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Paint summer illustrations in 3 styles in Procreate: watercolor, charcoal and ink - find your style

teacher avatar Inga Yoon, Digital illustrator and teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating canvas

    • 3. Watercolor painting Pt. 1

    • 4. Watercolor painting Pt. 2

    • 5. Charcoal painting Pt. 1

    • 6. Charcoal painting Pt. 2

    • 7. Ink painting Pt. 1

    • 8. Ink painting Pt. 2

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About This Class

Today we will paint 3 summer illustrations of girls on the beach in different styles. We will paint in watercolor, charcoal and ink, will use new ways of adding shades and new textures.

You can choose my sketch or create yours, you can even print it later and put in a frame.

Today I will teach you:

  • How to create a texture paper,
  • How to paint picture from the sketch (you can draw your own sketch or use mine),
  • How to use my new and default Procreate brushes for painting,
  • How to find your own style
  • What is the process of creating summer mood illustration,
  • How to add textured,
  • I will also show you different techniques of adding shades.


I will show you my whole process from the start till finish.

And as a bonus I will share with you my new watercolor brushes, texture paper, color palette, sketches along with my pictures that I drew.  Feel free to use them for your own art project.

This class is fine for beginners and for intermediate level. Even some experienced artist can find here some useful tips how to improve their own style and of course - inspiration.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Inga Yoon

Digital illustrator and teacher


Hello, guys!

I am Inga Yoon, artist, digital illustrator and tutor.

Throughout these years I took part in different exhibitions, TV shows on local Ukrainian channels, organized workshops, you name it.

Although I`ve been painting since 2005 and teaching art from 2016, my carrier as online art teacher is just taking off. Hope you will support me on this journey:)

I am major is gouache and oil painting, but I am obsessed with watercolor art. Especially in digital.

Hop along for the ride.

