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Paint a simple inky 'cool cat' character in minutes.

teacher avatar Jenn Ashton, Artist and Author

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Cool Cat Supplies

    • 3. Body Part 1

    • 4. Body Part 2 (The Experiment!)

    • 5. Drying Info & Face-Finding Tips

    • 6. Faces

    • 7. Adding Extras

    • 8. Gifts & Sales

    • 9. Goodbye and Thank you!

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About This Class

In this class, you'll learn how to use a simple technique to create whimsical characters in minutes. Using Zen techniques including non-judgment, and being in-the-moment, Jenn will share how to access your playful side to create your own 'cool cats' with just a few basic supplies.

This is an all ages, all skill level class with no previous painting experience required. In fact, the less you know, the better you will be! This class teaches you to let go of perfection and find beauty and humor in just a few swift moves.

3 things you will learn in this class are:

• How to make a Cool Cat

• How to separate yourself from the final outcome

• How to gift and monetize your Cool Cat works!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jenn Ashton

Artist and Author



Artist & Author Jenn Ashton has been teaching creative thinking and problem solving for decades, and now teaches art and the business of art from a Buddhist perspective. 

Working out of her North Vancouver studio, she combines art, writing and teaching with her love of Rat Terriers, and one particular guitar playing musician. 



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1. Welcome!: Hi. My name is Jane Ashton, and I'm an artist and an author. In the short course, I'm going to be teaching you three different things. I'm gonna teach you how to make some really cute in key cats. So cute. I'm going to teach you how to break free from the attachment of the outcome. So we're really just gonna have fun making the cats without worrying about what they look like. In the end, Your cats aren't gonna look like my cats. They're gonna look like your cats, and that's what's going to make them really cool. And the third thing I'm gonna teach you is what you can do with them afterwards. Um, if you like making these as much as I do, they're going to start piling up. So I'll talk to you a vote What you can do with, um um give them away. Lots of different ways to do that and also different ways to sell them. Um, which you can use for any of your art. Any of these suggestions, they all work anyways. I'll see you soon, and let's have fun 2. Cool Cat Supplies: Hi, everybody. Let's talk about supplies. Also, What you're going to need is a couple of brushes. I use a thick one and a thin one. And these are really just for putting water on the paper. We're not really going to be painting with them. So any quality? This is a watercolor brush. I think they both are. But, you know, you can use anything. You can use your finger. You can use a balled up piece of, um, paper towel, whatever you can come up with. Um, the next thing is the ink. Now, the Dale a Roni is my favorite because it's highly pigmented, and that means it has tons of color. So even though we're going to be using a lot of water, um, this is still gonna be a very nice rich color. This is a new one that I'm trying Amsterdam ink. And it seems to be really good to these air. Both acrylic inks. You can also use sumi ink, which is the black ink you can use India ink. You can use even watercolor pate. Um, we'll work. It will be lighter in color, but it will still work. So no need to Russia and buy anything. If you don't have it, just use what you've got. Also, some fine liners. I used this for doing the, um, the faces on the cats and my favorite right now is this pilot high tech 0.0 0.5. And that's a very, very fine. I don't know if you can see it's quite fine, So that makes for a nice detail on the faces. Next, you can use general pens if you want to add any any, you know, extras. And also I didn't put here, but, you know, bring out your collage kit, and ah, if you want to add anything to your cats when they're done, the next thing is the paper, and I use 100 and £40 watercolor hot pressed paper. This is actually a card. Um, I also like to use mixed media paper, anything that will hold water nicely, eyes what we want to use and a little bit of water and something that's not Tippi, okay? And I know this sense, danger, danger, and I'm really against using aerosols. And this is the only aerosol I have in my house. But it's the only thing I found that works because if I'm going to use a watercolor pen Ah , it's the only thing I've found that doesn't smudge. So I've experimented and I have lost a lot of really cool things because I tried much podge and joe mediums and anything I could, um, to put a coating on this. And I always It's much the faces. So I'm telling you from my side experience this Crile unworkable fixative works awesome. And this will last you forever. If you are a kid, ask an adult to help you with this part and thats it. Lets get started. You guys, I'm so excited. 