Paint on Fabric: Neocolor II & Inktense | Di Venter | Skillshare

Paint on Fabric: Neocolor II & Inktense

Di Venter, Fabric Addict

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10 Lessons (2h 18m)
    • 1. Painting Textiles

    • 2. Supplies: Painting on Fabric Inktense & Neocolor II

    • 3. Starting with Neocolor II

    • 4. Colour Wheel in Neocolour

    • 5. Monochromes & Transparencies

    • 6. Foxy Fun

    • 7. Starting Inktense

    • 8. Monochrome Inktense Lesson

    • 9. Final Lesson Creating Fabric

    • 10. Wash Test


About This Class


Create works of art that can be sewn into clothing, cushions, purses, totes, bags, curtains, bedding, roman blinds... that will survive the washing process.

I will teach you to use Neocolor II and Inktense on fabrics to ensure they are washable, show you useful tips and tricks and guide you through exploring adding paint into your textile art.

We will discuss supplies you can use, and have a fun play with them. Learn to bring your creativity to life.

You can finish your piece by stitching into it using Free Motion Embroidery, which you can learn all about in my class basic free motion embroidery.

**  Please note NB:  Neocolor II is what we use for this class, the water soluble one!!!!!





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Di Venter

Fabric Addict

I am South African born and bred, was Berlin based for over six years, was in the UK just over three - Winchester & the Midlands, and have recently moved (with our now VERY well-traveled cats) to California!

I love to design and create a rather diverse range of things. Basically, if I am left alone with fabric ... there is no telling what the result may be.

I have taught sewing classes on three continents so far, everything from bespoke lingerie to textile art.


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