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1. Introduction: Hi guys. Hello everyone. Welcome to my class, and I am so glad to see all of you here and you're in our today's tutorial. I will teach you how to play three different illustrations in totally different style. Our common topic for all illustrations, BOB, girls on a beach, and I know it's pretty cold, so all of us, we want to go to the sea, enjoy hot weather and so on. So I hope during my today's tutorial you've have this feeling of presence on the beach. Emmons awakes and during our today's tutorial, I will teach you how to paint in vertical style. How to paint in charcoal is charcoals. And the last painting, and I hope you liked that one as well, will be combination of ink and watercolour and pencil illustration. So let's go, guys Sam, freelance illustrator. Welcome back to my class and let's paint altogether three cool summer illustrations often goes on a beach in different styles. Virial paint in watercolor, charcoal, and will use new ways of adding shades and your textures. You again choose my sketch or create yours. You can even printed later and put it in a frame. Today I want to help you to find your own style. Sometimes it can be pretty tough. And in the end of my class, you can do it. Today. Teach you how to create a texture paper. How to paint pictures from the sketch. You can draw your own sketch or use mine. How to use my new and for procreate brushes for painting. How to find your own style. What is a process or creating? Some are more illustrations, how to add textures. And I will also show you different techniques of aid and shades. I will show you my whole process from start to finish. And as a bonus, I will share with you my new watercolor brushes, textured paper, color palette, and sketches alone with my pictures, says I drew. Feel free to use them for your own art projects. Because this class is fine for beginners and for intermediate level, even some experience artists can find here some useful tips how to improve their own style and of course, inspiration. Your class project will be next. Paint all three illustrations and choose a style that suits you best. Using say, tips and brushes that I gave you today. I will use procreate for this class is iPad, apple Pencil. So if you have it or some Maza drawing pets or just regular paper with Spain's. Please join our class and good luck. 2. Creating canvas: Wow guys, let's start. First of all, we need to create textured paper and fuzzy edge. We're going to go to our downloads and download our texture papers that I shared with you pursue resources and projects section. So let's call it the press, add, insert the file, and have to go to downloads where you have your texture paper. So my texture papers here and I'm gonna rotate it and active. And you see we have white caps. So what can we do things this way? Just move it slightly. It's fine. Yep, thanks Ace. Now we have our texture paper. So guess what should we do next? First of all, we need to replicate image. And after move to Linear Burn mode. Color Burn. After said, replicated two times, two times Linear Burn. And today EMS colorbar have to merge that together. Hello, resolve paucity. Like 35% of the king. And Color Burn, maybe a two or three. So let's say we made it says all textured paper. Highlights it. Thank you. 30%. I want to have it pre to light. After that, you need to select two layers and press group. And our next step we really renames it and it'll calls a extra paper. Let's just move it here to the bottom. What I'm going to show you is kitchens that I already created for our same sued girls. Since this is our first sketch and this one. And as I mentioned, an introduction of our class today actually you're going to paint in three different styles, completely different. And I'm going to try to resume the so second neural. If you think it's not clear enough, you can just replicate the layer two times. The second girl and the last one. I'll some duplicate this layer make more saturated, make it really simple. And that's it. So I guess I'll tell you step-by-step what you're going to paint. And our first goal, we're going to paint these watercolor and pencil, just 6B pencil and it poses girl, I'm gonna use a textual paper. So it does it for our next go. I actually going to use charcoal. Charcoal and probe is some crayons you will see in our lives girl. This one, we will use pretty thick clients. I'm going to use watercolor and I'm gonna use brushes. And in the same time, I'm going to use some crayons. So as this skill is a combinations of two previous styles, and I'm going to add some extra brushes. And I think it would be cool. And we'll start with the first goal and being need out extra paper for her. So let's go. 3. Watercolor painting Pt. 1 : Well, let's start first day as it is, I need to create a new layer, such as underneath our girl, ask each layer. And this layer should be underneath out textured paper. That's very important. So you have textured paper. And after our kitchen layer and underneath we have our shade in layer, i call it shade and layer. And now thruster all, I'm going to use a new technique and I hope you can likes it's one and I will use my brushes that I create. It's recently for marshmallow watercolor brash. Activity took on GREP, dark shade. And I will start adding some shading. And guys, you then need to be perfect. It's fine, completely fine. If you go beyond the edges to slay tour, you just sneak to race it. This is cool techniques that laws of artists like to use other. So we have our shade. Now let's move to the next layer and they'll turn off shade for awhile. And then forget to change. So your layer mode to multiply. Nafta, turn off it for a while. So now we move to next part. As your, as you know, I already created a new branch which is called bull perfect color small. I'm going to use our boom marshmallow watercolour brush. Well, let's keep painting. And for this paint and for this picture, I actually created a color palettes is