Paint a Snowdrop Flower in Chinese style. | Olga Sumarokova | Skillshare

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Paint a Snowdrop Flower in Chinese style.

teacher avatar Olga Sumarokova, Chinese painting

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Snowdrop black

    • 3. Snowdrop in color Part 1

    • 4. Snowdrop in color Part 2

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About This Class

Here is the first part of the complete course devoted to the different primroses - the most delicate and fragile early spring flowers

We will draw now a touching fragile snowdrop -  one of the most favorite spring flowers, using the basic methods of traditional Chinese ink painting  technique.


You will study and learn:
-how to mix beautiful colors and create effects that makes paintings in ink ( xe-i)  technique so expressive!
-after finishing the course you will have a ready-made charming picture with the image of a snowdrop, new skills and perfect mood!

This is a class for beginners taught by Olga Sumarokova. In two different parts of this class you will learn;

  • how to chose brushes, ink and paper to get the best result
  • how to mix colors and ink to make first black and white image
  • how to and repeat it colorful, using natural traditional mineral paint

In different stages of this and other three courses about primroses ( coming soon) are also many interesting:

  • Let's master the basic techniques of the image: stretch marks, dry / wet brush, dark to light tricks
  • Let's get acquainted with the "orchid touch" and learn how to draw flowers with it
  • We work out the basic techniques for the image of leaves, twigs, flowers and inflorescences
  • We will master the various techniques of image of flowers: the contour technique, the technique of "from the spot", learn how to combine them and not be afraid to create complex combinations
  • Let's consider how to build tonal relationships inside inflorescences of complexly picked flowers
  • We will learn to work in monochrome, using only ink, with the help of which we will reveal all the charm and depth of a monochrome image
  • Let's work with Chinese mineral paints, talk about the harmony of color and ink
  • We will get acquainted with the basics of composition, learn how to create your own spring impressive pictures and greeting cards

The materials you will need ( and if you are in doubts what to chose I can help to find better decision):

-Brush for xe-i and elastic one or a  universal  small brush.
-Wolf hair brush for contour No. 2 or brush for landscape No. 1
-Chinese ink for painting and calligraphy
-Felt mat
-Set of mineral paints MARIES palette of 12 colors
-Paper for xe-i.

Recommended paper for this course

- paper for sumie "Plum"
- paper for xe-i and sumie 35x136 mm
- universal paper for xe-i, xiao xe-i and sumie art.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Olga Sumarokova

