this one. Okay, so with that, I just want to tell you one more thing. Sorry. In my materials course I recommended Grandi Ash because it's pretty inexpensive. $32. I think I paid for this nice Friday color. It was just what's church and brush, which I will be using this brush that that that was quite the jail for $32. Nice, big things, but I just got another better deal. I just bought this on. Uh, listen, you go. A couple days ago, I love it. It's called this me, me, me, me wash. Using this giant palette left 24 hours in the overnight needed me. It's one day prime shipping $24. So it's Hemy jelly Wash, and that's each I am I. It comes with these mixing trays. Comes in three colors. You could get a place or meant for this pink. It's good for, but I think I was only three in 18 18 colors in here, but to whites, two blacks. And they're actually really nice mind you could see a lot missing because my granddaughter loved them so much that I made her own palette. And yes, oh, they're real nice. So far, the light passing this seems pretty good, but I just I've only had it less than a week. It's been in the window today, so there you go on that I know for a fact that the cran dash that this pink is not like fast. It has completely disappeared, and it's only been, oh, lesson two months. It's in the window. Still, the rest of the color seemed fine, so I haven't really been using it and then could eventually take it out and just replace it with the, um, winter and new 10. I don't have watched out here, but the Windsor and Newton Queen magenta See, I put it away in its PR 1 22 It's similar almost that color a little bit brighter, maybe. And, uh, it's like that. What you want about light Fastness about painting with squash Squash traditionally was used by, uh, historic mission was used by designers, so they did not need it to be like best. They weren't selling the original works or scanning in its were designed. It's flat, a flat medium, so it was good for that. But artists have come to use it so more and more you're seeing hardest quality wash, which would mean like fast, because for me I saw my original. So the last thing I want is to sell a painting and have it fade on these folks or have a color turn to Well, this is in the grandi ash that we were just talking about. This color will completely disappear in the sunlight. Not that I always heard. All my paintings come with a disclaimer about not storing their painting in direct sunlight , and I do put UV protecting over them. But you have no control over what's gonna happen. And you do want longevity and your paintings. If you're selling them, you know folks won't make an investment, you know, they might want to hand it down to their grandkids. Who knows So, like crassness is important to me. It's not important to you go for whatever you want eyes. I really would love to have those Ph. Radiance, but they're not like that some. So I west going Teoh use this palette so you could check it out because, like I said, $24 they shipped it over next to my house, which was nothing special for me. It's just regular prime one day shipping cool, but I will have to use a pallet because power that comes with that is pink. I don't know if I'll fix that up in the later ever or what I'll do about it. Er, maybe it doesn't matter to use it this pain, but just for the benefit of this class and color mixing and use. Uh, my plate here. It's just a ceramic. It's really play video store. That's not going to use this him You tell it todo All right, So let's begin. Budget will be walking in our composition. I'm using nine by 12 Kansan Multimedia My pain here so that you can see it. Make sure see everything. Normally, when I'm doing these classes, I speed up the painting part eight times as fast so that it's not boring you to death. But in these paint with me abstract florals. Hogwash. I am painting them in real time so that you can see uh, somewhat like acrylic, the ugly stages that the painting goes to on the reason that I want to do that in this class is is that what must understand that you don't give up on it, Just keep going. You maybe not necessarily this one, but when you're painting and wash much like getting an acrylic, it will go through some ugly phases. But if you give up, you're never gonna get to the not ugly phase, you know, because you are it is really this abstract florals and wash causes very intuitive type of painting. And so you just kind of make little tweaks here and there, and then all suddenly it is done. And you know it's done because you like painting, right? Okay, so, um, normally I would just freehand this. That's what I've done with them all. But for the purposes of this class, just to get a little more there, I think we're going Teoh door sketch on this. Let's just do it. This Islas Jonas Magenta, right? Right. So always not always, but it's just easy Way to composure painting. Think of your paint your canvas. Are your surface broken into thirds And