one. And you can grab says colors. Once again, you need to be on a new layer to just undone nice house, kitchen layer. So then to are all color palettes either share Museo in a description of the class. So let's just go and Grips is colored. The color scheme. Let's stack it in shades of color variations. And guys, if you ever laughed, he Somoza colors too. You go to supply engine told. Just blend. Create no hair. Next classes. As a razor, i'm going to his bed, mercury, crab blue color. It seems there's precious, precious, sensitive social and more pigment. Just go ahead and press harder. But keep in mind that we explicitly, you have shaded layer into that set much. Now I'm gonna go towards a yellow color and I went to play in sand. And I increase the size of my brash. And just randomly at some strokes. And keep in mind that today's paint and easy, what other styles? So I am going to add a loss of strokes. Lots of watercolor imitation like what we could have if VP and risk in traditional, one way is a real paper and paints and brushes. Okay, cool. So that's our next step, is I'm gonna go and turn on our shade, this one. And now it looks amazingly. If you want to reach more like warm color, we can go select our shade and change the color to dark orange and fill layer like this. Now I think it's a way, way more better and I think we need to shade. You see from our Blend kids from the Topo. We also have shade on ascent. So they'll go and grapple, grapple marshmallow watercolour brush. I wonder layer without shades. And I want to add some shades here. This side shade is very, very theme. And then this is seeker thicker. I like it. Yeah. And I want to add some highlights. And in this way I need to return to our P into layer, either crap in the razor. And I want to show some Allied sides. I like to call, it looks, she's looks very cool. And one more option, what you can do just call it replicates a layer and she's very, very saturated. I will lowers up by subtotal 50% enough to, I want to merge that together. Same you can do is shade if you want to have your pre to pretty dark preceded, in contrast, you can do same, but I actually want to Logger set positive one layer to 40% and after I will merge them together. And this way, this is cool. 4. Watercolor painting Pt. 2: And one more option. What do you can draw? A is first all you need to blend together two layers. Yeah, this is cool. And I will go and grab both perfect color small. And I grab slide that dark blue colour. And I just want to add some different color variations here. And after I went to grab darker color and show some color variations here. And guys, I'm doing all the way on a new layer. Keeps it in mind. So you see if you grab some, like ours is shades and you just start it. And Sam is a very, very watercolor style, as it can help you to reach this watercolor Luke. Just press harder when you start adding in some pigment. And when you press harder you get pigment and you blend it. See like what I'm doing now. I'm gonna just same base, how skin. Seven digits add different shades. It looks pretty good. And I want to add some blush. And this brush is cool for watercolor like PMT, it's very authentic. And grep, darker shade. Say C, Why is this precious caucus? You can put some other color on the top and blended. I like this brush. And final step, let's merge together two layers. If you aren't taking control SAP facility, make it lighter or darker. I ought to have it pretend saturated and I want to create a new layer. And I'll go and grab what kind of broad. Yeah, here's a scanning. Thanks to so slides, we can have a SaaS authentic watercolor look. Just splendid slightly. And my final step, last things that I want to do is so once again, I merged together all our shades. And after zed vehicle and that blood KD, I will have the k decline kitchen layer. And guys, it's our girl vis out pencil. She looks cools to even without us kitchen layer, She looks pretty good. But I want to keep it. And less steps that I'm going to do is I will go and I will press and grab and choose it as a button select. Often said I wanted to be on a red layer, maybe something like dark red. And after that, I need to press feel layer. And now our girl is, I like this child saw, our pencil is not black. It's something between like dark red color and looks very, very good. So yep. Now we can call as a space finished and let's move to the next one. 5. Charcoal painting Pt. 1: Well now we are ready to move to the next part and the cell second paint and second goal in a swimsuit. And I created color palettes that CAN ones this one and fuzzy face paint. And for this girl, we will use totally different methods of painting. We will grab different brushes and we'll get a different effect, different style. So first of all, is it our girl? We will replicates it. Bill make one layer and visible is just in case you need this layer in the future. I'll just move it somewhere here. And Laughter, Zed, I will go and press reference. So now's this paint in this layer we will use as a reference. And it's very interesting. So and we need to create a new layer that just underneath reference layer, our kitchen there. And guys keep in mind that use kitsch shouldn't be closed. There shouldn't be any gifts. I'll show you what I mean. So first of all, so brushes that I'm gonna use out from charcoals set. Yes, this one and I will use to be compressed and charcoal block. Sorry, interested. And first of all, I need to go and grabs this premaxilla red color and I want to read, I like to move to the light red color. And after zed, i will just go grab this color and I want to color, as you see. Thanks to the reference layer, we can feel this layer ways color. If the dam is our painting and for example, a reader needs our kitchen layer so he can just stores at one off. And at the same time we have our BIM team. So if you already created, so once again, you have your sketching layer. You need to press and choose reference. And after zed here you see you will