3. Body Part 1: Hi, everybody. Okay, let's get started. So I've got my fresh, clear water. I've also got a fam boo. Um, paper towel for just in. Case is on. The first thing I'm going to tell you is a little hint of something that I learned when I was very young. Make sure the lid is on your ink before you give it a shake. This happened to me with a bottle of 1000 islands salad dressing that my grandfather is dinner table, and it was not pretty. So make sure the lid is on. I'm gonna be using of this Roni Blue, which I love. So you're gonna shake it, Gonna under the lid and give it a squeeze to make sure you're all up and loaded and ready to go. Then you want to get your paper. You see? What am I gonna do here? All right. So because this happens pretty fast, I'm gonna just talk you through what we're gonna do really fast. You're gonna get your big brush, you're going to get wet, and then really quickly, we're going to make, um, we're going to make a puddle in the kind of the shape of the cat. The reason that we're doing this with water and not water color paint is that I want you to try and not think about the outcome. I want you to just enjoy making the mark with your brush. We're not going to think about Oh, no, that looks awful. That doesn't look like a cat. We're not gonna have any of those thoughts were not going to judge what we're doing, and we're not really gonna be able to see what we're doing, So that helps a lot. Now, I've got a few tips for if you are, um, a really control freak and you need to let go. Um, you can make this smart with your eyes closed. That will help you, uh, let can let go of control. You can also do it with your non dominant hand that also, um, you lose a bit of control there, So those are a couple of things you can try. Um, So what we're going to do is we're gonna start with a small I'm going to start with the the skinny edge of the brush, and I'm going to kind of waggle it, and that's coming. Going to give us some years, and I'm just going to swish it around to the fat ege of the brush at the bottom. Okay, so just gonna gonna go like that, and that's about it. Um, Later, after you've practiced some, you can take your skinny brush, and if you've got a good puddle of water there, if you want to make the tail longer, you can just kind of swish up the tail. But we won't start with that now. So once we get a good swoosh here and it looks like you've got a lot of water on your page , we're going to quickly go over and take our Inc. And we're going Teoh, just give it a squeeze on the very edge of the, um, water that we put down and that's going to make the body. And then we will let that dry and come back. And I'll tell you about how I go about, um, making the faces, uh, and how they can look really individual. Okay, So are you ready? Let's go. So I'm going to get quite a lot of water. This is going to be quite a wet brush. And this is watercolor paper, so don't forget, it's gonna soak up quite a bit. Okay, so here we go. Skinny edge of the brush, little bit of a waggle, and then a nice kind of round. I'm gonna put a little bit more water because this is really thirsty paper. Then I'm going to quickly grab mining, and I'm just going to give it a little school around the edge. How great is that? I just love that. So this could take a while to dry? Um, I recommend what I like to do is have a big piece of paper, and you can do a couple at a time, which is really cool. Um, you know what? I I made a black piece of paper, and I'm gonna get some white ink really quickly because I wanna I'm gonna experiment here. I don't know if this is gonna work, but hang on for one second. We'll see 4. Body Part 2 (The Experiment!): Okay, so let's try this. I don't know if it's going to work or not, but you will be here to see it happens. I don't have, um, one of those. I've just got a little bit of, uh, I think left in here. So try this. Um, and I just have Now I don't know how to say this. This is a pit pat or a pipe kept. You tell me. I don't know. I've always thought it was a Pipat. And I think that's what I learned in, like, great eight chemistry. So I made a piece of black paper. Um, and this is just a piece of watercolor paper that I put some black Jessa on. So let's load this up. All ready to go. And even if this doesn't work, I won't cut this bit out just so you can see this for the fun. Because I'm experimenting is awesome. And it doesn't always work out, and that's OK. That's something else that really separates you from the result. Just the fun and experimenting, you know? Okay, so here they go. No, start on the short side of the rush. I was gonna do a little bit of a swoop, A little bit more water down here. Okay? I'm going to try and see what happens. Oh, I just love that. Okay, So since I've got a fairly big piece of paper a little bit more, let's try and do a couple more besides this one, and it can be a whole family. See? Hey, this is great. Okay, so far, so good. Bit of headless, um, years, that body. And the nice thing about doing this is everyone is different. It's like that darn snowflake. Every single thing is different, and it doesn't really make a mess with your brush because you're not getting your brush. Um, you're not getting your brush into any ink or paint. Just keeping it clean. I might put a little bit more water in this one. Has that. You say that, Of course. Now I've got income. My brush. Normally, that wouldn't happen. So we're going to go away and let these dry. It's a very humid day here, but I'm thinking these contrived pretty quickly and then we come back and I will tell you what I do for the faces and we'll look at some extra stuff that you can add on to. And then I'm going to tell you what you can do with these things once they're don't have got so many ideas for you. Okay, I'll be back in a minute. 