where they connect is where we want to put some important pieces on. We're gonna put our first rose right here. I think even though it's on the left in this painting, Well, yeah, we're gonna put it on top of that. So the third right here and are we're just gonna paint a spiral, and that's going to signify it first flower, but And I was gonna change brushes that flavor and set out, but change brushes with this is fine and we're gonna g three. And so we get that 1st 1 Let's put this other one not quite in that third, because you got other things to go there. And then And yours may be bigger or smaller than mine, and all of that is perfectly flying. You could say you have different things. We're gonna be filling them in. But the main thing is to make your placeholder for the roses. Which part? Spiral? There. Then we like to have some spoilage. I could put it in this particular composition of up to three big roses and two buds and a couple for me looking things. And then that just leaves the roses. So since the base is gonna be here, I'm gonna put some here. Just go. Just a lying diagnosed, 45 degree angle fixing the bottom and just put a diamond for that. Rose, I'm not sorry. Not Rose, please. Yeah, That's what happens as you get older. You can't remember your words, right? And so just drawings of diamonds. Stan, I like to anyway, for my little baby roses, I think one here, and it's just gonna be a little spiral with you on the bottom. But running right here to spiral. Do you of the bomb in order to see that it's different than this composition just fitted in wherever you can fit it. And I'm gonna give a couple of loops. The couple almost for those little number 31 Those little, uh, leaves that go up. Okay, then what? These roses is going to get well, but put some leaves here. Just kind of fill the space. I like Teoh my leaves and, um, odd numbers. I think I would if I was doing table scape for composition. But one here and it's just a diamond shape. It's not, you know, thereafter act. That's cool, right? And then my face is gonna be here, but my basin, it's gonna straddle that third line because, skinny, we'll put the stripes. And later, when I feel like it, um, I just feel like this could use three leaves here. And so it's very intuitive, but you basically want to fill your space, but leave room for that luscious yellow that we're putting in there and don't stress on any of it. So that's our basic composition. And I start out by blocking in for some reason when im trying these paintings, the pain in the background and first seems to work out. That's for me. So that's what Germans, which this big brush big, uh, keep oh, round brush. That's right, Dan. I'm going to be doing this yellow background and this yellow background is some yellow with a little bit of that warm orange in it. And to get that Yeah. Looks good, huh? Oh, yes, it's warm, warm, warm, some Flory kind of yellow and just gonna fill in the back of this using this him e jelly wash Because I like it. Don't worry about did I make some background? Although everyone color, you want the background to be different variations on the color. I'm gonna put in some oranges you could see and maybe some pain. We'll see how it sells. We go to Beijing because that just makes it more exciting. The only thing that I don't like background, but if it happens, I don't stress on it because I want you to enjoy painting and I enjoy it. You know, the thing about painting is that you can always, especially if you're using this cancer next apple butter colored paper, which is really inexpensive. You can buy a pad of that for $5.5 dollars a month to paint you today. Okay, Big one like this. So I don't worry about getting it exactly right. Are stressing over. This is perfect because you complain again tomorrow. I have another shot tomorrow. Okay? So don't stress on it. Just enjoy yourself. Enjoy the process of trying to make thes azizia Xai. Think I can and then hoping that you will enjoy the class and you produce something that you are happy with. Okay? Yes. I love the variation and color. The one thing I don't like it sometimes a hard line like that. But the beauty and wash is that so you will need to take care of that. I could let that dry for two weeks and come back in and take care of it, which is also a little bit of its downfall. You you need to protect these paintings either by putting, uh, I like to use a crayon. Makes a product product that's you. Protect it and spray product, museum quality protection and their coats of half steals a painting. And then you don't have to worry about. But if waterworks stillness, it would be ruined without that protected or else opinions that have cell. Like I I said a disclaimer and care instructions with my paintings because I want them to be happy where they live. And, uh, I tell them, Teoh, display them underclass for protection because it's just the safest way to you. Protected is under glass, but what I like