Paint a Landscape in 15 minutes - Step by Step Acrylic Painting using Palette Knife for Beginners | Kuhu Sheopuri | Skillshare

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Paint a Landscape in 15 minutes - Step by Step Acrylic Painting using Palette Knife for Beginners

teacher avatar Kuhu Sheopuri, Artist | Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Required

    • 3. Seascape

    • 4. Sunset

    • 5. Pine Forest and Final Thoughts

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About This Class


As a beginner I know it's sometimes overwhelming to start a brand new painting that's why in this class we will paint on a small size canvas, and I am going to teach you how to paint with a palette knife. Palette knife will help you loosen up and enjoy your painting process.
It's a very basic class with less talking and focusing more on the visuals.

Before starting, keep two things in mind :

1. I will apply colours directly from the tubes, watch carefully and try to apply the colours in the same places as mine.

2. Clean your knife with a cloth in between mixing the colours to avoid muddy colours.

At the end of this class you will have 3 finished canvas ready to adorn your walls or be gifted to your loved ones.

I hope you paint along with me and find this class helpful.

If you do so don't forget to share your creations in the project section of this calss, I would love to see them.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kuhu Sheopuri

Artist | Illustrator


Hey guys! I am Kuhu, a full-time Artist / Illustrator based in India.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Applied Art and love experimenting with different subjects, of which most recent is fantasy Illustrations.

I have been creating landscapes in Acrylics and watercolours for quite a while now and am really excited to be here and share my knowledge with you!!

I hope I can inspire you and help you out on your creative journey.


You can follow me on instagram where I share all my ongoing projects.





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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, Thanks for joining my class, my name in school. And today we're going to paint three easy, bigger friendly paintings using a pilot night. Besides palette knife, you will need only a few basic materials for this class. We would be in three different kinds of paintings. Seascape, I sense it. And a point for us whole under 15 minutes. Each has a big know it is sometimes overwhelming to start a painting. That's why today we will go on a small scale campus and using a palette knife will help you get over the fear off the girls. So without any further ado, let's get started. 2. Materials Required: Let's go through materialised. You will need three mini canvases here I have used four for four inches fresh camels, a small triangular ballot night and a bigger pie last night for the colors you need. Can you Me alone? You cadmium yellow deep. You yellow polka, cadmium, orange hue born number Tell a blue violet Hello, Clean every black indicting you, right? You will also need a piece off an appellate. That's it for the materials. Let's get started with was painting? 3. Seascape: before starting. Keep two things in mind. I was. I will apply colors directly from the tube. Watch carefully and try to apply the colors in the same places that's mine. Second, clean your knife with a club in between, mixing the colors toward muddy colors. Let's get started with the Seascape. What? This one We will use cadmium orange. You yellow locals tell a green tell a blue one number and tightening invite. Start with a blank titanium white on the upper half of the cameras. Then I tell you, using the been to draw a line halfway through the cameras. This will be of Valparaiso. Now take the bigger palette knife and start spreading the colors with very light pressure. - Make sure you cover all the scythe. - Don't apply too much pressure. Otherwise it will completely bland blue and white. We want to see some your blue and white coming toe this car. Don't forget to blend the horizon line for the water applied Hello, green on half off the remaining canvas. Then I heard some tallow blue near the horizon. This will give us Kandahar green, but also add some orange to tone down that green and lastly, had some light. Take the bigger knife and start spreading blue and green color. Okay, now we will spread. Forage. And why does that now, Brenda? Green color with the white below it. This will make water up your shadow. Now apply your local and some burn number to be in the beach. Spread them nicely. Bring downs on white and mix it with the beach color. I'm also mixing this color with the water with very light pressure toe given impression off that sand, lastly, had some orange to the sky and mix it with the smaller night. - And there because we have our first painting done. Move on to the next video for the sunset renting. 4. Sunset: what I was second painting, we will use cadmium orange hue kept me Alloudi. You carry him. You're looking. I really black one number nine titanium, right? Start with a blank cadmium yellow you and can only Elodie on the upper portion of the gamblers. Then apply some cadmium orange, giving the bigger better tonight. First, the yellows bring the orange color with but you Very light pressure to avoid over mixing. Since we're using colors, you can take your time to spread them as they won't drive very fast. No, let's make some cloud is growing. Apply smaller dots in different parts of the skies. Also a larger quantity off sculler in the middle of the sky. Given impression off a larger club using like pressure mixed a brown color with the rest of the sky. - Clean your knife with the club and then start making the large closed Clyburn number to the remaining part of the canvas. To depict hints. Leave a small portion of the hills right below The idea way will be in the sun. Go with the sides of the guns. - Can I re black toe? Add some shadows. Hymns Now did some cadmium orange and apply it on the blank part of the canvas that we left earlier and spread it with the smaller life. And for the best part, squeeze a small glove off, tightening right on the canvas and with the smaller Ballard night defined shape into a bigger circle. Don't touch the orange color while doing this no slightly. Blend. The orange color doesn't, - since the orange color will be a little dry. Now we can burn the crowds even more. - We have completed of a second painting a beautiful bright sunset Notes move wanted third painting. 5. Pine Forest and Final Thoughts: we've been paint a small pine forest for our final painting. It will be very simple, but a little time consuming. We will use. Just take us for this. Died in your life. Can you? Morning, you and why start playing titanium white all over the candles, the night guard room orange the bottom part of the cameras and violet with the other part of the canvas. Take the bigger Bella knife and start spreading and blending orange and white. - Make sure you cover all the same. - When you were done with the orange color. Do the same. That violent E didn't move. I guess once you have been with color using very light pressure blanket with orange, - I'm happy with the No look. Spin some please from the side of your people, Then starting from the middle raw straight line on the left side of the candles. This will be the main branch off a tree. Three movies, waiting sizes. You can expend the lines further, just like I did to make the branch for the leaves off the tree way will use the smaller life that the back of the color on the canvas to paint the leaves of the trees. - I mean, I don't forget the proportion of the trees. They will be thin at the top and we'll get lighter. As we reach the water, we will repeat the same process for a lot of trees. - And with this we have completed. I hope you enjoyed watching this class. Don't forget to share your creations in the project section of this class. I would love to see them. You can also subscribe to my YouTube. General. I upload time lapses off paintings there. If you really like this class, please follow me here on screen share. And we will be the first to be notified when I posed by next class. Thank you so much for your time. And I will see you next time.