5. Drying Info & Face-Finding Tips: Okay, So a few things I wanted to tell you before we start putting on faces trying to find faces is that if you use a big piece of paper, you'll have to weight it down when it's drying or it will buckle on. That just means it will do this and you're Inc will run all over and which is I forgot to tell you, because I forgot to do it and my ink ran all over. But I see a really good one here, and I'm thinking that this has a really good potential Teoh to be good for Siamese cats. If you used a kind of a cream or, um, buff Titan Inc. I could see that that would be really cool. So anyways will work with this one and these ones, you never know what we'll see. And here's one that I did when the ink was wet. I took the finer brash like I was mentioning, and I just did a really scruffy tail on just really fast years and again, these are really fast movements. I wasn't trying for anything fancy. Um, I didn't have anything in mind. I just made the shapes so that's what we want is just really quick, um, quick movements, not thinking about the outcome. And here's what I normally have, because I don't always do that years in the tail. So we're just have we've got a blob to work with, and that's fine. It's just about dry, too. So what I do is because the ink dries. You know, the edges drive first, and the pigment often Ah, is is all just not evenly dispersed throughout the work. So you can kind of look at it and you can kind of see shapes. Um, just kind of really soften your gaze and you can kind of see where maybe there's a nose. Or maybe there's an ear. Or maybe this could be a tail. And those are the things that we're gonna work with. Here is a pa, um, you know, can be all kinds of different things. Like, for example, this one I see this could be a knows he could be facing away from us. Or I could see another nose down here, uh, lots of different things. So we'll work with what we can see. And one more tip I want to give you before we get started is that because the drawing time convey vary where you are. One of my favorite things to do is lay out a whole bunch of thes or even on a big piece of paper weighted down Um, so it doesn't run too much. Um, do it right before you go to bed, because you wake up in the morning and you get an awesome surprise because it's always really different from where you leave it the night before. And honestly, you could make so many of these. If you lay out a whole bunch or if you tape down some small ones like this, you know you can take them down and just get them wet, go across with a whole bunch of different inks and then go to bed and leave that. And when you get up in the morning, that's a real surprise. So that's a really fun way to do it anyways. Okay, I'm going to grab some supplies and be right back, and then we will, um, look for some faces. Yeah, 6. Faces: Okay, so I grabbed a bunch of things. I've got some jelly roll markers, some black fine tip pens. My very, very favorite. And it's not a jelly roll. It is a unit bell signal. Uh, you am one kids. Um, 153 I found these in a three pack on Amazon. If you confined these get, um, they're so good. And unlike jelly roll pens that may or may not work whenever you want them to. This, uh, this is just amazing. So highly recommend this anyways. Okay, So what? I'm gonna dio I'll just start off with the black so you can kind of see what I'm doing. Um, also, you'll notice that for these ones I didn't use, um a very pigmented Inc. So they're very light in color, mostly watery. So it just depends what you want to do. You can add less ANC, more ink, whatever. Whatever floats your boat. So I'm gonna do a face on the front of this guy so you can see what I'm doing. I'm just going to kind of use this, uh, line as a nose. I'm do some eyes, and I realized this is probably awkward for you guys to see while trying to fast and then turn it up for you. I'm just doing a little face with little cat knows and some eyes Very quickly, Um, highbrows and some whiskers. Okay, Super best Now, just so you can see even better. I'm gonna take my very favorite white pen and I will make his eyes just kind of go around outside Cuban some eyes. I'll take this paint pen and I'll just give him a bit of a news can. It looks like a clown nose. That's okay on some pink inside this year's Yes, he likes that he's looking kind of like a mouse. But what? I want to show you one trademark thing and I'm gonna give away like my mouth secret is I like to give them a really mouth. Now, a teacher of mine told me that when I did this, it was too sensuous for a cat. I want to the name of the teacher, but I disagree because I think it looks awesome. You can do it or not do it, but I just think it gives them way more character. So there you go on. They just crack me up all the time. So you can dio We could add in some feet too. Don't see here. I have had many cats in my day, so I kind of another off shape of them. But you know what? It doesn't even matter. Is it just about having a lot of fun? That's why this is great for any age. You can do this with your kids and your