Paint a Winter Scene in two Sittings | Nicola Blakemore | Skillshare
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About This Class

This is a winter scene depicting a partly frozen lake with a small island with trees and the tree lined banks in the distance. The demonstration is in two parts which I have joined together. You will need to allow for drying time.

I have painted four different versions of this painting and the most exciting thing is the difference between them all when I use a different shade of blue.

I have used Prussian blue and in this one Cerulean blue just o see how it would turn out.

The most important thing is to makes sure you leave plenty of white areas (which would be the snow) on the lake area. I would have liked more on this one.

The one I like the most is the first one I painted ( see below). This is no doubt because it was spontaneous and I didn't overthink the process. I have posted more of the same subject in the class project.






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