about the cream on spray and when my work was in the gallery, nobody wants to buy something under glass. It's just so not mark. So for more of a modern aesthetic in my work that I having a gallery or what not I do my make frames myself how my husband makes my friends for me and I do frame them and finish them off with you be protected spray. And also what I like about that and this is my watercolors like washes is that it also enriches a color which I really appreciate my watercolor, because I don't know if you've experienced this in water color, but be painting and it looks so beautiful that it drives. It looks like crap, but it's like what the hell happened? My painting? Well, there's color shift with watercolor that's another reason why Gemma Mission Cold is my favorite. They have minimal trying shift, and I appreciate that. So the beauty in this style is, uh, not having to worry about Well, not only not having to worry, but the way that the over well overlap. E colors interact with each other so you can see where I've got over the, um under painting with that, we did a magenta. It's real nice, darker orange. And I love that right. And this painting Hey, particular don't. They could go through too many ugly stages because of the colors. A bald I mean, I love this magenta in this and yellow yellow, I think, is one of my favorite colors. It's just such a happy killer, right? And, uh, I'm just gonna be pretty colors and then, you know, it's pretty hard look ugly when you've got some pretty colors going on. But it does happen. OK, so I got my background in. Hopefully you did too. And now I'm going to get from this brighter one just much like begin in the last one this paints of, you know, some dab some oranges on there. And one thing that I don't want to blend it totally out of it. What will you use that dimensions just kind of coming and soften the edges of these. This little group colored just throwing their So it's not so. Look, I just splashed a war paint here. No, Randall looking. Yeah, that's pretty right? And then I don't know how other orders do it, but one thing that I dio is always looking painting and being like, Oh, yeah, I got this year, you know, here. Oh, I want some of your balance, you know? Yeah, I'm gonna do some over here for balance because I just decided that and and actually put some later yellow here in here. And I just think that background, you know, I developed this too much because I wanted this module just to be getting the unusual background sketch in color. And you more find that in the next modules we got That's right. I don't know if it's if you could tell how bright this is, but what One of the things I love about washes it's so freakin bright. Okay, now there's some white in there, and the light in this back room cover up a little And put that over here. You just good luck. Wait in there and just do like, I don't know, their clouds and my the car stating you hear, You know, just adding some, uh, dimension to this background puts you down here with peach, this orange picture, and then you can just softening the edges. Don't really cover just laid down. But I do wanna get not so and your face. Okay, the roses were gonna be going with these this group right here and some white to make pink . We'll throw in color around leader. So the process that I follow I'm a kind of formal for you, Ladic person And helps me is, um you know, our sketch. Then we're blocking her colors on the When did you have shadows and highlights which we could do with quashed because no lighter over darker. And, uh, we're gonna move some color all around for some excitement and diversity in our painting and then the final details and it will be done. So in this one and this module, we're doing our sketch, and we're blocking another color. So first I'm going to go with this magenta I think I'm just gonna go This spirals just go. Some sees Now we're just being a little more intentional, making music like roses somewhat. And basically was just doing here is I'm just doing, like, see shapes. You're shapes overlapping And it's indicative of our expressionless expressive of first battles Beautiful Kocian, that color I just love wash a little mix in some red Oh, my gosh, This red is so corgis She a okay with that focus that many sectors another. But it's you can see shapes your view shapes overlapping and it's intuitive. So don't just, uh, do those to your liking. Don't worry about perfection. Well, that is so pretty, right? No, no, I'm gonna add some. Wait, wait, What we've got going here? Yeah. Yeah. Doesn't help side enough weight. What? More of a pink? Don't hear something. A lot of weight. Yeah, we'll let that sit for a minute and I'm gonna go into the leaves. Okay, so my leaves, I like a grass green zone. Just gonna go with this mixed up with this background pillows we got going there. So we just want a nice medium green. We're going a lighter for highlights. and darker for little lights. And