grandkids or whatever, and you always end up with a really cool thing. And look how fast that WAAS I mean, how long have we been here? Three minutes. So there you go. And I think he's, like, the coolest use the coolest cat. So because this ink is dark to you could totally do your outline and white it wouldn't matter. So let's put that one aside. I would call that guy down. Um uh, I'm gonna work on this one here again. I'm going to use the black, so I'm just kind of again I'm going with you know where I see it looks really pigmented. I'm going to call that and you're the shape of that. I'm gonna call an year. I could see a couple different noses, but I'll go for this really prominent area. I'm going to call out a tail and you might see something else. And that's awesome, because we all see different things because we all have different experiences and that they just to see different things. Okay, because this guy's kind of facing away. We don't really have Teoh do his paws or anything. Make this a little bit easier for you to see his eyes Give me a little pink nose as well, Pink inside of two years. You guys can probably tell him that. Super professional. I just like to have fun. Okay, so you see how easy that IHS and I just love him? It's just so fast. And it's so easy on. These guys have so much character like Come on, that's amazing. Okay, so for this next one, not see what we can find. I kind of like this idea of that pa so don't see. And maybe he can, You know, you can always add years also. So maybe I'll add years for this guy. See what we've got here. And sometimes if you can't see anything right away, move on to another one. It's not life or death. Come back to it. Or if you want to get really meditative, just sit and stare at it. And you know something will come to you. But don't try so hard that you get uptight and feel stuck like, Oh, my God, I can't see a nose. Um, that's okay. Just make a spot. You know, like, I don't really see a nose on this guy. So I'm just going to take my nose pen. I'm just gonna make a dot and that's gonna be his nose. And I'm gonna work backwards from there. So will make his eyes up here. He and I'll give him some years, and I'll give him a bit of a tail. And for the prominent thing, I'm gonna make this that I saw his actual par some claws, and it looks to me like he's got a leg and a foot right here. So again, this is not a lot of thought. Are the dogs start barking here and amount. They might, um, unlike the eyes, they can see them hand someone skirts. And let's go from my, um, my two sensuous mouth again because I just It's unexpected. You know, and I think that's what makes it special. And I think that's what makes makes people smile when they see these. I mean, you can't help but because it's actually hilarious, see is give me cats with these great big lips. Okay, so there you go. So I think that's awesome. When I just you know, I crack myself up. I am actually a professional artist, but I have so much fun. And I really don't think about the outcome how things were gonna look because I'm not worried about it, because way why would I be worried about it? Okay, so I'm gonna turn this off now that we've found some faces and I will gather up some collage things and some other bits and bobs and show you how we can add on some extras and I will be right back. I hope you're having fun 7. Adding Extras: Okay, So for the x dress and the add ons, you can kind of do whatever you want. If you're not a collage person, um, you don't need tohave like collage stuff to add any details. So I was thinking of putting a bow tie on this cat, and all I have is just the back up a, um, security envelope, because it's blue, and it's got a really cool pattern, and I'm not even going to draw it. I'm just going to cut it into a sort of a bow tie shaped because again, I think that, um the quicker you can do these things that really lends itself to not thinking. And I really don't like to over think, um because for me, I find that the creativity comes out of me more clearly. If I'm not thinking about stuff, you know, if I can get my mind quiet, that's the time that, um, that I can really connect with that creative voice. So there you go. Two seconds to cut out a bit of a bow tie, given more rub with some glue stick. No, no, you go on. I mean, seriously, huh? I also brought my blue paint pen just so I can, um, painting his tail of that. And I think that I've never done this with kids. But I can just imagine that they would have just a blast doing this because, you know, I think they having that mind of a child or the mind of a beginner is, um, a really great way to go into art where you, um, don't judge your work and I don't think has really judged their work. You know, that something that's taught when we're you know, when you're in school, Andi, suddenly your creativity is judged, and I really don't think that's what we should do because I really believe that, um, art, music and any creative way is just another voice that we have. It's a way we express ourselves, and I really don't think that should be measured. That would be, you know, Akin to me is saying someone's not speaking properly. If they don't have my accent, you know, everybody has a different voice. And, um, the way we express ourselves is our individuality. So spread the good word and, you know, try and