have a written reference. And after that we need to create him a written just underneath our textural layer. Underneath actually beneath our textural layer, you see I turned at 10. So for this paint and no textural layer. So once again, we have our reference layer and underneath we create a new layer. And for example, I want to feel with same color XYZ apart of swimsuit. And you sees somewhere like this yet. So guys, I'll show you what it can. Just go, track a color and feel it. You can. If you move to the right, you will grab more, like more space. If we turned to direct to the left, it's better. You see. You say I can't do that, cause here. So I need to return to sketching layer, returned to our reference layer and add. And you see like an feels this am to space visit color. And nafta said, I need to go and return to our charcoals sad and habitat. Grab it. A great way to keep it in mind, you need to be on a layer sits underneath our reference layer, and I like it. I'll next step guy. So I wanted to create one more air in u1 where I want to pay in her skin. Creating new air. He took pretty light. And then he's to crept Prescott Platyrrhini taco properly selection tool and caught. And they need to erase set areas. It overlaps, please. Our main body got perfect. Now what I'm gonna do is I will just go and replicate this layer two times. Great. And I need to create new layer to reply to a color. Same brash. I multiplicate layer. Now grab selection, told God, that's it. So now this next part. And as you might see, we have all our pain TSA here. So now vehicle TO charcoal sed and grep charcoal block. 6. Charcoal painting Pt. 2: Our next step is, we're gonna go to our panties, to our assumes you would. And he grabs his colors is like pretty bright red colour. We will go and will create a new layer, a bow swimsuit. And we press Select and nafta, we need to move to the layers it is on the top of our swimsuit and the grab our charcoal blog. And now I want to start it in shades. So this is pretty cute. And we can play with the colors is shade, darker color, and just start adding some colors. If you like, you can grab, grab more reddish color. But I don't want to too much colours. So once again, same color here. And still I wanted to add some shades from this side. Okay. I will do the same with my upper part of a swimsuit. So as you see when we selected this part, a is the area which is selected is allowed, be allowed to pay into neat. And it's very convenient because you don't, like you don't paint on Scheme or O'Hare or water. Survival like it. Great. Now let's move to another part, unanimous S1. And now we're gonna go and grab her hair, creates a new layer, or return to our hair layer and press select. Go to the layers at just above our hair layer. Grabs is color. And let's start adding some shades. Now, we need to go to her body, create a new layer. After that, press select, returned to the new layer that disavow our, the layer and grab of color skin and start adding some shading. Now let's go and grab a darker color. That's pretty easy. And now I want to go and grab you and darker color. And I want to add more shades. So the adage shades to this part. Now let's go. Go to our IT alone on bone inflexible circle, right? And we need to creating new layer returned to our inflexible circled brass select, returned to the new layer enough to go and groups of colors a tween lead. Once again via on the new layer tons. Forget about it. I liked his brush cause you see it gives you a texture. And that's very important. Now let's go and crap this dark color. Control the size. And our next is this shade. I want to add shade justice as part of a creating new layer to the shade from some water from sickle and if lateral, so-called. So I also up it, I'll select this part. And I want to be on a new layer. And don't forget about Shea called Ok, I think I felt the same way this part. So select create a new layer. And you took crabs his color. Well, great. So my final stamps at all, what I'm gonna do is I want to merge all of it together, like shades together, our body parts. So they exist. And I have a crap fresco brash. And I actually want to add some details. And for that, I will just turn off our reference layer if you don't need that anymore. So just press reference like this. So now it's not, this is not done in a reference mode. And we'll turn to Tuan off. And you see what is good is that we have so wide trucks because of the reference layer. And I want to keep it like zed, who they wanted to separate our girl from, like from water. And now I want to add some shades and highlights again. So I need to be on the new layer. And I went to add some water splashes. And for said, actually I went to march. Our girl just go altogether. So you see, she's here and same. I will lose water. And that'll, And just to add some splashes, it, I'll just go and replicate our layer. And now girls, totally in the water. Girl is pretty lovely guys. If you want to add variations, I'm going to tell you how to make that. First of all, we need to grab our inflatable circle and go to the selection tool. Press phasor, 15%, attrition, brightness layer, lovers uprightness, increased situation existed. Feeder, very, very situated. Same is watered as R, 11%. Attrition brightness layer can be lighter or darker. If you like, you can play music colours. I want to apply to differentiates. I like it is pretty interesting and steal more shades. Some blending tool and highlights. As her, she situation brightness. And I want to add some tiny highlights here, like this. Okay, we've done guys, we've done business part. And now girl and Ezer, 14% who's attrition, privacy law or sub brightness increase situation. Now she's pretty dark. Same here. I wanted to add highlights and increase brightness. Guys. Now you can merge it together. And if done does our second painting. You see it's pretty easy to pretend. Now let's move to next plant. 