Paint a Spring Watercolor / Step By Step | Ron Mulvey✏️ | Skillshare

Paint a Spring Watercolor / Step By Step

Ron Mulvey✏️, Artist / Art Teacher

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5 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Paint a Spring Watercolor / Beginner to Experienced

    • 2. Art Materials You Will Need

    • 3. Let's Get Started and Draw It

    • 4. Paint a Spring Watercolor Part One

    • 5. Paint a Spring Watercolor Part Two


About This Class


Let's draw and paint a simple Spring, Mountain Landscape in watercolors and improve our brush skills as we do it.

I will show you how to draw the scene step by step or you can just make up your own Spring Mountain Landscape. ( your choice of pencil, permanent pen or brush, and ink.) I'll be guiding you but it's really a DIY project.

I'll then show you how to paint it with a vibrant Spring color scheme and some 'energetic' brushstrokes.

We will be learning how to use different  brushstrokes to interpret what we see in this lush Spring Landscape.

All  art materials needed will be outlined in the videos so let's get started with a great drawing and watercolor painting of Spring.