Paint an Eye - An Intro to Digital Painting | Brendon Schumacker | Skillshare

Paint an Eye - An Intro to Digital Painting

Brendon Schumacker, Artist and Designer

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11 Videos (1h 57m)
    • Promo

    • Introduction

    • Layers - The Overall Process

    • Draw the Eye

    • Establish Base Colors

    • Clearning Up and Adding Detail

    • Light and Shade

    • Texture

    • Reflections - Dynamic Light

    • Eyelashes and Finishing Touches

    • Critique and Final Notes


About This Class

When we see a new environment, the first thing we look at are the eyes in the scene. Whether it be animals or people, we all communicate with eyes first. So imagine how important it is for art and illustration to draw your eyes well!

This course demonstrates the drawing and painting of a human eye using the free digital graphics software GIMP, although you may follow the course with any software. The goal of the course is to understand the fundamentals of creating a good digital painting while also covering fundamental drawing techniques, and with emphasis on understanding how to portray eyes well. This course will give beginning artists an excellent start path, and give intermediate artists a deeper understanding of the aforementioned topics.

You can follow this course using any raster graphics software, such as: GIMP, Photoshop, Corel, SAI, etc. As long as the software has brushes and layers it should be fine. You can also follow along with your favorite traditional medium: Pencil Drawing, Color Pencil, Watercolor, Painting, or other. We will start with a simple sketch and work our way through layers to build up the resulting image.





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Brendon Schumacker

Artist and Designer

Brendon Schumacker is an accomplished artist and illustrator with experience in many art forms. Having drawn since a young age, Brendon has a lifetime of educational background in freehand art from various schools in USA and has studied along side with artists of varied backgrounds, giving him a diverse understanding of many illustration styles and techniques. He has published comics and children's books, has done multiple gallery openings, and has been doing freelance illustration and design...

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