help people understand that creativity doesn't need to be judged because it's all in the making. It's all in the doing. And when I make these things, I laugh and I feel really good. And I hope you do too. Um, because that's just my voice. One more thing I wanted to show you on these earlier ones. I can't find my threats. So anyways, on this little guy, um, I just took a needle on some hemp thread because it's nice and kind of thick antonioni on. I just gave them some bangs so you can like, so on these guys, you can draw on them, glue things on them. You can make backgrounds for them. You can cut them out and stick them on other things. But we will get to that in the next video, and I'm gonna be talking about what you can do with these things, how you can give them away, how you can make a few dollars off. Um, and I've got lots of ideas for you, so let's give on 8. Gifts & Sales: are you guys OK? So as I promised, I, um I just want to talk quickly about what you can do with your goodies after you've made them. And the second use for any of your, um, any of your cool crafts or art that you make. So when I first started out, I didn't really know what to do. And actually, being an artist kind of took me by surprise. Literally. Um, so I First of all, I, um, hooked up with a local, um, arts organization in my district, and I started just, um, entering exhibitions and contests and free things. Um And so that's kind of how I got started when I was making really small stuff. Like thus, like the cats. I was making bookmarks, um, or little tiny things and just putting them in little frames. And I found that, um, during the Christmas markets in the winter, sales at the galleries, they really liked having little like low price things to sell. And that's a great place to get your name out because you can sell that with a card. Give it with your card. Um and, uh, people like that, you know, they have the galleries that put them by the till, so people just kind of grabbed them on their way out. So that's what I did with thes and for the bookmarks that I made, which are exactly like the cats I charged $5. Or maybe like a bigger, taller 178 inches, um, for $7 that also includes the, um, be authority, or sometimes 40% that the gallery takes. So I'm kind of out of breath. We're having forced hires in BC. It's hard to breathe. So I have made you, ah, pdf download of all of the things you can dio. And this is, um, got some websites on it to that I use the first thing eso is obviously can give no way to your family and friends, and people love them, and it is a way to spread them around. You can do things like give people to and say, Give one of these to a friend. Um, and that way it's lots of giving, and it's lots of happy feeling about your art, and it's also now leave. Got another person connected to your art? Um, I know there's lots of ways to make fans of your art, but I like to think of it as making friends because it's more solid, and I think people appreciate the kindness rather than the sales pitch. So when I first started out also, one of the things I did was I started leaving things in the park in a little plastic bag and just said, Pick me up. Um, I started doing that a lot. And then I realized that it was actually a thing, and it was called Art Abandonment. And it was started by this guy, Michael, about six years ago. I've given you the website address and come and join the Facebook group. There's a face book group of people all over the world that do this. We just leave art, um, anywhere I've left it in. I was at the hospital. It's for tests. I left stuff tucked in the locker. I've left stuff in elevators, hallways at the park. Sometimes I get my husband to go leave things at the park when he's walking the Doug um in the library. Sometimes if I've borrowed a CD or a book from a library, I'll talk something inside of it. for the next person who reads it. There's lots of ways to give things. And that's why I like mostly both these. The little things on paper is they're super easy take of. Okay. So arts abandonment have left you that, um, I told you about? Yeah. For sales. You don't just have to go to galleries. You can go toe art stores, bookstores. Um, coffee shops are getting super popular. Um, for selling art, you can even take in little frame things. And sometimes I'll let you, um you know, they'll give you a wall. Sometimes they'll give you a place up at the counter. Um, just be brave, because all they can say is no great. And that's not a big deal. Just goes more else. But I know that the coffee shops around our super keen to make meet local artists and sell your stuff because it's good for them. They can get a little cut. And here where I live in North Vancouver and around the lower mainland, the galleries charge, um, 30 to 40%. Sometimes if they're having a special fund raiser, they'll church 50%. So don't be surprised. Um, if it seems like a lot for a lot of these places. It is helping them out because it helps them run free programs, and that's the way I look at it. Um, they run lots of free arts programs for kids, and if there's ever a special occasion or something, they put on events that are free for the community. And I feel like I'm, you know, participating in that. Um, the other thing that you can do just great is to sign up on one of the websites, like Red Bubble or Society. Six