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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Grapes 1 converted with Clipchamp

    • 2. Grapes 2 converted with Clipchamp

    • 3. Grapes 3 converted with Clipchamp

    • 4. Grapes 4 converted with Clipchamp

    • 5. Grapes 55 converted with Clipchamp

    • 6. Grapes 61 converted with Clipchamp

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About This Class

These six video demonstrations will help you play with your colours as well as paint without drawing and paint in a wet and loose style.

You will also learn how to use watercolour pencil in a different way.

Have fun

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Nicola Blakemore

Professional Artist, Teacher and Creative Entrpren


Why choose one of my courses?

Because, as a self taught artist I understand how a lot of people feel about their creative work, sometimes anxious, sometimes overwhelmed and often that it's not 'good enough'.

Well I will hold your hand as you overcome these fears as I offer a friendly, relaxed and sensitive teaching style.

Do one of my courses and you will feel as if I am in the room with you every step of the way.

Here's a bit about me.

I originally trained as a graphic artist, and then followed a different career path working in the national media, travel and public relations in both London and Paris.

After sometime I returned to my creative roots full time, so to speak, and became a full time artist, teacher and creative entrepreneur.

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1. Grapes 1 converted with Clipchamp: I painted this bunch of grapes as a demonstration piece on a recent painting holiday. There was some grapes ready to be picked around the property, so we picked some. Andi, this is what we did. I will post some pictures as a resource to the grapes of what the students did. Now our views basically ultra marine on Eliza in crimson, in varying proportions on varying intensity for the grapes on. Then I've used lemon yellow Andi Ultra Marine in varying intensities for the leaves. Andi have also used some watercolor pencil, which I have used rubbing against some paper to get some effects on the leaves. So it was a very loose, relaxed, not botanical, not fine art. Just something that to play with the paints to play with the water and you can see how the purple has bled into that leave there. But I rather like it, and it's a nice loose painting, so we're gonna have a go at that 2. Grapes 2 converted with Clipchamp: So I've mixed a nice big puddle of my purple color Eliza rin Crimson on ultra Marine. Now, these grapes, in reality, they also have some which were quite red. So you can really ring the changes you need to decide. Decide where your light is coming from so that you get your highlights in the right place. But what I'm gonna do this, maybe a little bit scary for some of you is I'm going to start off with Just test my color . Yep, that's quite loose, quite thin. I'm just going to make some shapes and I'm going to get water on straight way because I don't want any hard edges. For those of you who want to know this is a number eight rough, I'm leaving some gaps because I want bits of stork to show through. And I want to get some nice variety in the intensity of the killers. Andi Also, whether they're more red or more blue or more purple. So there we have your basic bunch of grapes. All right, let that dry off a little bit. So let's just agitate it now. Whether you're painting from a bunch, you've got in front of you or not. Don't worry too much. If you start current every grape, you're probably just lose the will after a while. So I would suggest you don't really do that. Let's have another one up there. Oh, thus my cat Cocoa making herself her presence. Noon. Right? That will do. For now. What I'm going to do now is I've already got my green mix. Yes, all right. Street tunnel. George. Feeling neglected? I'm just going to put just to remind May some bits of stalk in. Okay. And we're gonna have the stork coming out here now. The leaves. Let's come back to the leaf. There's quite there. Quite a particular shape. The leaves they have. Let me draw it for you quickly. What they have is thes basically. Okay, it comes. It comes from the stork there. Then you have this big could have like that. So that's basically the shape. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to start off with one coming out here. Excuse may. Okay. Just getting that curve in water. It's all right. Street art. To be with you in a minute. Didn't clean my brush off very well. today, So that is roughly the shape. I'm just going to pause the video there while I attend to Coco. 3. Grapes 3 converted with Clipchamp: right. She wanted something to eat. So that's one In what? That still dump? I'm gonna drop some color in, and I'm using the point of the brush for the leaves. They do, of course, come in different shades. Different colors, depending on the variety of the grape. Right, That one is behind. I don't want to get the color too intense at this stage. Remember, you're always starting off light and adding color as you go. No being too for C Too precise on. What I'm going to do is I'm also going to take some absorbent paper, tell I'm just dump off a little bit. All right? We'll have another bit of leaf coming out here. Just get the roof shape, and that will probably do for now. We'll see how it goes, right? I'm coming back to these grapes. Look at the lovely colors, the the way the water and the paint has moved. And I'm gonna work with that Now. I'm gonna start down here. There has one. There's gonna be another one here. I'm gonna put another one there, but I'm going to leave a little bit of a lie on. The highlights will probably be the pale color underneath. Unless I want to lift some out. I'll see how it goes and just lift off a little bit. You got to think about the formation because these grapes will be over the top of the ones at the bottom. And we just want to have a little bit of something going on behind. Right? Okay. I'm gonna let that dry off for a minute and come back to it in a few moments. 