Chinese painting


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1. Intro: Hello, Good to see you in like lasts here, right? Going to start a big cursed, divided into several parts. But I devoted to drawing the most beautiful and fragile of flowers. Primrose. It starts growing in spring when first sun rays begin warming the ground and snow sell wares to remain it delighting us with fresh greenery every spring and going to show you how to draw a snowdrop. The 1st 1 in other lessons, Let your coming. Soon we will study more prune roses, grow cas, heis and facade and scurry. Welcome to the way of beauty. 2. Snowdrop black: So look at this node drop. You need to identify and examine yourself the features of the flowers that are not tradition in Chinese fade. Here this node drop. It has their battles in the sense it means distinctive feature that the flowers are directly down to the ground. Then titled. They have assembled like these. And the powers in relation to the green leaves have very strong contrast. So the flowers themselves, I lied, grass is quite bright. Which color? Hence, when we decide what this node drop in black and white movie would take the lead disposable tone on the flower and the first day to feed when the job greenery. So let's get started. Let's start with the flower, this long Reese and before, and then go to the surplus and grass. So since we have talked about the fact that the snow drop as bright, why'd you should take a very, very liking kilogram? Seeing the flower is small and the drawing format is also not very large. Be extremely careful. Take the paper which doesn't have a very high spreadability. So here we go. I held my hand vertically in relation to the paper. And name the first stroke. I put the brush and paper brace on the paper leaf and bring out to tail like this. I get stroke that looked like a snow drift battle. I even just dream. I drew its deep down because now I will have to draw them all in this position. Once again, I show here I put the brush, leaves and leaves, bringing into thin light. Now we can form a snowdrift lower for these battles. So it has three battles like these. I do. The second. And the third can be anywhere, for example, in the background. And it may version the visible. Here is for example, such a composition of a flower. Then there's no drug flower has a center core, which has a small bars at the bottom, white, bright green. Now, I will show you how to draw it in black and white. First, I draw the core. Then while it is wet, I have the dark intensity. In this way. The flower has a green cap from which it grows. And now I will draw as though drew flower this gap. So I start with one stroke. At the next. Joel peaking third pattern. Then the curve with the active bought. Be sure to tone while it is wet. Don't wait for it to dry. I take more active writing and draw the gap. Like this. This is the flower that's no joke. Look like. The next task is a stock. And wish the blower is to draw the stock, I will learn just the vague on a brush with a sufficiently active tone. I will also draw it on the napkin so that my brush, Joe's like a pencil like this. Again, a hold the brush vertically. And DOS like advanced. So I can draw lines in any direction. For example, here I draw it, stop like this. Now let's draw the sepal. The surplus of snow drops are so specific for them. Each flower comes out from its own set of, the sample, is also quite light-colored, like the flower. And now we'll draw with this movement. First with the thing T. I will go up, then return and finish the loop. That loop is going to be my saddle. Now, I tried to show all these faster and more activate like this. Now I combine the flower can stem and several. I start with the light battles. Then the needle. Then I added tone to the meter. Make a gap from which the flower grows. A loop of the samples. And the stamp. Less than half to be drawn with quite dry brush. Damn, should exactly get into the set. And here are the stamp on which the flowers, the grass of this non-drug is quite simple. You need to draw with, with a bright dense IQ. In this way. The growth, unlike the flower, can stand upright, not fall down, noted down. Like this. If you draw as non-drug grass that has banned the Bentley, looks like this. We'll delete all this moonlets. When I was showing you how to form a feature when this knowledge drop in car. Here I show the almost all the exercises and details. So the flower, which you need to start with, with which to train in order to draw. Finally, a complete feature with this knowledge. 3. Snowdrop in color Part 1: so I started drawing flowers. The first flower I will now makes a more active tone in the central part the middle where I add a little ink. In general, don't be afraid to add in to the paint. When you drove snowdrops, they only look more alive. Softer. Noto bride. So this is the first flower. Immediately drawn a second flower. When I drove the second flower, I will make sure that the direction of the flower itself is not parallel to the 1st 1 This is very important. Immediately learned in drawing even the smallest composition make the flower directions slightly different. Only if there is no task to make them absolutely similar to each other. Here I will make an almost unopened flower. It looks a little down more down than the 1st 1 Then I have to pay attention to the EQ for the caps. Then I will make a several for one and the simple for the other. I will, as the thin steam on which their flowers are. I will esteems here they are steams and now I will end graphics to the flowers themselves. I will do it with a thing brush as a heavily already shown mixing a slightly more active collar blue and heading in to this blue collar. The brush should be slugged the drive. When I draw an outline, I always hold the brush vertically and draw the outline with the place, which is still wet. If address the Greg's will look more rope as long as you work is wet, the graphics on it are slightly blurred and the count part of work. It doesn't look Ellen here it to flowers. Now I love the grass. The grass can be very, very bright. It's important that when you draw aggressed, don't cross three blades of grass in one points. This form off intersection of grass lates is unacceptable. Here. I have made the small sketch with snowdrops. They'll quite what? So I suggest you do a similar exercise. You can use any type off snow drug drawing 4. Snowdrop in color Part 2: So let's try to call it the Snowdrop, despite the fact that's bright. What it can still make a searching game with car here. The study. I will suggest squeezing on the blade. There is a plate for ink in the plate for color on a plate. For Carla, I suggest squeezing out shades of blue paint. You will decide in protests what specific shades of blue you'd like more. I suggest quizzing out live 400 foot, the first color off the merry spell it and stone blue. In my case, I have maybe a pilot, but in marriage, the same stone blue is also presented. In order to make another type of drawing, I suggest adding some white to the plate. So we have the plates off stone do dark blue and white and, of course, big. I will start by trying to draw a snowdrop. Flora will blue paint. I makes blue paint with white paint in order to make the car very, very weak and light. In another words, it will literally be a shade. A white white paint. Is this enough? So on paper, even if you just apply why they will look quite contrasting. I take on the tip of my brush, some slides, the more active fly blue collar. Andrew, a snowdrop Bengal With this mixture. No, I will draw two battles. They're quite light. What? This is the first type of drumming and now I will complete gate it immediately. In order for the flower to look complete, I will make a good for it. I will make the cup with ink in order not to make the droving very multicolored. Everything that is green, I will do with Plain Inc here. I have made him a cab here. I have made him a stalk. I suggest changing the brushes for color ending if possible. One brush works all the time with collar. The second brush works with ink. Otherwise, if the brush after thing was not washed well and the ah, the collar becomes dirty. I'm reading a little link to the blue Mr. And drove the middle part of the snowdrop. So this is the first type of droving a flawed. Now I will make the same version off droving a flower, but aiding sound graphics to it. Here I am against breeding a very duplicate call. It can mix it with white like a stone blue or another shade of blue. It makes the color little bit different. This is beautiful. I suggested to experiment in this way to get used to the ballot off Chinese collars. Here. This will be a different type of drawing. Now I will have a little ink to my blue paint. We can see that I'm adding a little egg to my blue paint. So I get more active tone and this done I will drove the middle. Here it is to make an S and point I will take the ink. And also as we draw in black and white on with paper I will add the flour. I will make it get for the flower. Try to bring any off your sketches to their logical conclusion so that it doesn't look abandoned. This will help you to concentrate on your work well enough. So now I'm taking a thing Brush. It may be like these. It may be like these, but the brush is thinner. Then the one I used to draw the flower with and with senior brushes I collect a mixture of blue white ending in order to make a country I collect in directly into the body of the brush, not only on the cheap, but into my entire brush to make it soaked in this mixture. No, I have to drive the brush on the net so that it starts drawing like events like this and adding graphics. The graphics girls next to the sport. The graphics goes next to the sport. The graphics can be also inside the pedals. This is how I add graphics. This is the second type of droving this snowdrop, the third type of drumming snowdrops girls not from the sport, but from the graphics and taking the thing brush and immediately put a boot gray mixture, as it have done just now. And with this mixture I drove flower without making sport and four hat This way. First battle. Second pedal, the decent one baby pilot. It will be here third Chesil and the insight immediately to my flower, I will make a cup and the steam So this floor looks Maybe do I will delight it with a very pale mixture blue. In other words, on the brush not to seen by the common working. I will apply a mixture off greys blues and here, this daring movement I delight in the flower. This is the way the Chinese usually represent all white flowers. This is the fairly conversion all method, but it works very well when you drove white flowers. Now, when there are different types of drawing a white flour, the greens will remain the same standard in drone. I will make a sketch of a small composition here.