we're just gonna fill in those diamond shapes. And we're gonna be crazy about covering all of that pink up because that's what makes this abstract florals fun and special. Having all those underlying layers, you only want to cover them up necessarily. We want to see the whole process that are painting. Once we get locked in, we can get overall what we've got going on and go from there. But like I said, my process is to be my sketch blocking my main colors. Nothing. The next model book you highlights and shadows and then dance and final details. It's already looking like Oh, my gosh, So gorgeous, right? This would be the glue stage. I was thinking that it's probably not gonna go through act Blue state with all these beautiful colors. The pinks and greens and the yellows. And the orange is really warm yellows. It's just beautiful, right? Oh, my gosh. It okay. And then now I'm just gonna do the stripes for the base, and then we'll be onto the next model. Take a lot of drying in the class. So intuitive, just, you know, think of a rectangle that's going with the base. Just pain in the rectangle If you I want you could draw it in But that would just be way too uptight for me. Way too uptight for one trying to accomplish in the painting in class. But some folks not baby steps into loosening up, so they're gonna be any then I'm OK with it. I hope you're OK with it as well. And yeah. So this quashes pretty nice, right? I'm shocked me with Moses artists that I follow on. Mr. Graham, Just a little video sent. People always ask me about what quash I use. So here it iss on. You know, I'm always so shocked by these artists that I follow that beautiful work, but the materials they use, you know, there so most cheap. But they are inexpensive materials. And like one artist that I follow, that sounds air works with thousands of dollars, paints in acrylics, uses liquid X basics. It's like, Wow, man, if I had if I was making $1000 painting, I'm gonna be using that best quality paints liquid X makes I'm not going to use your basics , but, uh, wow, I hate but you know what good artists use anything to produce Quality heart that looks one by Oh, my gosh, I love it. So this is our brain sketching in and looking in army colors. And I like it so far. And I hope you like you're so far. One thing that's bugging me is this area right here. So I'll be thinking about So either bring in the face up a little bit higher or feeling this in with some greenery. But in any case, is black needs to dry. And so a little bit like oil paint wash paint you wanted you thin over think over thin. Otherwise funky things happen. If you do like then over thick, thick layer really activates the lower level. Think about it because you thinned it down with water, right, and they're easily lower. Levels are easier, easily activated. So I'm gonna wait, let's dry, and I will see you in the next module and, as always, give you class 4. Final: Okay. Hello and welcome back, class. This is a little class is paint with me. I'm start florals and wash roses. So, uh, my painting has dried up a bit since the last module, which was our composition, and like looking in her colors. And now in this module, we're going to start adding shadows and highlights. And this is where I'm also gonna introduce some of these blues. So we want a nice baby blue and then the old marine blue and I like to use a bigger brush for do the background of blocking in colors. But as we start getting into, um, shadows and highlight maybe go down to a literal brush. I don't know, we'll see. So for the low lights on the greenery, I'm going to use this start out with this baby blue head, so just gonna mix up some that later. Blue, Although it's really pretty like this as well, right? And what we're gonna be doing is just going along one side of those greenery and it just familiar, Mather. Which side? Little Kluwer. That's all right, because we just put it on the palate and I loved it, so I like my just go with it like that. Definitely at some. Right. And so I'm just If you could see going along one side of the granary with this blue I wanted to introduce and that needed this stamp system. Yeah, I was living there. I'm gonna answer weight to that. No, make that more little. I just just get some color in there. Can you get about worried about covering all those fusion lines and are under painting? Because it just as a little excitement in diversity. And we want to see the development of the painting part of what makes it so pretty. Right? So pretty. I am sorry. I don't have to break the check and make sure hit record, and it looks like I'm recordings. Your good, right? Okay, So yeah, How pretty is that right? So now I'm going to make, um, kind of like a limey green for the highlight on the greenery. Just grab this lighter green. That's a yelling to which will break. You can even people later than that we live in. Well, could add some. So we're out. Yeah. Yeah. I find you like me and do