4. Grapes 4 converted with Clipchamp: I've just bean unpicked a leaf. Actually, if you'd have a look at as I say, they all very but I hope you couldn't see Let me just sensibly in front of thought. That's that curve there on their their various sizes, various colors, Some of them are quite furry. But you see where the stem comes down on It divides from that stone. Okay? It's just making things look believable. Now what I've done, I'm sorry I did it a bit off camera because I just had to do that. I've put a bit more color on the leaves. Okay? Because in fact, if you look back of this one, the veins quite pale. Okay, so I just put a bit more color on. So let us now have a look at the leaves. A little bit more mixed. Some more color. I just I just put some bits of green here. Okay. Does that say this is a very sort of impressionistic sort of painting again using the point of the brush? This is a very nice brush. I'll put the details in the resources, and I'm just going to at a bit more blue to my green and I'm going just come down on one side on that side. So giving the impression of the vein say that's all you need just gives it up on idea and will come same over here. And you can fiddle with this as much as Oh, hello, Bruno. Know no other way, darling. Bruno was turned up so fiddle about with it to your heart's content, depending what colors you've got. I mean, I I deliberately choose colors that most people should have in that palette had the way pruner. No, I don't. Sorry about that. The joys of having a young capped Who wants to be into everything and come and help May. All right, That's role of fun, actually, I think. Yeah. Okay, now what? We're on the leaves. We need a little bit more over here. It's just drops. Um, color and don't really You know, it really is a very relaxed painting. You probably understand by now I need a bit more lemon. I'm just gonna plunk some bright green in there and let it'll just meld together. Sorry about the noise. Somebody outside doing something, and I'm going to take a little bit off this is a Derwent intense watercolor pencil. I'm just going to put some I don't know where the paint is. Wet is olive green, and that will just add a bit more interesting over here. There may come back to that later. I'm going to let that dry off, and then I'll come back and do some more work on the grapes. 5. Grapes 55 converted with Clipchamp: okay, that has dried off nicely. So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna use some more watercolor pencil on this time. I'm using a yellow ochre e color, and I go to great it onto the tips of the leaves because thes would be starting Teoh. Just give a little a little bit. It's long here. Where else do we want Some? Because, remember, this will only stick where there is moisture. You can blow it away. We're going to add a bit more of the dark. Agree? Uh, he just makes a bit more. There we go because I want to create these veins. So I'm just going to put a little bit of this dark, agree on imparts where there's a bit of feigning going on. That's probably enough. Yeah, well, like that. And a bit more over here. While we're at it, they're good. Okay, Now, let's go in here while I've got the green on the brush, put a few more stems in just to fill that area up a little bit. I mean, behind that, the color there would be more grapes and whatever the grapes are sitting on, but we can just block a little bit more in us. We go on, I'm just gonna take a little bit of the terra cotta color just to made this junkies stem where it's been cooked from the main stem of the vine. Right. Okay, let's go back to the grapes on here. You can see this is because sitting here for a while so some of the water has evaporated, which is quite good, because that means I've got a darker color and I'm going to go in. I'm gonna do this. Great. Where there is dog and I'm gonna leave a highlight. This one here, these are people will be pretty dark because they're not catching the light there underneath. You don't have to do it on all of them. And usually these air, smaller grapes at the bottom and the bigger ones at the top and what I'm going to do, Actually, I'm going to add mawr pigment to that to make it stronger. I'm also while I'm here with this paler color, just filling in a few gaps here. So to imply there were grapes behind, right? I'm not going to take more of the others written on more of the ultra Marine so that it's stronger and I'm going to fact like a bit more Eliza Rin, just for some of these down here, just bring in a slightly different color. I'm going to just leave the grapes for a moment, and I'm just going to take a little bit of the wash just to consider making a shadow and letting it bleed out, because I could always come back and tidy that up later. So we'll let that dry off and then I'll come back and do a few finishing touches. I always just lift a bit of that off if I think it's too much. 6. Grapes 61 converted with Clipchamp: Well, there we are. Just added more color there, a bit of shadow on the and the leaves There. You could go on for as long as you like. Really? Which do I prefer? Well, I probably prefer the 1st 1 As is often the case with this one. I wasn't and pressured being on camera this one wall. So obviously that does make a difference here. The grapes are smaller. I took my time. I took longer over it on die messed around with it a little bit more. So it is up to you. It's just giving you an idea. If you're at a loose end one day and you don't know quite what to paint, just grab something. Andi, have a go. Have a play. Keep your palate to a limited number of colors on. Don't get hung up on the detail. Just get the impression. As long as it looks believable and you enjoy the process, that's the most important thing of all. Enjoy the process off the doing. So there we go. A little tutorial on painting a bunch of grapes on. Once they've bean processed, you can then drink thumb