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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. How to be a self taught artist long

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About This Class

Follow along with me as I paint Chamomile.

Meet Your Teacher

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Asha Hanna

Visual Artist Based in NYC


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1. How to be a self taught artist long: another. My name is ASHA and I This is my or in chat Siri's. I hope you guys like the video today. I'll be talking about how to be a self taught artist. So Teoh come into and to mature as a self taught artist, it takes a lot of discipline. Um, there are a few things I think you should dio. Um, there's is not like a strict rule on what you should do to become a self taught artists because there's so many different kinds of routes and journeys. People have different journeys and all that kind of stuff. So this is just like a guideline on what I think and from my experience, um, I believe, would be a great way to start. So Number one for me is to get books good books on artists you love and leave them out while you paint or draw or sculpt. Another thing is to paint yourself or draw yourself or sculpt yourself on. And then when you become comfortable, uh, do people around you like people that you live with, your friends, your family, and this will help you to be able to be comfortable and to study faces and environments and get familiar with features and things that make people similar things that make a whole different. Um, you'll get be able to get used to a light and shadow and, um, eyes and nose and lips and chins and ears and all those things are important because when you're creating, our observation is so important, especially if you're doing art that involves, uh, you realism or something that you're taking from life. Um, another thing I would say is, look at look at your work through someone else's eyes. So acts for four feet bag from people that you tries. Um, if you don't have an artist friend or someone who's involved in our loves, our around you that you trust just act friends and family what they think of what you're creating acts them without telling them a really neat trick. That ideas don't tell them what your intent is. See what their reaction is, and then, ah, you can use that as good feedback to see how people are receiving your work. Um, and also it will force you to look at your work in a different way, and this allows you to always grow and always be able. T o keep perspective. Um, another tip that I would have is to keep working, keep working, keep working like you will fail at certain things. Yes, Like you're gonna fail. You're not. Everything is not going to be perfect. Everything is not going to be a masterpiece. Every painting or drawing that you do is not going to be the best work that you've ever done. But the key is to keep on working in this. It's basically practice makes perfect. And, um, that's definitely something that I can say that is so, so important. Um, study aren't in person. So another tip, I would say, is to actually go to a gallery or a museum or, um, depending on where you live. Because I know that in some places like New York, which is where I'm from, um, a lot of the museum's you have to pay to get in, and you may not be able to afford to be able to go. You know, see that there are some galleries. Now there's, uh so many. There's Internet where you can, uh, get in touch with other artists and maybe be able to do go Teoh their gallery showings or go to, uh, exhibition or, you know, like there's just make sure that you go and look at our in person. It'll help you better your studies, and you can study. What are other artists who you can meet other artists through, you know, going to these places. It could also be a form of inspiration. A lot of times when I'm lacking motivation or inspiration and I'll go to a museum or gallery or I'll just sit down and talk with a friend about different topics and will help spark ideas. Those are my suggestions on being a self tar up artist. I'm sure there's hundreds more, but those are the ones that I felt was really important. Um, if you have any tips, share your tips from your experience. Talk to you guys later. I hope you enjoy this video. I really appreciate everyone who's watching and who's continuing to support me. If you would like for me to make more videos like this about how to navigate throughout the art world and staying motivated and stuff like that, please come in below and definitely let me know I would really appreciate it. The second half of this video is just gonna be me painting. Um, you can comment on that, too, But thank you for watching again and have a great day. I was along with you that way. No way. - She say my in a way, I'm a savage. That's just I was down with. Let's make God you that way. No way. - No , she say my way And it's on the Sabbath. It was. That's just with guesses. Just let me, yeah, you that way, way dish, - she say My in a way, I'm a savage. That's just I was down with. Let's make God you that way. No way.