similar. What did you put the blue in that do an initial on the other outset side, and then I'm gonna come back with some white mixed into that make it a little more opaque. And I guess the Dimension IHS but mixes painting so attractive. Really? So don't worry about covering it. That underpinning. Do you want that to be a little more? You want to be pretty pretty? Oh, and you know, what I might do is grab some of this. Yeah, that's pretty. That's pretty colors that blue. Just grab us watching that. But we do. You want this to be a highlight, So to be Oh, So I talked earlier and earlier module about taking, um, or real attic formula dick approach. So it's everything I could do not to start moving color around a little bit of color around because I'm here. Why not? Right This You in there? Okay, so I'm gonna cover here. No, the color around. Okay, so now I'm gonna get this dark blue, and I'm gonna use it. Teoh. Oh, yeah, Right out a little bit here to stab everywhere. Contracts to the painting, some sort of outlining these rollers just but this is where I was thinking needed to put something here crazy. And you know what? Just this big old blob actually liking what's going on here. So, uh, maybe I'll skip the next Marshall will start pulling the color around now. Really? Kind of like what I'm seeing. So I'm gonna start going in with some, right? - And so, actually, I think this is looking pretty good, and I kind of like what I'm seeing here. And so I couldn't go through with some color and just turned out. But watch here. And they're starting with the green, because that's it. All my palate. I get some green here. Rose is a bit you. Just some excitement in there. We get this darker blue and just kind of pull it around my palate everywhere. I feel like I could use a little something. That's for little. You know what color I forgot is the orange. Put him in there. We'll put that there. That's why not. Right? All right. So this is kind of taken away from my original one in the pink to be kind of showed up there, take some yellow move. It kind of around the painting. So What? Let's watch it. Wherever looking on there. Start with my green right bit by was this look here and there. Very colorful. Rosen's right. But my style is very colorful. So, you know, uh, now I'm gonna mix up some really pretty pink, and I want to bring some pink around by really pretty. I'm taking that magenta, and I'm mixing it with white. Hopefully, concede this. Remove it over, just in case the cameras capturing unit out of weight just to be, like, think. Oh, yeah, That's beautiful. No, but some of that these click it more towards the outer cover. Everything that we've already done, you know? But some think in Well, yeah, that struck florals can be pretty Well, okay, Right in there. Peachy. Orangey set off that blue. I'm actually kind of liking it. I'm thinking I'm about done. I'm gonna debated about whether is gonna go down the sides of this vase with, um, black, but debate no more. Yeah, for the wonky. But that's OK. And do this little bit of dimension here. These a little he decided smudge of edges like we did in the background. Get rid of it. Suggestion that there's a hook around this to this base cover alongside background. It comes a point for me anyway. I just feel like anything more, it's gonna ruin it. So I think it's very colorful and believe it. Call it done. But one thing that I do want to dio before I just officially say, Hey, there you go, folks, it's done is I'm gonna splatter I don't know why, but for some reason I really enjoy spotter lately. And the thing is with splatter is that in this has Jax florals eight Wash. It's indicative to me anyway, of baby's breath, so, like you could go. And so the way that I just butters, I just, uh, get were wet on my brush. Then I were burned. But sometimes, if you wanna blocking a certain parent piece, you can put these paper over and splatter around it. I e. Do you want to be indicative of baby's breath and, uh, I'm collect done. It's very colorful so you can see every time could be abstract for oh comes out differently just because it's more just into it. If you know what is this being like? Fell look very different, but They're all very beautiful and bright and lots of color. I hope you've enjoyed this class. And if you've learned anything of value, please leave a positive review and or consider following me on social media. That stuff cost you nothing but means a lot in the Internet world. And thank you for taking my class. And hopefully you'll stick around for the next one should be out, probably within a month. What we'll be doing this, daisy that I might do a bonus, depending Poland no goes and the kind of response to get folks. And I would have loved to see you post a painting of your abstract floral. That was Dr Does. Part of taking this class helps me to become a better teacher. And, um, has always thank you so much for taking my class. And I will see you around. I