are two good ones. I'm on red bubble and you can make merchandise for fairly low price T shirts, mugs, hat stickers. Um, I phone cases. IPad covers you name it, posters just about every kind of merch you can think of. So all you have to do sign up and I'm pretty sure it's still free. And they do take a cut. But red bubble especially. I know for a fact. The merchandise is really nice. It's top quality made in America. Um, they've got, I think, a whole bunch of outlets around North America, and so it's fairly inexpensive to ship to wherever you are um so that's a really good thing to do. They do pillows and cards, and I can't say how many things they do it just rows and rows, thus giving you their website address. You can go there and look, Society six does the same kind of thing. Although I can't speak to that because I I haven't signed up with, um When I started art, I signed up everywhere. But you'll find that if you want to be consistent on social media and those websites, um, that do sales, you need to You need to cut down and just do be truthful to yourself about how much you can dio. Because I signed up with a lot and I couldn't keep there was no way and paint at the same time. Forget about it. So I'm on, you know, three Sochi, Red bubble and fine art America, I think three and, uh, even fine art America. I don't keep up on set. She sells my original work and red bubble I go to for merchandise. Okay, so I have given you that, too. And then the next thing is, if you're online or not, you can, um the Facebook if you have a page, not your personal one. But if you have a page, you can make a shop right on your site and that's three. So you could do that. Or you can set up a Shopify store. If you want to spend more, you've got more to sell. Um, that costs a little bit, and I'm not really sure. I think it $15 a month. You can look. Get up. I've given you the link. No, I haven't given you. Um, if you don't have that's called Shopify, I think it's Shopify dot com, Um, where you consult from your website And if you don't have a website, I recommend getting one. If you want Teoh, um, kind of get legitimate online. I've given a link to Wickes W I I x dot com where you can set up your own site, takes some great photos of your stuff, and that's free. It has different levels and increments that you can go up if you want to actually pay for a website, but you can have access to most of their stuff for free, and I've made websites for people on their before, and I've given you the link for that. The other thing I'm giving you is a sheet of pick me up from yours. Gift tags. For if you want to start doing Thea Art Abandonment Project, you can print them off, photocopy them or make your own. This is just a nice idea. And I just wanted to give you some thing. Um, so that's what I do. Sometimes if I will put my name or my website on them, but you can do it completely anonymously to I've never heard back from anybody, and I've been doing this for years. Um, and I am super okay with that, because once I give it its out of my mind so I don't sit around and wait, um, like, Oh, my God, Nobody's finding my stuff. And how rude that they're not getting back to me. No, you give it as a gift on and forget about it. It's out of your head. It doesn't need to stay in your head. It's a gift. It's gone anyway. So that is my rant, Gift's and sales. Um, if you have any questions, ask me anything. There's probably other websites and things I could recommend to you. There's other ways of getting your stuff. Manufacturer. There's mood dot com that I use, um, or you might have a local printer That does stuff for you. Um, anyways, so you can kind of check that out. There's lots of things. You know, It all starts with a little bookmark. It really does. Because, um, they're amazing. And you could make people so happy if you give them or seldom or whatever, or make it into a bigger project. You know, you can make those cats and on a huge sheet of paper, make a ton of cats and, you know, maybe someone's gonna love that on a T shirt or coffee. Mind loose cats are adorable. At least I help you think. There, I think there. Anyways. Okay. I'm gonna move on to my goodbye video now, And I hope I've given you enough suggestions. Um, like I said, ask me anything. I'm around. Okay. Bye. 9. Goodbye and Thank you!: Hello. Okay, so I'm here to say goodbye and thank you very much. This has been so much fun. I am going to make so many videos for you. I just love this. So I hope you loved it too. Um, also, I wrote a book about becoming an artist and kind of being online with your work. So I think I might turn that into some courses for you just to help you get over the hurdles on and be less judgmental with yourself. And it's all about kind of being in the moment on and just kind of. Marv, what? What we've been doing. Is he joking anyways? So thank you very much. Um, I really appreciate that You watch this all the way through to the end. At least I hope he did. And if you have any questions or comments, please leave them. I think below and I will get back to you soon as possible. And this is so much fun anyways. And please post your pictures of your cats. I want to see them. That's awful. My can't wait. Okay? My job is choking you something. But it's their supper time anyway, So I'm going to say goodbye and I hope you have fun. Bye.