Paint a Modern, Joyful Bouquet with Gouache! (even if you think you're "not creative") | Suzanne Allard | Skillshare

Paint a Modern, Joyful Bouquet with Gouache! (even if you think you're "not creative")

Suzanne Allard, Color, Painting and Creativity Teacher

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16 Lessons (2h 29m)
    • 1. Intro - You can paint this!

    • 2. Mindset: Setting yourself up for success

    • 3. Supplies and Tools - Keeping it simple

    • 4. Gorgeous Inspiration - My favorite sources

    • 5. It's a Color Party! - How I mix my color palette

    • 6. Flowers and Foliage Part 1

    • 7. Flowers and Foliage Part 2

    • 8. Sketching out the Bouquet - with paint!

    • 9. First Layer: The big blooms

    • 10. Layer 2: The smaller blooms

    • 11. Layer 3: Stems, details and vase

    • 12. Layer 4: Foliage and details

    • 13. Layer 5: Adding interesting elements

    • 14. Final Layer: Your beautiful bouquet!

    • 15. Final tips and goodies

    • 16. Bonus: Printing Cards!

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About This Class

Class Description

Hi there, my name is Suzanne Allard, I’m a flower painter and creativity teacher.  Do you want to paint a gorgeous floral you love for your home or as a gift?  You can!

Calling all “creative” and "not creative" people who want to paint flowers!

  • In this class, I’ll get you past your blocks and fears and teach you the process of creating a luscious bouquet using gorgeous gouache (vibrant and opaque water-based paint).
  • From teaching you the right mindset for creating to holding in your hands a piece of art that you love, I’ll be by your side to inspire and guide you.
  • Join a friend or two and turn this into a painting party with virtual or live friends if you so desire.  Or do it by yourself.  Either way, you’ll be surprised at what you create! 
  • And, we're going to have fun!

Packed with all the techniques and approaches in Suzanne’s work, key lessons will cover:

  • The right mindset to create and learn.
  • Inspiration from many stunning sources
  • Deciding on and creating a composition and mixing a beautiful color palette.
  • How to approach and successfully complete a floral bouquet from start to finish.
  • Layering greenery and florals elements to get the rich and joyful look.
  • Adding detail with pen and paint until it’s gorgeous!

Maybe you’ve been painting and would like to learn this style, or maybe you’ve never painted, and you’d love to learn.  Either way, come along and be inspired and supported while you learn to create something you didn’t know you could. 

Resources and Goodies:

Check out Suzanne’s recommended books and supplies on her website where she also has the Your Creative Adventure email newsletter with creative inspiration, tools and tips and a free artwork download, all at:

Be sure to download all the goodies in the resources section! Of course, these items are for your use only, not for sale.

Find Suzanne on her blogFacebook and Instagram.  Join her on Pinterest for inspiration.

Follow Suzanne here on Skillshare and look for her next class, she'll be adding them every couple of months!