7. Ink painting Pt. 1: Well this paint out picture, this one. Very interesting. I had to create a new layer that just underneath us kitsch layer. If his brush that I will use is Polish below what current brash. And that's our thought. What a color palette. And let's start with a color scheme. Once again via on a new layer. And now I'm gonna go and replicate our layer. I think her lack this part is pretty dark. So I went, it was her 8% concentration brightness or Kx, and I make it lighter. So our next step is I will go and create a new layer. And I think that her hair, you'll get black. Guys. I forgot. You're going to use texture paper or if you like, don't use textured paper. Both ways are fine because later we'll add some textures and you can use as pain team fees paper and Ms. out extra pay. But I prefer use in texture paper so I'll exist. So now I want to ask how glasses okay. For her swimsuit and insist part. I actually want to lift my Apple Pencil froms is screen, cause I want to add more color variations and more shades. So as you see, I overlap intentionally my blue colour. And in this way, later, I will have more shades when I blend all of it together. You can keep some sharp edges. It's Same here. And I want to call a grad says bright pink color. And I want to pay in hearts. Well, if you create a new layer, and I will switch brush to Fresca. And let's just replicate it like we did before. Okay. So now let's move to next part. Versa, possibility of ours layer. Because later I want to add some details, may aligns thick clients. And I want to add some shades. And I will go to Sketch and said, and I will create a bonobo chalk. And before we start doing said, I wanted to replicate. Each layer will offer SAP passages slightly. And after merge that together. Same as a body. Here. Lowered, lowered lover here. So my next AS a school, I actually going to grab, start with skin, breast select, Create a new layer, what we did before. And I'm gonna go and grab skin color, grapple slightly darker shade. Once again, I am on a new layer and I grew up or not. But Chuck Prakash. And now I want to, controls are positive. And I want to add shades, like said. So it's like you remember class about fantastic creature where I showed you a noise auction. So that's kinda similar. But we just use brush was sad. And I want to add noise to some particular parts, not everywhere. Now, want to go and grab red color. And I want to add finds here, red color. I want to just saying visa POSIX one was ADA shades. And in this way, I will go to how swimsuit create a new Layer, press select, move to the new layer and grabs this dark, dark blue color and start adding differentiates. Be careful with hearts. It helps us to create shades at some color variation and said it looks very natural, Cool. So next part, hair. Select. On the same layer, grab black color. Now, next theme is Hagar. Once again, select you layer. Crap. Blue color, blue shade. Move just slightly. Darker shade. Increase the size of the brush. Not too much. Okay, some real excited. So great. 8. Ink painting Pt. 2: So next step is, are we have same unicorn. Once again press Select and need to return to the previous layer. And I'm going to go and grabs this dark purple color, slightly darker shades. Okay. So again means is part. Now say I'm going to do waves, water, right? The darker color. I think it would be enough. In my next step is I'm going to merge together all layers. Like SAT, pretty nice. And I will doublet Keynes's layer. And after I return to the layer such as undid Nice, one of our layers after go to hue saturation and brightness. And I want to move it to the maximum brightness. It's so now we have a white background. Why I'm doing that? I'll show you it goes, For example, if I turn off background color, steel, you see snot. Like it's transparent in some areas. But if we turn on our white color, as you might to now it's not transparent anymore. So that's why I need this color in order to make our picture not transparent. And after I've unmoored sit together, I will create a ground. Then I will create texture paper. I'm hurt some areas. So my next step is I will go and create a new layer enough to Ico tools that Lincoln said and I grew up mercury brush. And now I want to lower so positive Alice kitsch layer and then went to emphasize main parts with a color. And I'm gonna grab read like color. Right. Okay. Right. And guys, now I want to show you why I made her. It was very important for, for me to make and not transparent. Said Actually, now I want to merge together all layers. Grade. Now we go to the background color and they can go and grab any colors we like. You can play around it, choose colors, a TOA. I like this one. And as for me, she looks very cool. So I guess if Dan is our paint in there, hope you enjoyed our today's tutorial. So first of all, once again, first painting, it's our girl in a watercolor style where we used pencils as well and also shading layer. So I showed you a new way how to add shades to our, our jobs, to our paintings. Second one is painting, where we actually, you can use a decrease textured paper without textured paper both ways. And you can see here, she looks cool without texture paper and raised extra paper. So our second paint is charged calls, and it looks very saturated. And the last one is a girl. Also, you can use texture paper or you can have key power without any texture papers. And as you see, thanks to the bonobo chalk brush, we have this noise option and it looks amazing. And what I can tell you actually what we can do. If you want more noise, you go to the magic one. And after that, you go and grab noise option and just choose a nurse options at you like more. Thanks. It's 1, 10% for me is find. This paint is cool. So guys play around, choose different options that you might like and find your own style. Well guys, this is the end of our class. I hope you enjoyed my today's tutorial and now you know how the band girls on a beach and completely different cells. I will look forward to see what you create. And good luck is European and in space.